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List of Gods  : "god of the sea"

Goddess name "Aba khatun" Baikal/ Siberia A sea Goddess
Goddess name "Aba khatun Baikal" Siberia Goddess of the sea. Siberia
God name "Aegir" Norse The Norse God who presides over the stormy sea. He entertains the gods every harvest, and brews ale for them.
Goddess name "Agweta" Haitian Haitian sea Goddess. Daughter of Agwe.
God name "Ahti aka Ahto" Egypt God of streams, lakes and sea. Egypt
God name "Aipalovik" Inuit Evil God of the sea that liked to chew wooden boats. Inuit
God name "Albion" Britain Son of a forgotten Sea God who may have been part of a lost creation myth. Was once said to rule the Celtic world. His name became the poetic name for Britain.
God name "Amanikable" Philippines God of the sea. Philippines
God name "Amano-Iwato" Japanese Means "The cave of the sun God" of "heavenly rock cave". In Japanese mythology, Susanoo, the Japanese god of the seas, was the one who drove Amaterasu into Ame-no-Iwato. This caused the sun to hide for a long period of time.
Goddess name "Amphitrite" Greek According to Hesiod (Theogony) and Apollodorus a Nereid, though in other places Apollodorus calls her an Oceanid. She is represented as the wife of Poseidon and the Goddess of the sea (the Mediterranean), and she is therefore a kind of female Poseidon.
God name "Andromeda" Greek The daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia. Mother thought she and daughter were more beautiful than any of Poseidon's many nymphs, and she taunted the God of the Seas until he just couldn't take it any longer. Poseidon punished the vain mother by chaining her daughter naked to a rock, to be sacrificed to a dreadful sea monster. Greek
Goddess name "Anuanaitu" America Soul of the ocean, member of a sea monster family. Goddess of the ocean and whirlpools Caribbean, S. America
Goddess name "Aphrodite" Greek One of the great Olympian divinities, according to the popular and poetical notions of the Greeks, the Goddess of love and beauty. Some traditions stated that she had sprung from the foam of the sea, which had gathered around the mutilated parts of Uranus, that had been thrown into the sea by Cronus after he had unmanned his father. (Theogony of Hesiod)
God name "Ara" Borneo Primeval creator God, in the form of a bird, who created the heavens , and with Irik, created mankind from clay. The Sea Dyaks of Sarawak, Borneo
Goddess name "Asherah" Canaan A Goddess of the sea
Goddess name "Asherat-of-the-sea" Phonecian Great Goddess of wisdom and the sea. Mother of the Gods and mistress of the Gods in wisdom. El's wife and counsellor, said to have 70 children, including Baal. Phonecian
Goddess name "Ashiakle" Africa Goddess of wealth. The daughter of Nai, god of the sea, she was born in the ocean and came to land in a canoe. Ghana, West Africa
Goddess name "Atanea" Polynesian A Goddess of the dawn in Polynesian mythology. She created the seas after having a miscarriage and filling the oceans with her amniotic fluid.
