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List of Gods W.
A'as Hittite/ Hurrian The god of wisdom
A'ra W. Arabia A local god
A-a Mespoptomia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W. Semitic She was a sun goddess
Aasith Egypt/ Syria A goddess of the hunt, war, and the desert
Ab Kin Xoc Maya A god of war
Abaangui Guarani A god whose huge nose became the moon
Abassi Efik Creator of the world
Abat[t]ur Mandaeans It weighs souls &/ or their deeds
Abuk Dinka Patron goddess of women & gardens
Abziu Sumeria/ Mesopotamia The primordial deity of underground water
Acca Roman A goddess associated with Hercules
Acca Larentia Etruscan/ Roman An earth goddess & goddess of winter
Accasbel Irish Most likely was an early god of wine or mead
Achiyalatopa Zuni A celestial giant monster with feathers of flint knives
Aclla Inca/ Quechua A goddesses of war & virgins
Acoran Gran Canary/ Canary Is. The supreme Being who really really likes milk
Adad Babylonian/ Mesopotamia The god of wind, storm, flood & rain
Adamisil Wedo Haiti A water goddess
Addanc Wales Primordial giant/ god
Adekagagwaa Iroquois The spirit of summer who rests during the winter in the south
Adikia Greek The goddess both injustice who is rather hard on the eyes
Adrammelech Mideast A god to whom infants were burnt in sacrifice [only reference to the practice in the christian OT]
Adrastea Britain the goddess of war
Adrasteia Greek/ Thrace/ Trojan/ Phyragean A mountain goddess that is the guardian of righteousness & avenges is all wrongs
Aebhel/ Aeval Irish A goddess who is a faery [interesting story]
Aega Greek A goddess of war
Aegeria Roman A goddess of prophecy invoked by pregnant women
Aengus Celtic/ Irish worshipped from about 500 BC/ 400 AD
Aeolos Greek He was the custodian of the four winds
Aerten/ Aerfen/ Aeron Wales/ Cornish A goddess of fate
Aestas Roman A goddess of summer usually portrayed nude & adorned with garlands of grain
Aesun Irish A god whose name means to be
Afi Abkhaz A god of rain & thunderstorms that does not tolerate women using his name
Ag'o Dahomean Worshipped by hunters
Agasaya Semitic A war goddess
Age Fon Benin/ W. Africa Revered by hunters he is the god of animals
Agni India A god of lightning, fire, & the sun & who also mediates between the gods & humans
Agnikumara Jain/ India They are youthful appearing gods associated with rain & thunder
Agnostos Theos Greek The unknown gods that were always worshipped as a group
Agrona Wales A slaughter goddess
Agu'gux Aleut[USA] The creator god that was claimed to be the Christian god under Russian Orthodox priests
Aguara Tunpa/ Chiriguano The fox god who gave the carob tree to the people
Ah Bolom Tzacab Maya A god of agriculture who controlled rain & thunder
Ah Bolon Dz'acab Maya A fertility god associated with rain & thunder
Ah Chuy Kak Maya A god of war
Ah Cun Can Maya A god of war
Ah Hulneb Maya A god of war
Ah Kin Maya The sun god who brings drought but protects man from the powers of evil associated with darkness
Ah Kinchil Maya A god of war & the sun
Ah Kumix Unicob Maya These are small attendant water gods
Ah Patnar Uinicob Maya They are large water gods
Ah Wink ir Masa Guatemala A nature goddess
Ahau Kin Maya A goddess of war
Ahemait Egypt An underworld goddess who eats the souls of the unworthy
Aheramenmthoou Egypt The god of thunder, night, storms, wind, landslides & tidal waves
Ahnt kai Mexico Region A goddess of women & children
Ahone Virginia/ USA The supreme deity who was indifferent to worship
Ahuic Aztec/ Mexico A goddess of all running water
Ahulane Maya A god of war
Ahurani Persia The goddess of rain and water
Ai Apec Mochica Peru The supreme god that rules the destinies of the world
Ai Tupua'i Polynesia A goddess of healing & of war
Aida Wedo Benin/ Haiti A goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo
Aido Wedo Haiti A goddess of fire
Aige Irish A goddess of water & bays
Ailsie Cherokee A goddess of water & pools
Ain/ Aine Irish A goddess of war, of fertility, love & of Midsummer Lair Derg
Aine of Knockaine Irish A moon goddess who was connected with the Summer Solstice
Aiolos/ Aelus Latin/ Greek The ruler of the winds
Airmid Irish A goddess of all healing arts & witchcraft
Airyaman Persia A god of social bonds, contracts, & marriage who at the end of time will fish souls of the the temporarily damned called a Hell by using a net
Aisha Arabic A goddess of water
Aitvaras Prussia the The brave & loving demon that will bring good fortune to your home when well fed & treated kindly
Aius Locutius Roman A god supposed to have given warning of the approach of the Gauls 391 B.C.
