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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Mesopotamia"

Goddess name "A / Aa, Sirdu, Sirrida" Akkadia / Semitic A (also Aa, Sirdu, Sirrida). Moon Goddess of Chaldeans. Symbolized by a disk with eight rays, this figure is frequently associated with Goddesses of light across many cultures including Babylon, Mesopotamia, Akkadia and Semitic.
Deity name "Absu aka Abziu" Mesopotamia Primordial Deity(god) of underground water Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Abu" Mesopotamia Minor plant and vegetation God who sprung from head of Enki Mesopotamia
Deity name "Abziu" Sumeria/ Mesopotamia The primordial Deity(god) of underground water
God name "Adad" Mesopotamia/Babylonn Son of Anu and the God of wind, storm, flood and rain. Giver of life in the fields. Mesopotamia/Babylonn
Goddess name "Anat in Mesopotamia" Akkadian In Akkadian the form one would expect ‘Anat to take would be Antu earlier Antum. This would also be the normal femanine form that would be taken by Anu, the Akkadian form of An 'Sky', the Sumerian god of heaven. Antu appears in Akkadian texts mostly as a rather colorless consort of Anu, the mother of Ishtar in the Gilgamesh story, but is also identified with the northwest Semitic Goddess ‘Anat of essentially the same name. It is unknown whether this is an equation of two originally separate goddesses whose names happened to fall together or whether ‘Anat's cult spread to Mesopotamia where she came to be worshippped as Anu's spouse because the Mesopotamia form of her name suggested she was a counterpart to Anu.
Goddess name "Anatu" Mesopotamia Goddess of the sky and ruler of the earth. Consort of the sky god Anu. Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Aya" Mesopotamia Goddess of dawn and war Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Belili" Mesopotamia Goddess of the moon Mesopotamia
God name "Cherub" Mesopotamia These are the guardians of important places & they intercede both with the Gods/ & for the gods
God name "Ea/ Enki" Babylon/ Mesopotamia The God of wisdom, spells, incantations, & the seas
God name "Endursaga" Mesopotamia Herald God Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Enki aka Ea" Mesopotamia/Sumeria A deity later known as Ea in Babylonian mythology, originally chief God of the city of Eridu. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Enki/ Ea" Sumeria/ Mesopotamia A creator God, water, cunning & fertility
God name "Enmesarra" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The God of law
God name "Enten" Mesopotamia Fertility God who doubled as Guardian deity of farmers Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Gangir" Mesopotamia Goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Gangir/ Hegir-Nuna" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A Goddess
Goddess name "Gatumdug/ Gula" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A fertility Goddess as well as the tutelary goddess of Lagas
God name "Gerra" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia The God of fire who was the Sumeria god Gibil
God name "Gerra aka Gibil" Mesopotamia/Sumeria God of fire. He lived in the 'House of Awful Radiance,' and taught people to cook food. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Geshtin-Ana" Mesopotamia/Sumeria Minor Goddess who takes Dumuzi's place in the Netherworld for six months every year. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Gestin-Ana/ Gestianna?" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A minor Goddess
God name "Gibil aka Gerra" Mesopotamia/Sumeria Girra, God of fire. He lived in the 'House of Awful Radiance,' and taught people to cook food. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Gibil/ Girra/ Girru" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A Fire God
"Giszida" Mesopotamia "Lord of the Tree of Truth," Mesopotamia
"Gugulanna" Mesopotamia/Sumeria "Great Bull of Heaven". Husband of Ereshkigal, Queen of the Netherworld. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Gusilim" Mesopotamia God who lives in the city of Dur. Mesopotamia
God name "Hani[s]" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor God
Goddess name "Hea" Mesopotamia Goddess of wisdom Mesopotamia/Ugarit
Deity name "Humban" Mesopotamia Supreme Deity(god) Mesopotamia
God name "Igigi" Mesopotamia Collective name for the group of younger sky Gods. They were the gods of heaven, in contrast to the Anunnaki, who were the gods of the earth. Mesopotamia
God name "Ilabrat" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor God, heavy into politics
God name "Im" Mesopotamia Storm God Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Inana" Mesopotamian/ Sumeria A Goddess of fertility, of love & war
Goddess name "Inana, Ištar,Ishtar" Akkadian / Sumerian The most important of all Mesopotamian Goddesses, and a multi-faceted personality, occurring in cuneiform texts of all periods. The Sumerian name probably means "Lady of Heaven", and the Akkadian name Ishtar is related to the Syrian Astarte and the biblical Ashtaroth is usually considered as a daughter of Anzu, with her cult located in Uruk, but there are other traditions as to her ancestry, and it is probable that these reflect originally different goddesses that were identified with her. Ishtar is the subiect of a cycle of texts describing her love affair and ultimately fatal relationship with Tammuz.