God name "Aukaneck" Inuit God that lived in the sea, whose movements created the waves. Inuit
God name "Aylekete" Africa God of the sea and a member of the Vodun Gods Fon
God name "Aylekete/ Agbe" Fon A God of the sea & a member of the Vodun gods
God name "Beher" Ethiopian Sea God. Ethiopian
Goddess name "Bentakumari" India Goddess of water. The first fish of the season was given to her. India
Goddess name "Benthesicyme" Greek An Ethiopian sea nymph, a Goddess of the waves and a daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite, the wife of king Enalos. She raised Eumolpus, son of Chione and Poseidon. (Apollodorus iii) Her husband Enalos: of the sea, may have been Triton, the god of lake Tritonis in Greek
Goddess name "Branwen" Ireland/Welsh/Manx Venus of the Northern Seas and a Goddess of love. Ireland/Welsh/Manx
Goddess name "Branwen/ Branwyn" Irish/ Manx/ Wales The Venus of the Northern Seas & a Goddess of love
Goddess name "Brigantia" Celtic Goddess of the seasons, doctors smiths, poets, and women in childbirth Pan-Celtic
Goddess name "Brigantia/ Bridget/ Brigit" Pan-Celtic The Goddess of the seasons, doctors smiths, poets, & women in childbirth
Goddess name "Calounger" Brazil Death Goddess and/or Goddess of the sea Brazil
Goddess name "Cethlion" Ireland Goddess of the sea and the Formorians. Was called "crooked teeth. Ireland
Goddess name "Christalline" Haiti Evil Goddess of the sea Haiti
Goddess name "Cinei" Chukchi/ Siberia A sea Goddess
Goddess name "Cinei-new" Siberia/Chukchee A sea Goddess and wife of Peruten, god of the sea. Siberia/Chukchee
Goddess name "Cliodna" Ireland/Scotland Sea and Otherworld Goddess who usually took the form of a sea bird and therefore symbolized the Celtic afterlife. Ireland/Scotland
God name "Corydus" Greek A surname of Apollo, under which the God had a temple eighty stadia from Corone, on the sea-coast. Greek
Goddess name "Coti" Africa Goddess of the oceans, of sea-life and of deep mysteries. Africa
Goddess name "Creiddylad/ / Creudylad/ Cordelia" Wales A Goddess of summer flowers & the sea
Goddess name "Djila'qons" Haida Goddess of the sea. Haida
Goddess name "Dubh Lacha" Ireland Early Goddess of the sea Ireland
God name "Dylan Eil Ton" Wales A sea-God. He is sometimes said to be a god of darkness. Wales
God name "Ea/ Enki" Babylon/ Mesopotamia The God of wisdom, spells, incantations, & the seas
Goddess name "Fand" Irish An early Irish sea Goddess, later described as a "Queen of the Fairies". Her name is variously translated as "Pearl of Beauty" or "A Tear". She is seen as the most beautiful of goddesses.
Goddess name "Fata-Morgana" Celtic Goddess of the sea, illusion, enchantment, fate and death and Queen of the Fortunate Isles. Celtic
God name "Frey" Norse A God of rain, weather, seafaring & war
Goddess name "Furiae aka dirae" Greek/Roman Eumenides, erinyes,, were originally nothing but a personification of curses pronounced upon a guilty criminal. The name Erinnys, which is the more ancient one, was derived by the Greeks from "I hunt up or persecute", or from the Arcadian "I am angry"; so that the Furiae were either the angry Goddesses, or the goddesses who hunt up or search after the criminal. Greek/Roman
God name "Glaucus" Greek This sea God went around muttering prophesies
God name "Glaukos" Greek A sea God, a rather bizarre story like many other god claims
Goddess name "Gnowee" Australia Sun Goddess who lived on Earth before there was a sun. Gnowee's baby son wandered off while she was gathering yams and she began searching for him carrying a large torch. She continues to do so and her torch is the sun. Australia
God name "Gonaqade't Chilat" US PNW A sea God
Goddess name "Great Mother" Celtic Represents the female principle of creation. Goddess of fertility, the Moon, summer, flowers, love, healing, the seas, water. Celtic
Goddess name "Grismadevi" India Seasonal Goddess who looks after summer, time, cycles, recreation and rest. India
Goddess name "Guabonito" Haiti The sea Goddess who teaches people about medicines & health
