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List of Gods : "Melanesia"
Abeguwo Melanesia/New Guinea Rain goddess whose urine turns to moisture. Melanesia/New Guinea
Adaro Melanesia/Polynesia A creature which is half human, half fish, having the upper body of a human and the lower part of its body is like a fish. They live in the sun, and travel to earth on rainbows. Melanesia/Polynesia
Aebhel Afekan Melanesia/ New Guinea The creator goddess
Afekan Melanesia/New Guinea Creator goddess. Melanesia/New Guinea
Digawina Melanesian  A demoness who steals food and stuffs it into her enormous vagina.
Goga Melanesia Goddess of fire and rain. Melanesia
Haro Melanesia The sun god whose wife, Taio, is the moon. Melanesia
Hasibwari Melanesia The supreme being, a winged serpent with a human head who created a woman from red clay and baked her in heat of the sun. When the woman was dry a man was made from her rib. Melanesia
Hintubuet Melanesia The supreme being, the creator of the sky, earth and humanities granny Melanesia
Hintubuhet New Ireland Is/ Melanesia This goddess is a supreme being, however she is androgynous
Mainatavasara Melanesia One of Fiji’s fourteen vanua; the ancient gods. Melanesia
Makilehohoa Java A sky god, father of Kimulani. Nukumanu and Ontong Java Melanesia
Marawa Melanesia God who made human beings mortal, supposedly only because he did not know how they were made Melanesia
Marruni Melanesia God of earthquakes Melanesia
Nevinbimbaau Melanesia Of Malekula Island, Vanuatu. Some descriptions call her an ogress while others seem to speak of her as simply a female figure. Melanesia
Quat Banks Is/ Melanesia A creator god that knows how to enjoy life
Walutahanga Melanesia The eight-fold snake goddess who was born to a human mother. Melanesia
Wonajo Melanesia The supreme god and the leader of the mythological snake people. Rossel Island, Melanesia