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List of Gods  : "god of water"

Goddess name "Adamisil Wedo" Haiti A water Goddess
Goddess name "Adamisil Wedo . Si Adaman" Haiti Goddess of water Haiti
God name "Ah Kumix Unicob" Maya These are small attendant water Gods
God name "Ah Patnar Uinicob" Maya They are large water Gods
Goddess name "Ahurani" Persia Goddess of rain and water Persia
Goddess name "Aida Wedo" Benin/ Haiti A Goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo
Goddess name "Aige" Ireland Goddess of water and bays Ireland
Goddess name "Ailsie" Cherokee "Devoted to God". Goddess of water and pools Cherokee
Goddess name "Aisha" Arabic A Goddess of water
God name "Alignak" Inuit A lunar deity and God of weather, water, tides, eclipses and earthquakes. Inuit
Goddess name "Ame-No-Mi-Kumari-No-Kami" Japan/Shinto Goddess of water, lakes, rain and rivers. Japan/Shinto
Goddess name "Ament" Egypt/Libya Aka Amenti, "The Westerner," "hidden Goddess." Goddess of the Underworld and consort of Amen. She greeted all dead people to the land of the dead with bread and water. If they ate and drank, they could not return to the land of the living. Egypt/Libya
God name "Amotken" Salish Creator God of the Salish, a kind, elderly man who lives alone in heaven. He created five women from five hairs from his head and asked them what they wanted to be. Each gave him a different answer: wickedness and cruelty, goodness, mother of the Earth, fire, water. Amotken did as they asked and declared that wickedness would rule Earth for a time, but goodness would win in the end.
Goddess name "Anahita" Babylon/Egypt Goddess of water and war. Babylon/Egypt
Goddess name "Anahita" Persia A Goddess of fertility, semen & of water
Goddess name "Andriam Vabi Rano" Africa A Goddess of water & lakes
Goddess name "Anqet" Egypt/Libya Aka Anuket, Anukis, "The Clasper." Water Goddess of the Nile Cataracts. Her symbal was the cowrie shell. Pictured as a woman donning a tall plumed crown. Also has been depicted as having four arms. Rules Over: Producer and giver of life, water. Egypt/Libya
Goddess name "Anuket" Egypt Goddess of water and of rivers. Egypt
God name "Apam Napat" Hindu/Persia/Vedic Child of the Waters. One of the Ahuras in Old Iranian religion, a beneficent God who is the giver of water to man. Hindu/Persia/Vedic
Goddess name "Apozanoltl" Aztec/ Mexico A running water Goddess
Goddess name "Ardvi Sura Anahita/ Anahita" Persia The Goddess of rivers & water
Goddess name "Arnamentia" British Goddess of spring waters. British
Goddess name "Arnamentia" Wales Arnamentia Goddess of spring waters who was once a minor solar deity. Healing and purification. Wales
Goddess name "Arnemetia" Roman/ British A water Goddess known from inscriptions
Goddess name "Aryong Jong" Korea Goddess of water and rainfall Korea
Goddess name "As ava" Russia The Goddess of fresh water
Goddess name "Asima Si" Brazil Goddess of water and fish. Brazil
God name "Atl" Aztec God of water. Aztec
Goddess name "Atum" Egypt The first god, having arisen by his own force himself, sitting on a mound (benben), from the primordial waters (Nu). Early myths state that Atum created the god Shu and Goddess Tefnut from his semen by masturbation in the city of Annu. Egypt
Goddess name "Aveta" Celtic A Goddess of female-fertility, childbirth and midwives, also associated with all fresh water. Celtic
God name "Bagadjimbiri" Australia Two brothers and creator Gods. They arose from the ground as dingos and made water-holes, sex organs from a mushroom and another fungus for the androgynous first people, and invented circumcision. Australia
God name "Bagishi" Afghanistan God of flood waters and posterity. Afghanistan
Angel name "Behemoth" Islam When God created the earth, he realized that it was not secure. To stabilize it, he placed under it first an Angel, then a huge rock made of ruby, then a bull with four thousand eyes, ears, nostrils, mouths, tongues, and feet. But even the bull did not stand firm. So below it God placed Behemoth, who rested on water which was surrounded by darkness. Islam
God name "Bele" Sudan/Africa God of fear, mischief and trickery who gave fire and water to mankind. Sudan/Africa
God name "Bele/ Tule/ Azapane/ Mba" Sudan/ Africa A God of fear, mischief & trickery who gave fire & water to mankind
Goddess name "Bentakumari" India Goddess of water. The first fish of the season was given to her. India
Goddess name "Benzi-Ten/ Benten/ Benzai-Tenno" Japan The Goddess of eloquence, language, arts, fortune, water, & knowledge
Goddess name "Bolbe" Greek An extremely beautiful Lake Goddess, the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. Bolbe's offspring was Limnades who are Nymphs living in fresh water lakes. Greek
God name "Bulane" Mozambique God of water Mozambique
Goddess name "Camenae" Roman Goddesses of springs, wells and fountains, or water nymphs of Venus . They were wise, and sometimes gave prophecies of the future. There were four Camenae: Carmenta, Egeria, Antevorta, and Postvorta. Roman
God name "Canopus" Egyptian The Egyptian God of water. The Chaldeans worshipped fire, and sent all the other gods a challenge, which was accepted by a priest of Canopus. The Chaldeans lighted a vast fire round the god Canopus, when the Egyptian deity spouted out torrents of water and quenched the fire, thereby obtaining the triumph of water over fire.
