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List of Gods : "Norse"
Aarvak Norse Aka. Arvaka, [Early awake]. The name of one of the horses of the sun. Norse.
Aegir Norse The Norse god who presides over the stormy sea. He entertains the gods every harvest, and brews ale for them.
Aesir Germanic Pantheon of the gods norse/germanic
Agnar Norse A son of King Hraudung and foster-son of Frigg. Norse
Alfhild Norse Goddess of wrestling norse
Alfodr or Alfadir Norse Alfodr or Alfadir [Father of all]. The name of Odin as the supreme god. Norse
Alfr Norse An elf, fairy; a class of beings like the dwarfs, between gods and men. They were of two kinds: elves of light (Ljosalfar) and elves of darkness (Dokkalfar). The abode of the elves is Alfheimr, fairy-land, and their king is the god Frey. Norse
Alfs Norse Male ancestral spirits. Norse
Andhrimner Norse The cook in Valhalla. Norse
Andvare-Force Norse The force or waterfall in which the dwarf Andvare kept himself in the form of a pike fish. Norse
Andvarenaut Norse The fatal ring given Andvare (the wary spirit). Norse
Andvari Norse Andvare, The name of a pike-shaped dwarf; the owner of the fatal ring called Andvaranautr. Norse
Angerboda Norse [Anguish-creating]. A giantess; mother of the Fenris-wolf by Loke. Norse.
Angeyja Norse One of Heimdal's nine mothers. The Elder Edda says in the Lay of Hyndla : Nine giant maids gave birth to the gracious god, at the world's margin. These are: Gjalp, Greip, Eistla, Angeyja, Ulfrun, Eyrgjafa, Imd, Atla, and Jarnsaxa. Norse.
Angurvadel Norse Frithiof's sword, inscribed with Runic letters, which blazed in time of war, but gleamed with a dim light in time of peace. Norse
Annar or Onarr Norse Husband of night and father of Jord (the earth). Norse
Arvaka Norse Aka. Aarvak, [Early awake]. The name of one of the horses of the sun. Norse.
As Norse Asa or Ass; plural ЖSIR. The asas, gods. The word appears in such English names as Osborn, Oswald, etc. With an n it is found in the Germ. Ansgar (Anglo-Sax. Oscar). The term aesir is used to distinguish Odin, Thor, etc., from the vanir (vans). Norse.
Asa-Loke Norse Asa-Loki. Loke, so called to distinguish him from Utgard-Loke, who is a giant. Norse.
Asa-Thor(r) Norse A common name for Thor. Norse.
Ask Norse The name of the first man created by Odin, Hњner and Loder. Norse.
Asynje Norse Plural Asynjur. A goddess; feminine of Ass. Norse.
Asynjur Norse The goddesses of Asgard associates of the Aesir and distinguished from the Vanir goddesses. Norse
Atla Norse One of Heimdal's nine mothers. Norse.
Audhumbla Norse Also written Audhumbla. The cow formed from the frozen vapors resolved into drops. She nourished the giant Ymer. Norse.
Aurboda Norse Gymer's wife and Gerd's mother. Norse.
Aurgelmer Norse A giant; grandfather of Bergelmer; called also Ymer. Norse.
Austre East A dwarf presiding over the east region. Norse.
