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Hera (in Rome Juno)

Hera´s parents were Titan Gods, Kronos and Rhea. Kronos was afraid that his children were too powerful, so he swallowed them. Rhea was able to save Zeus, one of the child and future King of the Gods, and when Zeus grew up, he forced Kronos to vomit his siblings, Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Hades and Poseidon.

Hera was the seventh and last (in some traditions only) wife of Zeus, her brother. She ruled with him as a Queen of Gods at Olympus. She is the great Goddess of Argos and Goddess of marriage and married women. She had three children with Zeus. These children are Ares, God of war, Hebe, Goddess of youth and wife of Heracles after he was raised to Olympus as a God, and Eileithuia, Goddess of childbirth. Hera also has a son Hephaistos, God of fire and metalworking, by herself.

The cult of Hera is not associated with Zeus, but almost all legends were she is presented are connected to Zeus one way or another. The greatest centers of her cult were the ancient Heraion between Argos and Mycenea and she had a magnificent temple at the island of Samos. She also had a particularly close bond with Argolid, and sometimes is even Argive Hera or Hera Argeie, and its said that her home was at Argos.

Her name is believed to mean Lady or Mistress. As the Goddess who presides over the solemnization of marriage, she was also widely honored as Hera Teleia, and she could also be invoked as Zygia or Syzygia (she who unites in marriage). At Arcadia in Stymphalos, she was worshipped at three separate temples as Girl, Wife and Widow. The first was built when she was still a young virgin, the second when she married Zeus and third when she left Zeus for awhile because they had a fight.

Hera is shown as a tall and stately figure, crowned with a sort of diadem (sometimes with accompanying veil) or wearing a wreath, and carrying a scepter. She was said to be very beautiful, although her beauty was very different from Aphrodite’s. Homer refers to her as cow-eyed. Not because she looks like a cow, but because she had close connection with cattle and white cows were sacrificed to her.

As a Goddess of married woman, she would bring help to women in childbirth, she was honored as Hera Eileithuia at Argos and Athens and is presented in myth as taking direct action to ease the birth of Eurystheus. Zeus wanted to father a great hero by Alkmene, a mortal woman, who was destined to give birth to a son that would benefit human race and also help the Gods. He wanted his son to be a king of Argos, and he boasted his plans to the other Gods. Eileithuia, Goddess of childbirth and daughter of Zeus and Hera, heard his plans and told about them to Hera. Zeus said that the first boy that would be born in the day that Heracles was to be born, was going to be a king. Hera hated that Zeus had many mistresses, and also the illegitimate children that were born from those unions, and she did not want his bastard son to become king. Fortunately for Hera also the wife of Sthenelos, king of Mycenae, was also pregnant. Hera sent her daughter Eileithuia to guard Alkmene so that his son was not to be born in time, then she went to help in birth of Eurystheus, and he was born before Heracles and because of that he got the destiny that was promised to Hercules by Zeus.

Hera was never invoked or portrayed as a mother, and she had no close connections with the children who came to be scripted to her. These are of diverse origin, and it will be noted that they were not deities of the very highest dignity. Hera was not at all kind to her malformed son Hephaistos, God of fire and metalworking. It is said that he was thrown out of heaven during his younger days. In one account Hera threw him out because she was ashamed of his deformity and when he landed in the sea below, he was rescued by Thetis, daughter of sea God Nereus and Eurynome, one of the sea-nymphs (Okeanids) and a daughter of Titan Okeanos. They sheltered him in their cave beneath the ocean for nine years. He repaid for their care and protection by fashioning all kinds of fine jewelry. Hephaistos avenged his mothers actions by sending him a golden throne that tied her when she sat on it. Other Gods tried to get Hephaistos to come home to free his mother, but he refused until Dionysos, God of wine, was able to get him drunk and then bring him back. In the end Hephaistos was accepted by other Gods, because he was magnificent in metal working and was able to create all kinds of beautiful items as well as design palaces.

Most myths about Hera fall into two groups, those that tell how she married Zeus and those of more negative nature that tell how she persecuted mistresses and illegitimate children of Zeus. In one tradition Zeus saw Hera alone, and decided to seduce her. He assumed a form of a cuckoo , and after stirring up a violent thunderstorm, he flew over to Hera as she was sitting on the mountain Pron and alighted on her lap. Feeling pity for the wet and bedraggled bird, she sheltered it under her robe, at which point Zeus returned to his original form and proceeded to make love to her. Although she resisted him at first, she yielded to him as soon as he promised to marry her. There are four notable stories about Heras wreath against mistresses and children of Zeus. One which she persecuted Leto while she was pregnant with the divine twins Artemis and Apollo by Zeus, one against Semele and her son Dionysos and his nurses, one against Io, an Argive mistress of Zeus and ofcource the most famous about her hate toward Hercules, heroic son of Heracles.