Goddess name "Carike" Bali Goddess makes the waters flow. Bali
Goddess name "Chalchiuhtlcue" Aztec A Goddess rain & storms, violence, vitality, lakes, whirlpools, rivers, water , love, beauty & youth Don't make this one mad whatever you do.
God name "Choimha" Arab "beautiful water", she was a woman created by the Gods specifically to marry B'alam Agab.
Goddess name "Cipactli" Aztec/ Mexico A primordial Goddess of water
Goddess name "Cleone" Greek Goddess of water. One of the daughters of Asopus, from whom the town of Cleonae in Peloponnesus was believed to have derived its name. Greek
Goddess name "Coatrischie" Cuba/Taino Goddess of water, winds, and storms. Cuba/Taino
God name "Condatis" Roman/British God of confluence whose sacred places were wherever two rivers or bodies of water met. Roman/British
Goddess name "Damballah" Haiti Goddess of sweet waters. Haiti
Goddess name "Danaids" Greek The Goddesses of fountains & water
God name "Dilmun" Sumeria God of fresh water Sumeria
Goddess name "Divonia" Celtic/Gaelic Goddess of fertility associated with water. Celtic/Gaelic
Goddess name "Dryope" Greek A Goddess of water
God name "Dsahadoldza" Navaho Fiery God of earth and water. Navaho
God name "Duberdicus" Lusitanian God of fountains and water. Lusitanian
God name "Ea" Babylon/Mesopotamia As a member of the supreme trinity he was God of the waters, giver of arts and sciences and the healer of the sick. Babylon/Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Eingana" Australian The world-creator, the birth mother, maker of all water, land, animals, and kangaroos. This huge snake Goddess still lives in the Dreamtime. Australian
God name "Enki/ Ea" Sumeria/ Mesopotamia A creator God, water, cunning & fertility
God name "Enmesharra" Sumerian A God of the underworld who often worked with Enbilulu to bring water to the surface of the Earth. Sumerian
Goddess name "Feng Po Po" China Goddess of the wind and embodies the elements of air and water. China
Goddess name "Feronia" Etruscan Goddess of the autumn, fire and volcanoes. She also served as a Goddess of travel, fire, and waters. Erilio, the king of Preneste, was her son according to one tradition. According to another tradition her son was the underworld god Herulus. Etruscan
God name "Fraananger-Force" Norse The force or waterfall into which Loke, in the likeness of a salmon, cast himself, and where the Gods caught him and bound him. Norse
God name "Gasani" Uganda A God of the sky and of the water and chief god of the Baken. Uganda
Goddess name "Giriputri" Bali Goddess of mountains and water. Bali
God name "Gong Gong" China Water God who is responsible for the great floods, together with his associate, Xiang Yao who has nine heads and the body of a snake. China
God name "Grannus" Roman A God of healing affiliated with hot springs & mineral waters
God name "Grannus aka Grannos" Celtic God of healing affiliated with hot springs and mineral waters. Celtic
Goddess name "Great Mother" Celtic Represents the female principle of creation. Goddess of fertility, the Moon, summer, flowers, love, healing, the seas, water. Celtic
God name "Hapantalli" Egypt God of the Nile, fish, barley, grain, herbs, water, dew, and fertility. Egypt
God name "Hapantalli/ Hapi/ Hapy" Egypt A God of the Nile, fish, barley, grain, herbs, water, dew, & fertility
God name "Harsaphes" Egypt Ram-headed God of fertility and water Egypt/Greek
God name "Heryshaf" Egypt An ancient ram-God and a creator and fertility god who was born from the primeval waters. He was pictured as a man with the head of a ram, or as a ram. Egypt
God name "Hoenir" Scandinavia An Aesir God and the brother of Odin and Ludor. Together they slew Ymir, the great giant of the beginning. They created the earth from his flesh, the sea and fresh water from his blood, the mountains from his bones; then mankind from two trees, man from the ash and woman from the elm. Hoenir gave them their senses and understanding, intelligence and motion. The two lesser brothers are sometimes considered aspects of Odin, eventually disappearing, Hoenir as hostage to the Vanir at the end of the war with the Aesir. Scandinavia
Demon name "Hsuan-T'ien-Shang-Ti" China God who removes Demons and evil spirits. Invoke for exorcism, matters involving water. China
