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List of Gods
Ga Dakini The god who will grant you a vision that is relevant to your circumstances. Dakini
Ga Oh Iroquois Master of the winds whose house is guarded by a bear. Iroquois
Gaap Christian The Demon of Vanity. Christian demonology
Gaap aka Goap Jewish Tap, a fallen angel, now serving in Hell as a great president and a might prince. Jewish demonology
Gaasyendietha Haudenosaunee Meteor Fire Lizards, they travel quickly from lake to lake to avoid setting the forest ablaze. Haudenosaunee
Gabamiah Germany Recite the following words: "Gabamiah, Adonay, Agla, O Lord God of Powers, do Thou assist us!" When you see the angel, say in an affable tone of voice: "Blessed Spirit, be thou welcome! I conjure thee once more, in the Name of the Most Holy Adonay, to give me prompt enlightenment about stuff. And if for reasons unknown to us, thou art unwilling to proceed in an audible tone of voice, I conjure thee in the Most Holy Name of Adonay to write upon the virgin parchment here present, between now and to-morrow morning, or at least reveal unto me that which I desire this coming might in my sleep. Solonic goetic rite.
Gabiae Germany Mother goddesses. Germany
Gabija Lithuania The foster of the Holy Fire, a goddess, a daughter of the God. Lithuania
Gabjauja Lithuania Goddess of grain and a household feminine spirit of stack-yards and grain who made beer and bread for Gabjauja's feast. Lithuania
Gabriel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
Gabriel Hebrew/Christian The angel of death to the favoured people of God, the prince of fire and thunder, and the only angel that can speak Syriac and Chaldee. The Mahometans call him the chief of the four favoured angels, and the spirit of truth. In medi?val romance he is the second of the seven spirits that stand before the throne of God, and, as God's messenger, carries to heaven the prayers of men. Hebrew/Christian
Gabrus Hebrew/Christian A minor goatish Gaulish god
Gabuthelon Apocrypha One of the angels, as revealed to Esdras, who will govern at the end of the world. The others are: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Aker, Arphugitonos, Beburos and Zebuleon. Apocrypha
Gad Babylonian The pan-Semitic deity of fortune worshipped during the babylonian captivity.
Gad Christian A seer in the Christian bible. He was one of the personal prophets of King David.
Gad Punic A god of unknown qualities, but likely concerned with chance &/ or fortune
Gaderel Jewish He who showed the children of the people all the blows of death, who misled Eve, who showed the children of the people how to make the instruments of death, the shield, the breastplate, and the sword for warfare, and all the other instruments of death to the children of the people" - 1 Enoch 69:4-12. Quite a busy boy... Jewish demonology
Gadiel Hebrew/Christian A "most holy angel" who lives in the 5th Heaven and guards the gates of the South Wind. The Greater Key of Solomon
Gadreel Hebrew/Christian According to Enochian lore it was Gadreel, a fallen angel, and not one of Satan's Subtle Serpents, who led Eve astray. He also, along with Azazel, introduced weaponry to mankind.
Gadriel Hebrew/Christian An angel of the 5th Heaven in charge of wars. He also accompanies prayers to the 6th Heaven.
Gaea/ Gaia/ Ge Greek The earth goddess & first born of chaos
Gaeto-Syrus Arab Scythian solar deity.
Gaga Gaga An angel who guards the 7th heavenly hall. Gaga
Gagaah Haudenosaunee A crow spirit sent by Adekagagawaa to bring corn to humanity. Haudenosaunee
Gagananja Buddhist A god
Gaghiel Claptrap Named after the angel of fish, is a guard of the 6th Heaven and is the only Angel who fights at sea. Claptrap
Gagnraad aka Gagnrade Norse A name assumed by Odin when he went to visit Vafthrudner. Norse
Gahongas Haudenosaunee Spirits in dwarf form who like rocks and are immensely strong for their size. Haudenosaunee
Gaia aka Gaea Greek Ge, the Protogenos and the personification of the earth. Mother Earth emerged at the beginning of creation to form the foundation of the universe. Greek
Gaila Lithuanian A spirit of night, which obsessed people and animals in dreams. Lithuanian
Gainji New Guinea Creator god of the Papuan Keraki people. New Guinea.
