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God name "S ar" Western Semitic / Syrian God of the dawn. Generally linked with the god of evening, S ALIM....
God name "S ara" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian Minor war god. Mainly identified with the city of Umma, north east of Unug (Uruk), and identified in some texts as the son of INANA (IS TAR)....
God name "S e ab" Egypt Minor god of wine and oil presses. Known from circa 3000 BC until the end of Egyptian history, circa AD 400. In later iconography he is depicted as a lion, but more generally is in human form. Sezmu had a definite cult following in the fertile Faiyum region of the Nile valley, but was probably represented in most sanctuaries, particularly where ritual unguents were made and stored. He is recognized in both benign and malevolent roles. In the latter he is reputed to squeeze human heads like grapes, but in beneficent mood he provides aromatic oils and ointments....
"Sa" Babylonian The remote and inscrutable divinity of the cosmic deep. Babylonian
Deities name "Sa" Kono / eastern Guinea, West Africa Chthonic creator god. One of a pair of creator deities, with ALATANGANA. Sa inhabited the primeval swamps before the sky or the light existed and before there were any living things on earth. He had a daughter who eloped with Alatangana and bore fourteen children, three pairs of black and four pairs of white, all of whom spoke different languages and to whom Sa gave the tools of survival....
Deities name "Sa Kono" E Guinea A creator god, one of a pair of creator deities
Angel name "Saaiz" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Planet name "Sabaoth" Gnostic The genii of Mars, one of the planetary regents of the seven sacred planets. Gnostic
God name "Sabazios" Phrygian / NW Turkey A god of Agriculture
God name "Sabazios" Phrygian / northwestern Turkey God. Eventually Hellenized, identified with ZEUS and DIONYSOS and linked with Dionysiac mysteries, appearing in Athens from circa 400 BC. His device is a right hand cast in bronze and decorated with symbols representing his benevolence. His influence extended into Roman culture where he reached a height of popularity circa AD 200. As late as AD 300 there are frescoes of Sabazios in the tomb of Vibia whose husband was a priest of the god's cult....
Nymph name "Sabazius" Phrygian A Phrygian divinity, commonly described as a son of Rhea or Cybele ; but in later times he was identified with the mystic Dionysus, who hence is sometimes called Dionysus Sabazius. For the same reason Sabazius is called a son of Zeus by Persephone, and is said to have been reared by a nymph Nyssa.
"Sabda" Sanskrit The cosmic Word, equivalent to the Greek Logos. Sanskrit
"Saci" Brazilian An impish mythical character of Brazilian folk tales.
Goddess name "Saci Devi" India The goddess of wrath and jealousy. India
Angel name "Sacp" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Deity name "Sacra Savadia" Jewish The deity associated with the Jewish Sabaoth (Tseba'oth). Plutarch states that the Jews worshiped Dionysus, and that the day of the Jewish Sabbath was a festival of Sabazius.
"Sadaksari" Buddhist The tantric form of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Buddhist
"Sadaksari (Lokesvara)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Variety of AVALOKITESVARA. The form of Avalokitesvara that is incarnate in the succession of Dalai Lamas. Color: white. Attributes: Book, conch, jewel, lotus and rosary....
"Sadaksari[Lokesvara]" Buddhist / Lamaist / Tibet A variety of Avalokitesvara that is incarnate in succession of the Dali Lamas
Goddess name "Sadarnuna" Sumeria Goddess of the new moon. Sumeria
"Sadbhuja" Buddhist The six-armed Lord Gaurasundara. Buddhist
God name "Sadbhuja-Sitatara" Buddhist A god
God name "Sadbhuja-Sitatara" Buddhist God. An emanation of AMOGHASIDDHI and a variety of SITATARA. Color: white. Attributes: arrow, blue lotus, bow, image of Amoghasiddhi on crown, lotus and rosary. Three-headed....
Goddess name "Sadhumati" Buddhist The good-minded goddess. Buddhist
Goddess name "Sadhumati (good)" Buddhist / Vajrayana Minor goddess. One of several deified BHUMIS recognized as different spiritual spheres through which a disciple passes. Color: white. Attributes: staff, and sword on a blue lotus....