God name "Hu Daoyuan" China God of the Water Earthworm Star. China
God name "Ibis or Nile-bird" Egypt The Egyptians call the sacred Ibis Father John. It is the avatar' of the God Thoth, who in the guise of an Ibis escaped the pursuit of Typhon. The Egyptians say its white plumage symbolises the light of the sun, and its black neck the shadow of the moon, its body a heart, and its legs a triangle. It was said to drink only the purest of water, and its feathers to scare or even kill the crocodile. Egypt
Goddess name "Iccovellauna" Celtic Goddess of water. Celtic
God name "Ihoiho" Society Isl Creator God who created everything including the primeval waters Society Is.
Goddess name "Inyan" Lakota The first of the superior Gods. Uncreated and existing before time, he created Maka and gave it the Earth Goddess Maka-akan, the second of the superior Gods and a part of Inyan. Creating Maka required all of Inyan's blood, which was blue, to form a great disk, beyond which there was nothing. This effort made Inyan hard and powerless. His blood became the blue waters and the sky, and Nagi Tanka (Sky God), the Great Spirit who is all powerful and called Skan (Most Holy), the third superior God. Lakota
God name "Itzam Na/ Hun Itzamna/ Yaxcocahmut" Maya Another creator God, water, agriculture, drawing, healing, medicine & the moon
Goddess name "Ix Chebel Yax" Mayan Goddess of teaching, childbirth, the moon, sexual relations, storms and water Mayan
God name "Jamma" Phonecia/ Canaan A God of of water, to be primarily a sea god
God name "Juggernaut or Jaggernaut" Crow The Hindu God Jagganath. The word is a corruption of the Sanscrit jagannatha (lord of the world). The temple of this god is in a town of the same name in Orissa. King Ayeen Akbery sent a learned Brahman to look out a site for a temple. The Brahman wandered about for many days, and then saw a crow dive into the water, and having washed, made obeisance to the element. This was selected as the site of the temple. While the temple was a-building the rajah had a prophetic dream, telling him that the true form of Vishnu should be revealed to him in the morning. When the rajah went to see the temple he beheld a log of wood in the water, and this log he accepted as the realisation of his dream, enshrined it in the temple, and called it Jagannath.
Spirit name "Juma" Finnish/Mari/Ugart God of the sky, whose name is also associated with Spirits of earth, water, wind, and the home. Finnish/Mari/Ugart
God name "Kaei" Malaya "in the beginning," the "world was all water and in the firmament above dwelt the great God Kaei. Malaya
Goddess name "Kam,enae/ Camenae" Italy Goddesses unbowed of springs & wells with a shrine in Rome where of the of vestal virgins got their water
Goddess name "Kamenae" Italy Goddesses unbowed of springs and wells with a shrine in Rome where of the of vestal virgins got their water Italy
God name "Kane" Hawaii God of fertility and fresh water Hawaii
God name "Khepera" Egypt Blue haired scarab God of transformation, water, creation and warriors Egypt
God name "Khnum" Egypt Khnemu, one of the earliest Egyptian Gods, originally the god of the source of the Nile River. Since the annual flooding of the Nile brought with it silt and clay, and its water brought life to its surrounds, he was thought to be the creator of human children, which he made at a potter's wheel, from clay, and placed in their mothers' wombs. He was later described as having molded the other gods, and he had the titles Divine Potter and Lord of created things from himself. Egypt
God name "Ku Uasa" Finnish God of water. Finnish
Goddess name "Kubaba" Hurrian "gave bread to the fisherman and gave water, she made him offer the fish to Esagila" Shrines in her honour spread throughout Mesopotamia. In the Hurrian area she may be identified with Kebat, or Hepat, one title of the Hurrian Mother Goddess Hannahannah
Goddess name "Kupala" Slavic The Goddess of herbs, sorcery, sex, and midsummer. She is also the Water Mother, associated with trees, herbs, and flowers. Slavic
Goddess name "Kupalo" Russian Russian and Balkan midsummer Goddess associated with water, magic, fertility, trees, flowers, and herbs.
