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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Poland"

Goddess name "Dziwozony" Poland Goddesses of healing, herbs and love. Poland
"Jedza" Poland Equivalent of Baba Yaga Poland
Goddess name "Koliada" Poland Koljada, Kolyada. Goddess of time and personification of the winter solstice. Poland
"Krak" Poland Legendary founder of Cracow. He rescued the people from control of a dragon.
Goddess name "Marzana" Poland Goddess of winter Poland
Spirit name "Polevoi" Poland A Spirit of the fields who appears at noon or sunset as a hideous dwarf with grass for hair and two differently colored eyes. He will lead astray people who wander in the fields. If they fall asleep there, he gives them diseases or rides over them with his horse. Poland
Spirit name "Sudice" Poland Spirits of judgement that meted out fortune, destiny, judgement and in some cases, fatality, when a child was born. Poland
Goddess name "Zizilia" Poland Goddess of love and sexuality Poland
Goddess name "Zywie" Poland Goddess of health and healing. She is associated as the spirit of the dead worshipped by the Lusatians, and is also the Goddess of regeneration and rebirth. Poland