Hero name "Sadko" Russian A legendary hero of a Russian epic tale.
God name "Sadrapa" Phoenician protector of snakes and a god of healing. Phoenician
God name "Sadrapa" Western Semitic / Syrian / / Pontic God of healing. He is depicted on reliefs as a youth holding a scorpion or snake. Known originally from Palmyra, his popularity spread to Carthage and, during the Hellenic period, to the Greek coast. Also Satrapis (Greek)....
Goddess name "Sadwes" Persia A goddess Rain, of storms, thunder, lightning, hail, snow
God name "Saehrimner [Rime-producer]" Norse The name of the boar on which the gods and heroes in Valhal constantly feed. Norse
"Safa" Arabian The hill on which Adam and Eve came together, after having been parted for two hundred years, during which time they wandered homeless over the face of the earth. Arabian
Goddess name "Safekh aabut" Egypt A goddess of knowledge
Goddess name "Safekh-Aubi" Egypt Stellar goddess who served to measure time and is called the misstress of the house of Books. Egypt
Goddess name "Saga" Norse The goddess of history. She dwells in the crystal hall of Sokvabek. Norse
Goddess name "Saga" Scandinavia A goddess of knowledge & waterfalls
King name "Sagara" Sanskrit A king of the solar dynasty and sovereign of Ayodhya. He was the father of 60,000 sons who were turned into a heap of ashes by a glance of the sage Kapila. Sanskrit
"Sagaramati" Buddhist The Bodhisattva whose Mind is like the Ocean. Buddhist
God name "Sagaramati (mind of the ocean)" Buddhist God. A BODHISATTVA or buddhadesignate. Color: white. Attributes: conch, and sword with staff....
Goddess name "Sagaritis" Greek A nymph in whose embraces Attis became faithless to Cybele. The goddess avenged the wrong done to her by causing the tree with which the nymph's life was connected, to be cut down. Greek
God name "Sagbata" Yoruba God who inflicts smallpox or madness. Yoruba
"Saham-pati" Sanskrit The All-parent, the common progenitor and source of all. A name synonym with Brahman. Sanskrit
God name "Sahar" Aramaic God of the moon. Aramaic
God name "Sahar" Western Semitic / Aramaic moon god. Known from inscriptions....
"Sahu" Egyptian The entity of the deceased in heaven which grew out of the dead body and was called into being by the ceremonies performed over the dead. Egyptian
God name "Sai' Al Qaum (the good and beautiful god who does not drink wine)" Western Semitic / Nabataean Local guardian deity. Known from two inscriptions at Palmyra which suggest him to be a protector of caravans. Attributes include a helmet. He may have developed from an Egyptian god Sai (Greek: Psais)....
God name "Sai' Al Quan" Nabataean / W Semitic A local guardian God is believed to be the protector of caravans
Angel name "Saiinou" Enochian A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North. Enochian
"Saiinov" Enochian The senior leader of water in Jupiter. Enochian
"Saint George" British Saint George Patron saint of England and the Christian adaptation of the dragon slaying legends of Bel and the dragon, Apollo and Python, Osiris and Typhon, etc. British
Goddess name "Saitada" Celtic Goddess of mourning and grief. Celtic
"Saitis" Greek A surname of Athena, under which she had a sanctuary on Mount Pontinus, near Lerna in Argolis. The name was traced by the Greeks to the Egyptians, among whom Athena was said to have been called Sai's. Greek
"Saiva" Sanskrit The divinity and patron of all yogis. Sanskrit
God name "Sajara" Songhoi Rainbow god songhoi, eastern Mali
God name "Sajara" Songhai / eastern Mali, West Africa Rainbow god. Perceived as a Rainbow-colored snake and symbolized by a tree where white rams are sacrificed and hung. The animals' blood is sprinkled on the tree. The ritual is accompanied...