Aizen-Myoo Buddhism A deity who is full of compassion for mankind
Ajalamo Yoruba/ Nigeria/ W. Africa A god of fetuses
Ajbit Maya A god that helped create people [13 were involved]
Aje Yoruba A goddess of wealth in all its forms
Akewa Toba A sun & war goddess
Akusaa Egypt A goddess of war & sunset
Akycha Alaskan A goddess of war
Ala Muki Polynesia A river goddess who takes the form of a dragon
Alalu s HurrianThe first heavenly King who lasted for 9 years
Alalu Ossetian Cen. Caucasians A spirit of smallpox & protects women
Alatangana Kono E. Guinea/ W. Africa One of the two creator deities, this god created land from swamp
Alfhild Scandinavia A goddess of wrestling
Allatu[m] W. Semitic An underworld goddess
Aloadae/ Aloidae Greek they were 54 ft. tall and warred with the gods, they lost
Alom Maya A sky god that helped 6 other gods create the world
Alpheus Greek A river god that fell in love with a nymph and had a bad experience Aretimas
Alphito Greek A white goddess
Am-Heh Egypt An underworld god & minor deity who lives in a lake of fire
Ama No Uzume Japan The witty goddess of persuasion
Amaterasu Japanese A goddess of war & the sun
Ambisagrus/ Bussumarus Britain The weather deity
Ame-No-Mi-Kumari-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto A water goddess
Ame-No-Tanabata-Hime-No-Mikoto Japan/ Shinto The goddess of weavers
Ament Libya A goddess who welcomes the dead to the after world
Amesha Spentas/ Yazatas They are gods without being gods & created without being creatures[6 in number]
Amm S. Arabia A moon & weather god
Amma Dogon/ Mali The creator god with a novel story
Ammon/ Amen Egypt The god of air, wind, sun, reincarnation, war
Amurru W. Semitic A minor mountain god
Anahita Egypt/ Babylon A goddess of water & war
Anahita Persia A goddess of fertility, semen & of water
Ananse Ashanti Africa The creator of the sun, stars, day, moon & night who often intercedes between gods & mortals
Anapel Koryak/ Siberia The goddess who presides over birth & reincarnation
Anasuya Hindu A goddess of wisdom
Anat Ugarit The warrior virgin, slayer of snakes, life & fertility goddess
Anat/ Anath Canaan A goddess of war, hunting & love
Anath Phoenicia The chief W. Semitic goddess of love & war
Anceta Kamos Moab (Jordan) The chief god that when Hellenized became equated with Ares
Andriam Vabi Rano Africa A goddess of water & lakes
Androgyne Greek The man/ woman god/ goddess
Andvari Scandivania A dwarf that can turn himself into a fish & living in water in
Anextiomarus Roman/ British A god linked with Apollo
Angels Jewish/ Christian/ Islam These spirits are messengers between the heaven & earth, with nine orders at present
Angerona Roman A goddess anguish, secrecy, silence & the winter solstice
Angitia Roman Early goddess of healing & witchcraft
Angpetu Wi Lakota The sun god
Anguta Inuit A god who lives under the sea and drags down the dead
Anhur Egypt A god of war and hunting
Ankalamman Hindu/ Dravidian A Guardian goddess that wards off demons
Anna Perenna Etruscan A goddess of reproduction, wanton love, & of spring
Anqet Libya A goddess of water fertility healing & lust
Anshur/ Ashur/ Asshur Assyria Not only be goddess of the sun, but it was the that killed the dragon of chaos during creation
Antai India A goddess of healing & whooping cough
Anthat Syria A war goddess who had a shrine at Thebes
Anu/ Anann/ Dana/ Dana Ana/ Catana Irish A mother goddess associated with fertility & the primordial mother
Anuket Egypt A goddess of water & of rivers
Anus Hurrite . The king of heaven who declared war on the father of the gods, he lost
Apam Napat Persia/ Hindu/ Vedic A god of fresh water
Apap Teso Uganda A creator god who as a benevolent sky god brings rain
Apedmak Sudanese a war god
Apep Egypt A huge serpent who caused storms & eclipses & ate the sun at evening
