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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods 

God name "Ra" Egypt A God of rebirth & war & the sun
God name "Ra" Egypt God of the mid-day Sun, sky, earth, and the underworld. Egypt
Goddess name "Ra" Nigeria Goddess of wealth and fertility. Nigeria
Goddess name "RaHathor (Het-Hert, Het-Heru, Hwt-Hert, Hethara" Egipt meaning "House of Horus [the Elder]", was a Goddess of many things, from the celestial to the alcoholic! She was a celestial goddess, The Mistress of Heaven. A goddess of love, music and beauty as the Goddess of Love, Cheerfulness, Music and Dance. Hathor was known as the Mother of Mothers and the Celestial Nurse who presided over women, fertility, children and childbirth. Yet Hathor was also a goddess of baser things - she was the Vengeful Eye of Ra, the Lady of Drunkenness, and a goddess of the dead as Lady of the West.
"Rabies" Greek The personification of mad rage, the Roman equivalent of the Greek Lyssa. Greek
King name "Rachaders" Indian The second tribe of giants or evil genii, who had frequently made the earth subject to their Kings, but were ultimately punished by Shiva and Vishnu. Indian
Goddess name "Rachmay" Canaan The Maiden Merciful and a Goddess of health and nursing. Canaan
God name "Radegaste" Slavonic A tutelary God of the Slavi. The head was that of a cow, the breast was covered with an aegis, the left hand held a spear, and a cock surmounted its helmet. Slavonic
Spirit name "Radha" Hindu A celebrated cowherdess beloved by Krishna, mystically interpreted as the human ego seeking Krishna, the Spiritual ego. Hindu
Angel name "Radueriel" Gigo The heavenly bookkeeping Angel, the angel of poetry and master of muses. Gigo
Angel name "Rael" Nazorean The Angel in charge of Venus and Wednesdays. Lives in the third heaven, three doors down from the chip shop. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Rafu Sen" Japan Goddess of spring and plum blossoms. Japan
"Raga" Sanskrit The personification of desire, passion, love and affection. Sanskrit
God name "Ragnarok" Norse Sentence, judgment, from rekja, is the whole development from creation to dissolution, and would, in this word, denote the dissolution, doomsday, of the Gods; or it may be from rokr, reykkr, smoke, twilight, and then the word means the twilight of the gods. The last day; the dissolution of the gods and the world. Norse
Goddess name "Ragno" Hopi Creation and earth Goddess who planted the acorn of life. Hopi
God name "Rahko" Finland The Karelian God of time; Rahko tars the moon describes the phases of the moon.
God name "Rahu" Blavatsky The seizer supposed to seize the sun and moon and thus cause eclipses. "A giant, a Demi-God, the lower part of whose body ended in a Dragon or Serpent's tail. During the churning of the Ocean, when the gods produced amrita -- the water of Immortality -- he stole some of it, and drinking, became immortal. The Sun and Moon, who had detected him in his theft, denounced him to Vishnu, who placed him in the stellar spheres, the upper portion of his body representing the Dragon's head and the lower the Dragon's tail; the two being the ascending and descending nodes. Since then, Rahu wreaks his vengeance on the Sun and Moon by occasionally swallowing them. The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
God name "Raibhyas" Sanskrit A class of Gods of the fifth manvantara, the first half of the third round. Sanskrit
"Raicho" Japan The pine dwelling Thunder-Bird who sings a terrifying song. Japan
Demon name "Raiden" Japan Raijin. God of thunder typically depicted as a Demon beating drums to create thunder. Japan
Supreme god name "Raiden Atzhie" Europe The Supreme God and ruler over all the gods, men, and things in the world. The first person in a trinity of Raiden-Attje, Raiden-Akka, Raiden-Kiedde. The Lapps, Northern Europe
Spirit name "Raiden-Kiedde" Europe The creator of all things. Son of Raiden Atzhie. He provides the soul or human Spirit to Maddar-akko to care for until the body is formed when she turns it over to Sar-Akka to deliver to the mother. The Lapps, Northern Europe