God name "Sakarabru" Guinea God of Medicine, retribution and justice. Agni, Guinea
"Sakhadai" Siberia The personification of fire who gives life to the newborn Winter Sun. Siberia
God name "Sakhadai Noin" Siberia A god of fire
Goddess name "Sakhemet aka Sachmet" Egypt Sakhet and Sakhmet, originally the war goddess of Upper Egypt. It was said that her breath created the desert. She was also known by some cults to be a daughter of the ancient Sun god Ra. Egypt
Goddess name "Sakhemet/ Sachmet" Egypt A goddess of war
God name "Sakka(n)" Mesopotamian / BabylonianAkkadian God of cattle. A patron god of herdsmen, probably deriving from the Sumerian god LAHAR. Also Amakandu, Sumuqan....
God name "Sakka[n]/ Amakandu/ Sumuqan" Mesopotamia / Babylon / Akkadian A patron god of herdsmen & A god of cattle
God name "Sakkan" Sumeria The god of animal husbandry and the fecundity of cattle. Sumeria
God name "Sakra" Buddhist The god of Trayastrimsa heaven. Buddhist
God name "Sakra (the mighty one)" Buddhist God. The god of the month asvina and an epithet of the Vedic god INDRA....
"Sakti" Dwarawati Lived in Sapta Pratala, the seventh layer of the earth. When he was angry he would became a gigantic scary snake and the world would shake. Dwarawati
"Sakti" Hindu The Supreme True One is Sakti. This True One is the transcendent and Immanent One who encompasses all. Hindu
God name "Sakti (energy)" Hindu, Jain / Buddhist Personification of a god. The effective power, or creative force, of a deity in the form of a female aspect. In a more specific context, the SAKTI identifies the creative force of the god SIVA, particularly the ugra or violent aspects DURGA and KALI. The Sakti may frequently have the same characteristics and carry the same attributes as the principal god. In Tantrism, the unity of opposites is defined by the Sakti, which is the yoni or female sexuality that unites with the male lingam of Siva....
"Sakti-trimurti" India The feminine aspect of the Hindu Trimurti or Triad, the active feminine energy of the divinities. India
God name "Sakumo" Gan / Accra region, Ghana, West Africa God of war. The guardian deity of the Gan tribe....
"Sakyamuni" Buddhas Remembering such grace of Sakyamuni Buddha makes our tears flow!
God name "Sakyamuni (the sage of the Sakyas)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet God. The historical BUDDHA, known mainly from Tibet. He stands upon a lotus. Color: golden. Attribute: a bowl....
Goddess name "Sala" Akkadia wife of the weather god Adad and a goddess of war. Akkadia
God name "Sala" Babylonian The female consort of the Sun-god of Eridu. Babylonian
Goddess name "Sala" Hittite lady of the mountain who became a goddess of fertility and Agriculture. Hittite
Goddess name "Sala" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian war goddess. A consort of ADAD, she carries a doubleheaded mace-scimitar embellished with lion heads....
"Salacia" Greek The female divinity of the sea among the Romans, and the wife of Neptune.
"Salagrama" Hindu A stone credited with possessing magical properties and worn in parts of India as an amulet. Hindu
God name "Salagrama" Hindu / late Aniconic form of the god VIS'NU. A fossil ammonite shell embodying the god and forming a part of daily ritual in many Vaisnava households as well as appearing in monasteries....
Spirit name "Salamander" Greek The nature spirits of fire, the fire elementals. The Greek salamandra was believed to have power over fire.
"Salamis" Greek A daughter of Asopis, and by Poseidon the mother of Cenchreus or Cychreus. Greek
God name "Salevao" Polynesia Sacred one of the bush a general village god as well as a war god. Polynesia
God name "Salevao" Polynesian Primordial god of rocks. He is the brother of SAVEA SI'ULEO, god of the dead, and the consort of PAPATUANUKA, the earth mother, who became pregnant and gave birth to Moa in the center of the earth. (Moa may have been the ancestor of mankind, roughly equating to Adam.)...
"Salganeus" Greek A surname of Apollo, derived from the town of Salganeus in Boeotia. greek
Deity name "Salim" Ugaritic Shalim or Salem, a personification of Venus as the evening star and a deity of the dusk. Ugaritic
God name "Salim" Western Semitic / Syrian God of evening. Generally linked with SAR, the god of dawn....