Balder aka Baldr Norse Baldaer. God of the summer-sunlight. He was son of Odin and Frigg; slain by Hoder, at the instigation of Loke. He returns after Ragnarok. His dwelling is Breidablik. Norse
Barrey/Barey Norse A pleasant grove in which Gerd agreed with Skirner to meet Frey. Norse
Baugi aka Bauge Norse A brother of Suttung, for whom Odin worked one summer in order to get his help in obtaining Suttung's mead of poetry. Norse
Beli aka Bele Norse A giant, brother of Gerd, who was slain by Frey. Norse
Bestla Norse Wife of Bur and mother of Odin. Norse
Beyla Norse Frey's attendant; wife of Bygver. Norse
Bifrost Norse [To tremble; the trembling way]. The rainbow. Norse
Bilskirnir aka Bilskirner Norse The heavenly abode of Thor, from the flashing of light in the lightning. Norse
Blid Norse Goddess of happiness. Norse
Bodn Norse One of the three vessels in which the poetical mead was kept. Hence poetry is called the wave of the bodn. Norse
Bolthorn Norse A giant, father of Bestla, Odin's mother. Norse
Bolverkr aka Bolverk Norse [Working terrible things]. An assumed name of Odin, when he went to get Suttung's mead. Norse
Borghild Norse Goddess of the moon norse
Borr / Bor Norse Borr aka Bor [burr, a son; Scotch bairn]. A son of Bure and father of Odin, Vile and Ve. Norse
Bragi Norse God of eloquence and wisdom. Norse
Bragi aka Brage Norse The god of poetry. A son of Odin. He is the best of skalds. Norse
Breidablik Norse [Literally to gleam, twinkle]. Balder's dwelling. Norse
Brono Norse God of light norse
Bur Babylon Another name for Adad. Babylon Norse
Buri Norse One of two primordial beings, licked out of the stones by Audhumla. Norse
Burl aka Bure Norse The father of Bor. He was produced by the cow's licking the stones covered with rime, frost. Norse
Byggvir aka Bygver Norse Frey's attendant; Beyla's husband. Norse
Byleiptr / Byleipt Norse Byleiptr aka Byleipt [Flame of the dwelling]. The brother of Loke. Norse
Dagr Norse The god of the daytime, a son of Delling (god of twilight) and Nott. Dagr, the Bright and the Fair, drove across the sky in a chariot every day, pulled by a horse named Skinfaxi. Norse
Dainn aka Daain Norse A hart that gnaws the branches of Ygdrasil. Norse
Delling [Dayspring] Norse The father of Day. Norse
Dis plural Disir Norse Attendant spirit or guardian angel. Any female mythic being may be called Dis. Norse
Disir Germanic Collective name for guardian goddesses norse/germanic
Draught of Thor Norse The ebb of the sea. When Asa Thor visited Jotunheim he was set to drain a bowl of liquor. He took three draughts, but only succeeded in slightly reducing the quantity. On leaving Jotunheim, the king, Giant Skrymir, told him he need not be ashamed of himself, and showed him the sea at low ebb, saying that he had drunk all the rest in his three draughts. We are told it was a quarter of a mile of sea-water that he drank. Norse
Draupner or Draupnir Norse Odin's ring from which every ninth night dropped eight rings equal in size and beauty to itself. It was put on Balder's funeral-pile. Skirner offered it to Gerd. Norse
Drome Norse One of the fetters by which the Fenris-wolf was chained. Norse
Duergar Norse/Germany Dwarfs who dwell in rocks and hills; noted for their strength, subtilty, magical powers, and skill in metallurgy. They are the personification of the subterranean powers of nature. According to the Gotho-German myth, the duergar were first maggots in Ymir's flesh, but afterwards assumed the likeness of men. The first duergar was Modsogner, the next Dyrin. Norse/Germany
Dunlyrr Norse Harts that gnaw the branches of Ygdrasil. Norse
Durathror Norse One of the four stags living in the branches of Yggdrasill. Norse
Durinn Norse A dwarf, second in degree. Norse
Dvalinn Norse A dwarf. Norse
Dvergr Norse A dwarf. In modern Icelandic lore dwarfs disappear, but remain in local names, as Dverga-steinn, and in several words and phrases. From the belief that dwarfs lived in rocks an echo is called dwerg-mal (dwarf talk), and dwerg-mala means to echo. The dwarfs were skilled in metal-working. Norse
Edda Norse The literal meaning of the word is great-grandmother, but the term is usually applied to the mythological collection of poems discovered by Brynjolf Sveinsson in the year 1643. In the Rigsmal (Lay of Rig) Edda is the progenitrix of the race of thralls. Norse
