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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods
God Name: B'alam Agab Mayan "night jaguar," he was the second of the men created from maize after the Great Flood sent by Hurakan. He married Choimha. Mayan
God Name: B'alam Quitze/ Balam Quitze,/ Balam Quitze S America B'alam Quitze aka Balam Quitze, Balam Quitze, meaning "jaguar with the sweet smile," was the first of the men created from maize after the Great Flood sent by Hurakan. The gods created Caha-Paluma specifically for him to marry.
God Name: Ba China The goddess of drought
God Name: Ba Egypt Or Kneph, a ram-god, of the soul, and thus of birth. Egypt
God Name: Ba Egypt Banebdjed, a ram-god of birth, essentially the soul Osiris. Egypt
God Name: Ba Egyptian One part of the ancient Egyptian concept of the soul which was imagined as a bird body with a human head.
God Name: Ba Han China Goddess of drought. China
God Name: Ba Maguje Hausa Spirit of drunkenness. Hausa
God Name: Ba She China A snake reputed to swallow elephants. China
God Name: Ba Xian China/Taoist The eight immortals. China/Taoist
God Name: Ba-Chi Nigeria Iju, god of the sky who sends the fertilizing rain. Nigeria
God Name: Ba-Pef Egypt Malevolent underworld god. Egypt
God Name: Baal Assyrian Baal is a Northwest Semitic title and honorific meaning "master" or "lord" that is used for various gods, spirits and demons particularly of the Levant, cognate to Assyrian belu.
God Name: Baal Phoenicia He is the god of the thunderstorm, war, good harvests, fertility, nature, winter rain & of storms
God Name: Baal Phoenicia God of the thunderstorm, war, good harvests, fertility, nature, winter rain and of storms Phoenicia
God Name: Baal Syria A god of fertility
God Name: Baal Syria God of fertility. Syria
God Name: Baal Brathy Phoenicia Mountain deity. Phoenicia
God Name: Baal Hammon Carthage Sweety of Tanit. Carthage
God Name: Baal Malage Phoenicia/Canaan Local god known from inscription. Phoenicia/Canaan
God Name: Baal Samin Phoenicia/Canaan Baal Samin[Lord of Heaven], Head of the pantheon. Phoenicia/Canaan
God Name: Baal Sapon Phoenicia/Canaan Mountain deity. Phoenicia/Canaan
God Name: Baal/ Hadad Canaan A storm god[originally meant lord]
God Name: Baalat Phoenicia Queen of the gods, partial to books, libraries and writers. Phoenicia
God Name: Baalat/ Ba'Alat Phoenicia She is queen of the gods who is partial to books, libraries & writers
God Name: Baalberith Canaanite Lord of covenant, god of death and demon master of the infernal alliance. Demon of blasphemy and murder. Demon of the second order. Chief Secretary and Archivist of Hell, master of the Infernal Alliance. He was one of the demons who possessed an Ursuline nun at Aix-en-Provence in 1610. Canaanite
God Name: Baalshamin Semitic God of the sky. Semitic
God Name: Baalzephon Canaanite Captain of guard and sentinels of Hell. Canaanite
God Name: Baau Phoenicia Creator goddess. Mother of the first man. Phoenicia
God Name: Bab Arabia The founder and prophet of Babism. He was a merchant from Shiraz, who at the age of twenty-five claimed to be the promised Qa'im (or Mihdi). After his declaration he took the title of Bab meaning "Gate". Six years later he was shot by a firing squad in Tabriz.
God Name: Baba Sumeria Goddess of healing and fertility. Sumeria
God Name: Baba Yaga Slavic The wild old woman; the dark lady; and mistress of magic. She is also seen as a forest spirit, leading hosts of spirits. Slavic
God Name: Babael Hebrew A demon known as the Keeper of Graves.
God Name: Babes Roman In Rome, the god who caused infants to utter their first cry.