Goddess name "Salm of Mahram" Arabia A goddess from the pantheon of Tayma introduced to North Arabia from North Syria.
God name "Salm of Mahram (image of Mahram)" Pre - Islamic northern Arabian Local tutelary god. Correspondence of the Babylonian king Nabonidus (559-539 BC) mentions that this deity was worshiped at Taima, an important trade and religious center where he was head of the pantheon. Gods in the region were often named after local places and personified by a stone stele carved with schematic anthropomorphic features and a winged disc showing strong Egyptian influence. Also Salman....
God name "Salm of Mahram/ Salman" N Arabia A local tutelary god
"Salmacis" Greek A fountain of Caria, which rendered effeminate all those who bathed therein. It was in this fountain that Hermaphroditus changed his sex. Greek
Nymph name "Salmacis" Greek The nymph of the well Salmacis, near the mausoleum at Halicarnassus. The nymph fell in love with Hermaphroditos and tried to win his affections, but in vain. Greek
Goddess name "Salmaone" Greek A mother goddess
God name "Salmoneus" Greek A son of Aeolus by Enarete, and a brother of Sisyphus. Sangarius, a river-god, is described as the son of Oceanus and Tethys, and as the husband of Metope, by whom he became the father of Hecabe. (Theogony 344). Greek
Goddess name "Salus" Greek The personification of health, prosperity, and the public welfare, among the Romans. In the first of these three senses she answers very closely to the Greek Hygieia, and was accordingly represented in works of art with the same attributes as the Greek goddess. In the second sense she represents prosperity in general and was invoked by the husbandmen at seed-time. In the third sense Salus is the goddess of the public welfare.
God name "Salus (salvation)" Roman Minor god of health. A sanctuary dated to 302 BC on the Quirinal, one of the seven hills of Rome, is dedicated to the deity. He was also worshiped within the colonies of the empire. There is an altar at Corbridge in Northumberland, England with a votive inscription to Salus. Attributes include a bowl and a snake....
"Sama" Islam A devotion dance and an aid for perfection. Islam
God name "Sama" Dravidian / Tamil / southern India Obscure heroic god. Known circa first to fifth century AD. The younger brother of the god of love KAMA and equating to SAMBA, worshiped in northern India....
Book name "Samael" Chaldean The concealed occult Wisdom. Chaldean Book of Numbers
Angel name "Samael" Chaldean The Prince of darkness, the angel of death or Poison. Hebreo-Chaldean Qabbalah
Deity name "Samael" Platonism / Gnosticism The Demiurge, The Craftsman or Creator, the deity responsible for the creation of the physical universe. Platonism and Gnosticism
God name "Samael" Gnostic Christian Creator god. The “blind god.”See also YALDABAOTH....
"Samantabhadra" Buddhas The Lord of the Truth in Buddhism, who represents the practice and meditation of all Buddhas.
Spirit name "Samantabhadra (all-good)" Buddhist God. A form of VAIROCANA and a dhyanibodhisattva (spiritual meditation buddha). He sits on a throne carried by a white elephant. Color: blue, green or white. Attributes: bell, cup, jewel, lotus with prayer wheel or sword. In Tibet he is also known as Kun-tu-bzan-po.See also BO HSIAN....
Goddess name "Samantaorabha" Buddhist / Vjratana A minor goddess
Goddess name "Samantaprabha (possessing universal splendor)" Buddhist / Vajrayana Minor goddess. One of several deified BHUMIS recognized as different spiritual spheres through which a disciple passes. Color: red. Attributes: an image of AMITABHA carried in the hand, and a staff....
God name "Samas" Akkadia God of the Sun and patron deity of Sippa and Larsa Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia
Goddess name "Samas'" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian Sun god. The patron deity of Sippar and Larsa. His consort is the mother goddess A-A. S amas derives from the god UTU in the Sumerian pantheon. He is associated with justice. His symbol is the Sun disc and a star surrounded with radiating Sunbeams. He may carry a single-headed scimitar embellished with a panther head. His sanctuary is known as the E-babbar. Also associated with human-headed bulls. His attendant deities include Mes aru, justice, and Kettu, righteousness. He came to much greater prominence in the pantheon at Babylon from about the eighteenth century BC....
