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List of Gods NORSE/
Aesir Norse/ Germanic The pantheon of the gods
Bertha Norse A goddess of spinning
Borghild Norse A goddess of the moon
Bragi Norse A god of eloquence & wisdom
Brono Norse A god of light
Eir Norse A goddess of healing
Forseti Norse/ Germanic A god of justice for men & gods
Frey Norse A god of rain, weather, seafaring & war
Frey Norse A god of rain, weather, seafaring & war
Freya Norse A goddess of rainbows & war
Freyja Norse A goddess of fertility & vegetation
Freyr Norse A god of fruits, thriving crops & peaceful prosperity
Frigg Norse/ Germanic A goddess of fertility & marriage
Frjorgyn Norse/ Germanic A goddess with no known cult, the name suggests that she is either a mountain/ forest goddess and possibly revered as a goddess of fertility
Gulliveig Norse A goddess/ sorceress of the Vanir race of gods
Hana Norse A god of silence
Heimdall Norse A god of fire & light
Hlin Norse A goddess of consolation
Hod Norse A god of winter
Honir Norse this is the god they gave humans and their understanding & feelings
Lofn Norse A goddess of illicit unions
Loki Norse A god of evil
Mara Norse Definitely a goblin to fear, he seizes males while in their beds & removes all speech & motion
Mimir Norse A god/ demon of knowledge & wisdom
Modi German/ Norse This son of Thor is a god that has yet to arrive
Nanna Norse A goddess of the moon
Njord Norse A god of fertility, war, wind
Norn Norse A goddess of the past, one of the fates
Odin/ Othin/ Oden/ Wotan Norse A god of war, death, wisdom & divination. Chief of the gods
Perkele Finland The Devil. Originally Perkele was not the Devil but a god of thunder and can be seen as an earlier form of Ukko. Related to Baltic Perkunas and Norse Thor.
Saga Norse A goddess of history
Sif Norse A goddess of agriculture, fertility & autumn
Sjofn Norse A goddess of love & passion
Skuld Norse A goddess & future
Snotra Norse A goddess of knowledge, wisdom & Virtue
Thor Norse A god of the sky, thunder , storms, sea journeys, the administration of justice & war
Tursas Finland The Tavastian god of war. May be same as the Norse Tyr and the Germanic T?waz.
Tyr/ Tiwaz Norse A god of justice, sports & war
Ull/ Ullr Germanic/ Norse A god of archery, hunting & skis
Urd Norse A goddess of fate
Vanir Nordic/ Icelandic A major group of Norse gods the concerned with peace, prosperity & the fertility of the land
Var Norse A goddess of marriage Vows
Verdandi Norse A goddess of the present