God Name: Babo Greek A mythical woman of Eleusis, whom Hesychius calls the nurse of Demeter
God Name: Babullius Greek A monster of the primitive world, is described sometimes as a destructive hurricane, and sometimes as a fire-breathing giant concealed in the country of the Arimi in the earth, which was lashed by Zeus with flashes of lightning. Greek
God Name: Bacabs Mayan They stand at the four corners of the world supporting the heavens. Mayan
God Name: Bacax Roman/Africa Cave god known from inscription at Crita. Roman/Africa
God Name: Bacchanalia Greek Dionysius and the Bacchanalia. Greek
God Name: Bacchantes Greek The female devotees of the god Dionysus
God Name: Bacche Greek One of the Nysaian nymphs who, along with Macris, Erato, Bromie and Nysa hid Bacchus in their cave and nurtured him.
God Name: Bacchis Egyptian A sacred bull which changed its colour every hour of the day. Egyptian
God Name: Bacchus Greek The youthful, beautiful, but effeminate god of wine. He is also called both by Greeks and Romans Dionysus.
God Name: Bachelor Hebrew One of the names given to Satan, when he appeared in the guise of a great he-goat, for the purpose of intercourse with the witches. Hebrew
God Name: Bachu Chibcha Goddess who started the human race, turned her and her mate into dragons. Chibcha
God Name: Bacis Greek Seems to have been originally only a common noun derived from to speak, and to have signified any prophet or speaker. In later times, however, Bacis was regarded as a proper noun, and the ancients distinguish several seers of this name. Greek
God Name: Backlum Chaam Mayan God of male sexuality and of sex. Mayan
God Name: Bactrian Sage Zoroaster Zoroaster A native of Bactria, about 500 BCE.
God Name: Badb Brazil A much feared serpent goddess
God Name: Badb Brazil Much feared serpent goddess. Brazil
God Name: Badb/ Bodva Irish A goddess of war
God Name: Badb/ Odva/ Badb Catha Irish A goddess of war
God Name: Badhava Hindu Aka Haya-Siras. A flame with the head of a horse. Hindu
God Name: Badi Mata Hindu Mother goddess Hindu
God Name: Baeldaeg aka Baldag Saxons Teutonic god of the day, of light-the name used among the Saxons and Westphalians.
God Name: Baetylus Greek The name of a peculiar kind of conical shaped stones, which were erected as symbols of gods in remarkable places, and were from time to time anointed with oil, wine, or blood. Greek
God Name: Baeus Greek The helmsman of Odysseus, who is said to have died during the stay of the latter in Sicily. Greek
God Name: Bag-Mashtu / Bag-mazda Armenia Bag-Mashtu aka Bag-mazda A sky god with whom Khaldi was identified. Armenia
God Name: Bagadjimbiri Australia Two brothers and creator gods. They arose from the ground as dingos and made water-holes, sex organs from a mushroom and another fungus for the androgynous first people, and invented circumcision. Australia
God Name: Bagaios Asia Minor The Phrygian equivalent of Zeus. Asia Minor
God Name: Bagala Hindu One of the mahavidyas and an aspect of Devi. Hindu
God Name: Bagba Africa Fetish with the power of giving or withholding rain is ascribed to him, and he is lord of the winds, including the Harmattan, the dry, hot wind which blows from the interior. Africa
God Name: Bagdabidit Mongoia God of sanitation and toilets. Mongoia
God Name: Bagishi Afghanistan God of flood waters and posterity. Afghanistan
God Name: Bagos Papaios Asia Minor A Phrygian sky god. Asia Minor
God Name: Baguette d'Armide France The sorcerer's wand. Armida is a sorceress in Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. Baguette is a rod or wand. France
God Name: Bagvarti Armenia Tutelary goddess. Armenia
God Name: Bagvarti Urat Armenia A tutelary goddess
God Name: Bahr Geist Scotland A banshee or grey-spectre. Scotland
God Name: Bahu India "the Creating Mother". India
God Name: Bahyra Brazil The creator god of the heavens and the earth who "expressed his wrath by thunder and lightning." The Apiaca, Brazil
God Name: Baiamai Australia He is considered by some to be the creator. Others believe he created his son, Burambin, who then created the world. Australia
God Name: Baiame Australia The omniscient intangible great spirit is self-created, lives in the sky, is the creator of all things. He is important in initiation rites; he "receives the souls of the innocent." His voice is the thunder, his will is manifest through the wind. The Kamilaroi, Wiradjuri, and Euahlayi, Australia
God Name: Baiame / Baayami / Baayama Australia Baiame aka Baayami or Baayama, the ancestor and patron god of the Kamilaroi. He is a sky god and a deity of death and life, and a god of rain and the shamans. Australia
God Name: Baiame/ Daramulun/ Nurundere Kamilaroi/ Wiradyuri Aus A god of all things & master of life death
God Name: Baiji China A goddess of health & epidemics
God Name: Baile Ireland Baile of the Honeyed Speech, God of Blarney. Rules over quick and clear thinking, speeches, ideas, impressing someone, mental activity, speaking, protection for lovers, blessing magic wands. Ireland
God Name: Baile of the Honeyed Speech Irish The god of Blarney
God Name: Baira Ethiopia The supreme being of the Amar Kokke. Ethiopia
God Name: Bairo Ethiopia The supreme being of the Banna. Ethiopia
God Name: Baj Bajania Yakut Rather joyous forest god.Yakut
God Name: Bajura Arabia Mahomet's standard.
