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List of Gods : "Albania"
Dragoni Albania A god of thunder & lightning
Fatit Albania Female entities who are in charge of the individuals destiny. Albania
Fatit/ Merin Albania Female entities that are in charge of the individuals destiny
Kukudhi aka Kukuthi Albanian An undead or vampire which grows stronger with time until, after thirty years, it reachs a final stage where he is no longer required to return to its grave and can live in a home during the day. He then typically travels to other lands as a merchant. Albanian
Kukuth Albania Female demon of sickness. Albania
Kukuth/ Kukudhi Albania This is a female demon of sickness had an unhappy life at as a human
Kulshedra Albania Female demonic individual in who may be either an enormous hag with pendulous breasts and/or a dragon like monster who spits fire Albania
Ljubi Albania Demoness who could cause drought on less a virgin was sacrificed to her Albania
P:erende Albanian A storm god that lets you know he is around with thunder & lightning. It was used by the Christians to identify their god in that region
Perende Albania God of storms, thunder and lightning. Albania
Prende Albania Goddess of love. Albania
Prende Albanian Goddess of love and consort of the thunder god Perende. Albanian
Shurdi Albania A storm god that had been revered in recent times
Tomor Albania Creator and wind and god, he is still around Albania
Tomor Albania God of the winds as well as Creator god, he is still worshipped today Albania
Tomor Albanian A god of the winds as well as a creator god, he is still worshipped today
Verbti Albania God of fire His name means "blind one". In Albanian folklore he has perfect hearing and an aversion to obscene language and corruption. With Christianization he was reviled as a demon and associated with hell. Albania
Xhindi Albanian Put scissors and broomsticks under your baby's mattress to keep these invisible spirits away. Albanian