God name "Raijin" Japan/ Shinto The weather Gods, inclusive
Angel name "Rain" Nazorean The Angels in chage of moisture and rain can be appealed to by repeating their names over and over in a chant: "Mathariel, Ridia, Matriel." Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Rainha Barba" Brazil Goddess of thunder and lightning. Brazil
God name "Raja Angin" Malaysian The Wind-God. Malaysian
God name "Raja Guru" Batak Who, with his hounds Sordaudau and Auto Portburu, catches souls for the other Gods. Batak
God name "Raja Indainda" Batak God of thunder, who is the spy and messenger of the other Gods. Batak
King name "Raja Jinn Peri" Malay The King of the Fairies. Malay
Spirit name "Raja Matangi" Hindu A female Spirit who watches carefully over men's actions. Hindu
Goddess name "Rajamatangi" Hindu She is a Goddess
"Rajasas" Hindu Shining ones, the fire-pitris who endowed mankind with the fire of mind and of intellect. Hindu
Goddess name "Raka" Hindu Minor Goddess of prosperity. Hindu
Goddess name "Raka" Hindu/ Vedic A minor Goddess of prosperity
God name "Raka" Polynesia God of the winds. Polynesia
God name "Raki" Maori Sky God of the Maori
Demon name "Rakshasas" Scandinavian "when Brahma created the Demons, Yakshas and the Rakshasas, both of which kinds of demons, as soon as born, wished to devour their creator, those among them that called out 'Not so! oh, let him be saved were named Rakshasas". The Bhagavata Purana
King name "Rama" India The seventh incarnation of Vishnu and the eldest son of King Dasaratha of the solar race. India
Angel name "Rampel" Nazorean An Angel who looks after mountains. If you're caught in a lindslide, blame her. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Ran" Norse The Goddess of the sea; wife of ?ger. Norse
"Rana" s The moon, in Tolkien's Middle-earth.
Goddess name "Rana Neida" Nordic Goddess of beauty and fertility. Nordic
Goddess name "Randeng" China Goddess sent by Heaven to bring dread calamity down on to King Zhou because of his blasphemies and evil ways, China
Demon name "Rangda" Bali The Demon queen of the leyaks. Terrifying to behold, the child-eating Rangda leads an army of evil witches against the leader of the forces of good. Bali
God name "Rangi" Maori/ New Zealand A God of the sky
"Rangi and Papa" Maori Rangi and Papa are the primordial parents, the sky father and the earth mother, who lie locked together in a tight embrace. Maori
God name "Ranno" Egypt God of gardens. Egypt
Goddess name "Ranu Bai" Ebonite Goddess of fertility. Ebonite
Goddess name "Ranu Bai" India Goddess of rivers. India
Angel name "Raph" Enochian A minor Angel Enochian
Archangel name "Raphael" Christian/Gnostic The Archangel of healing, joy, healing, love, miracles and grace. He inspires humans and is also protective of travelers, guarding and guiding those who take outward or inward journeys. Raphael also grants courage and encourages scientific breakthroughs and knowledge in general. Bedtime story for losers
Goddess name "Rapithwin" Iran The Goddess of the warmth of the earth. She dominates the evil frost and encourages regrowth. Iran
Goddess name "Rat" Egyptain Mother of Maat and a Goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Egyptain
"Ratatosk" Norse A squirrel that runs up and down the branches of Ygdrasil. Norse
"Rate" Norse An auger used by Odin in obtaining the poetic mead. Norse
Goddess name "Rati" Balinese Goddess of fertility, love, passion and of sex. Balinese
God name "Rati mbati ndua" Fiji The God of the underworld who devours the dead
God name "Rati-mbati-ndua" Fiji The winged God of the underworld who devours the dead. Fiji
Goddess name "Ratis" British Goddess of luck and good fortune. British
Goddess name "Ratis" Celtic Goddess of the Fortress and strong walls. Celtic
"Ratri" Hindu/Vedic The personification of Night, the darkness and stillness of the night; one of the four bodies of Brahma. Hindu/Vedic
God name "Ratu Mai Mbula" Fiji God of fertility. Fiji
Demon name "Raum" Christian/Gnostic A Great Earl of Hell, ruling thirty legions of Demons.
