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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Tamil"

"Ayya Vaikundar" Tamil According to Akilattirattu Ammanai, a scripture of the Ayyavazhi, was an avatar of Narayana. As per the Ayyavazhi mythology the body in which Ayya Vaikundar incarnated is that of Mudisoodum Perumal. Tamil
God name "Ceyon" Tamil God of hills. Tamil
God name "Gal Bapsi" Hindu/ Davidian/ Tamil A local God that can expiate sins, but it is rough
"KRSNA/ Kannan" Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ Tamil An incarnation of Vishnu known as the dark one
God name "Kadavul" India An ancient Tamil word for God meaning, "He who is both immanent and transcendent." India
God name "Katargama" Sri Lanka Tutelary Gody Tamil/Sri Lanka
Supreme god name "Katavul Tamil" S India/ Sri Lanka Such a Supreme God that he was the ultimate creator all that exists in the world & able to judge humanity & to reward or punish at well
Goddess name "Korravai" Davidian/ Tamil/ S India/ Sri Lanka though sweet to the to for (?) A war Goddess
Goddess name "Korrawi Tamil" India/ Sri Lanka the Goddess of battle & victory
God name "Mal" Dravidian/ Tamil He is a pastoral God whose name means either the the great one or the dark one
Goddess name "Mari" Davidian/ Tamil A rain Goddess & the goddess of smallpox
"Moti Mata "Pearl Mother"" Tamil Moti Mata "Pearl Mother", stones which are worshipped when cholera appears. Tamil
Deity name "Munisvara" Hindu/Dravidian A regional Tamil Deity(god) who is popular amongst the least Sanskritized social groups of South India specifically Tamil Nadu. Hindu/Dravidian
Deity name "Muruga" Hindu Is the most popular Hindu Deity(god) amongst Tamils of Tamil Nadu state in India and in the Tamil diaspora.
Spirit name "Murukan" Tamil The embodiment of beauty, the source of Spiritual wisdom and the personification of limitless power. Tamil
God name "Murukan/ Ceyon" Dravidian/ Tamil A hunting & war God
Goddess name "Mutial­Amma "Pearl­Mother"" Tamil Village mother Goddesses represented by a stone. Tamil
Goddess name "Muttalamman/ Mutyalamma" Davidian/ Tamil A plague Goddess identified with smallpox
Goddess name "Nappinnai" Tamil Local Goddess who has hair surrounded by holy scent. Tamil
"Nediyon" Tamil The dark aspect of Vishnu. Tamil
God name "Palaniyantavan" Hindu/ Dravidian/ Tamil A local God
Demon name "Poruthu-madan" Tamil Wrestling Demon and the nature spirit associated with the air. Tamil
God name "Pradyumma" Davidian/ Tamil A God of love
God name "Seyon/ Muruga" Dravidian/ Tamil A creator God
"Shudala-madan" Tamil Elementals which haunt graveyards, and scenes of crime and murder and places of execution. Tamil
God name "Subrahmanya" Tamil The God of war and the patron deity of the Tamil.
God name "Valli" Hindu The name of prominent Hindu God Murugan's consort, according to Tamil traditions. She is depicted as a the daughter of a tribal chief.