Egill Norse The father of Thjalfe; a giant dwelling near the sea. Thor left his goats with him when on his way to the giant Hymer to get a vessel in which to brew ale. Norse
Egoir aka Egder Norse An eagle that appears at Ragnarok. Norse
Eikthyrnir aka Eikthyrner Norse A hart that stands over Odin's hall (Valhal). From his antlers drops water from which rivers flow. Norse
Einheri Norse Plural Einherjar. The only or great champions; the heroes who have fallen in battle and been admitted into Valhal. Einherje. Norse
Eir Norse An attendant of Menglod, and the most skillful of all in the healing art. The word signifies peace, clemency. Norse
Eistla Norse One of Heimdal's nine mothers. Norse
Eldhrimner Norse The kettle in which the boar Saehrimner is cooked in Valhal. Norse
Eldir Norse The fire-producer; a servant of ?ger. Elder. Norse
Elli Norse Goddess of wrestling norse
Elvidna Norse The hall of the goddess Hel. Norse
Embla Norse The first woman. The gods found two lifeless trees, the ask (ash) and the embla; of the ash they made man, of the embla, woman. Norse
Eyrgjafa Norse One of Heimdal's nine mothers. Norse
Fafner Norse Son of Hreidmar. He kills his father to get possession of the Andvarenaut. He afterwards changes himself into a dragon and guards the treasure on Gnitaheath. He is slain by Sigurd, and his heart is roasted and eaten. Norse
Falhofner [Hollow-hoof] Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
Farbaute [Ship-destroyer] Norse The father of Loke. Norse
Farbauti Norse Father of Loki, Byleifstr, and Helbindi. Farbauti's wife was either Laufey or Nal. Norse
Fenja Norse A female slave giantess who was tied to a mill and asked to grind gold, peace and happiness. Norse
Fenrer Norse Fenri or Fenris-wolf. The monster-wolf. He is the son of Loke, who bites the hand of Tyr. The gods put him in chains, where he remains until Ragnarok. In Ragnarok he gets loose, swallows the sun and conquers Odin, but is killed by Vidar. Norse
Fensalir or Fensal Norse The abode of Frigg. Norse
Fimafeng Norse The nimble servant of ?ger. He was slain by the jealous Loke. Norse
Fimbul Norse It means mighty great. In the Norse mythology it appears as:
Fjalar Norse A misnomer for Skrymer, in whose glove Thor took shelter. Norse
Fjalar Norse A dwarf, who slew Kvaser, and composed from his blood the poetic mead. Norse
Fjolner Norse One of Odin's many names. Norse
Fjorgyn Norse A personification of the earth; mother of Thor. Norse
Fjorgynn Norse God mentioned in Snorri's Edda. Norse
Folkvang Norse [Paradise, a field]. The folk-field. Freyja's dwelling. Norse
Fornjot Norse The most ancient giant. He was father of ?ger, or Hler, the god of the ocean; of Loge, flame or fire, and of Kaare, wind. His wife was Ran. These divinities are generally regarded as belonging to an earlier mythology, probably to that of the Fins or Celts. Norse
Forsete Norse [The fore-sitter, president, chairman]. Son of Balder and Nanna. His dwelling is Glitner, and his office is that of a peacemaker. Norse
Forseti Norse/ Germanic A god of justice for men & gods
Fraananger-Force Norse The force or waterfall into which Loke, in the likeness of a salmon, cast himself, and where the gods caught him and bound him. Norse
Freke Norse One of Odin's wolves. Norse
Frey Norse A god of rain, weather, seafaring & war
Frey Norse He is son of Njord, husband of Skade, slayer of Bele, and falls in conflict with Surt in Ragnarok. Alfheirn was given him as a tooth-gift. The ship Skidbladner was built for him. He falls in love with Gerd, Gymer's fair daughter. He gives his trusty sword to Skirner. Norse
Freya, Freyja Norse Freya or Freyja [Feminine of Freyr]. The daughter of Njord and sister of Frey. She dwells in Folkvang. Half the fallen in battle belong to her, the other half to Odin. She lends her feather disguise to Loke. She is the goddess of love. Her husband is Oder. Her necklace is Brisingamen. She has a boar with golden bristles. Norse
Freyja Norse A goddess of fertility & vegetation
Freyr Norse A god of fruits, thriving crops & peaceful prosperity
