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Supreme god name "U Blei Nong-thaw" Assam The Supreme god of the Khasis. To the Khasi, life is God's greatest gift and he therefore has to account for it in the hereafter. Assam
Spirit name "URU'N AJY TOYO'N (white creator lord)" ORIGIN Yakut / central Siberia Creator spirit. A creator being said to live in the zenith of the upper world, and also “in the northeast,” superintending the ICCI (masters or owners). He may also personify the Sun. He tends to act for good and horses were sacrificed to him. Generally addressed by a beneficent or white shaman (ajy ayuna).See also ULU'TUYAR ULU TOYO'N....
Goddess name "Ua-Ildak" Mesopotamia Goddess responsible for pastures and grassland. Poplar trees are sacred to her. Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Ua-Tldak" Mesopotamian / BabylonianAkkadian vegetation goddess. The deity responsible for pastures and poplar trees....
Goddess name "Uadjet" Egypt Wadjit, Wedjet, originally a local city goddess she eventually became the patron goddess of the whole of Lower Egypt associated with the land.
Goddess name "Uairebhuidhe" Ireland bird goddess and possibly a goddess of death. Ireland
"Ualare" New Guinea The name for ancestors, ualare is that by which all sacred objects are designated. Certain animals are ualare, and as these were never injured or eaten. The Elema, Papuan Gulf, New Guinea
Supreme god name "Uanari" Venezuela Supreme god and creator who is constantly vying with the malevolent Kahu. Venezuela
"Uarahiulu" Brazil A stone being who was the wife of Darukavaitere and the mother of the Sun and moon. Brazil
Goddess name "Uathach" Ireland / Scotland Goddess who trained warriors. One of the mistresses of Cuchulain. Ireland / Scotland
God name "Ubasi" Nigeria The creator god of the Yako. Nigeria
Goddess name "Ubastet" Egypt Originally viewed as the protector goddess of Lower Egypt, and consequently depicted as a fierce lion. Egypt
God name "Ubelluris" Hittite A mountain god who carried the western edge of the sky on his shoulders. Hittite
God name "Ubertas" Roman Minor god of Agriculture associated with fruitfulness, fertility and prosperity. Roman
God name "Ubertas" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Known particularly from the reign of Tiberias in the second century BC and associated with prosperity....
"Ucchusma" Buddhist Purifier of the defiled and who speaks with Divine power. Buddhist
God name "Ucchusma" Buddhist God. An emanation of AKSOBHYA or RATNASAMBHAVA. Also a form of JAMBHALA. He is depicted as pot-bellied and stands upon Kubera, the Hindu god of riches, who lies with jewels spewing from his mouth. Attributes: cup, ichneumon fly, image of Aksobhya in the hair, moon disc and snakes. Three-eyed....
God name "Uchoreus" Greek A river god and the father of Memphis. Greek
"Uchtsiti" Acoma Your father, Uchtsiti made you, and it is he who has made the world, the Sun which you have seen, the sky, and many other things which you will see. But Uchtsiti says the world is not yet completed, not yet satisfactory, as he wants it. This is the reason he has made you. Uchtsiti first made the world. He threw a clot of his own blood into space and by his power it grew and grew until it became the earth. Then Uchtsiti planted you in this and by it you were nourished as you developed. Acoma
Goddess name "Ucuetis" Celtic A Celtic god who, along with his consort Bergusia, was venerated at Alesia in Burgundy. The Divine couple are named on inscriptions of the Romano-Celtic period, and an image of a Divine couple has been found on the same site, the male figure bearing a hammer, the female appearing as a goddess of prosperity.
Deities name "Udadhikumara" Jain Generic name of one of the group of deities called Bhavanvasi-nikaya. The Bhavanvasi-nikaya consists of the types: Asurakumara, Nagakumara, Vidyutkumara, Suparnakumara, Agnikumara, Vatakumara, Stanitakumara, Udadhikumara, Dvipakumara and Dikkumara. Jain
Deities name "Udadhikumara" Jain / India Generic name of a god. One of a group of deities under the general title of BHVANAVASI (dwelling in places). They have youthful appearance....
"Udens Mate" Latvia Mother of water, presided over small bodies of water such as wells and ponds. Latvia
King name "Ueuecoyotl" Aztec old coyote, a renowned trickster fond of promiscuity, wild parties and jolly bonking. Aztec
God name "Ugar" Syria A messenger of Baal and an Agriculture god. Syria
God name "Ugar" Western Semitic / Syrian vegetation god. Possibly linked with the Canaanite city of Ugarit [Ras Samra]....