God Name: Bakuli Nigeria The supreme being of the Mbula. Nigeria
God Name: Bala Hindu Mother goddess Hindu
God Name: Bala Jain A messenger goddess
God Name: Bala Jain Messenger goddess Jain
God Name: Bala-Sakti Dravidian Goddess Dravidian
God Name: Balaam Hebrew Demon preoccupied with avarice and greed. Hebrew
God Name: Balaam’s Ass Christian An ass which is said to have spoken Hebrew to Balaam. Christian
God Name: Balac Maya War God. Maya
God Name: Balakrsna Mayan They are guardian deities. Mayan
God Name: Balam Hebrew One of the seventy-two spirits of the brazen vessel, as enumerated in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Hebrew
God Name: Balam the ox Koran And the fish Nun, are the food of Mahomet's paradise; the mere lobes of the livers of these animals will suffice for 70,000 saints. Koran
God Name: Balan Hebrew A demon said to be high in the monarchy. The demon of finesse and ruses. Also a prince of hell. Hebrew
God Name: Balan Bravest Gaul Balan Bravest and strongest of the giant race. Gaul
God Name: Balanke Mayan The name of the sun god among the Kekchi. Mayan
God Name: Balanos Greek A Hamadryad nymph of the Oak tree. Greek
God Name: Balaparmita Buddhist Philosophical deity. Buddhist
God Name: Balarama Hindu Balarama Hindu god of agriculture and physical strength. Symbolized by the club and the plow.
God Name: Balarama India God of agriculture. India
God Name: Balban Hebrew A demon of delusion. Hebrew
God Name: Balberith Christian Ex-prince of the Order of Cherubim, now in Hell, Grand Pontiff and Master of Ceremonies, usually the one to countersign or notarize the signatures on any pact entered into between mortals and the Devil, and so referred to a 'Scriptor of Hell.' Christian
God Name: Baldaer Anglo-Saxon The dying god who is the same as Balder
God Name: Balder aka Baldr Norse Baldaer. God of the summer-sunlight. He was son of Odin and Frigg; slain by Hoder, at the instigation of Loke. He returns after Ragnarok. His dwelling is Breidablik. Norse
God Name: Balder/ Baldr Nordic The dying god, aslo god of poetry
God Name: Bali Hindu He was a Hindu god of the sky, but Vishnu took his power from him, casting him to the underworld where he would rule instead.
God Name: Bali Hindu/Puranic/Epic Demonic god. Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Bali Penyalong Borneo The beneficent supreme being who is never addressed without the slaughter of one or more pigs, and also that no domestic pig is ever slaughtered without being charged beforehand with some message or prayer to him, which its spirit may carry up to him. But the most important function of the pig is the giving of information as to the future course of events by means of the markings on its liverHe is also god of war. The Kenyahs, Borneo
God Name: Bali aka Balli Borneo The supreme being of the Klementans. Borneo
God Name: Balisarda or Balisardo Spain Rogero's sword, made by a sorceress, and capable of cutting through enchanted substances.
God Name: Balius and Xanthus Greek The immortal horses of Achilles. They were sons of Zephyrus and the Harpy Podarge.
