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List of Gods SYRIA/
Aasith Egypt/ Syria A goddess of the hunt, war, and the desert
Adonis Phoenicia/ Syria A dying & resurrected god that embodies vegetation scorched by the heat of the summer sunshine
Aglibol Palmaryia/ Syria/ Greek/ Roman The moon god
Anthat Syria A war goddess who had a shrine at Thebes
Astarte Syria A goddess of the moon
Asthertet Syria A goddess of horses, war & the moon
Atargatis Syria A goddess of lakes, fertility & nature
Baal Syria A god of fertility
Bar Syria A god of mountains, war, deserts, battle
El Syria A storm god, also found in the mythologies of Canaan & the early Jewish invaders Ymvh Jehova God
Elgabal Syria A local mountain god with solar links
Eljon Syria A god
Gapn Syria This god appears as a messenger of Baal & is absent in ritual texts
Il Canaan/ Lebanon/ Syria The creator god
Jw/ Ja'u/ Jawi Syria This god is so ancient it yhad to be deduced from the study of personal names, nothing is known for certain but it may be identical to the harvest god Ao
Karuilers siunes Syria The deities that were taken over by the Hittites in as gods of all oaths
Kinyras Cyprus by way of Syria A local god of metalworking
Kotar/ Kautar/ Kusor Syria A god Blacksmiths
Kubaba Anatolia/ Syria The chief goddess of the Neo Hittites
Liluri Syria Mountain goddesses who accepted a bull for a sacrifice
Manuzi/ Liluri Syria A mountain goddess, part of the pair with the weather god
Mlk-Amuklos Syria/ Palestine/ Cyprus A heroic god known from about 1100 B.C.E.
Qadshu Syria The goddess of fertility
Qetesh Syria A goddess of nature, whose cult was orgiastic
Resep[A]Mukal Canaan/ Phonecia A war & plague god that originated in Syria
Resphu Syria A god of war, worshipped in the Nile Delta
Sadrapa Syria A god of healing
Salim Syria The god of the evening
Sar Syria The god of the dawn
Tallai Syria A goddess of dew, rain
Ugar Syria A god of agriculture