Goddess name "Gunura" Sumeria Goddess who had a seat named 'House Pure Heaven,' in the Temple at Babil. Sumeria
God name "Gwyddno" Welsh At one time was a sea God. Came down in legend as a monster or faery of the ocean. Welsh
Goddess name "Halsodyne" Greek That is, "the sea-fed," or the sea-born Goddess, occurs as a surname of Amphitrite and Thetys. Greek
God name "Hambwira" Wisconsin The sun God who wanders from land of Winnebago in search for truth. Wisconsin
Goddess name "Hannahanna" Hittite Mother Goddess who recommends to the Storm-god that he pay the Sea-god the bride-price for the Sea-god's daughter on her wedding to Telipinu. Hittite
Goddess name "Helle" Greek Goddess of the sea Greek
God name "Hoenir" Scandinavia An Aesir God and the brother of Odin and Ludor. Together they slew Ymir, the great giant of the beginning. They created the earth from his flesh, the sea and fresh water from his blood, the mountains from his bones; then mankind from two trees, man from the ash and woman from the elm. Hoenir gave them their senses and understanding, intelligence and motion. The two lesser brothers are sometimes considered aspects of Odin, eventually disappearing, Hoenir as hostage to the Vanir at the end of the war with the Aesir. Scandinavia
Goddess name "Horae" Greek Horai, originally the personifications or Goddesses of the order of nature and of the seasons, but in later times they were regarded as the goddesses of order in general and of justice. In Homer, who neither mentions their parents nor their number, they are the Olympian divinities of the weather and the ministers of Zeus; and in this capacity they guard the doors of Olympus, and promote the fertility of the earth, by the various kinds of weather they send down. Greek
Goddess name "Horae/ Horai" Greek The Goddesses of order & the seasons, all three of them
God name "Hotu-matua" s The legendary founding father of Easter Island arrived from over the sea with a fleet of his family and followers after surviving a great catastrophe. The God of earthquakes, Poku, had upended Hotu-matua’s homeland with a crowbar, sinking Hiva into the ocean depths. Lemuria, Mu
Goddess name "Iambe" Greek Daughter of Pan and Echo, and a slave of Metaneira, the wife of Hippothoon. Others call her a slave of Celeus. The extravagant hilarity displayed at the festivals of Demeter in Attica was traced to her for it is said that when Demeter, in her wanderings in search of her daughter, arrived in Attica, Iambe cheered the mournful Goddess by her jokes. Greek
Goddess name "Idliragijenget" Inuit Goddess of the sea. Inuit
Goddess name "Idothea" Greek A Goddess of the sea
God name "Ignerssauk" Inuit God of the sea, generally benevolent Inuit
God name "Iku-Turso" Finland A malevolent sea monster and a God of war. Finland
Goddess name "Immap Ukua" Inuit Goddess of the sea, mother to all of the sea creatures Inuit/Greenland
God name "Imra" Hindu/Kush The chief pre-Islamic God of the Hindukush Kafir people. He was worshipped as the god of creation. By his breath, Imra created other gods of Kafir pantheon. Frequent sacrifiices were made to Imra, sometimes for recovery from sickness, seasonable weather, or other material benefits, sometimes from motives of simple piety. Imra was more honored than the other gods at the religious dances. Hindu/Kush
Goddess name "Ino" Greek Greek heroine who raised the infant Dionysus. Later she was elevated to a sea Goddess under the name of Leukothea. Greek
God name "Jamma" Phonecia/ Canaan A God of of water, to be primarily a sea god
Goddess name "Jandira" Brazil Goddess of the sea. Brazil
Goddess name "Junkgowa" Australia Sisters and Goddesses of the Sea and Marine Life. Active during the Dreamtime. Australia
Goddess name "Juras Mate/ Jurasmat" Latvia A Goddess of the sea
Goddess name "Jurasmat" Latvia Goddess of the sea and of healing who fell in love with a mortal called Kastysis. Latvia
Goddess name "Jurate and Kastytis" Lithuanian Heroes of a Lithuanian legend. The queen of the amber palace Jurate may be considered a manifestation of the Goddess of Sea.
God name "Keret'kun" Siberia God of the sea. Siberia.
