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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Prussia"

God name "Kurke" Prussia God of grain. Prussia
God name "Kurke/ Curche" Prussia he is a God of grain
God name "Laukosargas" Prussia God of grain and the fields Prussia
Demon name "Laume" Lithuania/ Prussia This entity is usually naked, enjoyshelping people & protects orphans, she became Demonized
God name "Picullus" Roman/ Prussia will God that was taken over by the Christians as a their Devil
Spirit name "Vejopatis" Lithuanian The Spirit of wind. He is the father of the winds, usually described as a wrathful, inexorable, evil spirit with a beard, wings and two faces. Lithuanian and Prussian
Spirit name "White Lady" Prussia White Lady of the royal family of Prussia. A "Spirit" said to appear before the death of one of the family.