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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods
God Name: Xai Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Xamaba Africa The supreme being of the Heikum of South Africa. Creator of all things, including mankind, he is a benevolent figure who is invoked for help when ill and when traveling. and is said to provide the rain. South Africa.
God Name: Xaman Ek Aztec The god of the North Star merchants, business, economy, trade. Aztec
God Name: Xanthe Greek One of the daughters of Oceanus. Greek
God Name: Xanthippe Greek Wife of Pleuron and the mother of Agenor, Sterope, Stratonice, and Laophonte. Greek
God Name: Xanthippus Greek One of the sons of Melas, who revolted against Oeneus, and were slain by Tydeus. Greek
God Name: Xantho Greek One of the Nereides. Greek
God Name: Xanthos Greek Achilles' wonderful horse. Being chid by his master for leaving Patroclos on the field of battle, the horse turned his head reproachfully, and told Achilles that he also would soon be numbered with the dead, not from any fault of his horse, but by the decree of inexorable destiny. Iliad, xix.
God Name: Xanthus Indian A large shell like those ascribed to the Tritons. The volutes generally run from right to left; and if the Indians find a shell with the volutes running in the contrary direction, they persist that one of their gods has got into the shell for concealment.
God Name: Xatel Ekwa Hungary Goddess of war and the sun. She who rode through the air on three horses. Hungary
God Name: Xbalanque Mayan A son of Hun-Hunahpu and Xquic, the daughter of one of the lords of the underworld. His twin is Hunahpu. Together, the Twins outwitted arrogant demons, their jealous half-brothers and the lords of the underworld. Mayan
God Name: Xbaquiyalo Maya A Maya deity. Wife of Hun-Hunahpu, she was mother to the Monkey Twins.
God Name: Xcz Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Xdz Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Xenea Greek A Naiad who fell in love with Daphnis and made him promise never to form a connexion with any other maiden. Greek
God Name: Xenia Greek And the masculine Xenios, are epithets of Athena and Zeus, describing them as presiding over the laws of hospitality, and protecting strangers. Greek
God Name: Xenocleia Greek A Delphian priestess, who refused to give an oracular response to Heracles before he was purified of the murder of Iphitus
God Name: Xenodamus Greek A son of Menelaus and the Cretan nymph Cnossia.
God Name: Xenodice Greek 1. A daughter of Minos and Pasiphae.
God Name: Xenodice Greek A daughter of Syleus, at Aulis, was slain by Heracles, together with her father.
God Name: Xevioso Dahomey A god of thunder in the So region. He is the twin brother of Gun, and is one of the children of Mawu and Lisa. Dahomey
God Name: Xgazd Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Xgzd Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Xhindi Albanian Put scissors and broomsticks under your baby's mattress to keep these invisible spirits away. Albanian
God Name: Xi He Chinese Goddess of Light and Mother of the Ten Suns. Chinese
God Name: Xi Shi Chinese Beautiful Goddess of Face Creams, Cosmetics and Perfumes. Chinese
God Name: Xi-Wang-mu Chinese Goddess of immortality. Chinese
God Name: Xian Chinese A spiritually immortal, transcendent and super-human celestial being. Chinese
God Name: Xiaowu China The god of prisons. China
God Name: Xibalba Mayan Also known as Xibalba or Xibalbay, is a dangerous underworld ruled by the demons Vucub Caquix and Hun Came. The road to it is said to be steep, thorny and very forbidding. Mayan
God Name: Xii Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Xiling Shi China A legendary Chinese Empress wife of the Yellow Emperor who discovered silk and invented the silk loom. China
God Name: Xilonen Aztec A goddess of food and produce, especially maize and, by extension, a goddess of fertility. Aztec
God Name: Xipe Totec/ Aztec A god of agriculture, plants, seeds, fertility, jewelers, sacrifice & springtime
God Name: Xipe Totec Aztec "our lord the flayed one", was a life-death-rebirth deity, god of agriculture, the west, disease, spring, goldsmiths and the seasons. He flayed himself to give food to humanity. Aztec
God Name: Xiuhtecuhtli Aztec The personification of life after death, warmth in the cold, light in darkness and food during famine. He was usually depicted with a red or yellow face and a censer on his head. His wife was Chalchiuhtlicue. Aztec
God Name: Xiuhtecuhtli/ Otontecuhtli/ Huehueteotl Aztec The god of fire
God Name: Xiwangmu Chinese The Daoist Goddess of Immortality, owner of the Heavenly Peach Garden, and the Queen of Paradise. Chinese
God Name: Xixarama Colombia Principal god and father of the sun and the moon. Colombia
God Name: Xmucane Mayan And this is the grandmother, the daykeeper, diviner who stands behind others: Xmucane is her name. Mayan
God Name: Xmucane, Xpiyacoc, Xumucane,Ixpiyacoc Maya The mother and father gods. They agreed that animals should be created. This was accomplished, and they next turned their attention to the framing of man. They made a number of mannikins carved out of wood. Popol Vuh, Kiche
God Name: Xnilr Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Xochipili Aztec The god of love, games, beauty, dance, flowers, maize, and song. Aztec
God Name: Xochiquetzal Aztec Goddess of agriculture, fertility, love, sensual pleasure, sex, happiness, the moon and weavers. Aztec
God Name: Xochiquetzal Aztec A goddess of flowers, fertility, games, dancing and agriculture, as well as craftsmen, prostitutes and pregnant women. She was originally a moon and love goddess. Aztec
God Name: Xocotl Aztec A stellar god who presided over fire. He is identified with the Aztec and Toltec god Xolotl. Aztec
God Name: Xolas Tierra del Fuego The supreme deity. At birth he is said to place the soul into every body, receiving it back after death to await rebirth. Tierra del Fuego
God Name: Xoli Kaltes Hungary Goddess of warriors and of the dawn. She baked her suitors. Hungary
God Name: Xolotl Aztec The god of lightning and a psychopomp who aided the dead on their journey to Mictlan, the afterlife. He also worked part time as the god of fire and of bad luck. Aztec
God Name: Xom Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Xoy Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Xpa Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Xpaxn Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Xpcn Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Xpiyacoc Mayan This is the grandfather, this is the master of the coral seeds: Xpiyacoc is his name. Mayan
God Name: Xpuch & Xtah Maya The worlds first heavenly servants, prostitutes
God Name: Xpuch and Xtah Mayan And the two maidens, Xtah and Xpuch, were sent to the river, to the bathing place of Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. This is what was decided by all the tribes. They went at once, well adorned, and they were truly very beautiful when they went there where Tohil was bathing, so that they would be seen, when they were washing. When they went, the lords were happy because they had sent their two daughters. Mayan
God Name: Xrinh Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Xtabay Maya A goddesses of seduction
God Name: Xucau Ossetians The supreme god of the Ossetians, who ruled over all the heavenly spirits.
God Name: Xuthus Greek A son of Hellen by the nymph Orseis, and a brother of Dorus and Aeolus. He was king of Peloponnesus, and the husband of Creusa, the daughter of Erechtheus, by whom he became the father of Achaeus and Ion (Apollodorus i). Greek