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Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity,cats. She is represented as a cat headed woman. Bastet was shown holding in her right hand either a sistrum or an aegis. A sistrum is a percussion instrument. The hand would be made from wood or metal. On the end of the six inch handle was a U shaped metal piece that had three holes drilled into each side.
The U shaped end was about twenty five centimeters wide and fourty centimeters long. In the holes sat three metal rods approximately 45 centimeters long. The Sistrum was played by shaking the metal bars back and forth, creating a soft sounding water noise. An aegis is a type of decretive shield. In Bastet left hand she occasionally held a basket. The head of Bastet was black, with whiskers, and tall standing ears embellished with gold.
She had a tail and wore a type of bracelet near the middle of it. Around her neck she wore many different types of coifs to show her high stature. She was always covered in elegant robes, and dresses.


Bastet was a god of pleasure, war, and cleanliness. She had very similar traits to that of Horus's. She loved music and song, and was well known for having huge banquets. It was thought at the banquets more wine was drunk that day, than the rest of the year. She put on many festivals at her temple in Bubastis. Bubastis was one of the most elegance sanctuaries in all of Egypt. It was also the capitol of Lower Egypt. Thousands of Egyptians came to the annual fair. Miles, and miles away flutes and castanets could be heard all around.
The mass amounts of people spent their time drinking, telling jokes, and stories. Bastet was the god of all cats. Snakes were one of the most feared creatures in all of Egypt, and cats were first domesticated to get rid of these beasts. In Egypt mice, and other vermin carried disease, flees, and other unwanted problems.
Cats were known to hunt these creatures, because of these traits cats were well liked. To praise Bastet thousands of cat statues were erected. When her temple was discovered, thousands of mummified cats were found in decorative encasings. Bastet was considered a superior mother, because domesticated cats are extremely protective of their young.


She was known as a daughter of Ra, or a sister/spouse of him. She was known to have a Husband, Ptah. Bastet was associated on many occasions with Wadjet; she was the goddess of lower Egypt. Some believed they were good friends. Anubis was sometimes thought to be the son of Bastet, but this idea was revoked when he became Nephthys's son.

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Goddess name
Egypt Feline goddess åśśociated with the vengeance of the Sun god. Bastet is the daughter of the Sun god RE and is regarded as his instrument of vengeance, the “rage in his eye.” Alternatively she is the eldest daugh ter of AMUN. She has a son, the lion headed god MIHOS....
Goddess name
Egypt A goddess of fertility, love, sex,of joy (Bastet)
Goddess name
"Bastet aka Pasht"
Egypt Goddess of fertility, love, sex,of joy. A Divine mother, and more especially as protectress, for Lower Egypt (Bastet)
Goddess name
Egypt Lion god. The son of the goddess BASTET. Depicted in leonine form and originating from a cult center at Leontopolis [Tell el'Muqdam] in Lower Egypt. A sanctuary in his honor was built at Bubastis. Also Miysis (Greek)....
Goddess name
Egypt / Lower Minor god of primordial creation. Specifically he is the blue lotus blossom of RE. Nefertum was worshiped in the Nile delta as the son of the cobra goddess WADJET. At Memphis he is the son of the goddess SAKHMET, while elsewhere in Lower Egypt his mother is considered to be the goddess BASTET. Also Nephthemis (Greek)....
Goddess name
Egypt Originally viewed as the protector goddess of Lower Egypt, and consequently depicted as a fierce lion. Egypt