God name "Samba" Hindu Heroic god Hindu
God name "Samba" Hindu / northern India Heroic god. The son of KRSNA and RUKMINI, alternatively the son of VIS NU. The younger brother of the god KAMA and consort of INDUKARI. Also one of the minor incarnations of Vis nu worshiped in the cult of the pancaviras by the Vrisni clans....
God name "Samia" Greek A daughter of the river-god Maeander, and wife of Ancaeus, by whom she became the mother of Samos. Samia also occurs as a surname of Hera, which is derived from her temple and worship in the island of Samos. Greek
Planet name "Samiasa" Jewish A seraph, who fell in love with Aholibamah, a granddaughter of Cain, and when the flood came, carried her under his wing to some other planet. Jewish
Spirit name "Samiel" German The Black Huntsman of the Wolf's Glen. A Satanic spirit, who gave to a marksman who entered into compact with him seven balls, six of which were to hit infallibly whatever was aimed at, but the seventh was to deceive. The person who made this compact was termed Der Freischutz. German
"Samius" Greek A surname of Poseidon, derived from his temples in Samos and Samicon in Elis. Greek
"Samkarsana" Dravidian Local last form of Balarama Dravidian / Camille
"Samkarsana" Dravidian / Tamil / southern India / Sri Lanka Localized form of BALARAMA. Has a complexion “white like milk,” wears a blue robe with a red garland and carries a nanjil (plough)....
Goddess name "Samkhat" Babylon Goddess of happiness and joy. Babylon
Spirit name "Sammael" Cabalists The chief of evil spirits, who is for ever gnashing his teeth over the damned. Next to him is Ashmedai. Cabalists
God name "Sampsa" Finnish vegetation god who gives life to seed who lies dormant through the Winter. Finnish
God name "Sampsa (sedge)" Pre - Christian Finnish vegetation god. He is perceived as a giver of life to seed which lies dormant through the Winter months. His unnamed consort, to whom he is wed in a form of sacred marriage which takes place at sowing time, is also his stepmother....
Deity name "Sams" Greek Sun deity who in the north is a male and in the south female. Greek
Deity name "Sams" Pre - Islamic / Arabian Sun deity. In the north the being is male, in the south female. Probably derived from S AMAS ....
Goddess name "Samundra" India Goddess of rivers India
God name "Samvara" Buddhist God Buddhist / Mahayana
Deities name "Samvara (keeping out)" Buddhist / Mahayana God. One of the emanations of AKSOBHYA and also of HEVAJIRA. In Lamaism he is a four-headed tutelary yi-dam god. His SAKTI is VAJRAVARAHI. He stands upon one or more four-armed Hindu deities including Kalaratri and BHAIRAVA. Color: blue or black. Attributes: ax, bell, cup, drum, image of Aksobhya on the crown, image of four-faced BRAHMA, knife, moon disc, skin, staff and trident....
Goddess name "San Chou Niang Niang" China Mother goddess who was first deified during the Sung dynasty China
God name "San Sgrub Bon" Tibet A god that was absorbed into a variety of Yama in Lamaism
God name "San-Dui" Buddhist Tutelary god Buddhist / Tibet
God name "San-Guan" Chinese The three gods in charge of the Chinese heaven
God name "Sancus" Roman Sangus or Semo Sancus, a Roman divinity, is said to have been originally a Sabine god, and identical with Hercules and Dins Fidius. The name which is etymologically the same as Sanctus, and connected with Sancire, seems to justify this belief, and characterises Sancus as a divinity presiding over oaths.
Angel name "Sandalphon" Hebrew The name of the chief of angels, the Kabbalistic Prince of angels, and one of the Cherubim of the Ark. Hebrew
Goddess name "Sandhya" Hindu Goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Sangarius" Greek A river-god, is described as the son of Oceanus and Tethys, and as the husband of Metope, by whom he became the father of Hecabe. The river Sangarius (in Phrygia) itself is said to have derived its name from one Sangas, who had offended Rhea, and was punished lay her by being changed into water. Greek
God name "Sango" Yoruba / Nigeria A god of thunder
God name "Sango Yoruba" Nigeria God of thunder Nigeria
God name "Sani" Buddhist Astral god Hindu / Buddhist
Planet name "Sani" Chaldean God identified with the planet Saturn and whose parents were the Sun and the shade.