Gajavahana Dravidian God, a form of the god Skanda Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Gaki Japan The spirits of jealous or greedy people who, as punishment for their mortal vices, have been cursed with an insatiable hunger for a particular substance or object. Japan
Gal Bapsi Hindu/ Davidian/ Tamil A local god that can expiate sins, but it is rough
Galapas Britain The giant slain by King Arthur. Britain
Galar Norse One of two dwarfs who killed Kvaser. Fjalar was the other. Norse
Galatea Greek A sea-nymph, beloved by Polypheme, but herself in love with Acis. Acis was crushed under a huge rock by the jealous giant, and Galatea threw herself into the sea, where she joined her sister nymphs. Greek
Galathe Greek Hector's horse. Greek
Galearii Christian The lowest ranking angels who clean the celestial toilets and make the tea. Christian demonology
Galizur s "revealer of the rock", one of the great angels who Moses encountered in Heaven. He's a prince of the 2nd Heaven and an expert on the Torah. Talmudic lore
Galla Akkadia Minor underworld gods Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Gallicen? Gallic The nine virgin priestesses of the Gallic oracle. By their charms they could raise the wind and waves, turn themselves into any animal form they liked, cure wounds and diseases, and predict future events.
Galligantus Greek A giant who lived with Hocus-Pocus in an enchanted castle. By his magic he changed men and women into dumb animals, amongst which was a duke's daughter, changed into a roe. Jack the Giant Killer, arrayed in his cap, which rendered him invisible, went to the castle and read the inscription: "Whoever can this trumpet blow, will cause the giant's overthrow." He seized the trumpet, blew a loud blast, the castle fell down, Jack slew the giant, and was married soon after to the duke's daughter. Fairy tale
Gamab Africa Supreme god and creator of the world who lives beyond the stars Africa
Gamab/ Ganna/ Gawa/ Gaunab Damaras Africa The supreme god & creator of the world who lives beyond the stars
Gamaliel Jewish An adversary of the cherubim serving under Lilith, the demon of debauchery. Jewish
Gamelii Greek The divinities protecting and presiding over marriage. Plutarch says, that those who married required the protection of five divinities: Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Peitho, and Artemis. Greek
Ganapati Hindu God of education, wisdom, luck, prosperity, and prudence Hindu/Puranic
Ganapati/ Ganesa/ Ganesha Hindu/ Puranic A god of education, wisdom, luck, prosperity, & prudence
Ganapatihrdaya Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Ganaskidi Navaho God of harvest, plenty and mists Navaho
Ganda Tara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Gandayaks Haudenosaunee A class of spirits who have power over plants and fish. Haudenosaunee
Gandha Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Gandhari Jain Goddess of learning Jain
Ganesa Hindu Son of Siva and Parbutta; also called Gunputty, the elephant god. The god of wisdom, fore-thought, and prudence. The Mercury of the Hindus. Hindu
Ganga Hindu Goddess of mercy, cleaning, health, rivers and happiness. Hindu
Gangaditya India The sun god of the Murshodabad District. India
Gangir Mesopotamia Goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Gangir/ Hegir-Nuna Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A goddess
Ganglere aka Gangleri Norse One of Odin's names in Grimner's Lay. Norse
Gangleri Norse A name assumed by King Gylfe when he came to Asgard. Norse
Ganiagwaihegowa Haudenosaunee A monstrous bear with tender feet. Haudenosaunee
Ganiklis Lithuania A household spirit of herds, sheep, and cowboys. Lithuania
Ganna Celtic A Celtic prophetess, who succeeded Velleda. She went to Rome, and was received by Domitian with great honours.
Gans Apache Mountain spirits who became distressed by the corruption of people. Apache
Ganymede Greek A mortal boy that was given immortality & the job of cup bearer to the gods
Ganymedes Greek According to Homer and others, he was a son of Tros by Calirrhoe, and a brother of Ilus and Assaracus. Being the most beautiful of all mortals, he was carried off by the gods that he might fill the cup of Zeus, and live among the eternal gods. Greek
Gao Yao China God of judgment China
Gao Yao/ Ting-jian China A god of judgment
Gaomei China Ancient goddess and first mother was called Kao Mi in the Ching Dynasty and was changed into a male divinity during the Japanese occupation. China
Gapn Syria This god appears as a messenger of Baal & is absent in ritual texts
Gaqga Crow spirit Haudenosaunee Well known for sociability and thievery. Haudenosaunee
Garanus Italy A shepherd of gigantic bodily strength, who is said to have come from Greece into Italy in the reign of Evander, and slew Cacus. Aurelius Victor calls him Recaranus, but both writers agree in identifying him with the Greek Heracles. Italy
Garbh Ogh Ireland Giantess and goddess of the hunt Ireland
Gardaitis Lithuania A god of ships and sailors. Lithuania
Gardrofa Norse The goddess Gnaa has a horse by name Hofvarpner. The sire of this horse is Hamskerper, and its mother is Gardrofa. Norse
Gardua Hindu Archaic sun god Hindu/Vedic
Gargam Breton A Breton folklore legend with a limp. A limp what is not recorded.
