Books about the Gods

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List of Gods god of water
Adamisil Wedo Haiti A water goddess
Ah Kumix Unicob Maya These are small attendant water gods
Ah Patnar Uinicob Maya They are large water gods
Ahuic Aztec/ Mexico A goddess of all running water
Ahurani Persia The goddess of rain and water
Aida Wedo Benin/ Haiti A goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo
Aige Irish A goddess of water & bays
Ailsie Cherokee A goddess of water & pools
Aisha Arabic A goddess of water
Ame-No-Mi-Kumari-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto A water goddess
Anahita Egypt/ Babylon A goddess of water & war
Anahita Persia A goddess of fertility, semen & of water
Andriam Vabi Rano Africa A goddess of water & lakes
Anqet Libya A goddess of water fertility healing & lust
Anuket Egypt A goddess of water & of rivers
Apam Napat Persia/ Hindu/ Vedic A god of fresh water
Apozanoltl Aztec/ Mexico A running water goddess
Apsu Babylon A god of underground waters
Ardvi Sura Anahita/ Anahita Persia The goddess of rivers & water
Arnamentia Celtic A goddess of spring waters
Arnemetia Roman/ British A water goddess known from inscriptions
Aryong Jong Korean A goddess of water & rainfall
As ava Russia The goddess of fresh water
Asima Si Brazil The goddess of water & fish
Atl Aztec A god of water
Atum Egypt A bisexual god of water
Aveta Celtic A goddess of healing waters
Bagishi Kafir/ Afghanistan The god of flood waters & posterity
Bele/ Tule/ Azapane/ Mba Sudan/ Africa A god of fear, mischief & trickery who gave fire & water to mankind
Bentakumari India A goddess of water
Benzi-Ten/ Benten/ Benzai-Tenno Japan The goddess of eloquence, language, arts, fortune, water, & knowledge
Bulane Mozambique A god of water
Chalchiuhtlcue Aztec A goddess rain & storms, violence, vitality, lakes, whirlpools, rivers, water , love, beauty & youth Don't make this one mad whatever you do.
Cipactli Aztec/ Mexico A primordial goddess of water
Cipactli Mexican A goddess of water
Cleone Greek A goddess of water
Coatrischie Cuba/ Taino A goddess of water, winds, & storms
Coventina Roman/ British A water goddess
Damballah Haiti A goddess of sweet waters
Danaids Greek The goddesses of fountains & water
Dilmun Sumeria The god of fresh water
Divonia Celtic/ Gaelic A fertility goddess associated with water
Dryope Greek A goddess of water
Dsahadoldza Navaho A fiery god of earth & water
Enki/ Ea Sumeria/ Mesopotamia A creator god, water, cunning & fertility
Fideal Scottish A goddess of water
Giriputri Bali A goddess of mountains & water
Grannus Roman A god of healing affiliated with hot springs & mineral waters
Hapantalli/ Hapi/ Hapy Egypt A god of the Nile, fish, barley, grain, herbs, water, dew, & fertility
Harsaphes Egypt/ Hellenized A ram headed god of fertility and water
Hypermnestra Greek A goddess of water
Iccovellauna Celtic A water goddess
Ihoiho Society Is. The creator god that created everything including the primeval waters
Itzam Na/ Hun Itzamna/ Yaxcocahmut Maya Another creator god, water, agriculture, drawing, healing, medicine & the moon
Ix Chebel Yax Maya A goddess of teaching, childbirth, the moon, sexual relations, storms & water
Jamma Phonecia/ Canaan A god of of water, to be primarily a sea god
Julunggul Aus. A goddess of initiations & waterfalls
Juma Mari/ Finnish/ Ugart the sky god whose name is also associated with spirits of earth, water, wind, & the home
Kam,enae/ Camenae Italy Goddesses unbowed of springs & wells with a shrine in Rome where of the of vestal virgins got their water
Kane Hawaiia A god of fertility & fresh water
Khepera Egypt A blue haired scarab god of transformation, water, creation & warriors
Ku Uasa Finland He is a god of water
Llyr/ Lear Lir Irish/ Wales A god of the sea & water
Luandinha Brazil A water goddess pictured as a snake
Lympha Roman A goddess of healing waters
Mehet-uret Egypt This goddess was the embodiment of all primeval waters
Mem Loimis Wintun A goddess of water
Mirabichi Ottawa/ Canada he is the god of water
Mizu-Ha-No-Me Japan/ Shinto The senior water goddess who came about from the urine of the primordial creator goddess
Mo Hi Hai China He is a god of water
Motsesa Mozambique A goddess of water
Mugasha Baziba Africa He is the god of water
Mulhalmoni Korea A goddess of healing, eye diseases & water
Nahuti Ehecatl Aztec A minor water god
Nana Buruku Cuba An earth & water goddess
Nanse Babylon A goddess of justice, water & canals
Nantosuelta Gallic The goddess of water
Navky Slavic A goddesses of water
Nemausis Roman/ Gallic A god of water who has a sacred spring at Nimes in France
Nethuns Etruscan A god of fresh water
Nuadu Irish A tribal god of healing & water
Oba Puerto Rico A water goddess
Oshossi Brazil A water god
Rosmerta Celtic/ Roman/ Gaul A goddess of healing, water, & sacred springs
Ryuhwa Korean A goddess of water
Saga Scandinavia A goddess of knowledge & waterfalls
Sati/ Satet Egypt A goddess of waterfalls
Sirone Haiti/ Vodun A water goddess & protector of bathing children
Tacoma Salish A goddess of fresh waters
Tam Kung China A local sea god of rain & water but will extinguish fires
Tate Hautse Huichol Mexico She is the rain & water goddess, additionally responsible for mist & fog
Tate Kyewimoka Huichol Mexico Another rain & water goddess, who is also the goddess of grain
Tate Naaliwahi Huichol Mexico This rain & water goddess appears in lightning & brings rain from the east
Tate Oteganaka Huichol Mexico A rain & water goddess who is also the patron of Laguna De Magdalena
Tegid Voel Welsh A water goddess that was identified by the poet Taliesin
Tienoltsodi Navaho He is the god of oceans & fresh water to, he controls all waters that fall on the earth but none of those in the heavens
Tin Hau China/ Taoist The goddess of the waters
Tishtrya Iranian A god of the sea & water
Tlaloc Aztec A god of agriculture, lightning, rain, weather, clouds, water, springs & mountains
Toneili Navaho this is the rain god in charge of all water from the skies
Tonenili Navaho The rain god the controls waters from the skies
Varuna Hindu/ Puranic/ Vedic/ Tamil A a major guardian god of the sky & water
Ved Ava Finnish/ Ugric A goddess of water
Veden Emo Finnish A goddess of water
Vedenemo ("mother of waters") Finland Karelian goddess of water.
Venilia Roman A goddess Coastal waters
Wigan Philippine A goddess of water
Zarya Slavic A goddess of healing waters