God name "Keret'kun/ Keretkun" Chukchee/ Siberia A God of the sea
Goddess name "Kianda" Angola A Goddess of the sea. She was traditionally worshipped by throwing offerings such as food and clothing into the sea. Angola
God name "Kianda Kimbundu" Angola The God of the sea & fish
Demon name "Kurma" Hindu/Puranic/Epic Avatar of Visnu. In the form of a tortoise he placed himself at the bottom of the sea of milk, and made his back the base or pivot of the mountain Mandara. The gods and Demons twisted the great serpent Vasuki round the mountain' and, dividing into two parties, each took an end of the snake as a rope, and thus churned the sea until they recovered the desired objects. Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Goddess name "Lahamu" Babylonian In the Babylonian story of creation, Lahama is the daughter of the primordial Goddess Tiamat. She guards the gate to the sea; the sea is her dominion. She holds an overflowing vase; she contains, bestows the waters of life. The Seven Tablets of Creation
Goddess name "Latmikaik" Micronesia Goddess of the sea, with her husband Tpereakla, co-creator and co-ruler of the world Tpereakl lived in the sky, while his wife had her residence under the sea. Pelew Is.
Goddess name "Le Fay" Welsh Goddess of the sea and of the Isle of Avalon Welsh
Goddess name "Leucothea" Greek Leukothea. [White Goddess]. So Ino was called after she became a sea nymph. Her son Pal?mon, called by the Romans Portunus, or Portumnus, was the protecting genius of harbours. Greek
Goddess name "Leucothea/ Leukothea" Greek/ Roman A sea Goddess who protects her worshippers from being shipwrecked
God name "Llyr" Welsh God of the sea and water Ireland/Welsh
God name "Llyr/ Lear Lir" Irish/ Wales A God of the sea & water
God name "Lycurgus" Greek A son of Dryas, and king of the Edones in Thrace. He is famous for his persecution of Dionysus and his worship on the sacred mountain of Nyseion in Thrace. The God himself leaped into the sea, where he was kindly received by Thetis. Zeus thereupon blinded the impious king, who died soon after, for he was hated by the immortal gods. Greek
God name "Lyr" Welsh LLyr, a God of the sea. Welsh
Goddess name "Ma Shi-Ko" China Queen of Heavens and Goddess of the Seven Seas. China
Goddess name "Ma-zu" China A sea Goddess that is a benevolent guardian of fisherman
Goddess name "Ma-zu aka Matsu" China Ma-Tsu, A-Ma, and Mizu-Gami, Goddess of the sea who is a benevolent guardian of fisherman. When you are facing great difficulty, you can call her Ma-zu and she will immediately come to your rescue. If, however, you address her as the "Empress of Heaven", she will have to take time to put on her fine clothing and will be delayed in coming to your aid. China
God name "Manannan Mac Lir" Ireland/Welsh/Scots The God of the sea. He is often seen as a psychopomp, whose responsibility is to escort newly-deceased souls to the afterlife, and considered to have strong connections to the Otherworld islands of the dead, the weather, and the mists between the worlds. Ireland/Welsh/Scots
God name "Manannan Mac Lir[Llyr]" Irish/ Wales He was a shape shifter & chief Irish sea God
God name "Manawydan" Welsh God of the sea. Welsh
God name "Manawyddan" Welsh A sea God
Goddess name "Mari" East Mother and Goddess of the sea Middle east
Goddess name "Mari/ Marian" Middle East A mother & sea Goddess
Goddess name "Mater Matuta" Roman Goddess of the dawn, the sky and seafaring Roman
Goddess name "Melicertes" Greek Son of Ino, a sea deity. Athamas imagined his wife to be a lioness, and her two sons to be lion's cubs. In his frenzy he slew one of the boys, and drove the other, Melicertes, with his mother into the sea. The mother became a sea-Goddess, and the boy the god of harbours. greek