Goddess name "Inanna" Mesopotamia Inana, the original "Holy Virgin," as the Sumerians called her, is the first known divinity associated with the planet Venus. This Sumerian Goddess became identified with the Semitic goddesses Ishtar and later Astarte, Egyptian Isis, Greek Aphrodite, Etruscan Turan and the Roman Venus. Mesopotamia
God name "Ishkur" Mesopotamia God of the storm and rain. Mesopotamia
God name "Isinu" Mesopotamian A two-faced God who carried messages for Enki. Mesopotamian
God name "Iskur" Mesopotamia Chief rain and thunder God Mesopotamia/Sumeria/Iraq
God name "Ismud" Mesopotamia Dual-faced messenger God. Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Istar/ Estar" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A Goddess of fertility & war known as the star of heaven
God name "Istaran" Mesopotamia Tutelary God of the city of Der Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Kabta" Mesopotamia God of bricks Mesopotamia/Sumeria
"Ki" Mesopotamia Chthonic principal, feminine in nature Mesopotamia/Sumeria
"Ki/ Kiki" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A chthonic principal, feminine in nature
Goddess name "Kubaba" Hurrian "gave bread to the fisherman and gave water, she made him offer the fish to Esagila" Shrines in her honour spread throughout Mesopotamia. In the Hurrian area she may be identified with Kebat, or Hepat, one title of the Hurrian Mother Goddess Hannahannah
God name "Me Na/ Ninmenta" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria Unknown God
"Muati" Mesopotamia/Sumeria Maat is merely the moral expression of Muat in the social world. An individual of this expression is known as a Muati i.e. "One who affirms Reality". The collective body of all Muati individuals have the anthropomorphic reference of Haru, the establisher of Maat. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
"Mushdama" Mesopotamia When Enki organized the cosmos for Enlil he appointed Mushdama as the divine architect. Mesopotamia
God name "Nabu" Mesopotamia God of wisdom and writing, worshipped by Babylonians as the son of Marduk and his consort, Sarpanitum, and as the grandson of Ea. Nabu's consort was Tashmetum. Mesopotamia
Demon name "Namtaru" Mesopotamia A hellish deity, god of death, and the messenger of An, Ereshkigal, and Nergal, considered responsible for diseases and pests. It was said that he commanded sixty diseases in the form of Demons that could penetrate different parts of the human body. Mesopotamia
God name "Nanna/ As-im-babbar" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Iraq A moon God
Goddess name "Negun" Mesopotamia Goddess who was evidently born to be a mother of heroes. Mesopotamia
God name "Nergal" Mesopotamia God of plague, and a chthonic underworld God Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Nin Mar Ki/ Ninmah" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A Goddess goddess
God name "Nin Ur/ Ninur" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A God
Goddess name "Nin'insinna" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian A fertility Goddess
Goddess name "Ninegal" Mesopotamia `Mistress OF the Palace'. This Goddess originated in Sumer but was only worshipped in Ancient Mesopotamia
God name "Ningilin/ Ninkilum" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A rather obscure God
God name "Ningis Zi Da" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian The God of light coming from harassing & tutelary god ofGudea[Lagas]
God name "Ningishzida" Sumerian An underworld Mesopotamian deity, the patron of medicine, and also a God of nature. His name in Sumerian means "lord of the good tree". Sumerian
Goddess name "Ninhursagaa/ Nintu" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian/ Iraq The Goddess of the earth and creator of humans, fertility & productivity
God name "Ninkaranunna" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian A Barber God
Goddess name "Ninmah" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian A mother Goddess
Goddess name "Ninmena" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A another mother Goddess
Goddess name "Ninsun" Akkadia Mother of Gilgamesh and the wild bull Dumuzi, and wife of Lugalbands. A Goddess of Gudea, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Akkadia and Sumeria. Aka, "Rimat-Ninsun", the "august cow", the "Wild Cow of the Enclosure", and "The Great Queen.
Goddess name "Ninsun[a]" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian A cow Goddess that was the tutelary goddess of Gudea
Goddess name "Nintinugga/ Gula" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A Goddess
God name "Nu Mus Da" Mesopotamia Tutelary God of a lost city of Kazullu Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Nudimmud" Akkadian An Akkadian epithet of the Mesopotamian God Ea which meant 'begetter', referring to his fathering of Marduk; he is referred to by this name in the Enuma Elish.
God name "Pa-bil-sag" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The tutelary God of Isin
Goddess name "Pabilsag" Mesopotamia Tutelary god of Isin The consort of the Goddess Nininsinna, he was identified with the lost city of Larak. Mesopotamia
God name "Pap-nigin-gara" Mesopotamia God of war who was lord of the boundary stone. Mesopotamia
God name "Sakka[n]/ Amakandu/ Sumuqan" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadian A patron God of herdsmen & A god of cattle
Goddess name "Sarrahitu/ Sarra Itu" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A fertility Goddess that started out being the tutelary goddess of the city of Su-Sin
Goddess name "Sauska" Mesopotamia Goddess of healing Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Serida" Mesopotamia Mother Goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Sul-utula" Mesopotamia Rather personal tutelary God Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Sulman[u]" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W Semitic A chthonic war & fertility God
God name "Sulman[u] Mesopotamia" Semitic Chthonic war and fertility God Semitic
God name "Sumugan" Mesopotamia God of the River plains Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Tiamat" Mesopotamia The Goddess of chaos in the creation myth
Goddess name "Ua-Ildak" Mesopotamia Goddess responsible for pastures and grassland. Poplar trees are sacred to her. Mesopotamia
God name "Ukur/ Kus" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadian A chthonic underworld God