God Name: Ball Hermon Phoenicia Mountain deity. Phoenicia
God Name: Ballaton Hebrew An angel whose name is used by sorcerers when drawing the potent pentagram of Solomon. Hebrew
God Name: Balli Lutong Borneo The supreme being of the Punans. Borneo
God Name: Balmung or Gram Scandinavian The sword of Siegfried, forged by Wieland, the Vulcan of the Scandinavians. Wieland, in a trial of merit, clove Amilias, a brother smith, through steel helmet and armour, down to the waist; but the cut was so fine that Amilias was not even aware that he was wounded till he attempted to move, when he fell into two pieces. Scandinavian
God Name: Balor Ireland God of war, death, inspiration, conquest, martial arts, sky, and fate. Ireland
God Name: Baltazo France One of the demons supposed to have possessed Nicole Aubry of Laon, France, in the year 1566. He went to dine with her husband under the pretext of freeing her from demon possession, which he did not accomplish. It was observed that at supper he did not drink, which showed that demons are averse to water.
God Name: Baltis Arab Goddess revered in the ancient Levant.
God Name: Bamapana Australia Is a trickster hero who causes discord. He is obscene and profane and once committed incest, thus breaking a strict taboo. Australia
God Name: Bamballe aka Waq Ethiopia The supreme being of the Konso. Ethiopia
God Name: Bamya Zoroaster In Zoroastrian tradition, this Goddess guides the sun god Mithra's vehicle through the sky. Also the Goddess of twilight.
God Name: Ban Babylonian The consort of Ningirsu and one of the most prominent goddesses in the Babylonian pantheon.
God Name: Ban Chuideachaidh Moire Ireland Old Goddess who appears in modern Irish legends as the midwife who assisted the Christian Virgin Mary with her birth, and was also a title applied to St. Bridget. A once forgotten goddess of childbirth. Ireland
God Name: Ban Naomha Ireland Goddess of war Ireland
God Name: Bana Daitya "He of a thousand arms". The eldest son of Bali. Daitya
God Name: Banaitja Australia Banaitja is a creator god. Australia
God Name: Banba Ireland Part of a triad with Fotia and Eriu and as well as an goddess of the earth Ireland
God Name: Banbha Celtic Goddess of Sovereignty, war and fertility. Celtic
God Name: Banbha Cavillaca Peru A virgin goddess that was preggers by a sneaky god
God Name: Banebdjedet Egypt "Ba of the Lord of Mendes" a fertility god and originally a ram with horns shaped like cork-screws, later he was often thought of as a he-goat. According to Herodotus his followers did not sacrifice goats. Egypt
God Name: Banemdedet Egypt A god of sexual fertility
God Name: Banga Ngbandi Zaire "The all-powerful warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, goes from conquest to conquest, leaving fire in his wake." Zaire
God Name: Bangma or Bangmi India A fabulous bird in India, which can talk and give oracular advice.
God Name: Banka Mundi India A goddess of the hunt and fertility. India
God Name: Bannik Slavic The spirit of the bath house who flits amongst the dense steam of the sauna bath.
God Name: Banshee Ireland Grey Lady of Death who haunts certain Irish families. A female spirit in Gaelic folklore believed to presage, by wailing, a death in a family. Ireland
God Name: Banshee or Benshee Irish An Irish fairy attached to a house.
God Name: Bap or Baphomet French An imaginary idol or symbol, which the Templars were said to employ in their mysterious rites. The word is a corruption of Mahomet. French
God Name: Baptes Greek Priests of the goddess Cotytto, whose midnight orgies were so obscene that they disgusted even Cotytto, the goddess of obscenity. They received their name from the Greek verb bapto, to wash, because they bathed themselves in the most effeminate manner. Greek
God Name: Bar Syria A god of mountains, war, deserts, battle
God Name: Bar-Lgura Semitic A gargoyle type demon said to sit on the roofs of houses and leap on the inhabitants. People so afflicted were called d'baregara. Semitic
God Name: Baracata Hebrew An angel from the ancient, very arcane rites of magic of King Solomon.