Goddess name "Saning Sari" Java Rice mother goddess Java
Goddess name "Sanjna" Hindu Goddess of warriors Hindu daughter of the celestial architect Tvastra disguised herself as a horse and fled from her husband. When he caught her, they produced the Ashwini Kumaras, the horse-headed twins. Each day the twins bring the dawn as their chariot speeds through the sky. Hindu
Goddess name "Sanjna (conscience)" Hindu Goddess. The daughter of TVASTAR, a consort of SURYA and, in some texts, the mother of YAMA....
Goddess name "Sanju" Kafir / Afghanistan A harvest goddess
Goddess name "Sanju" Kafir / Afghanistan Harvest goddess. A littlereported deity, the consort of the war god GISH and daughter of SANU. She controls the harvesting, threshing and winnowing of grain and the safe storage of wheat and butter. She carries a golden winnow and is either depicted in human form or as a goat. Her cult is known chiefly from the village of Pronz in the southern Hindukush where she enjoyed an important sanctuary with stone seats around the icon, part of which reportedly still exists. Wooden statues depict her in human form, nude to the waist. Alternatively, she is perceived as a bird that acts as a messenger. The blood of sacrificial animals was poured over the figure. Also Sulmech; SANU....
Goddess name "Sanju Kafir" Afghanistan Harvest goddess Afghanistan
Goddess name "Sankari" Hindu Mother goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Sankari" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. One of the SAPTAMATARAS....
God name "Sankha" Hindu Snake god Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Sankha(pala)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Snake god. One of a group of seven MAHANAGAS or nagadevas. Attributes: cup and rosary. Three-eyed....
God name "Sankha[pala]" Hindu / Puranic / Epic A snake god
Demon name "Sankhasura" Hindu A demon who warred against the gods, stole the Vedas and hid them at the bottom of the sea. They were rescued by Vishnu in the form of a fish. Hindu
God name "Sanmukha" Hindu God, a form of Skanda Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Sanmukha (six-beaded)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. A form of SKANDA and the son of PASUPATI and Svaha. God of the month asadba. His SAKTIS include VIJAYA and Jaya. He holds a large variety of attributes. Also Arumukan....
"Sanqing" China One of the supreme trinity known as The Three Pure Ones. China
Goddess name "Santa" Hindu Mother goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Santa (appeased)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. A SAKTI who is one of a group of both SAPTAMATARA and ASTAMATARA mothers. Also CAMUNDA....
Goddess name "Santana" Hindu Minor goddess Hindu
God name "Santana (offspring)" Hindu Minor god. The son of Ugra and DIKSA. Also the personification of one of the five trees of Paradise....
Goddess name "Santi (peace of mind)" Hindu Goddess. The consort of TRIVIKRAMA....
Goddess name "SantoshI Mata" Modern Hindu Mother goddess. She first appeared in northern India in 1960 and has since developed a sizeable cult following. She is invoked to assist in gaining personal advancement and prosperity....
Goddess name "Santoshi Mata" Hindu Mother goddess of recent origin, about 1960 Hindu
God name "Sanu" Kafir / Afghanistan A god
Goddess name "Sanu" Kafir / Afghanistan God of obscure affinities. The father of the goddess SANJU and an adversary of the war god GISH. Described as a “Muslim,” so perhaps of foreign import. Also Sanru....
God name "Sanu Kafir" Afghanistan God Afghanistan
Goddess name "Sao" Greek Goddess of sailing Greek
Goddess name "Sao Ching Niang Niang" Chinese Mother goddess. One of the “nine dark ladies” of the pantheon who adopt a protective role. She removes Rain clouds when they threaten to flood crops....