God name "Midgard" Norse The mid-yard, middle-town, that is, the earth, is a mythological word common to all the ancient Teutonic languages. The Icelandic Edda alone has preserved the true mythical bearing of this old Teutonic word. The earth (Midgard), the abode of men, is situated in the middle of the universe, bordered by mountains and surrounded by the great sea; on the other side of this sea is the Utgard (out-yard), the abode of the giants; the Midgard is defended by the yard or burgh Asgard (the burgh of the Gods) lying in the middle (the heaven being conceived as rising above the earth). Thus the earth and mankind are represented as a stronghold besieged by the powers of evil from without, defended by the gods from above and from within. Norse
God name "Minabozho Algonquin" NE US E Canada this clumsy God fell into the seat and make it over low
God name "Morva signifies Locus Maritimus" Britain Morva signifies Locus Maritimus. Sea-women and sea-daughters. "The fishermen who were the ancestors of the Church, came from the Galilean waters to haul for men. We, born to God at the font, are children of the water. Therefore, all the early symbolism of the Church was of and from the sea. The carvure of the early arches was taken from the sea and its creatures. Fish, dolphins, mermen, and mermaids abound in the early types, transferred to wood and stone."' Cornwall, Britain
God name "Munkata-No-Kami" Japan/ Shinto The sea Gods [3] that protected seafarers
God name "Na Cha" China Guardian God who takes pity on oppressed mortals and challenges both the undersea god and his own father in a fight on land, under the sea, and in the air. China
Goddess name "Nammu" Sumeria Goddess of the primeval sea that gave birth to An (heaven) and Ki (earth) and the first gods. Sumeria
Goddess name "Nehalennia" Britain A Goddess who was the patron deity of sea traders
Goddess name "Nehalennia" British A local Goddess whose main function was the protection of travellers, especially seagoing travellers. British
Goddess name "Nerrivik" Inuit Goddess of the sea Inuit
Goddess name "Nerrivik/ Sedena" Inuit The sea Goddess
God name "Nethuns" Etruscan God of wells and of all water, including the sea. He was the same as the Greek Poseidon and Roman Neptune. Etruscan
God name "Ni Chimu" Peru A sea God of significant status
God name "Njord" Norse One of the Vanir and the God of wind, fertile land along the seacoast, as well as seamanship, sailing and fishing. Norse
God name "O-Wata-Tsumi" Japanese Japanese God of the sea and marine creatures.
Supreme god name "Odin" Scandinavian Chief god of the Scandinavians. His real name was Sigge, son of Fridulph, but he assumed the name of Odin when he left the Tanais, because he had been priest of Odin, Supreme God of the Scythians. He became the All-wise by drinking from Mimer's fountain, but purchased the distinction at the cost of one eye. His one eye is the Sun. The father of Odin was Bor. His brothers are Vile and Ve. His wife is Frigga. His sons, Thor and Balder. His mansion is Gladsheim. His seat, Valaskjalf. His court as war-god, Valhalla. His hall, Einherian. His two black ravens are Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory). His steed, Sleipnir. His ships, Skidbladnir and Naglfar. His spear, Gungner, which never fails to hit the mark aimed at. His ring, Draupner, which every ninth night drops eight other rings of equal value. His throne is Hlidskjalf. His wolves, Geri and Freki. He will be ultimately swallowed up by the wolf Fenris or Fenrir. Scandinavian
Goddess name "Okeanides" Greek/ Roman Minor sea Goddesses There were assigned to guard ship motions by the larger gods & invoked by seafarers, others say that they are river gods
Goddess name "Olosa" s The Goddess of the Lagos Lagoon, and the principal wife of her brother Olokim, the sea-god. Like her husband she is long-haired. She sprang from the body of Yemaja and supplies her votaries with fish. Crocodiles ate Olosa's messengers, and may not be molested. They are supposed to bear to the goddess the offerings which the faithful deposit on the shores of the lagoon or throw into the sedge.
