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Athena (In Rome Minerva)

Athena is the Greek Goddess of war, wisdom, protector of cities and divine patroness of art and crafts. Her fuller form of her name Athenaia or Athenaie, was shortened to Athene in epic and to Athene in later Attic usage. In Athens she was worshipped as the city´s patron Goddess.

Athena's father is Zeus, king of the Gods, and her mother is Metis, Goddess of wisdom. Metis was first wife of Zeus, before Hera, but this was a dangerous union because she was fated to bear two exceptional children to him, first daughter Athena, who was also as wise and strong as her father and then a son who would displace him as ruler of Gods and mortals. Zeus swallowed Metis when she was pregnant with their daughter Athena. So Athena was born from his own body and the threatening son was never conceived.

Athena was the favorite child of Zeus (he did call her ”dear grey-eyes”) and was born from his head. According to the Homeric Hymn to Athena she sprang from his head in full armor, presenting such a fearsome sight that the Gods were seized with awe, and Olympus reeled, and the earth cried out, and the sea tossed and foamed; the sun God Helios stayed on his horses until she had removed the heavenly armor from her shoulders, and Zeus was delighted with her, then as ever. Athena was one of the most important and popular Goddesses, sometimes its said that her importance was second only to that of Zeus himself. She is represented as a virgin Goddess, with beautiful but severe face, grey eyes and graceful build. She is normally shown fully armed with helmet, cloak and holding a long spear. She may also have her special bird, the owl, sitting on her shoulder.

Pallas was one of the commonest titles of Athena. Its meaning and origin are uncertain. According to the most favored explanation, it means Girl or Maiden. A fragment from Philodemos refers to a story that explained the title Pallas by saying that she once had a companion by that name, who she accidentally killed. Athena and Pallas, Daughter of Triton, used to practice warlike exercises, but one day they quarreled, and as Pallas was about to strike Athena, Zeus intervened on his daughters behalf by stretching out his aegis. As Pallas looked up in surprise, Athena fatally wounded her, but was afterwards sorry for her friend and made an image of her which she clad in the aegis. This was the famous Palladium, which fell to the city of Troy and served as a protective talisman for the city. Another story stated that one of the Giants had been called Pallas and that Athena had killed him during the war between the Gods and the Giants, and had skinned him to use his skin as a shield.

Athena is said to have invented the war-chariot and the art of horse-taming. One time the hero Bellerophon tried to catch and tame the immortal winged horse, Pegasus, but failed to do that. While he was sleeping in Athena's shrine on the advise of a seer Polyeidos, the Goddess appeared to him in his sleep and told him to accept a bridle from her for use on Pegasus, and to sacrifice a white bull to his father Poseidon, as tamer of horses. In another version Athena tamed Pegasus on the Bellerophons behalf. Warships were also of interest to Athena and she supervised the building of the Argo, the mythical precursor of the fifty-oared ships that were used in war-galleys in historical times. She also had connection with music and the flute was her invention.

Athena was also patroness of peaceful handicrafts, especially spinning and weaving. Arachne, the daughter of a dyer, was an exquisite weaver who challenged the Goddess Athena to a contest. In her weaving Arachne depicted the entire Greek pantheon in sexual poses and Athena did choose stories on various mortals who had aroused the wrath of Gods and been signally punished. Although Arachne´s tapestry was flawless, her choice of subject was too much for hot-tempered Athena. Arachne was attacked by Athena, and later she did try to hang herself, because she did became so distressed by what happened. Athena saved Arachne and turned her into a spider, so that she could continue to weave. Later in Greece and Rome Arachne was worshipped as a spider Goddess of weavers and as a Fate-spinner.

Athena is a patron Goddess of Attica. She won this title after competing with Poseidon, God of sea, who also wanted to gain possession of various lands. First Poseidon tried to establish his priority by giving the city a saltwater well. Later Athena arrived, and gave people olive-trees. Athena won and later established even a closer connection with Athens by becoming a foster mother to Erichthonios, the ancestor of Athenian people.

Hephaistos, God of fire and smithies, tried to make love to Athena, but she repelled and his semen fell on the ground, causing it to became fertilized. Erichthonios was born and Athena claimed him as her own by adopting him after he was born from the ground. Athena raised him, and later he became king of Athens.

