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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "USA"
God Name: Coyote USA Multifaceted deity. demigod, creator, trickster. In Tongva Mythology Coyote challenges "The River" to a race. Coyote is victorious, but collapses from fatigue. The river laughs at him and takes the name "Hahamongna". USA
God Name: Coyote/ Koyote Pan-W USA A demigod/ creator/ trickster
God Name: Kokopell' Mana Hopi/ SW USA A goddess of fertility
God Name: Korawini Paiute W USA A goddess of intercourse
God Name: Maho Peneta Mandan N American Great spirit USA
God Name: Na Pe'/ Na Pe'/ Old Man Blackfoot/ W USA/ Canada The creator who was not a very nice entity, rather human in his actions
God Name: Nanabohozo Ojibwa/ USA/ Canada A god that influences the success or failure of hunters
God Name: Paiowa Yana Piaute Greek Goddess of the Evening star, she and her daughter created the first people USA
God Name: Paiowa/ Yana Piaute W USA She & her daughter created the first people
God Name: Takus Mana Hopi Fertility goddess. Hopi, USA
God Name: Tirawa/ Atius Pawnee/ USA The supreme spirit
God Name: Usas Hindu A beneficient goddess who produces daylight and urges men to their works. Hindu