God name "Palemon" Greek/ Roman A human that suffered apotheosis & became a minor sea God
Planet name "Paradise Lost" Milton Satan rouses the panic-stricken host of fallen angels to tell them about a rumour current in Heaven of a new world about to be created. He calls a council to deliberate what should be done, and they agree to send Satan to search out for the new world. Satan, passing the gulf between Hell and Heaven and the limbo of Vanity, enters the orb of the Sun (in the guise of an angel) to make inquiries as to the new Planet's whereabouts; and, having obtained the necessary information, alights on Mount Niphates, and goes to Paradise in the form of a cormorant. Seating himself on the Tree of Life, he overhears Adam and Eve talking about the prohibition made by God, and at once resolves upon the nature of his attack. Gabriel sends two angels to watch over the bower of Paradise, and Satan flees. Raphael is sent to warn Adam of his danger, and tells him the story of Satan's revolt and expulsion out of Heaven, and why and how this world was made. After a time Satan returns to Paradise in the form of a mist, and, entering the serpent, induces Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. Adam eats "that he may perish with the woman whom he loved." Satan returns to Hell to tell his triumph, and Michael is sent to lead the guilty pair out of the garden. Milton
God name "Phorkys" Greek A Minor sea God noted by Hesiod
God name "Polybotes" Greek One of the giants who fought against the Gods. The sea-god pursued him to the island of Cos, and, tearing away part of the island, throw it on him and buried him beneath the mass. Greek
God name "Pontos" Greek A God of the sea
God name "Poseidon" Greek The God of the Mediterranean sea and he is the god of the fluid element. Greek
Goddess name "Ran" Norse The Goddess of the sea; wife of ?ger. Norse
God name "Ryujin" Japan The God of the sea, a dragon, symbolic of the power of the ocean, had a large mouth, and was able to transform into a human shape. Japan
Demon name "Sankhasura" Hindu A Demon who warred against the gods, stole the Vedas and hid them at the bottom of the sea. They were rescued by Vishnu in the form of a fish. Hindu
God name "Sesa" Hindu Snake God, he is at the Great serpent who lies in the primeval sea and encircles the world Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
God name "Sesa[naga]" Hindu/ Epic/ Vedic/ Puranic A snake God/ Naga, he is at the Great serpent that lies in the primeval sea & encircles the world
God name "Sga'na" Haida/ PNW The sea God
God name "Sga'na Haida" PNW/Pacific Northwest Coast of North America God of the sea
God name "Shaal" Kulthea God of the Sea. Kulthea
God name "Shoney" Scotland Sea faeries living off the coast of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Originally a single God of the North Sea Ireland/Scotland/Manx
God name "Siuelo" Tonga The fisherman's God able to walk on the sea. Tonga
God name "Skidbladner" Norse The name of the famous ship of the God Frey that could move alike on land or sea and could be made small or great at will. Norse
God name "Soko Nupe" Nigeria The sky God, specifically the dark sky that precedes the beginning of the rainy season
God name "Sulanuth" Hebrew A monster in the sea ordered by God "to come up and go into Egypt, with arms ten cubits in length . . . and she went upon the roofs and uncovered the rafting and cut them and stretched forth her arm into the house and removed the lock and the bolt and opened the houses of Egypt and the swarm of animals destroyed the Egyptians" Book of Jasher
God name "Sumiyoshi-No-Kami" Japan/Shinto Generic name of the sea Gods who are guardians of seafarers. Japan/Shinto
God name "Susanowo" Shinto God of agriculture, the sea and storms. Shinto
Goddess name "T'ien Fei" China Goddess of sailing and seafarers and rain. China
God name "Tam Kung" China Local sea God of rain and water able to calm storms by tossing in a handful of peas. China
Goddess name "Tamti" Assyrian Tamtu. The personified sea,the primordial humidity, personified as a Goddess equivalent to Belit, the Nature Mother. Assyrian
God name "Tana'oa" Marquesas Is God of wind and sea and patron of fishing. Marquesas Is.