Sacred Days

Panathenaia Festival in Athens every year to Athena, which Erichthonios, Athena's adopted son did create to honor her after becoming king.
19 March. The day before equinox (Ostara) is one of the festivals dedicated to Athena. In Roman times it was called Quinquartrus, a festival that celebrated the birth of Goddess Minerva, Athena's Roman form.
13 June. Festival that represents the harmonious blending of power and wisdom of Goddess Athena (Minerva)
13 November- Roman festival Feronia, the Goddess of this name, along with Juno (Hera), Minerva (Athena) and Jupiter (Zeus) was worshiped.

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Hero name
Greek A surname of Athena, derived from the hero Alalcomenes, signifies "powerful defender".
Goddess name
"Allat (goddess)"
Pre - Islamic northern / central Arabian Astral and tutelary goddess. One of the three daughters of ALLAH. At Palmyra she was regularly invoked as a domestic guardian either as Allat or ASTARTE with whom she is closely linked. At Ta'if she was symbolized in the form of a white granite stone. In Hellenic times she became syncretized with ATHENA or, according to Herodotus who called her Alilat, with APHRODITE....

Greek A son of Minos and Pasiphae, or Crete, who is said to have conquered all his opponents in the games of the Panathenaea at Athens. Greek
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Greek That is, the deceitful. A surname of Athena, whic was given to her by Aethra. Greek
Goddess name
Greek A Lydian maiden who challenged Athena to a weaving contest. Arachne produced a piece of cloth as and Athena could find no fault with it, she tore the work to pieces, and Arachne in despair hung herself. The goddess loosened the rope and saved her life, but the rope was changed into a cobweb and Arachne herself into a spider, the animal most odious to Athena. Greek
Goddess name
Greek God of storms and war. Ares is a lesser known member of the Olympic pantheon of great gods, the son of ZEUS and HERA, who allegedly lived in Thrace. As a warrior god he is contrasted with the more prominent and successful goddess ATHENA who fought and vanquished him in a war between the gods. Although Athena stands for victory in battle through glory and honor, Ares epitomizes the evil and more brutal aspects of warfare. In the eyes of Zeus he is “the most hateful of gods.”

Greek 1. A surname of Athena in Colchis. Her worship was believed to have been brought from thence by Castor and Polydeuces to Laconia, where a temple was built to her at Las. 2. A daughter of Oceåñuś and Tethys, who became by Japetus the mother of Atlas, Prometheus, and Epimetheus. (Theogony of Hesiod 359.) According to some traditions the continent of Asia derived its name from her.

Greek One of the great divinities of the Greeks. Homer calls her a daughter of Zeus, without any allusion to her mother or to the manner in which she was called into existence, while most of the later traditions agree in stating that she was born from the head of Zeus. According to the Theogony of Hesiod, Metis, the first wife of Zeus, was the mother of Athena, but when Metis was pregnant with her, Zeus, on the advice of Gaea and Uråñuś, swallowed Metis up, and afterwards gave birth himself to Athena, who sprang from his head.
Goddess name
"Athena/ Athene/ Pallus Athena"
Greek A goddess of war, architecture, astronomy, science, of horses, intellect & wisdom, oxen, of purity, reason & spinning
Goddess name
Greek Princess of Arkadia and a priestess of Athena, who birthed her illegitimate son within the sacred precincts of the goddess. As punishment for the sacriligeous act, Athena made the land barren until the king had the girl exiled and sold into slavery. Greek
Goddess name
Gaul Goddess connected with lakes and rivers, fire, crafts and light. Identified with Minerva / Athena and has been compared with Brigid. Gaul
King name
Greek 1. A daughter of Phlegyas and mother of Asclepius. 2. A daughter of Phoroneus, king of Phocis; she was metamorphosed by Athena into a crow, for when she was pursued by Poseidon, she implored the protection of Athena. Greek

Greek A surname of Athena, derived from the promontory of Coryphasion, on which she had a sanctuary. Greek
God name
Greek A son of Tartarus and Ge, and one of the hundred-armed giants who made war upon the gods. He was killed, according to some, by Zeus, by a flash of lightning, and buried under mount Aetna and according to others, he was killed by the chariot of Athena, or by the spear of Seilenus. Greek

Greek According to the Odyssey, was one of the frightful phantoms in Hades. In the Iliad the Aegis of Athena contains the head of Gorgo, the terror of her enemies.
God name
Greek A daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, or, according to others, of Zeus and Electra, the daughter of Atlas, in Samothrace. When Athena åśśigned to Cadmus the government of Thebes, Zeus gave him Harmoia for his wife, and all the gods of Olympus were present at the marriage. Cadmus on that day made her a present of a peplus and a necklace, which he had received either from Hephaestus or from Europa. Greek
God name
Greek The god of fire, was, according to the Homeric account, the son of Zeus and Hera The Romans, when speaking of the Greek Hephaestus, call him Vulcan or Vulcåñuś, although Vulcåñuś was an original Italian divinity. Later traditions state that he had no father, and that Hera gave birth to him independent of Zeus, as she was jealous of Zeus having given birth to Athena independent of her. Greek