Goddess name "Lahamu" Babylonian In the Babylonian story of creation, Lahama is the daughter of the primordial Goddess Tiamat. She guards the gate to the sea; the sea is her dominion. She holds an overflowing vase; she contains, bestows the waters of life. The Seven Tablets of Creation
God name "Llyr" Welsh God of the sea and water Ireland/Welsh
God name "Llyr/ Lear Lir" Irish/ Wales A God of the sea & water
God name "Lotus" Egypt The Egyptians pictured God sitting on a lote-tree, above the watery mud. Jamblichus says the leaves and fruit of the lote-tree being round represent "the motion of intellect;" its towering up through mud symbolises the eminency of divine intellect over matter; and the Deity sitting on the lote-tree implies His intellectual sovereignty. Egypt
Goddess name "Luandinha" Brazil Goddess of water pictured as a snake. Brazil
Goddess name "Lympha" Roman Goddess of healing waters. Roman
Goddess name "Mehet-uret" Egypt Goddess who was the embodiment of all primeval waters Egypt
Goddess name "Mem Loimis" Wintun Goddess of water. Wintun
God name "Mirabichi" Ottawa,Canada God of water. Ottawa,Canada
Goddess name "Mizu-Ha-No-Me" Japan/ Shinto The senior water Goddess who came about from the urine of the primordial creator goddess
Goddess name "Mizuhanome" Japan Water Goddess who was born from the urine of the primordial creator goddess Honokagutsuti. Japan
God name "Mo Hi Hai" China He is a God of water
God name "Morva signifies Locus Maritimus" Britain Morva signifies Locus Maritimus. Sea-women and sea-daughters. "The fishermen who were the ancestors of the Church, came from the Galilean waters to haul for men. We, born to God at the font, are children of the water. Therefore, all the early symbolism of the Church was of and from the sea. The carvure of the early arches was taken from the sea and its creatures. Fish, dolphins, mermen, and mermaids abound in the early types, transferred to wood and stone."' Cornwall, Britain
God name "Motsesa" Tuareg The princess who married Bulane, the God of water. Tuareg
God name "Mugasha" Africa God of water. Baziba, Africa
God name "Mugasha Baziba" Africa He is the God of water
Goddess name "Mulhalmoni" Korea A Goddess of healing, eye diseases & water
Goddess name "Mulhalmoni" Korea "Healing Waters". Goddess of women shamans. She is called on especially to heal ailments of the eye. Korea
God name "Mummu" Babylonian Vizier of primeval Gods Apsu, the fresh water, and Tiamat, the salt water. An ancient Sumero-Babylonian craftsman-god, and personification of technical skill.
