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List of Gods SEMITIC
A-a Mespoptomia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W. Semitic She was a sun goddess
Agasaya Semitic A war goddess
Allatu[m] W. Semitic An underworld goddess
Amurru W. Semitic A minor mountain god
Anath Phoenicia The chief W. Semitic goddess of love & war
Aspalis W. Semitic A hunting goddess
Astaroth W. Semitic a fertility goddess who deals with sheepherders
Attar W. Semitic/ Canaan A god of the morning star
Dagan Kafir/ Afghanistan A local supreme god that it bears no relation to be Semitic god Dagan
Dusara W. Semitic A local god associated with vegetation & fertility survived until about 500 C. E.
Elohim Semitic Gods plural (various)
Ilaalge W. Semitic A local god in
Isara Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W. Semitic A goddess of marriage & childbirth who dealt with the enforcement of oaths
Kinnar W. Semitic and musician god
Malik N. Arabia A tutelary god, this name is found among other Semitic people and used as a designator for a god
Manawat W. Semitic the goddess of destiny
Milkastart W. Semitic A local tutelary god of the from Umm el-Ammend
Milom/ Milcom Amorite W. Semitic The god mentioned in 1 King 11:5 worshipped by King Solomon
Phanebal Semitic youthful warrior god
Quades W. Semitic fertility goddess
Sai' Al Quan Nabataean/ W. Semitic A local guardian God is believed to be the protector of caravans
Sulman[u] Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W. Semitic A chthonic war & fertility god
Sulmanitu W. Semitic The fertility goddess concerned with love & war