Apet Egypt A goddess that protects pregnant women, children, nursing mothers & justice
Aphrodite Pandemos Greek A goddess of sex likely conflated with Aphrodite
Apiu Etruscan A weather god
Apozanoltl Aztec/ Mexico A running water goddess
Apsaras Hindu/ Vedic Protective deities of gamblers & Water spirits
Apsu Babylon A god of underground waters
Apuat Egypt A jackal headed god who helps the soul choose it's next incarnation
Aquilo Roman The god of the west winds
Arachne Roman The mother goddess of Weaving
Aranyani Hindu/ Vedic a minor goddess of woodlands
Arawn/ Arawyn/ Arrawn/ Arawen Wales The god of Annwn ruled the underground
Arazu Babylon The god of construction that was completed
Ardvi Sura Anahita/ Anahita Persia The goddess of rivers & water
Ardwinna/ Dea Arduinna Britain A goddess of woodland & animal
Ares Greek A god of storms & war
Arianrhod Wales A goddess of fertility & wanton love & mother aspect of the triple goddess
Armaz George The supreme god & a warrior deity pre Christian style
Arnakua'gak Inuit The old woman of the sea, an animalistic spirit
Arnamentia Celtic A goddess of spring waters
Arnemetia Roman/ British A water goddess known from inscriptions
Aruna Hindu A god of morning & warriors
Aryong Jong Korean A goddess of water & rainfall
As ava Russia The goddess of fresh water
Ashi India A goddess of wisdom
Ashiakle Ghana The goddess of wealth, & of the sea
Ashkit Egypt A goddess of wind
Ashnan/ Asnan Sumeria A goddess of drunkenness, wine & grains
Ashur Assyria The chief deity of war & fertility
Asi Persia A goddess of wisdom
Asiaq Inuit A goddess of weather
Asima Si Brazil The goddess of water & fish
Aspalis W. Semitic A hunting goddess
Asrael Islam The angel of death who takes the soul from the body.
Astabis/ Zamama/ Ninurta Hurrian/ Akkadia A warrior god
Astaroth W. Semitic a fertility goddess who deals with sheepherders
Astarte Egypt A goddess of war
Asthertet Syria A goddess of horses, war & the moon
Asurkumara Jain Youthful gods associated with rain & thunder
Atahensic Iroquois The sky goddess who fell to the earth at the beginning of creation
Athena/ Athene/ Pallus Athena Greek A goddess of war, architecture, astronomy, science, of horses, intellect & wisdom, oxen, of purity, reason & spinning
Athirat Canaan A goddess of the ocean & official wife of El
Atl Aztec A god of water
Atma India The divine spark, whatever that is, in humans
Attabeira Atahensic Iroquois The sky goddess who fell to earth
Attar W. Semitic/ Canaan A god of the morning star
Atugan Mongolia The goddess of earth & the source of all life whose power is beyond understanding but can be bestowed
Atum Egypt A bisexual god of water
Aura Greek A goddess of morning & of the wind
Aurora Roman A goddess of warriors & of the dawn
Aveta Celtic A goddess of healing waters
Aya Mesopotamia The goddess of dawn & war
Ayas Hittite He is the keeper of the old tablets with the words of fate
Ayiyanayaka Sri Lanka A god of fields & woodland that protects against plague
Baal Phoenicia He is the god of the thunderstorm, war, good harvests, fertility, nature, winter rain & of storms
Baalat/ Ba'Alat Phoenicia She is queen of the gods who is partial to books, libraries & writers
Bacabs Maya They stand at the four corners of the world supporting the heavens
Bacchus Roman A god Of revelry & wine
Badb/ Bodva Irish A goddess of war
Badb/ Odva/ Badb Catha Irish A goddess of war
Bagala Hindu A goddess with the power of cruelty
Bagba W. Africa A fetish that controls the wind & rain
Bagishi Kafir/ Afghanistan The god of flood waters & posterity
Baiame/ Daramulun/ Nurundere Kamilaroi/ Wiradyuri Aus A god of all things & master of life death
Baldaer Anglo-Saxon The dying god who is the same as Balder
Ban Naomha Irish A goddess of war