God Name: Baradiel Hebrew One of the princes of the seven heavens mentioned in the Third Book of Enoch. An angel of hail.
God Name: Barahoot Hadramot A well in which the souls of unbelievers reside. Hadramot
God Name: Baraquiel Hebrew One of the "great, beautiful, wonderful, and honored princes" listed in the Third Book of Enoch. The angel of lightning.
God Name: Baraqyal Hebrew One of the Watchers who descended from heaven to cohabit with mortal women. Book of Enoch.
God Name: Barastar Caucasus God who judges souls, sending them to paradise or oblivion. Caucasus
God Name: Barastar Ossetian Caucus this god at judged and in souls sending them to paradise or oblivion
God Name: Barattiel Hebrew One of the great angelic princes listed in the Third Book of Enoch.
God Name: Barbas Unk The was the demon of mechanics. Unk
God Name: Barbata Roman The bearded, a surname of Venus among the Romans.
God Name: Barbatos Greek A great count and duke, who appears when the sun is in Sagittarius with four noble kings and three companies of troops; he gives instructions in all the sciences, reveals treasures concealed by enchantment, knows the past and future, reconciles friends and those in power, and is of the Order of the Virtues. He also understands the songs of birds and the language of other animals. Unk
God Name: Barbeliots Greek A sect of Gnostics. Their first immortal son they called Barbeloth, omniscient, eternal, and incorruptible. He engendered light by the instrumentality of Christ, author of Wisdom. From Wisdom sprang Autogenes, and from Autogenes, Adam (male and female), and from Adam, matter. The first angel created was the Holy Ghost, from whom sprang the first prince, named Protarchontes, who married Arrogance, whose offspring was Sin. Burnt by the Christians
God Name: Barbiel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
God Name: Bardaichila India Assamese Storm Goddess.
God Name: Bargasus Greek A son of Heracles and Barge, from whom the town of Bargasa in Caria derived its name. Greek
God Name: Bargylus Greek A friend of Bellerophon, who was killed by Pegasus. Greek
God Name: Baron Samedi Haiti/ Vodun The god of death magic & the underworld
God Name: Baron Samedi / Baron Saturday, Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi, Bawon Sanmdi Haiti/Vodun Baron Samedi aka Baron Saturday, Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi, Bawon Sanmdi, a loa of the dead, along with Baron's other incarnations Baron Cimetiere, and Baron La Croix. Baron Samedi is usually depicted with a top hat, black tuxedo, dark glasses, and cotton plugs in the nostrils, as if to resemble a corpse dressed and prepared for burial in Haitian style. Haiti/Vodun
God Name: Barong Bali The name of the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good, and enemy of Rangda. Bali
God Name: Barqu Unk Demon in whose keeping was the secret of the Philosopher's Stone. Unk
God Name: Barrey/Barey Norse A pleasant grove in which Gerd agreed with Skirner to meet Frey. Norse
God Name: Barsamin Armenia Weather and sky god. Armenia
God Name: Bartsing Formoza One of the creators of the sun, moon, and stars. the other was Dgagha. The Amia, Formosa
God Name: Barzabel Semitic Associated with Machidael and Barchiel. Semitic
God Name: Basamum Arabia The god of healing in pre-Islamic South Arabia. His name may be derived from the proto-Arabic basam, or balsam, a plant that was used in ancient medicines.
God Name: Basosenin Japan A stellar deity, one of the Nijuhachibushu. Japan
God Name: Bassareus Greek A surname of Dionysus which, according to the explanations of the Greeks, is derived from the long robe which the god himself and the Maenads used to wear in Thrace, and whence the Maenads themselves are often called bassarae or bassarides. Greek
God Name: Bast Egypt Cat goddess, healing, life and war, protector of the pharaoh, Egypt
God Name: Bast/ Pasht Egypt A cat goddess, healing, life & war
God Name: Bastet Egypt A goddess of fertility, love, sex,of joy
God Name: Bastet aka Pasht Egypt Goddess of fertility, love, sex,of joy. A divine mother, and more especially as protectress, for Lower Egypt
God Name: Bat horin Jewish A demon which brings diseases of the eye to one who does not wash his hands after meals. Jewish folklore
God Name: Batara Guru Indonesia Has full authority from Sang Hyang Wenang, the power holder of all gods, to direct other gods to perform their duties, as well as to govern all kinds of life in the universe included life and fate of human beings. Indonesia
God Name: Bateia Greek A daughter of Teucer or of Tros, the wife of Dardanus, and mother of Ilus and Erichthonius. Greek
God Name: Bathym aka Bathim Greek Bathin, Marthin. One of the three demons in the service of Fleuretty. Duke of the Infernal Regions he has the appearance of a robust man but his body ends in a serpent's tail. He is well versed in the virtues of herbs and precious stones according to Wierius. He is able to transport men from one place to another with wondrous speed. He commands thirty legions. One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.