Goddess name "Tangaroa" Polynesia One of the great gods, the god of the sea. He is a son of Rangi and Papa, Sky and Earth. His wife, Faumea, was an ocean Goddess. Man-killing eels dwelled in her vagina, but she taught Tangaroa how to safely lure them out. Polynesia
Goddess name "Tethys" Greek A Titaness and sea Goddess who was both sister and wife of Oceanus. She was mother of the chief rivers of the universe, such as the Nile, the Alpheus, the Maeander, and about three thousand daughters called the Oceanids. Greek
Goddess name "Thallath" Berosus The sea, personified as a Goddess. Berosus
God name "Tishtrya" Iranian A God of the sea & water
Goddess name "Toyota Mahime" Japan Goddess of the sea Japan
God name "Tritons" Roman Minor sea Gods
God name "Tunek" Inuit God of seal hunters. Inuit
God name "Ullikummi" Hurrian A giant stone monster, son of Kumarbi and the sea God's daughter. Hurrian
Goddess name "Untombinde" Africa "Tall-Maiden". A beautiful maiden who became the Goddess of the sea. Africa
Goddess name "Vaga" s "Sabra, Goddess of the Severn, being a prudent, well-conducted maiden, rose with the first streak of morning dawn, and, descending the eastern side of the hill, made choice of the most fertile valleys, whilst as yet her sisters slept. Vaga, goddess of the Wye, rose next, and, making all haste to perform her task, took a shorter course, by which means she joined her sister ere she reached the sea. The goddess Rhea, old Plinlimmon’s pet, woke not till roused by her father’s chiding; but by bounding down the side of the mountain, and selecting the shortest course of all, she managed to reach her destination first. Thus the Cymric proverb, "There is no impossibility to the maiden who hath a fortune to lose or a husband to win."" Welsh
Goddess name "Vellamo" Finland The wife of Ahti, Goddess of the sea, lakes and storms. A current image of Vellamo can be seen on the coat of arms of Pдijдnne Tavastia.
Goddess name "Vellamo" Finnish Goddess the Goddess of the sea, the wife of Ahti, the god of the sea and of fishing. Finnish
God name "Vertumnus" Roman Is said to have been an Etruscan divinity whose worship was introduced at Rome by an ancient Vulsinian colony. The name signifies "the God who changes or metamorphoses himself." For this reason the Romans connected Vertumnus with all occurrences to which the verb verto applies, such as the change of seasons, purchase and sale, the return of rivers to their proper beds,etc. But in reality the god was connected only with the transformation of plants, and their progress from being in blossom to that of bearing fruit. Roman
Goddess name "Vierge" Haiti/ Vodun A sea Goddess
Goddess name "Wachilt" Celtic Goddess of the sea who rose from the depths and halted the ship of King Vilkinus of Norway, proclaiming that she was pregnant with his child. Celtic
God name "Xipe Totec" Aztec "our lord the flayed one", was a life-death-rebirth deity, God of agriculture, the west, disease, spring, goldsmiths and the seasons. He flayed himself to give food to humanity. Aztec
God name "Yam" Ugaritic Yamm, Ya'a, or Yaw, God of rivers and of the sea. In some myths he is one of the 'ilhm (Elohim) or sons of El. Ugaritic
God name "Yamm" Ugarit A God of the sea
God name "Yamulla" Baltic A field God who received the souls of the faithful. His wooden statues stood in many places, and received sacrifices for the God in bowls made for that purpose. Baltic Sea coast
Goddess name "YeMayan" Caribbean Goddess of the deep sea Caribbean/Imanje
God name "Yebisu" Japan God of the seas, patron of fishermen, merchants and sailors; the younger brother of the sun God was cast out by their parents because he was disfigured. Japan
Goddess name "Yemaya" Imanje/ Caribbean The Goddess of the deep sea
Goddess name "Ymoja" Yoruba Goddess of rivers and of the sea Yoruba