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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Tahiti"

God name "Hoa Tapu" Tahiti God of war Tahiti
Goddess name "Ihi" Tahiti Goddess of learning, of wisdom. Tahiti
Ghost name "Ihoiho" Tahiti The Ghosts of the dead, which were supposed often to visit the living, especially relatives, and to inflict illness or death. Tahiti
God name "Oro" Tahiti A God of both war and peace in Polynesia. During peacetime he was called Oro-i-Te-Tea-Moe ("Oro with the spear down"). He is a son of Tangaroa and Hina-Tu-A-Uta, and father of Hoa-Tapu, Toi-Mata, Ai-Tupuai and Mahu-Fatu-Rau. Tahiti
God name "Oro Polynesia/" Tahiti A God of war
Goddess name "Re'are'a" Tahiti Goddess of happiness, joy Tahiti
God name "Rua" Tahiti God of craftsmen and big holes in the ground. Tahiti
God name "Ta'aroa" Tahitian The God who broke out of the darkness within the cosmic egg. Tahitian
God name "Taata" Tahiti Creator God who made mankind and all of nature. Maohi, Tahiti