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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Syria"

God name "Adonis" Phoenicia/ Syria A dying & resurrected God that embodies vegetation scorched by the heat of the summer sunshine
Deity name "Aglibol" Roman/Syria/Greek/Palmaryia A lunar Deity(god) in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. His name means "Calf of Bel" ("Calf of the Lord"). He is depicted with a Lunar disk decorating his head, and sometimes his shoulders. Roman/Syria/Greek/Palmaryia
Goddess name "Anthat" Syria A war Goddess who had a shrine at Thebes
Goddess name "Astarte" Syria A Goddess of the moon
Goddess name "Asthertet" Syria Goddess of horses, war and the moon Syria
Goddess name "Atargatis" Asia Minor "Ocean Mermaid" a Goddess of Creation and Fertility. She was usually depicted with a fish tail; hence her modern identification as the Mermaid Goddess Known to the Romans as Dea Syria. She was worshipped by men performing auto-castration. Asia Minor
Goddess name "Atargatis" Syria Goddess of lakes, fertility and nature. She wears a mural crown, is the ancestor the royal house, the founder of social and religious life, the Goddess of generation and fertility. Syria
God name "Baal" Syria A God of fertility
God name "Baal" Syria God of fertility. Syria
God name "Bar" Syria A God of mountains, war, deserts, battle
"Beherit" Syriac Another name for Satan. Syriac
God name "El" Syria A storm God, also found in the mythologies of Canaan & the early Jewish invaders Ymvh Jehova God
God name "Elgabal" Syria Local mountain God with solar links Syria
"Eljon" Syria Old syrian diety who was incorporated into El as El-Eljon, an epithet of Yahweh.
"Epaphos aka Epaphus" Greek A son of Zeus and Io, who was born on the river Nile, after the long wanderings of his mother. He was then concealed by the Curetes, by the request of Hera, but Io sought and afterwards found him in Syria. Greek
Goddess name "Fatima" Syrian The great Goddess of the moon and fate, the source of the Sun and the virgin Queen of Heaven. Syrian
Angel name "Gabriel" Hebrew/Christian The Angel of death to the favoured people of God, the prince of fire and thunder, and the only angel that can speak Syriac and Chaldee. The Mahometans call him the chief of the four favoured angels, and the spirit of truth. In medi?val romance he is the second of the seven spirits that stand before the throne of God, and, as God's messenger, carries to heaven the prayers of men. Hebrew/Christian
God name "Gapn" Syria This God appears as a messenger of Baal & is absent in ritual texts
God name "Genneas" Syrian A Syrian sun God likes to ride horses.
God name "Hadad" Syria A God of storms, thunder and lightning, he also worked part-time as a sky and sun god and a protecter of the harvest. Syria
"Hubal" Arabic An Arab idol brought from Bulka, in Syria, by Amir Ibn-Lohei, who asserted that it would procure rain when wanted. It was the statue of a man in red agate; one hand being lost, a golden one was supplied. He held in his hand seven arrows without wings or feathers, such as the Arabians use in divination. This idol was destroyed in the eighth year of "the flight." Arabic
God name "Il" Canaan Creator God Syria/Canaan/Lebanon
Goddess name "Inana, Ištar,Ishtar" Akkadian / Sumerian The most important of all Mesopotamian Goddesses, and a multi-faceted personality, occurring in cuneiform texts of all periods. The Sumerian name probably means "Lady of Heaven", and the Akkadian name Ishtar is related to the Syrian Astarte and the biblical Ashtaroth is usually considered as a daughter of Anzu, with her cult located in Uruk, but there are other traditions as to her ancestry, and it is probable that these reflect originally different goddesses that were identified with her. Ishtar is the subiect of a cycle of texts describing her love affair and ultimately fatal relationship with Tammuz.
"Isaf" Arabian An Arabian idol in the form of a man, brought from Syria, and placed in Es-Safa, near the temple of Mecca. Some say Isaf was a man converted into stone for impiety, and that Mahomet suffered this one "idol" to remain as a warning to his disciples.
God name "Jw/ Ja'u/ Jawi" Syria This God is so ancient it yhad to be deduced from the study of personal names, nothing is known for certain but it may be identical to the harvest god Ao
Deities name "Karuilers siunes" Syria Deities who were taken over by the Hittites in as gods of all oaths Syria
God name "Kinyras" Syria Local God of metalworking (thought to have come from Syria) Cyprus
God name "Kotar" Syria God of blacksmiths Syria
God name "Kotar/ Kautar/ Kusor" Syria A God Blacksmiths
Goddess name "Liluri" Syria Goddess of mountainses who accepted a bull for a sacrifice Syria
God name "Mammon" Syriac The God of this world. Mammon was the Syrian god of wealth, similar to Plutus of Greek and Roman mythology. Syriac
Goddess name "Manuzi" Syria Goddess of mountains, part of the pair with the weather god Syria
Goddess name "Manuzi/ Liluri" Syria A mountain Goddess, part of the pair with the weather god
God name "Mlk-Amuklos" Syria/ Palestine/ Cyprus A heroic God known from about 1100 B.C.E.
Goddess name "Qadshu" Syria Goddess of fertility and sexuality. Syria
Goddess name "Qetesh" Syria A Goddess of nature, whose cult was orgiastic
God name "Resep[A]Mukal" Canaan/ Phonecia A war & plague God that originated in Syria
God name "Resepa Mukal" Syria War and plague God who originated in Syria
God name "Resphu" Syria A God of war, worshipped in the Nile Delta
God name "Rimmon" Syrian Rammon, weather God. Syrian
Goddess name "Salm of Mahram" Arabia A Goddess from the pantheon of Tayma introduced to North Arabia from North Syria.
God name "Sar" Syria God of the dawn Syria
Goddess name "Semframis and Ninus" Assyrian The mythical founders of the Assyrian empire of Ninus or Nineveh. Semiramis was the daughter of the fish-Goddess Derceto of Ascalon in Syria.
Goddess name "Syria Dea" De "the Syrian Goddess," a name by which the Syrian Astarte or Aphrodite is sometimes designated. This Astarte was a Syrian divinity, resembling in many points the Greek Aphrodite, and it is not improbable that the latter was originally the Syrian Astarte, the opinions concerning whom were modified after her introduction into Greece; for there can be no doubt that the worship of Aphrodite came from the East to Cyprus, and thence was carried into the south of Greece. Lucian, De Syria Dea
Goddess name "Tallai" Syria Goddess of dew who challenged Shiva to a dancing contest. Syria
Deity name "Tammuz or Thammuz" Syrian A Syrian and Phoenician Deity(god) corresponding to Adonis.
Deities name "Tariel" Nazorean One of the three Syrian Deities of summer. Early Nazorean
"Thammuz" Ezekiel The Syrian and Phoenician name of Adonis. His death happened on the banks of the river Adonis, and in summer-time the waters always become reddened with the hunter's blood. Ezekiel
God name "Ugar" Syria A messenger of Baal and an agriculture God. Syria