Goddess name "Ugaracandika" Hindu / Puranic / Epic A distinctive form of a goddess Durga
"Ugatame" New Guinea The omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent creator. New Guinea
Goddess name "Ugatara" Puranic death goddess with a strange taste in hats. She is very fond of golden idols and buffalo sacrifices. Puranic
Deity name "Ugayafukiaezu" Japan A Japanese deity (kami) and the father of Japan's mythical first emperor, Emperor Jimmu.
Goddess name "Ugracandika (violent Canda)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Distinct form of the goddess DURGA. One of a group of NAVADURGAS, the “nine durgas.”...
Goddess name "Ugratara (violent Tara)" Hindu / Puranic Goddess. A terrible deity who carries a cup and a corpse upon her head....
God name "Uhubaput" Honduras The Sun-god of the Sumus, their supreme deity. Honduras
God name "Uitzilopchtli" Aztec God of the incarnating of the Sun at Midday. Aztec
Goddess name "Ukat" India Goddess of good luck and whoever recites the 700 slokas of markand purana and asks for a specific boon, the goddess will grant it instantaneously. India
Goddess name "Uke Mochi" Japan Goddess of food, she prepared a feast by facing the ocean and spitting out a fish, then she faced the Forest and bountiful game spewed out of her mouth, finally turning to a rice paddy she coughed up a bowl of rice. Japan
God name "Ukko" Finnish God of Rain storms, thunder, weather and the sky. Finnish
God name "Ukko" Pre - Christian Finnish Thunder god. Drives a cart which generates flashes of lightning as the horses' hoofs hit stones along the way; the noise of thunder comes from the wheels or from Ukko grinding corn with a big stone. Attributes: ax, blue robe, hammer and sword....
God name "Ukko (old man)" Finland The god of the sky and thunder, related to Thor (Estonian Taara).
Goddess name "Uks Akka" Swedish Goddess of midwives who looks after newborn babies. Swedish
God name "Ukupanipo" Hawaii A shark god who controls the amount of fish close enough for the fisherman to catch. He occasionally adopted a human child who gains the power to transform into a shark. Hawaii
Spirit name "Ukur" Babylon underworld spirit of earth and water. Babylon
God name "Ukur" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian Chthonic underworld god. Uma...
God name "Ukur/ Kus" Mesopotamia / Babylon / Akkadian A chthonic underworld god
"Ulfrun" Norse One of Heimdal's nine giant mothers. Norse
Goddess name "Uli" Polynesia A Forest goddess who also dabbles in sorcery. Polynesia
God name "Uliliyassis" Hittite Minor Hittite god who was invoked, before the invention of Viagra, to remove impotence.
Hero name "Ulixes" Greek Ulysses, Ulyxes. The Roman name for Odysseus, one of the principal Greek heroes in the Trojan war.
God name "Ull/ Ullr" Germanic / Norse A god of archery, hunting & skis
God name "Uller" Norse God whose name meant "the brilliant one". Symbolizes oaths, pacts, duels, hunting, Winter, and glory. Norse
God name "Ullikummi" Hurrian A giant stone monster, son of Kumarbi and the sea god's daughter. Hurrian
God name "Ullr" Norse A son of Sif and a stepson of Thor who appears to have been a major god in prehistoric times. Norse
God name "Ulster" Ireland Iubdan of the Faylinn, Ulster god Ireland
"Ultor" Roman The avenger, a surname of Mars, to whom Augustus built a temple at Rome in the forum.
Book name "Ulu'tuyar" Egyptian Thou Beautiful Power, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern heaven, Power of heaven, Opener of the Disk, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern heaven From the EgyptianBook of the Dead
Spirit name "Ulu'tuyar Ulu Toyo'n" Yakut / Cen Siberia A rather evil creator spirit
"Ulupi" Hindu One of Arjuna's wives who abducted him and carried him to the underworld. Hindu
Spirit name "Ulutuyer Ulu Toyon" Siberia Ulu-Toyon. The chief of the 'dark' spirits is Ulutuyer-Ulu-Toyon, 'Onmipotent Lord'. He is always described as living in the western sky, and, in contrast to the inactive Art-Toyon-Aga, he is the personification of action and of the passions. Ulu-Toyon is not always harmful to men, for he gives to them one of his souls, sur, and defends them from the attacks of abassylar. The Yakut, Siberia
Demon name "Uma" Hindu Consort of Siva, famous for her defeat of the army of Chanda and Munda, two demons. She is represented as holding the head of Chanda in one of her four hands, and trampling on Munda. The heads of the army., strung into a necklace, adorn her body, and a girdle of the same surrounds her waist. Hindu
Goddess name "Umaj" Bulgarian Proto-Bulgarian goddess of fertility.