Gargittios Greek One of the dogs that guarded the herds and flocks of Geryon, and which Hercules killed. The other was the two-headed dog, named Orthos, or Orthros.
Garmangabis British Goddess known from a single inscription found at Lanchester, Durham. British
Gartiae Greek Roman version of the Greek graces Roman
Garuda India God-mount of Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi, is usually pictured as a creature with the head, talons, beak, and wings of an eagle and limbs and trunk of human shape. India
Gasani Uganda A god of the sky and of the water and chief god of the Baken. Uganda
Gasueko Basque The lord of darkness as that may prove a friendly and helpful, but he may also appear as a devil
Gat Um Dug Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria Ancient Earth Mother and goddess of fertility of the Lagash. Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Gatumdug/ Gula Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A fertility goddess as well as the tutelary goddess of Lagas
Gauna aka Gauna Botswana Gawa, Gawama, was death, the underworld leader of spirits and Death. Botswana
Gaunab Africa The Evil One. Responsible for all misfortune, disease and death. South Africa
Gaunab Kohl Hottentot/ Namibia/ S Africa A malevolent God of darkness as well as the god of of of the black heaven
Gaunau Africa The supreme being of the Bushmen. South Africa
Gaunub Africa A god of evil, the destroyer, who was associated with solar and lunar eclipses. The Khoi-Khoi, South Africa
Gauri Hindu A form of the mighty Durga & a goddess of spring
Gauri Hindu The Goddess of marital felicity and longevity; she is worshipped particularly by ladies to seek the long life of their husbands. Hindu
Gauri India The Goddess of Spring, Wishes, Equality, Fertility, Harvest, Humour, Beauty and Protection. India
Gauri Jain A messenger goddess
Gauriil Ishliha Zoroastrian An angel whose duty is to see to it that the sun rises every morning at the right time, presumably sunrise. Zoroastrian/Hebrew.
Gautama Burman The chief deity of Burmah, whose favourite offering is a paper umbrella.
Gauteovan Colombia The mother of all things who created the world, the sun and everything else. Colombia
Gav Vedic Earth goddess and the Cosmic Cow. Vedic
Gavida Irish A minor god of the forge
Gavur li yalyal Micronesia The beneficent supreme being and creator of the world. Micronesia
Gawang Assam/Burma The omniscient supreme god who represents the unity of the universe from the duality of the sky and earth. Assam/Burma
Gazardiel Enochian The angel you pray to if you want the sun to rise in the morning. Face the rising sun in the morning and pray to this angel for spiritual gifts. Enochian
Gazarniel Jewish An angel of flame of fire who tried to wound Moses when he dropped in to Heaven for a coffee. Moses defeated Gazarniel by pronouncing the Holy Name consisting of 12 letters. Jewish Demonograpy
Gbenebeka Nigeria A goddess from the sky and mother of the Ogonu. Nigeria
Gbohulu Ghana The sun of springtime. Ghana
Ge Greek A shortened form of Gaea. Greek
Ge Gu China Goddess of health and medicine China
Geb Egypt God of the Earth. He is also a Patron of herbalism. Egypt
Gebeleizis Thrace God of thunderstorms. Thrace
Gebeleizis/ Zalmoxis Thrace A god of thunderstorms
Gebjon Norse Goddess of healing. Norse
Geburah or Geburael Occult The angel who upholds the left hand of God. Occult
Geburathiel Enochian The angel of divine strength, might, and power. He is the chief steward of the 4th hall in the 7th Heaven. Enochian
Gedariah Enochian A supervising angel in the third Heaven. He checks the prayers ascending from the second heaven then passes them on to his supervisor. Enochian
Gedemel Patacelus An angel of Venus. Patacelus
Geezhigo Ojibwa Sky mother Ojibwa
Geezhigo Quae Ojibiwa She was the sky mother
Gefion Scandinavia A vegetation and fertility goddess. Scandinavia
Gefjun or Gefjon Norse A goddess. She is a maid, and all those who die maids become her maid-servants. She is present at ?ger's feast. Odin says she knows men's destinies as well as he does himself. Norse
Gefn German German Mother goddess in charge of Spring, Sun, Winter, Fertility, Foresight, Growth, Health, Love, Magic and Protection.