Goddess name "Sao ch'ing Niang Niang" China Goddess of brooms and fair weather China
Nymph name "Saon" Greek A mythical lawgiver of Samothrace, is said to have been a son of Zeus by a nymph, or of Hermes by Rhene. Greek
God name "Sapas" Canaan God of the Sun Canaan
God name "Sapas" Western Semitic / Canaanite Sun god. Modeled on the Mesopotamian (Babylonian-Akkadian) god SAMAS....
Goddess name "Sapientia" Roman Goddess of wisdom Roman
Goddess name "Saptamatara" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Generic title of a group of mother goddesses. Seven deities of evil influence, who generally inflict disease or other harm on children. Common color: red. Attributes: cup and lotus....
Deities name "Saptanatra" Hindu Generic title of the seven deities of evil influence Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Sar" Syria God of the dawn Syria
Goddess name "Sar Akka" Swedish Goddess midwives Swedish
God name "Sara" Akkadia Minor war god Babylon / Akkadia
Goddess name "Saraddevi" Buddhist Fertility and vegetation goddess associated autumn Buddhist / Tibet
Goddess name "Saraddevi (goddess of autumn)" BuddhistLamaist / Tibet Fertility and vegetation goddess. Associated with autumn, and an attendant of the goddess SRIDEVI. Her sacred animal is an antelope. Attributes: cup, knife and peacock feather....
God name "Sarama" India The fleet one, the runner; the dog belonging to Indra and the gods, the Divine watcher "over the golden flock of stars and solar rays." She is the mother of the two dogs called Sarameyas. India
Goddess name "Sarama (the nimble one)" Hindu / Vedic, Epic / Puranic Attendant goddess. She acts as a messenger to the god INDRA and guards his herds. In later Hindu texts Sarama is reputedly the mother of all dogs and is given the epithet the “bitch of heaven.” The Rg Veda accounts her as having punished the minor deity Panis for stealing cows....
Goddess name "Saranya" Hindu Primordial goddess Hindu / Vedic
Goddess name "Saranyu (the fleet one)" Hindu / Vedic Primordial goddess of uncertain affinities. Saranyu is the daughter of the god TVASTAR, and the sister of VISVARUPA. Her consort is Vivasvat, by whom she is said to be the mother of YAMA and YAMI, the twin progenitors of the human race. Little else is known of her, but she is accounted as having an impetuous nature.See also VIVASVAN....
"Sarapis" Egyptian Serapis, an Egyptian divinity, the worship of which was introduced into Greece in the time of the Ptolemies. Apollodorus (ii) states that Serapis was the name given to Apis after his death and deification.
God name "Sarapis" Late Egypt God. Known only from the Greco-Roman period of the early Ptolemies (fourth century BC) but persisting in Europe until second or third century AD. In Egyptian religion Sarapis is a hybridization of certain aspects of OSIRIS, the underworld god, and APIS, the bull god, who symbolizes the earthly presence of PTAH. Sarapis is perceived to epitomize both the fertility of the land and the life of the sacred bull after death. In Greek mythology he takes on aspects of ZEUS, HELIOS, ASKLEPIOS and DIONYSOS. He was worshiped extensively in the Roman Empire period. A sanctuary at York in England was dedicated by a soldier of the sixth legion, and magnificent statues were discovered in the Walbrook Mithraeum in London, and at Merida in Spain. Also Seraphis (Greek)....
Goddess name "Sarasvati" Hindu A sacred river in the Vedas, and as a river goddess she was often invoked to bestow vitality, renown. She is described as moving along a golden path and destroying the demon Vritra. Hindu
Goddess name "Sarasvati Hindu," Vedic A goddess of astronomy, science, education, wisdom, eloquence & rivers
Goddess name "Sarasvati The ethereal" Hindu The elegant one; the Divine consort or wife of Brahma, his feminine alter ego and goddess of hidden learning and esoteric wisdom. Hindu
Goddess name "Saraswati" Hinduism The first of the three prominent goddesses of Hinduism, the other two being Lakshmi and Durga. Saraswati is the consort of Lord Brahma, the creator.