God Name: Baton Greek The charioteer of Amphiaratis; both were swallowed up by the earth after the battle of Thebes. Baton was afterwards worshipped as a hero. Greek
God Name: Batqol Christian A female angel whose name means "heavenly voice." and her voice was heard by Cain asking "Where is thy brother, Abel?" after Cain murdered his brother.
God Name: Battus Greek A shepherd of Neleus, who saw Hermes driving away the cattle he had stolen from Apollo. The god promised to reward him if he would not betray what he had seen. Battus promised on oath to keep the secret but as Hermes mistrusted him nevertheless, he assumed a different appearance, returned to Battus, and promised him a handsome present, if he would tell him who had stolen the cattle of Apollo. Greek
God Name: Baty Egypt A cow goddess of fertility
God Name: Bau Phoenicia A goddess of the dawn & the sky
God Name: Bau Phoenicia The giver of life, goddess of the dawn and the sky. Phoenicia
God Name: Bau Sumeria Goddess of fertility, depicted with the head of a dog, and her name means 'bark', 'woof'. Bau was known as the patron deity of Lagash. Sumeria
God Name: Baubo Greek An old woman who jested with Demeter when she was mourning the loss of her daughter Demeter. Greek
God Name: Baugi aka Bauge Norse A brother of Suttung, for whom Odin worked one summer in order to get his help in obtaining Suttung's mead of poetry. Norse
God Name: Bayard France A horse of incredible swiftness, belonging to the four sons of Aymon. If only one of the sons mounted, the horse was of the ordinary size; but if all four mounted, his body became elongated to the requisite length. The name is used for any valuable or wonderful horse, and means a "high-bay". France
God Name: Bayemon France A reigning monarch of the western parts of the Infernal Regions.
God Name: Bazalicek Bohemian A spirit born out of the egg of a black cock, with a look is so poisonous that no one can look at it and live. Bohemian
God Name: Bean Sidhe Celtic A Banshee an goddess of Death.Celtic
God Name: Bean Woman Iroquoi Sister of Corn Woman and Squash Woman, she gave the Patroness and the bean vine to humanity. Iroquoi
God Name: Bearded Demon Hebrew The demon who teaches the secret of the Philosopher's Stone. Hebrew
God Name: Bebhinn Britain A goddess of the underworld and daughter of its ruler and a breathtakingly beautiful giantess with long golden hair. Britain
God Name: Bebhionn Ireland A goddess of the underworld and of pleasure. Ireland
God Name: Bechard aka Bechaud Hebrew A demon having power over the winds and the tempests. He makes hail, thunder and rain. Unk
God Name: Bechoil Ireland Goddess of Melancholia. She was noted for her low levels of enthusiasm and low levels of eagerness for any activity. Ireland
God Name: Becuma Irish A goddess who ruled over magical boats
God Name: Beda Germanic Goddess who, along with the Alaisiagae sisters and Fimmilena and Mars Thingsus was popular among the Tubantes.
God Name: Beder Koran A valley famous for the victory gained by Mahomet, in which he was assisted by 3,000 angels, led by Gabriel, mounted on his horse Haizum. Koran
God Name: Beelsamin Romn Lord of Heaven. Phoenician equivalent to Zeus
God Name: Beelzebub Semitic A deity worshipped in the Philistine city of Ekron. In ancient contexts, there appears to have been little, if any, meaningful distinction between Beelzebub and the polytheistic Semitic god named Ba‘al.