Hera tried to make Heracles life as hard as possible, usually succeeding. After the death of Heracles, Hera finally accepted him in Olympus and let him marry her daughter Hebe, Goddess of youth. In some stories Hera also adopts Heracles after he was accepted among Gods as one of them.

Sacred Days :

Phases of the moon dedicated to her:
Days 10-12 Dedicated to Hera queen of heaven and creatrix, representing the power of inspiration.
June is named after Juno (Hera) and dedicated to her.
13 November Roman festival Feronia, the Goddess of this name, along with Juno (Hera), Minerva (Athena) and Jupiter (Zeus) was worshiped.
In the Goddess calendar, that is popularized by Irish pagan group Hera´s time is 16 May to 12 June. In that time she is domain Goddess.

List of Gods : "Hera" - 135 records

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Greek One of Heracles's friends, devoured by the horses of Diomede. Diomede gave him his horses to hold, and they devoured him.

Greek According to some ancient cosmogonies, the eternal night, and the first created being which existed even before chaos. According to Hesiod, she was the personification of misery and sadness, and as such she was represented on the shield of Heracles: pale, emaciated, and weeping, with chattering teeth, swollen knees, long nails on her fingers, bloody cheeks, and her shoulders thickly covered with dust.
God name
Greek A daughter of the river-god Asterion near Mycenae, who together with her sisters Euboea and Prosymna acted as nurses to Hera.
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King name
Greek A son of Pheres, the founder and king of Pherae in Thessaly, and of Periclymene or Clymene. (Apollodorus i) He took part in the Calydonian chase and the expedition of the Argonauts. (Apollodorus i)

Greek A son of Hermes and Eupolemeia, a daughter of Myrmidon. He was the herald of the Argonauts. Greek
God name
Egypt God of thunder, night, storms, wind, landslides and tidal waves. Egypt
God name
Greek River god. The son of OKEANOS and TETHYS. According to mythology he was a rival suitor for Deianeira who became the wife of HERAKLES. He was the consort of Melpomene and his daughters were allegedly the sirenes. A river of the same name runs into the Ionian Sea. Attributes include bull horns. Also Achlae (Etrurian)....
Goddess name
Phonecian Minor Goddess of alchemy and conjuration. Banished by El to the desert, where she raised shinx-like creatures with a lion and a human head to fight Baal. Phonecian

Greek A son of Heracles, from whom the town of Amathus in Cyprus was believed to have derived its name.
Goddess name
"Anat / Athene"
Greek Anat and Athene In a Cyprian inscription the Greek goddess Athêna Sôteira Nikê is equated with ‘Anat. Anat is also presumably the goddess whom Sanchuniathon calls Athene, a daughter of El, mother unnamed, who with Hermes (that is Anubis) councelled El on the making of a sickle and a spear of iron, presumably to use against his father Uråñuś. However, in the Baal cycle, that rôle is åśśigned to Asherah / Elat and Anat is there called the "Virgin."
Goddess name
Egypt / Lower Chthonic underworld god. Minor deity in anthropomorphic form known from the Pyramid Texts. Identified with the ninth nome (district). Responsible for rebirth in the afterlife and regarded as a consort of several fertility goddesses. He was revered at Busiris where he clearly heralded the cult of Osiris. Attributes: high conical crown (similar to the atef crown of Osiris) decorated with two tall plumes, crook and flail. In early Pyramid Texts, the feathers are replaced by a bicornuate uterus.See also Osiris....

Greek The blooming, or the friend of flowers, a surname of Hera, under which she had a temple at Argos. Before this temple was the mound under which the women were buried who had come with Dionysus from the Aegean islands, and had fallen in a contest with the Argives and Perseus. Antheia was used at Gnossus as a surname of Aphrodite. Greek
God name
Tiv / central Nigeria, West Africa Creator god. An abstract principle who lives in the sky. He sends the Sun each morning, roars with the thunder which heralds his storms and is the creator of the earth....
Goddess name
Greek God of storms and war. Ares is a lesser known member of the Olympic pantheon of great gods, the son of ZEUS and HERA, who allegedly lived in Thrace. As a warrior god he is contrasted with the more prominent and successful goddess ATHENA who fought and vanquished him in a war between the gods. Although Athena stands for victory in battle through glory and honor, Ares epitomizes the evil and more brutal aspects of warfare. In the eyes of Zeus he is “the most hateful of gods.”
God name
Greek The god of war and one of the great Olympian gods of the Greeks. He is represented as the son of Zeus and Hera. A later tradition, according to which Hera conceived Ares by touching a certain flower, appears to be an imitation of the legend about the birth of Hephaestus, and is related by Ovid.