Greek A priestess of Athena Itonia, who was changed into a block of stone on seeing the head of Medusa. Greek

Greek A daughter of Icarius, and sister of Penelope. Athena åśśumed the appearance of Iphthime, when she appeared to the unfortunate mother of Telemachus.Greek

Greek Itonias, Itonis, a surname of Athena, derived from the town of Iton, in the south of Phthiotis. Greek
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8 ways to attend college for free

1. Grants and scholarships
Financial aid — the traditional way of eliminating college costs — is still available. To increase the odds of landing grants and scholarships, Doug Hewitt, co-author of “Free College Resource Book,” advises students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, and then focus on local prizes.

“There are more scholarships you’ll qualify for in your home state than nationally,” says Hewitt. “Look at local organizations and talk to your high school (guidance) counselor.”

And remember to start your search early. You won’t be the only person wondering how to go to college for free and scholarships can be limited to a first come, first served basis. You should also keep in mind that you don’t need to wait for your senior year to start hunting for scholarships. There are grants and awards available at all high school grade levels.

2. Give service to your country
The U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force, Military (West Point), Merchant Marine and Naval academies offer free college opportunities to students who serve after college, but cash is also available through ROTC programs closer to home.

Service requirements for ROTC programs vary, but all require students to complete military training on campus and commit to up to 12 years, depending on the branch of service. Students leave with training, a guaranteed job and opportunities for more free education.

AmeriCorps, a national service organization that offers education awards in exchange for community work, provides an award of up to $5,730 for each full year of service. Maximum years of service vary among AmeriCorps programs. Members also receive a living stipend while serving in the program.

3. Work for the school
Schools charge students tuition, but their employees often can get a free education. “This is a great option, especially for older students with job experience,” says Reyna Gobel, author of “CliffsNotes Graduation Debt.” “If you’re 18, you might not qualify for a job that provides (tuition) benefits.”

Schools typically provide benefits for full-time workers and sometimes require a certain level of experience, Gobel says. Future students can find out about their school’s policy by calling the admissions office.

4. Waive your costs
Some students can get a free pass based on academic performance or other factors.

The North American Council on Adoptable Children in St. Paul, Minnesota, reports that Connecticut, Kentucky, Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida and Maryland offer waivers at certain public schools for adopted and foster care children.

Other schools offer waivers for Native American students, senior citizens and dislocated workers. To find out what your school offers, call the financial aid office.

5. Become an apprentice
An apprenticeship is another solid option when you’re determining how to get free tuition. They can also open you up to job opportunities post-college.

Overall, your average apprenticeship program will take 1-6 years. You will probably be required to put in that time along with at least 2,000 hours of field work annually. The good news is that there are apprenticeships in more than 1,000 occupations, which can give you more options.

In exchange, the sponsoring employer pays for college or technical training and provides a salary. A list of available programs is available at the ApprenticeshipUSA website.

6. Have your employer pick up the costs
Another way you might receive a free college education is through your employer. Often given in the form of an employee reimbursement, there are plenty of employers that can help curb the cost of higher education.

7. Be in demand
Another great way to find out how to go to college for free is to determine if your field of study is “high-needs.” Will your studies result in a career that’s high in demand? Ask yourself this before you even enroll if you’re trying to cut the cost of college.

Generally, schools will offer incentives to anyone focusing their studies on math, science, nursing, teaching, and social work. There are also additional opportunities available through organizations like Teach for America, the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program and the National Institutes of Health.

The nursing program at the University of Portland in Oregon has offered scholarships covering approximately 80% of the final 2 years of undergraduate study, if students sign a 3-year employment contract with the local health system, Fabriquer says. “There are similar programs in (high-needs) fields across the country,” he adds.

8. Choose a school that pays you
Last on our list of ways on how to get free tuition, and probably the riskiest. There are, indeed, schools that will pay you to focus your studies in a single subject (which they dictate). Schools such as the Webb Institute and the Curtis Institute of Music offer a select range of academic programs and pick up the tuition cost for every student. Just think long and hard about your decision before you commit to this course.