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List of Gods AFRICA
Adroa Africa A god that is the an early version of Adro
Age Fon Benin/ W. Africa Revered by hunters he is the god of animals
Agwe Benin/ Africa She is the mother of the sea
Ajalamo Yoruba/ Nigeria/ W. Africa A god of fetuses
Akuj Akuj Africa The chief deity
Alatangana Kono E. Guinea/ W. Africa One of the two creator deities, this god created land from swamp
Amelenwa Africa A goddess of justice
Ananse Ashanti Africa The creator of the sun, stars, day, moon & night who often intercedes between gods & mortals
Andriam Vabi Rano Africa A goddess of water & lakes
Ani Africa A goddess of justice
Annalia Africa A river goddess
Anyigba Togo/ Africa A goddess of hunting, luck & healing
Atai Africa A goddess of justice
Atida Uganda/ Africa A goddess of hunting & rain
Azele Yaba Africa A goddess of justice
Aziri Africa goddess of possessions
Bacax Roman/ N. Africa A cave god known from inscription at Crita
Bagba W. Africa A fetish that controls the wind & rain
Bele/ Tule/ Azapane/ Mba Sudan/ Africa A god of fear, mischief & trickery who gave fire & water to mankind
Buku W. Africa The god/ goddess of the sky
Bumba Bantu/ Africa A god of fire
Cagn Mantis/ Kalahari Africa The creator
Chango Africa A warrior god that Defense morals against enemies that want the land, wealth & women
Coti Bushman/ Africa A goddess of hunting
Dii Mauri Moor N. Africa They were redeemers, immortals, & exalted deities that were almost never named
Domfe Kurumba Africa The god of rain & wind
Dwyn Kazoba Baziba Africa He is in the god of the sun and as well as the moon
Dziva Africa A goddess of justice
Ebore Africa A sky god
Edinkira Africa A tree goddess
Egungun oya Africa Another form of the Yoruba goddess of divination
Eka Abassi Africa Creator of life
Ekineba Africa A goddess of teaching
Enekpe Africa A goddess of the family & guardian of destiny
Eschu/ Legba Yoruba/ Africa These deities are messengers between gods & mortals, not very nice either
Eseasar Africa An earth goddess
Fa Africa A god of divination
Faro Bambara W. Africa A river god that brought order to the world when it was created
Gamab/ Ganna/ Gawa/ Gaunab Damaras Africa The supreme god & creator of the world who lives beyond the stars
Gaunab Kohl Hottentot/ Namibia/ S. Africa A malevolent God of darkness as well as the god of of of the black heaven
Gor Africa The god of thunder
Habiesso Africa A god of thunder
Heitsi Hottentot/ Africa This dying god is the god of the hunt
Huvi Bushmen/ Africa The supreme god
Ifru Roman/ N. Africa A god known from an inscription at Crita
Imana Banyarwanda/ Burundi/ E. Africa The chief god
Imo Africa A goddess of justice
Inkanyamba Zulu/ S. Africa A storm god, deals directly with tornadoes
Inkosazana Zulu/ S. Africa A goddess of education, rain, the rainbow & mist
Inna Africa A goddess of justice
Isamba Africa A moon goddess
Ises Africa A goddess of bow & arrow
Jok Africa A creator god
Jokinam Lake Albert/ E. Africa A lake god
Juck Shilluck Africa This is the creator of the world
Kaang/ Khu/ Kho/ Thora Bushmen/ Africa The supreme god
Kahdir/ Al Kahdir N. Africa A vegetation god of the got his immortality by drinking from the well of life
Kalunga Ndonga S. Africa The creator of all things
Khonuum Pygmies/ Africa The chief god
Kombu Bantu/ Africa This is the god of creation
Lesa SE Africa A creator god
Lisa Fon/ Dahomey Africa A sun god
Loa Puerto Rico/ Haiti Spirit beings that were imported by Africa slaves
Loba Duala Cameroon/ W. Africa the sun god
Luamerava Africa A goddess of sexual desire
Mahalbiya Hausa Africa A goddess of healing, fevers, ulcers
Mahu Fon Africa She is the supreme goddess of the earth as well as a goddess of the moon & fertility
Mamlambo Zulu/ S. Africa The goddess of rivers
Mantchu Muchangu Africa Strange but by teaching humans how to make clothes & covering their bodies he ended up being the god of dressmakers
Minga Bengale Shongon Africa This god of hunters also taught humans how to make nets
Mugasa/ Mugu Pygmy(C. Africa) A sky god whose story is close to that of the God of Abraham Genesis one
Mugasha Baziba Africa He is the god of water
Mujaji/ Modjajji Lovedu Africa A goddess of rain immortalized in the book, She by Rider Haggard
Muso Koroni Bambarra W. Africa A chthonic fertility goddess of disorder
Na Ngutu W. Africa The guardian deity of warriors slain in battle
Nakiwulo Africa A goddess of justice
Nana Buluku Fon Africa The supreme god
Ndjambi Hereo SW Africa A sky god who is name is generally forbidden to be spoken
NgaiKikuyu/ Masai E. Africa The creator god
Niamye Ivory Coast/ Africa A creator god
Nommo Dogon W. Africa The primordial spirits that are associated of rain & fertility
Nyamwezi Africa A goddess of justice
Nyavirezi Rwanda/ C. Africa The lion goddess that was originally a mortal daughter of the tribal chief
Nzambi Africa A goddess of justice
Oba Africa A river goddess
Oboto Africa A goddesses of serenity
Obumo Africa A god
Ogun Nago/ Edo/ Yoruba/ W. Africa A god of iron, hunting & war
Osanyin Africa A god of medicine
Osiris Egypt/ Africa Originally a chthonic grain god of fertility, burial rites & supreme god was worshipped from Ca. 3000 BCE-400 CE
Pemba West Africa A god
Ryangombe Rwanda/ E. Africa The tutelary god & ancestral deity
Sore-Gus Hottentot/ S. Africa The sun/ sky god
Soului Hua/ W. Africa A benevolent vegetation god also in charge of medicine & music
Suku Ovimbundu Cent. Africa The creator god sky at, the rivers, people, & mountains
Teliko Bambara W. Africa He is the god of hot winds
Tenga Africa A goddess of justice
Umvelinkwangi/ Umvelinqangi Zulu/ S. Africa The sky god
Unkulunkulu Zulu/ S. Africa A creator god of the sky & chief deity
Untombinde Africa A goddess of justice
Uwolowu Africa/ Akpossa A god
Wagadu Africa A goddess of physical prowess
Wuni Africa A god