God name "Saravakarmavaranavisodhani" Buddhist God of the richer, another deification of text Buddhist
Goddess name "Sari Chou Niiarig Niiarig" Chinese Mother goddess. First deified during the Sung Dynasty (AD 960-1279) to combat the popularity of KUAN YIN, no mortal existence is recognized for this deity who is referred to simply as “heavenly mother.” By tradition she rules over the “islands of the blessed,” the three mythical islands which are the home of the gods. She is depicted wearing a yellow robe signifying imperial rank and carries the attribute of a scepter. Typically she displays an enigmatic smile....
Deities name "Sari-Dui" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Tutelary god. One of a group of Lamaist tutelary or yi-dam deities chosen on an individual basis as personal guardians. Color: blue. Attributes: bell, jewel, lotus, prayer wheel, regal trappings, staff and sword. Threeeyed and three-headed....
Goddess name "Saridhya" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Goddess. The daughter of BRAHMA and consort of S IVA or other deities....
God name "Sarigarios" Phrygian / northwestern Turkey River god. A Hellenized version of an Asiatic god whose daughter, NANA, is, according to some traditions, the mother of the vegetation god ATTIS. She impregnated herself with an almond seed....
God name "Sarigo" Yoruba / Nigeria, West Africa God of thunder. His sacred animal is the ram whose bellowing is likened to the noise of thunder. Attributes include an ax which is worn on the head and bears six eyes....
Planet name "Sarii" Hindu (1) Astral god. The son of SURYA and CHAYA and the personification of the planet Saturn. Stands upon a lotus or rides in an iron chariot drawn by eight piebald horses. Color: black or blue. Attributes: arrow, bow, rosary, staff and trident.(2) Astral god. Buddhist. Stands upon a tortoise. Color: blue-black. Attribute: a staff....
Goddess name "Sariirig Sari" Javan Rice mother. Represented by parts of the rice plant known as indoea padi (mother of the rice). At planting, the finest grain is picked out and sown in the nursery bed in the form of the goddess, after which the rest of the grain is sown round about. At transplanting, the shoots making up the rice mother are given a similar special place in the paddy field. At harvesting, the rice mother plants are “found” and brought home for the following year's planting....
"Saronis" Greek A surname of Artemis at Troezene, where an annual festival was celebrated in honour of her under the name of Saronia. Greek
"Sarpa" Hindu Sarpa serpent was produced from Brahma's hair, which, owing to his fright at beholding the Yakshas, whom he had created horrible to behold, fell off from the head, each hair becoming a serpent. Hindu
Spirit name "Sarpa-rajni" Blavatsky The queen of the serpents; "Before our globe became egg-shaped (and the Universe also) 'a long trail of Cosmic dust (or fire mist) moved and writhed like a serpent in Space.' The 'Spirit of God moving on chaos' was symbolized by every nation in the shape of a fiery serpent breathing fire and light upon the primordial waters, until it had incubated cosmic matter and made it assume the annular shape of a serpent with its tail in its mouth -- which symbolises not only Eternity and Infinitude, but also the globular shape of all the bodies formed within the Universe from that fiery mist. The Universe, as well as the earth and Man, cast off periodically, serpent-like, their old skins, to assume new ones after a time of rest " The secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
King name "Sarpedon" Greek 1. A son of Zeus by Europa, and a brother of Minos and Rhadamanthys. Being involved in a quarrel with Minos about Miletus, he took refuge with Cilix, whom he assisted against the Lycians and afterwards he became king of the Lycians, and Zeus granted him the privilege of living three generations.
Goddess name "Sarra lntu" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian Fertility goddess. Originally the tutelary deity of the city of Su-Sin. By Hellenistic times she probably became the more important goddess Sarrahitu who is included in the pantheon at Uruk and mentioned in various cult texts where she is described as “the bride” and was presumably involved in a sacred marriage ceremony....
Goddess name "Sarrahitu" Akkadia Goddess of fertility who started out being Tutelary goddess of the city of Su-Sin Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia / Sumeria
Goddess name "Sarrahitu/ Sarra Itu" Mesopotamia / Sumeria / Babylon / Akkadia A fertility goddess that started out being the tutelary goddess of the city of Su-Sin
God name "Sarritor" Roman Minor god of Agriculture who was invoked during the growing and harvesting of crops Roman