Greek A surname of Hera derived from Argos, the principal seat of her worship.

Greek A centaur, whom Hesiod ( Shield Of Heracles) calls a Diviner, probably from his skill in observing or prophesying from the flight of birds. Greek
Goddess name
"Aschtoreth aka Ascherah"
Canaanitian Aschirat, Goddess of fertility, as well as Sun and ocean. Canaanitian
Goddess name
"Asertu aka Ashera"
Canaan Asherah, Goddess of fertility. Generally taken as identical with the Ugaritic goddess Athirat Hittite / Canaan
Goddess name
Phoenicia A goddess of fertility
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8 ways to attend college for free

1. Grants and scholarships
Financial aid — the traditional way of eliminating college costs — is still available. To increase the odds of landing grants and scholarships, Doug Hewitt, co-author of “Free College Resource Book,” advises students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, and then focus on local prizes.

“There are more scholarships you’ll qualify for in your home state than nationally,” says Hewitt. “Look at local organizations and talk to your high school (guidance) counselor.”

And remember to start your search early. You won’t be the only person wondering how to go to college for free and scholarships can be limited to a first come, first served basis. You should also keep in mind that you don’t need to wait for your senior year to start hunting for scholarships. There are grants and awards available at all high school grade levels.

2. Give service to your country
The U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force, Military (West Point), Merchant Marine and Naval academies offer free college opportunities to students who serve after college, but cash is also available through ROTC programs closer to home.

Service requirements for ROTC programs vary, but all require students to complete military training on campus and commit to up to 12 years, depending on the branch of service. Students leave with training, a guaranteed job and opportunities for more free education.

AmeriCorps, a national service organization that offers education awards in exchange for community work, provides an award of up to $5,730 for each full year of service. Maximum years of service vary among AmeriCorps programs. Members also receive a living stipend while serving in the program.

3. Work for the school
Schools charge students tuition, but their employees often can get a free education. “This is a great option, especially for older students with job experience,” says Reyna Gobel, author of “CliffsNotes Graduation Debt.” “If you’re 18, you might not qualify for a job that provides (tuition) benefits.”

Schools typically provide benefits for full-time workers and sometimes require a certain level of experience, Gobel says. Future students can find out about their school’s policy by calling the admissions office.

4. Waive your costs
Some students can get a free pass based on academic performance or other factors.

The North American Council on Adoptable Children in St. Paul, Minnesota, reports that Connecticut, Kentucky, Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida and Maryland offer waivers at certain public schools for adopted and foster care children.

Other schools offer waivers for Native American students, senior citizens and dislocated workers. To find out what your school offers, call the financial aid office.

5. Become an apprentice
An apprenticeship is another solid option when you’re determining how to get free tuition. They can also open you up to job opportunities post-college.

Overall, your average apprenticeship program will take 1-6 years. You will probably be required to put in that time along with at least 2,000 hours of field work annually. The good news is that there are apprenticeships in more than 1,000 occupations, which can give you more options.

In exchange, the sponsoring employer pays for college or technical training and provides a salary. A list of available programs is available at the ApprenticeshipUSA website.

6. Have your employer pick up the costs
Another way you might receive a free college education is through your employer. Often given in the form of an employee reimbursement, there are plenty of employers that can help curb the cost of higher education.

7. Be in demand
Another great way to find out how to go to college for free is to determine if your field of study is “high-needs.” Will your studies result in a career that’s high in demand? Ask yourself this before you even enroll if you’re trying to cut the cost of college.

Generally, schools will offer incentives to anyone focusing their studies on math, science, nursing, teaching, and social work. There are also additional opportunities available through organizations like Teach for America, the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program and the National Institutes of Health.

The nursing program at the University of Portland in Oregon has offered scholarships covering approximately 80% of the final 2 years of undergraduate study, if students sign a 3-year employment contract with the local health system, Fabriquer says. “There are similar programs in (high-needs) fields across the country,” he adds.

8. Choose a school that pays you
Last on our list of ways on how to get free tuition, and probably the riskiest. There are, indeed, schools that will pay you to focus your studies in a single subject (which they dictate). Schools such as the Webb Institute and the Curtis Institute of Music offer a select range of academic programs and pick up the tuition cost for every student. Just think long and hard about your decision before you commit to this course.

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