"Raumas or Raumyas" India Hairy; a race sweated from the pores of Virabhadra, one of the avataras of Siva. They had a thousand heads and a thousand arms. India
Goddess name "Rauni" Finnish A Goddess of air, clouds, thunder, life-giving rain and plant life. Finnish
Demon name "Ravana" s The giant king-Demon of Sri Lanka. One of the remaining ruling black magicians of the last days of the Atlantis period, he carried away Sita, Rama's wife, which led to the great war in the Ramayana.
Angel name "Rbnh" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
Angel name "Rbznh" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
Angel name "Rcanb" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
Angel name "Rcnb" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
Angel name "Rda" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
Goddess name "Re'are'a" Tahiti Goddess of happiness, joy Tahiti
God name "Re-Horakhte" Egypt Or Re-Harakhte ("Re-Horus at the horizon") was a combination of the sun God Re from Lower Egypt and Horakhty who was an aspect of the falcon god Horus from Upper Egypt.
"Recaranus aka Garanus" Roman , a fabulous Italian shepherd of gigantic bodily strength and courage. The fact of his being a gigantic shepherd who recovered stolen oxen from him, led the Romans to consider him as identical with the Greek Heracles. Roman
"Red Dragon" Henry A public-house sign in compliment to Henry VII., who adopted this device for his standard at Bosworth Field.
God name "Redeemer" Jewish Often applied by Christians to Jesus Christ as the Son of God who sacrificed himself as a propitiation of the sin his Father invented. Prometheus, Dionysus and others can also be called redeemers. The serpent Agathodaimon is another name for the cosmic redeemer; Lucifer the Light-bringer and illuminator, could be classed as our inner redeemer, as was the mystic serpent who withstood the Jewish God in Eden.
God name "Rederator" Roman The God of the second ploughing. Roman
"Rediculus" Roman A Roman divinity who was believed to have received his name from having induced Hannibal, when he was near the gates of the city, to return southward. This divinity was probably one of the Lares of the city of Rome.
Goddess name "Redux" Greek I. e., "the divinity who leads the traveller back to his home in safety," occurs as a surname of Fortuna, the Greek Goddess of good luck. Greek
God name "Reg" Discworld The God of Club Musicians. Discworld
"Regin" Norse Son of Hreidmar; brother of Fafner and Otter. Norse
Goddess name "Regina" Roman "The Queen," a title of the Goddess Juno, a Roman goddess of marriage and the long-suffering wife of Jupiter.
Angel name "Rehel" Nazorean An Angel who battles against the enemies of religion. Early Nazorean
"Reimkennar" Norse A sorceress, a pythoness; one skilled in numbers. Sorcery and Chaldean numbers are synonymous terms. The Anglo-Saxon rimstafas means charms or conjuration, and the Norse reim-kennar means one skilled in numbers or charms. Norna of the Fitful Head was a Reimkennar, "a controller of the elements."
"Reliquiae" Sanskrit The astral shells or spooks of human beings and animals which are left in the lower strata after death. Similar to bhuta. Sanskrit
Angel name "Remiel" Nazorean The Angelic awakener whose task is to bring you to Higher Power and is not very good at his job. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Renenutet" Egypt A Goddess of fortune, grain, milk, harvest, nursing babies Renenutet
Goddess name "Renpet" Egypt The 'Mistress of Eternity' and a Goddess of fertility, spring and youth. Egypt
"Rephaim" Hebrew The sons of Raphah, a Canaanite race of giants. Hebrew
Angel name "Requiel" Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
Goddess name "Reret" Egypt Goddess of pigs. Egypt
God name "Resep[A]Mukal" Canaan/ Phonecia A war & plague God that originated in Syria
God name "Resepa Mukal" Syria War and plague God who originated in Syria
God name "Reseph Mikal" Egypt God of thunder, lightning, battlegrounds and warfare. Egypt
God name "Resheph" Canaan God of plague. Canaan
God name "Resheph/ Mikal/ Mekal" Phoenicia The God of plague & of the underworld
God name "Reshephi" Phoenicia God of plague and the underworld. Phoenicia
God name "Resphu" Syria A God of war, worshipped in the Nile Delta
God name "Revanta" Hindu The son of sun God Surya and a god of hunters. Hindu
Goddess name "Revati" Hindu Minor Goddess of fortune Hindu
Angel name "Rgan" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
Angel name "Rgoan" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
King name "Rhacius" Greek Rhacius was the son of Lebes, and the leader of the first Greeks to settle in Caria, and became King of Caria. His court was located at Colophon in Ionia. With his wife Manto, daughter of the seer Teiresias, he was the father of Mopsus, a renowned seer.