Goddess name "Nana Buruku" Cuba Goddess of earth and water Cuba
God name "Nehebu-Kau" Egypt A serpent God who participated in the creation of the world when he swam around the solar boat of Re in the watery chaos. Egypt
God name "Nemausis" Gaelic God of water who has a sacred spring at Nimes in France Roman/Gaelic
God name "Nethinium" Hebrew The hewers of wood and drawers of water for the house of God, an office which the Gibeomtes were condemned to by Joshua. The word means given to God. Joshua ix. 27
God name "Nethuns" Etruscan God of wells and of all water, including the sea. He was the same as the Greek Poseidon and Roman Neptune. Etruscan
God name "Nuadu" Ireland Tribal God of healing and water Ireland
Goddess name "Oba" Puerto Rico Goddess of water. Puerto Rico
Supreme god name "Oduduwa" Yoruba The son of the supreme God Olodumare or Olorun, and was sent by him from heaven to create the earth. Descending from the heavens via a chain let down to Ile Ife, Oduduwa brought with him a chicken, some soil in a snail shell, and a calabash. After throwing the soil upon the waters, he set the cock on the soil who in turn scratched and scattered it around to create the rest of dry land that became the Earth's surface. Yoruba
Supreme god name "Oduduwa" Yoruba The son of the supreme God Olodumare or Olorun, and was sent by him from heaven to create the earth. Descending from the heavens via a chain let down to Ile Ife, Oduduwa brought with him a chicken, some soil in a snail shell, and a calabash. After throwing the soil upon the waters, he set the cock on the soil who in turn scratched and scattered it around to create the rest of dry land that became the Earth's surface. Yoruba
God name "Om" India A Sanscrit word, somewhat similar to Amen. When the Gods are asked to rejoice in a sacrifice, the god Savitri cries out Om (Be it so). When Pravahan is asked if his father has instructed him, he answers Om (Verily). Brahmins begin and end their lessons on the Veda with the word Om, for "unless Om precedes his lecture, it will be like water on a rock, which cannot be gathered up; and unless it concludes the lecture, it will bring forth no fruit."
Goddess name "Omorca" Babylonian The Goddess who was sovereign of the universe when it was first created. It was covered with water and darkness, but contained some few animals of monster forms, representations of which may be seen in the Temple of Bel. Babylonian
Goddess name "Paraskeva" Russia "Friday". Fertility Goddess associated with spinning, water, health, and marriage. Russia
God name "Pariacaca" Peru A God of water and rainstorms and a creator-god. He was born a falcon but later became human. Peru
God name "Prachetas" Sanskrit Pracetas. The preeminently intelligent one; a name of Varuna, the God of water. Sanskrit
God name "Rahu" Blavatsky The seizer supposed to seize the sun and moon and thus cause eclipses. "A giant, a Demi-God, the lower part of whose body ended in a Dragon or Serpent's tail. During the churning of the Ocean, when the gods produced amrita -- the water of Immortality -- he stole some of it, and drinking, became immortal. The Sun and Moon, who had detected him in his theft, denounced him to Vishnu, who placed him in the stellar spheres, the upper portion of his body representing the Dragon's head and the lower the Dragon's tail; the two being the ascending and descending nodes. Since then, Rahu wreaks his vengeance on the Sun and Moon by occasionally swallowing them. The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
Goddess name "Rusalky" Slavic Multiple Goddess of spring and plant growth. A water-sprite who lives in streams. Slavic
God name "Ryuhwa" Korean Daughter of the God of waters, who hatched the archer god, Cumong. Korean
Goddess name "Saga" Scandinavia A Goddess of knowledge & waterfalls
Spirit name "Sarpa-rajni" Blavatsky The queen of the serpents; "Before our globe became egg-shaped (and the Universe also) 'a long trail of Cosmic dust (or fire mist) moved and writhed like a serpent in Space.' The 'Spirit of God moving on Chaos' was symbolized by every nation in the shape of a fiery serpent breathing fire and light upon the primordial waters, until it had incubated cosmic matter and made it assume the annular shape of a serpent with its tail in its mouth -- which symbolises not only Eternity and Infinitude, but also the globular shape of all the bodies formed within the Universe from that fiery mist. The Universe, as well as the Earth and Man, cast off periodically, serpent-like, their old skins, to assume new ones after a time of rest " The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
Goddess name "Sati/ Satet" Egypt A Goddess of waterfalls
God name "Scamander" Greek An Oceanid, son of Oceanus and Tethys and the God of the river Scamander, in Troas, was called by the gods Xanthus. Being insulted by Achilles, he entered into a contest with the Greek hero but Hera sent out Hephaestus to assist Achilles, and the god of fire dried up the waters of Scamander, and frightened Scamander, until Hera ordered Hephaestus to spare the river-god. By Idaea, he fathered Teucrus.(Theogony 345.) Greek