Gehenna Hebrew The place of eternal torment. Strictly speaking, it means simply the Valley of Hinnom (Ge-Hinnom), where sacrifices to Moloch were offered and where refuse of all sorts was subsequently cast, for the consumption of which fires were kept constantly burning. Hebrew
Gehyaguga Cherokee God of the Sun. Cherokee
Geirrod Norse A son of King Hraudung and foster-son of Odin; he becomes king and is visited by Odin, who calls himself Grimner. He is killed by his own sword. There is also a giant by name Geirrod, who was once visited by Thor. Norse
Geirskogul Norse A valkyrie. Norse
Geirvimul Norse A heavenly river. Norse
Gekka O Japan God of marriage Japan
Geleon Greek A son of Ion, a king of Athens between the reigns of Erechtheus and Cecrops
Geliel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
Gemmagog France Son of the giant Oromedon, and inventor of the Poulan shoes. France
Gendenwitha Iroquois Goddess of the dawn and the morning star Iroquois
Genetaska Iroquois Goddess of justice, fairness and of peace. Tradition and Unity are important to her. Iroquois
Gengenver Egyptian The goose who laid the Cosmic Egg. Egyptian
Geniel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
Genii Eastern Genie and genius. Eastern spirits, whether good or bad, who preside over a man or nation.
Genii Indian The Persian and Indian genii had a corporeal form, which they could change at pleasure. They were not guardian or attendant spirits, but fallen angels, dwelling in Ginnistan, under the dominion of Eblis. They were naturally hostile to man, though compelled sometimes to serve them as slaves.
Genii Roman Were attendant spirits. Everyone had two of these tutelaries from his cradle to his grave. But the Roman genii differ in many respects from the Eastern. The Roman genii were tutelary spirits, very similar to the guardian angels spoken of in the Hebrew Scripture. Roman
Genii of Fire Occultism There are three genii of fire: Anael, king of astral light; Michael, king of the sun; and Sammael, king of volcanoes. Occultism
Genius Roman God of the men only Roman
Genius Loci Latin The tutelary deity of a place. Latin
Genneas Syrian A Syrian sun god likes to ride horses.
Geofon British Goddess of the ocean British
Geras Greek God of old age. A son of Nyx and Erebus, he was depicted as a tiny shrivelled up old man. Geras' opposite was Hebe the goddess of youth. Greek
Gerd Scandinavia Earth goddess who married Freyr. She was a giantess, and considered very beautiful. Scandinavia
Gerda Norse Daughter of the frost giant Gymer, a beautiful young giantess; beloved by Frey. She is so beautiful that the brightness of her naked arms illuminates both air and sea. Frey (the genial spring) married Gerda (the frozen earth), and Gerda became the mother of children. Norse
Gere or Geri Norse [gerr, greedy]. One of Odin's wolves. Norse
Germael Greek The angel sent by God to create Adam from dust. Moon lore
Gerra Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia The god of fire who was the Sumeria god Gibil
Gerra aka Gibil Mesopotamia/Sumeria God of fire. He lived in the 'House of Awful Radiance,' and taught people to cook food. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Gerseme Norse One of Freyja's daughters. Norse
Geryones Geryon Greek A son of Chrysaor and Calirrhoe, a fabulous king of Hesperia, who is described as a being with three heads, and possessing magnificent oxen in the island of Erytheia. He acts a prominent part in the stories of Heracles. Greek
Geshtin-Ana Mesopotamia/Sumeria Minor goddess who takes Dumuzi's place in the Netherworld for six months every year. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Gestin-Ana/ Gestianna? Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A minor goddess
Gestinanna Sumerian An oracular Goddess and an interpreter of dreams. Also fond of sheep. Sumerian
Gestu Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria Minor god of the intellect whose blood was used in the creation of mankind. Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Gethel Greek An angel set over hidden things.