God name "Rhadamanthos" Greek/ Roman A marriage of chthonic underworld God
King name "Rhadamanthys" Greek A son of Zeus and Europa, and brother of King Minos of Crete, or, according to others, a son of Hephaestus. From fear of his brother he fled to Ocaleia in Boeotia, and there married Alcmene. In consequence of his justice throughout life, he became, after his death, one of the judges in the lower world, and took up his abode in Elysium. Greek
"Rhamnusia" Greek A surname of Nemesis, who had a celebrated temple at Rhamnus in Attica. Greek
Nymph name "Rhanis" s One of Diana’s Nymphs.
"Rharias" Greek A surname of Demeter, which she derived from the Rharian plain in the neighbourhood of Eleusis, the principal seat of her worship. Greek
"Rharus" Greek The father of Triptolemus at Eleusis. Greek
Angel name "Rhaumel" Nazorean A Friday Angel of the fifth heaven. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Rhea" Greek Pefa, Pea, Pefy, or Pe. The name as well as the nature of this divinity is one of the most difficult points in ancient mythology. Some consider 'Pea' to be merely another form of pa, the earth, while others connect it with pew, I flow; but thus much seems undeniable, that Rhea, like Demeter, was a Goddess of the earth. According to the Hesiodic Theogony, Rhea was a daughter of Uranus and Ge, and accordingly a sister of Oceanus, Coeus, Hyperion, Crius, lapetus, Theia, Themis, and Mnemosyne. Greek
"Rhea Silvia" Roman A Vestal, the mother of Romulus and Remus.
Goddess name "Rhea/ Rheie" Greek A primordial Goddess of childbirth, earth, fertility, mountains
"Rhecas" Greek With his brother Amphistratus were the charioteers of the Dioscuri. Greek
Goddess name "Rheda" German A valkirie and Goddess of the winter. German
Nymph name "Rhene" Greek 1. A Nymph of the island of Samothrace, the mother of Saon by Hermes. Greek
God name "Rhesus" Greek A river-God in Bithynia, one of the sons of Oceanus and Thetys. Greek
King name "Rhexenor" Greek Two mythical personages, one the father of Chalciope, and the second a son of Nausithous the King of the Phaeacians, and accordingly a brother of Alcinous. (Apollodorus iii) Greek
Goddess name "Rhiannon" Ireland Chthonic Goddess of birds and horses. Ireland
Nymph name "Rhianon" Welsh Nymph wife of Pwyll Pen Annwn. Welsh
"Rhoda" Greek wife of Hippolytos.
"Rhode" Greek The oldest of the Oceanides and a daughter of Tethys and Oceanus. Later, she was thought of as a daughter of Poseidon and Halia, or Poseidon and Amphitrite. Greek
"Rhodeia" Greek A daughter of Oceanus and Thetys and one of the playmates of Persephone. Greek
"Rhodia" Greek wife of Chalcedon.