Frigg Norse [Love]. She is the wife of Odin, and mother of Balder and queen of the gods, and reigns with Odin in Hlidskjalf. She exacts an oath from all things that they shall not harm Balder. Norse
Frjorgyn Germanic Goddess with no known cult, the name suggests she is a mountain/forest goddess and possibly revered as a goddess of fertility norse/germanic
Fulla Norse [Fullness]. Frigg's attendant. She takes care of Frigg's toilette, clothes and slippers. Nanna sent her a finger-ring from Helheim. She is represented as wearing her hair flowing over her shoulders. Norse
Gagnraad aka Gagnrade Norse A name assumed by Odin when he went to visit Vafthrudner. Norse
Galar Norse One of two dwarfs who killed Kvaser. Fjalar was the other. Norse
Ganglere aka Gangleri Norse One of Odin's names in Grimner's Lay. Norse
Gangleri Norse A name assumed by King Gylfe when he came to Asgard. Norse
Gardrofa Norse The goddess Gnaa has a horse by name Hofvarpner. The sire of this horse is Hamskerper, and its mother is Gardrofa. Norse
Gebjon Norse Goddess of healing. Norse
Gefjun or Gefjon Norse A goddess. She is a maid, and all those who die maids become her maid-servants. She is present at ?ger's feast. Odin says she knows men's destinies as well as he does himself. Norse
Geirrod Norse A son of King Hraudung and foster-son of Odin; he becomes king and is visited by Odin, who calls himself Grimner. He is killed by his own sword. There is also a giant by name Geirrod, who was once visited by Thor. Norse
Geirskogul Norse A valkyrie. Norse
Geirvimul Norse A heavenly river. Norse
Gerda Norse Daughter of the frost giant Gymer, a beautiful young giantess; beloved by Frey. She is so beautiful that the brightness of her naked arms illuminates both air and sea. Frey (the genial spring) married Gerda (the frozen earth), and Gerda became the mother of children. Norse
Gere or Geri Norse [gerr, greedy]. One of Odin's wolves. Norse
Gerseme Norse One of Freyja's daughters. Norse
Gilling Norse Father of Suttung, who possessed the poetic mead. He was slain by Fjalar and Galar. Norse
Gimle [Heaven] Norse The abode of the righteous after Ragnarok. Norse
Ginnunga-ga Norse The great yawning gap, the premundane abyss, the chaos or formless void, in which dwelt the supreme powers before the creation. In the eleventh century the sea between Greenland and Vinland (America) was called Ginnunga-gap. Norse
Gisl [Sunbeam] Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
Gjallar horn Norse Heimdal's horn, which he will blow at Ragnarok. Norse
Gjallarrbridge [gjalla Norse To yell, to resound]. The bridge across the river Gjol, near Helheim. The bridge between the land of the living and the dead. Norse
Gjalp Norse One of Heimdal's nine mothers. Norse
Gjoll Norse One of the rivers Elivagar that flowed nearest the gate of Hel's abode. Norse
Glad [Clear Norse Bright]. One of the horses of the gods. Norse
Gladsheim Norse Gladsheim [Home of brightness or gladness]. Odin's dwelling. Norse
Glaser Norse A grove in Asgard. Norse
Gleipner Norse The last fetter with which the wolf Fenrer was bound. Norse
Gler [The glassy] Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
Glitner [The glittering] Norse Forsete's golden hall. Norse
Gnaa Norse She is the messenger that Frigg sends into the various worlds on her errands. She has a horse called Hofvarpenr, that can run through air and water. Norse
Gnipa-cave Norse The cave before which the dog Garm barks. Norse
Gnitaheid Norse Fafner's abode, where he kept the treasure called Andvarenaut. Gnita-heath. Norse
Gnome Norse The guardian of mines, quarries, etc. Norse
Goin Norse A serpent under Ygdrasil. Norse
Goldfax [Gold-mane] Norse The giant Hrungner's horse. Norse
Goldtop [Gold-top] Norse Heimdal's horse. Norse
Goll Norse A valkyrie. Norse
Gomul Norse A heavenly river. Norse
Gondul Norse A valkyrie. Norse
Gopul Norse A heavenly river. Norse
Graabak Norse One of the serpents under Ygdrasil. Norse
Graad Norse A heavenly river. Norse
Grafvitner Norse Serpents under Ygdrasil. Norse
Greip Norse One of Heimdal's nine giant mothers. Norse
Grid Norse Goddess of strength. Norse
Grimner Norse A kind of hood or cowl covering the upper part of the face. Grimner is a name of Odin from his traveling in disguise. Norse