Gethsemane Greek The Orchis maculata, supposed in legendary story to be spotted by the blood of Christ.
Geus Tasan Iran A cattle god accused of creating the cattle
Geus Urvan Iran God who created and protected cattle Iran
Geush Urvan Assists the Amesha Spenta, Vohu Manab Urvan
Geush Urvan Iranian "Soul of The Bull", the power of Mother Earth. Iranian
Geviririon Enochian An angel personifying fear or strength. Enochian
Geyaguga Cherokee The moon spirit. Cherokee
Gezuriya Malarcy The head guard of one of the celestial halls and the boss of the angel of the sun. Malarcy
Ghantakarna Hindu God of healing Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Ghantapani Buddhist God running a round with a bell in his hand Buddhist/Mahayana
Ghasmari Buddhist Goddess fond of blodd-filled bowls. Buddhist
Ghede Vodun God of death, and of fertility and love Vodun
Ghentu Hindu Minor god Hindu
Ghoul Persian A demon that feeds on the dead. Persian
Gia tri luc Buddhist Magical power of determination that Buddha confers on all who seek it and upholds it.
Gian ben Gian Arabia King of the Ginns or Genii, and founder of the Pyramids. He was overthrown by Azazil or Lucifer. Arabia
Giants Greek Of Greek mythology, sons of Tartaros and Ge. When they attempted to storm heaven, they were hurled to earth by the aid of Hercules, and buried under Mount Etna.
Gibborim Genesis "Mighty Men of Renown," the offspring of angels and human women or descendants of Abel who married the daughters of Cain. The gibborim are genarlaly regarded as evil. Genesis
Gibil aka Gerra Mesopotamia/Sumeria Girra, God of fire. He lived in the 'House of Awful Radiance,' and taught people to cook food. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Gibil/ Girra/ Girru Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A Fire God
Gibini Uganda Plague god associated with of the smallpox god Uganda
Gibini Gishu Uganda A plague God associated with of the smallpox god
Gicholan Siberia The supreme being "The-One-on-High". Siberia
Gicholetinvilan Siberia The supreme being "The-Master-on-High". Siberia
Gidaijal Enochian An angel luminary of the seasons. Enochian
Gidim Sumerian The spirits of the dead, living in the Netherworld. Sumerian
Gidja Australia God of the moon. He can bestow the power of Dreamwalking. Australia
Gigantes Greek According to Homer, they were a gigantic and savage race of men, governed by Eurymedon, and dwelling in the distant west, in the island of Thrinacia; but they were extirpated by Eurymedon on account of their insolence towards the gods. Greek
Gikuyu Kikuyu One of the spiritual ancestors of all the Kikuyu people.
Gilfaethwy Celtic A son of the goddess Don and brother of Gwydion and Arianrhod in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi. His uncle Math ap Mathonwy, king of Gwynedd, must keep his feet in the lap of a young virgin at all times unless he is going to war. Celtic
Gilgames Sumeria Early historical King of Uruk, who later became and deified and was considered a god of the underworld. Sumeria
Gilgamesh Greek A demigod of superhuman strength who built a great wall to defend his people from external threats, a sort of Sumerian equivalent to the Greek Heracles.
Gillian British Goddess spring. British
Gilling Norse Father of Suttung, who possessed the poetic mead. He was slain by Fjalar and Galar. Norse
Giltine Lithuania The goddess of death whose sacral bird is the owl. Giltine proclaims disaster. She goes with the goddesses of black death. Lithuania
Gimle [Heaven] Norse The abode of the righteous after Ragnarok. Norse
Ginnunga-ga Norse The great yawning gap, the premundane abyss, the chaos or formless void, in which dwelt the supreme powers before the creation. In the eleventh century the sea between Greenland and Vinland (America) was called Ginnunga-gap. Norse
Giriputri Bali Goddess of mountains and water. Bali
Girru Sumeria The god of fire and light and the patron of the arts and the god of civilization. Sumeria
Gish Afghanistan God of war Afghanistan
Gisl [Sunbeam] Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
Giszida Mesopotamia "Lord of the Tree of Truth," Mesopotamia
Gita Buddhist Mother goddess Buddhist/Tibet