God name "Shui Fang" China God of the wind and water. China
Goddess name "Sirara" Akkadia Goddess of the Persian Gulf. In creation mythology she is given charge over the waters of the Gulf by the god Enki Akkadia
Goddess name "Sirone" Haiti Goddess of water and protector of bathing children Haiti/Vodun
God name "Suijin-sama" Japan The God of water. Japan
Goddess name "Sulis" Roman/Celtic She was called Brigantia by the Britons; and later Saint Brighid (after Christianity). She is also a deity concerned with knowledge and prophecy. The tutelary Goddess of the thermal waters at Bath, England, she is closely linked with the Roman Goddess Minerva. Roman/Celtic
Goddess name "Tacoma" Salish Earth and water Goddess. Salish, Puyallup
God name "Tam Kung" China Local sea God of rain and water able to calm storms by tossing in a handful of peas. China
Goddess name "Tate Hautse Huichol" Mexico Srain and water Goddess, additionally responsible for mist and fog Mexico
Goddess name "Tate Kyewimoka Huichol" Mexico Rain and water Goddess, who is also the goddess of grain Mexico
Goddess name "Tate Naaliwahi Huichol" East Rain and water Goddess, appears in lightning and brings rain from the east Mexico
Goddess name "Tate Oteganaka Huichol" De Rain and water Goddess who is also the patron of Laguna De Magdalena Mexico
Goddess name "Tegid Voel" Welsh Goddess of water who was identified by the poet Taliesin. Welsh
God name "Tienoltsodi" Navaho He is the God of oceans & fresh water to, he controls all waters that fall on the earth but none of those in the heavens
Goddess name "Tin Hau" China Goddess of the waters. China
Goddess name "Tiresias" Greek Blind as Tiresias. Tiresias the Theban by accident saw Athena bathing, and the Goddess struck him with blindness by splashing water in his face. She afterwards repented doing so, and, as she could not restore his sight, conferred on him the power of soothsaying, and gave him a staff with which he could walk as safely as if he had his sight. He found death at last by drinking from the well of Tilphosa. Greek
God name "Tishtrya" Iranian A God of the sea & water
God name "Tlaloc" Aztec A God of agriculture, lightning, rain, weather, clouds, water, springs & mountains
God name "Tobadzistsini" Navaho Child of Water and son of Tsohanoai, the Sun God. Minor war god. Navaho
God name "Toneili" Navaho this is the rain God in charge of all water from the skies
God name "Tonenili" Navaho Rain God the controls waters from the skies. Tonenili saved the people from the water monster Ticholtsodi. Navaho
Goddess name "Tootega" Inuit Tootega is a wisened old Goddess, who lives in a stone hut and has the ability to walk on water. Inuit
Goddess name "Trita" Iranian Goddess of the heavenly waters. Iranian
God name "Upulvan" Sri Lanka 'the water-lily colored' One of a group of "four great Gods", and each of these four gods was the patron of a certain part of the Island. Sri Lanka
God name "Utnapishtim" Sumerian Utnapishtim is the wise king of the Sumerian city state of Shuruppak who, along with his wife, survived a great flood sent by Enlil to drown every living thing on Earth. Utnapishtim was secretly warned by the water God Ea of Enlil's planned and constructed a great boat or ark to save himself, his family and representatives of each species of animal.
Goddess name "Varuni" Hindu Originally the waters of origin, she became the Goddess of golden liquor, wine and intoxication. Hindu
Goddess name "Veden Emo" Finnish Goddess of water. Finnish
Goddess name "Vedenemo" Finnish "mother of waters", Karelian Goddess of water. Finnish
Goddess name "Vedenemo (mother of waters)" Finland Karelian Goddess of water
Goddess name "Vedma" Slavic Goddess on a broomstick who causes storms, keeps the water of life and death, and knows all about herbs. She can appear either young and beautiful or old and ugly. Slavic
God name "Veles" Slavic A major Slavic God of earth, waters and the underworld, associated with dragons, cattle, magic, musicians, wealth and trickery. He is also the opponent of thunder-god Perun, and the battle between two of them constitutes one of the most important myths of Slavic mythology.
God name "Volturnus" Sabine A river God of the waters, probably derived from a local Sabine regional cult.
Goddess name "Wigan" Philippines Goddess of water Philippines
Goddess name "Yemanja" Yoruba Yemonja, a mother Goddess; patron deity of women, especially pregnant women; and the Ogun river, the waters of which are said to cure infertility. Yoruba
Goddess name "Zarya" Slavic Goddess of healing waters Slavic
Goddess name "Zu" Akkadian A lesser divinity of Akkadian mythology, and the son of the bird Goddess Siris. Both Zu and Siris are seen as massive birds who can breathe fire and water, although Zu is alternately seen as a lion-headed eagle