Groa Norse The giantess mother of Orvandel. Thor went to her to have her charm the flint-stone out of his forehead. Norse
Gullinburste [Golden bristles] Norse The name of Frey's hog. Norse
Gullinkambe or Goldcomb Norse A cock that crows at Ragnarok. Norse
Gulliveig Norse A goddess/ sorceress of the Vanir race of gods
Gulveig [Gold-thirst] Norse A personification of gold. Though pierced and thrice burnt, she yet lives. Norse
Gungner Norse Gungner [To tremble violently]. Odin's spear. Norse
Gunlad / Gunnlod Norse One who invites war. She was daughter of the giant Suttung, and had charge of the poetic mead. Odin got it from her. Norse
Gylfe Norse A king of Svithod, who visited Asgard under the name of Ganglere. The first part of the Younger Edda is called Gylfaginning, which means the Delusion of Gylfe. Norse
Gyller [Golden] Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
Gymer Norse A giant; the father of Gerd, the beloved of Frey. Norse
Haar Norse The High One, applied to Odin. Norse
Hallinskid Norse Another name of the god Heimdal. The possessor of the learning way. Norse
Hamskerper [Hide-hardener] Norse A horse; the sire of Hofvarpner, which was Gnaa's horse. Norse
Hana Norse God of silence. Norse
Harbard Norse The name assumed by Odin in the Lay of Harbard. Norse
Hedrun Norse Goddess of intoxicating mead norse
Heidrun [Bright-running] Norse A goat that stands over Valhal. Norse
Heimdal Norse He was the heavenly watchman in the old mythology, answering to St. Peter in the medieval. According to the Lay of Rig (Heimdal), he was the father and founder of the different classes of men, nobles, churls and thralls. He has a horn called Gjallar-horn, which he blows at Ragnarok. His dwelling is Himinbjorg. He is the keeper of Bifrost (the rainbow). Nine giantesses are his mothers. Norse
Heimdall Norse God of fire and light norse
Helblinde Norse A name of Odin. Norse
Helgrind or Helgate Norse The gates of Hel. Norse
Helheim Norse The abode of Hel. Norse
Herfoder Norse The father of hosts. A name of Odin. Norse
Hermod Norse Messenger god norse
Hermod [Courage of hosts]. Norse Son of Odin, who gives him a helmet and a corselet. He rode on Sleipner to Hel to bring Balder back. Norse
Hilde-svine [Means war] Norse Freyja's hog. Norse
Himefaxi or Rimefax [Rime-mane] Norse The horse of night. Norse
Himinbjorg [Heaven Norse Help, defense; hence heaven defender]. Heimdal's dwelling. Norse
Himinbrjoter [Heaven-breaker] Norse One of the giant Hymer's oxen. Norse
Hlesey Norse The abode of Ager. Norse
Hlidskjalf Norse The seat of Odin, whence he looked out over all the worlds. Norse
Hlin Norse A goddess of consolation
Hlin Norse One of the attendants of Frigg; but Frigg herself is sometimes called by this name. . Norse
Hlodyn Norse A goddess; a name of the earth; Thor's mother. Norse
Hloride Norse One of the names of Thor; the bellowing thunderer. Norse
Hlothyn Norse Another name for Earth. Earth is Thor's mother. His father is Odin. Norse
Hnikar and Hnikuder Norse Names of Odin, Norse
Hnos [Anglo-Sax Norse To hammer]. A costly thing; the name of one of Freyja's daughters. Norse
Hnossa Norse Goddess of infatuation norse
Hobatoke Norse The supreme god who lives in the sky. Sierra Leone
Hod Norse God of winter norse
Hoder Norse One of the three creating gods. With Odin and Loder H?ner creates Ask and Embla, the first human pair. Norse
Hodmimer's forest Norse Hodmimer's holt or grove, where the two human beings Lif and Lifthraser were preserved during Ragnarok. Norse
Hofvarpner [Hoof-thrower] Norse Gnaa's horse. His father is Hamskerper and mother Gardrofa. Norse
Honir Norse God who gave humans and their understanding and feelings. Norse
Honir Norse this is the god they gave humans and their understanding & feelings
Hraesvelger [Corpse-swallower] Norse A giant in an eagle's plumage, who produces the wind. Norse
Hraudung Norse Geirrod's father. Norse
Hreidmar Norse Father of Regin and Fafner. He exacts the blood-fine from the gods for slaying Otter. He is slain by Fafner. Norse
Hrim Thursar Norse A new race begat by the only man and woman to survive the Great Flood. All Norse traced their descent to the Hrim Thursar, or "Hoar Frost." Scandinavian