Nymph name "Rhodope" Greek The Nymph of a Thracian well, was the wife of Haemus and mother of Hebrus, and is mentioned among the playmates of Persephone. Greek
Nymph name "Rhodos" Greek A sea-Nymph, according to Diodorus, a daughter of Poseidon and Halia, and sometimes called Rhode. The island of Rhodes was believed to have derived its name from her. Greek
"Rhoecus" Greek A centaur who, conjointly with Hylaeus, pursued Atalanta in Arcadia, but was killed by her with an arrow. Greek
"Rhoeo" Greek 1. A daughter of Staphylus and Chrysothemis, was beloved by Apollo. When her father discovered that she was with child, he put her in a chest, and exposed her to the waves of the sea. The chest floated to the coast of Euboea (or Delos), where Rhoeo gave birth to Anius. Subsequently she was married to Zarex
King name "Rhoeteia" Greek A daughter of the Thracian King Sithon and Achiroe, a daughter of Neilos. She was a sister of Pallene, and the Trojan promontory of Rhoeteium was believed to have derived its name from her. Greek
"Rhopalus" Greek A son of Heracles and father of Phaestus. Greek
Goddess name "Ri" Phoenician Little known Phoenician Goddess of the moon.
Goddess name "Riddi" Hindu Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Goddess name "Riddihivasita" Buddhist A minor Goddess
"Rigenmucha" Papuan Supreme being of Papuan tribe of the Baining.
God name "Rigisamus" Roman/ Celtic A God of war
God name "Rigisamus or Rigonmetis" Celtic God of war assimilated with the Mars. Celtic
God name "Rigonometis" British God of the Sacred Grove who also dabbles as a war God. British
Deities name "Riiki and Rigi" Micronesia Deities who held up the sky. Micronesia
God name "Rimer" Roman Chief God of Damascus; so called from the word rime, a "pomegranate," because he held a pomegranate in his right hand. The people bore a pomegranate in their coat armour. The Romans called this god Jupiter Cassius, from Mount Cassius, near Damascus.
"Rimfaxi [Frost-mane]" Scandinavian The horse of Night, the foam of whose bit causes dew. Scandinavian
God name "Rimmon" Babylon Sun God. Babylon
God name "Rimmon" Syrian Rammon, weather God. Syrian
"Rimthursar" Scandinavian Brother of Y'mer. They were called the "Evil Ones." Scandinavian
"Rincewind the Wizzard" Discworld A failed student at the Unseen University for wizards in Ankh-Morpork. Discworld
Goddess name "Rind" Norse Goddess of winter. Norse
"Rind" Norse A personification of the hard frozen earth. Mother of Vale. The loves of Odin and Rind resemble those of Zeus and Europa in Greek legends. Norse
Angel name "Risnuch" Nazorean Angel of agriculture. Early Nazorean
"Risus" Roman The Roman personification of laughter.
King name "Ritho" Arthurian The giant who commanded King Arthur to send him his beard to complete the lining of a robe. Arthurian
Goddess name "Ritona" Celtic Goddess of river fords. Celtic
God name "Robigo" Roman The female version of Robigus, the God who protected crops from disease. Roman
"Robigus" Greek A divinity worshipped for the purpose of averting blight or too great heat from the young cornfields. Greek
God name "Rock-Sens" Gambia The sky God of the Serer of Gambia
"Rod" Slavic The supreme universal principle. Slavic
Goddess name "Rodasi" Visvedevas To whom the Goddess Rodasi clings closely, whom Pusan follows bringing ample bounty. Visvedevas
Deity name "Rohini" Hindu Deity of cattle. Hindu
"Rohini" Hindu The mother of Bala-Rama and of a wife of Krishna. Hindu
Goddess name "Rohini" Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor Goddess of fortune
"Rohini" India The ninth lunar asterism and the wife of the moon. India
"Rohit" India The female aspect of Brahma who took the form of a red deer to escape the amorous pursuits of her father, Brahma. India
Deity name "Roma" Roman 1 A Deity(god) personifying the Roman state, or an personification in art of the city of Rome
"Romulus and Remus" Roman Romulus, which is only a lengthened form of Romus, is simply the Roman people represented as an individual, and must be placed in the same category as Aeolus, Dorus, and Ion, the reputed ancestors of the Aeolians, Dorians, and lonians, owing to the universal practice of antiquity to represent nations as springing from eponymous ancestors. Roman
"Romus" Greek 1. A son of Odysseus and Circe.
