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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Ojibwa"

"Geezhigo" Ojibwa Sky mother Ojibwa
Spirit name "Manabozho aka Nanabush" Ojibwa Manabozo, a Spirit trickster figure and culture hero. He was the son of a human mother and Bangishimog, a spirit father. Nanabozho most often appears in the shape of a rabbit and is characterized as a trickster. He was sent to Earth by Gitchi Manitou to teach the Ojibwe, and one of his first tasks was to name all the plants and animals. Ojibwa
Spirit name "Minabozho" Ojibwa The Great Spirit. Ojibwa
God name "Nanabohozo" Ojibwa/ USA/ Canada A God that influences the success or failure of hunters
God name "Nanabohozo Ojibwa" N America God who influences the success or failure of hunters Canada/USA
"Wali-sa-yali-ze-win" Ojibway The Creator, and the Light. Ojibway
Goddess name "Winonah" Ojibwa Daughter of the Goddess Nokomis and the mother of Hiawatha. Ojibwa
God name "Wisagatcak" Cree A trickster God in Cree mythology, similar to Nanabozho in Ojibwa myth and Inktonme in Assiniboine myth. His name means "the Flatterer." He is generally portrayed as being responsible for a great flood which destroys the world originally made by the Creator, as well as the one who creates the current world with magic, either on his own or with powers given to him by the Creator for that specific purpose.