Books about the Gods

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List of Gods Melanesia
Abeguwo Melanesia/ New Guinea A rain goddess
Abere Melanesia A goddess of Evil
Adaro Polynesia/ Melanesia A sea god
Aebhel Afekan Melanesia/ New Guinea The creator goddess
Afekan Melanesia/ New Guinea The creator goddess
Goga Melanesian A goddess of fire
Hatuibwari San Cristoval Is./ Melanesia A rather strange sort, half divine/ half demonic snake & female at that
Hintubuhet New Ireland Is./ Melanesia This goddess is a supreme being, however she is androgynous
Marawa Melanesia This god made human beings mortal, supposedly only because he did not know how they were made
Marruni Melanesian A god of earthquakes
Nareau Melanesia A creator god
Nevinbimbaau Melanesia A goddess of initiations
Quat Banks Is./ Melanesia A creator god that knows how to enjoy life