God name "Rongerik and Rongelap" Islands Brothers Gods of the Marshall Islands.
God name "Rongo" Maori God of cultivated plants. Rongo, with his brothers Tu, Tane, Tawhirimatea, Tangaroa, and Haumia-tiketike, separated the primordial parents Rangi and Papa to allow daylight into the world. Maori
God name "Rongommatane" Polynesia The God of agriculture, especially the sweet potato
"Ropt" Norse The name by which Odin is known in Valhalla. Norse
Angel name "Rorex" Nazorean The Angel invoked to counteract Alath, the demon of disease. Has been awol throughout all recorded history. Early Nazorean
"Roskva" Norse The name of the maiden follower of Thor. She symbolizes the ripe fields of harvest. Norse
Goddess name "Rosmerta" Gaul A fertility Goddess and a deity of abundance. Gaul
Goddess name "Rozanica" Slavic Glistening Goddess who predicts the fate of the new-born. Slavic
Demon name "Rpa" Enochian A cacoDemon. Enochian
Demon name "Rrb" Enochian A cacoDemon. Enochian
Demon name "Rrl" Enochian A cacoDemon. Enochian
"Rsbha" Hindu The Deva who went to Mount Astapada to tickle bumble bees. Hindu
Demon name "Rsi" Enochian A cacoDemon. Enochian
Angel name "Rsni" Enochian A minor Angel Enochian
Angel name "Rsoni" Enochian A minor Angel Enochian
God name "Ru" Nigeria The supreme being and sun God of the Yendang, Nigeria
God name "Rua" Tahiti God of craftsmen and big holes in the ground. Tahiti
Spirit name "Rubanga" Sudan Creator god and it was believed that the best way of praying to God was through Spirits of dead relatives. At harvest time, the first harvest must be offered to the spirits to thank them for successfully interceding to God on behalf of the living. Madi, Sudan
God name "Rubanga Alur" Uganda creator God
God name "Ruda" N Arabia A tutelary God, an androgynous being
God name "Rudiobus" British Horse God and the personification of horsemanship. British
God name "Rudra" Blavatsky The father of Vedic storm Gods. "To receive a name Rudra is said to have wept for it. Brahma called him Rudra; but he wept seven times more and so obtained seven other names -- of which he uses one during each 'period'" The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
Goddess name "Rudracandra" Hindu Distinct form of the Goddess Durga. Hindu
God name "Rugaba" Uganda God of the sky who guides the souls of the dead. Uganda
God name "Rugievit" Rugen Isl Seven headed war God. Rugen Island
Goddess name "Rugiu Boba" Lithuania Goddess of autumn. Lithuania
"Ruhanga" Hima The Creator, made all things at once. Hima
God name "Ruhanga Bunyoro" Uganda this creator God was the initiator of the world, regarded as distant & if ever invoked
Goddess name "Rukko" Mandaean The creator Goddess. She makes human bodies and her husband adds the souls. Mandaean
Goddess name "Rukmini" Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A Goddess who is avatar of Laksmi among other things
Goddess name "Rumina" Roman Rumillia or Rumia, Goddess who protected breastfeeding mothers, and possibly nursing infants. Her domain extended to protecting animal mothers, not just human ones. Roman
Goddess name "Rumpiipumpii" Woopie The Goddess of jolly bonking and moist afternoon frolics. Woopie
"Rumrok" India The supreme being of the Didayis, India
"Runcina" Roman Was probably only a surname of Ops, by which he was invoked by the people of Italy, to prevent the growth of weeds among the corn, and promote the harvest.. Roman
God name "Rundas" Hittite God of fortune who is associated with hunting. Hittite
"Rungin" Italy A was probably only a surname of Ops, by which he was invoked by the people of Italy, to prevent the growth of weeds among the corn, and promote the harvest.
Angel name "Ruoi" Enochian A minor Angel Enochian