Goddess name "Umaj" Yakut Goddess of midwives, fertility, and birth. Yakut
Deities name "Umashi-Ashi-Kabi-Hiko-Ji-No-Kami (pleasant reed shoot prince elder deity)" Shinto / Japan Creator being. The fourth of the deities to be listed in the Kojiki sacred text. He was engendered from the reeds floating on the pri mordial waters and is perceived as a remote and vague figure who hides himself from mankind....
"Umashii-Ashi -Kabi-Hiko-Ji-No-Kami" Japan / Shinto A creator being formed from the reeds floating on the primordial waters
"Umbanda" Afro-Brazilian Afro-Brazilian religion that blends African traditions with Roman Catholicism,
Deity name "Umlimo" Africa The creator deity of the Amantebele (Zulu). South Africa
"Umlungu" Africa The invisible supreme being of the lake Nyasi region. East Africa
God name "Umubumbi" Uganda The aspect of God as the creator, "the potter." The Gisu, Uganda
God name "Umusemyi" Burundi A creator god of the Barundi. Burundi
"Umvelatanqi" Africa Ukqamata. The supreme being of the Amakxosa. South Africa
God name "Umvelinkwangi" Zulu / South Africa Creator god. He engendered all plants and animals on earth and is the father of the god UNKULUNKULU, who was born from a reed and engendered mankind....
God name "Umvelinkwangi/ Umvelinqangi" Zulu / S Africa The sky god
God name "Umvelinqangi" Zulu The sky God who has a voice like thunder and is known to send down lightning bolts. He descended from heaven to marry Uthlanga and created the primeval reeds from which Unkulunkulu emerged. Zulu
King name "Una" Christian Truth, so called because truth is one. She starts with St. George on his adventure, and being driven by a storm into "Wandering Wood," retires for the night to Hypocrisy's cell. St. George quits the cell, leaving Una behind. In her search for him she is caressed by a lion, who afterwards attends her. She next sleeps in the hut of Superstition, and next morning meets Hypocrisy dressed as St. George. As they journey together Sansloy meets them, exposes Hypocrisy, kills the lion, and carries off Una on his steed to a wild Forest. Una fills the air with her shrieks, and is rescued by the fauns and satyrs, who attempt to worship her, but, being restrained, pay adoration to her ass. She is delivered from the satyrs and fauns by Sir Satyrane, and is told by Archimago that St. George is dead, but subsequently hears that he is the captive of Orgoglio. She goes to king Arthur for aid, and the king both slays Orgoglio and rescues the knight. Una, now takes St. George to the house of Holiness, where he is carefully nursed, and then leads him to Eden, where their union is consummated. Spenser: Faerie queene
Nymph name "Undine" Greek The water-nymph, who was created without a soul, like all others of her species. By marrying a mortal she obtained a soul, and with it all the pains and penalties of the human race. Greek
Goddess name "Unelanuhi" Cherokee Goddess of the Sun who invented hours and minutes. Cherokee
Goddess name "Ungamilia" Australia Goddess of the evening star. Australia
God name "Ungud" Australia A snake god who is sometimes male and sometimes female. He is associated with Rainbows and the fertility and erections of the tribe's shamans. Australia
Supreme god name "Uni" Etruscan The supreme goddess and the patron goddess of Perugia. Etruscan
Goddess name "Uni" Etruscan Tutelary goddess. The consort of the sky god TIN and linked with the region of Perugia....
"Unicorn" Europian According to a belief once popular, the unicorn by dipping its horn into a liquid could detect whether or not it contained poison. In the designs for gold and silver plate made for the Emperor Rudolph II. by Ottavio Strada is a cup on which a unicorn stands as if to essay the liquid.
"Unk" Oglata A female being of magical beauty full of passion but having, in part, an evil nature. Oglala.
Spirit name "Unkulunkulu" Zulu The creator god and great ancestral spirit of the Zulu people. Unkulunkulu is believed to have grown on a reed in the mythical swamp of Uhlanga. Zulu
God name "Unkulunkulu" Zulu / South Africa Creator god. The androgy nous son / daughter of UMVELINKWANGI, and the progenitor of mankind, he was born from a reed....
Goddess name "Untombinde" Africa Tall-Maiden. A beautiful maiden who became the goddess of the sea. Africa
God name "Unumbote" Bassari / Togo, West Africa Creator god. Engendered all living things on earth....
God name "Unumbotte" Togo Creator god. Bassari, Togo
God name "Unumbotte Bassari" Togo A creator god
God name "Unvelingange" Africa The uncreated creator god, father of mankind. The Kaffir, South Africa
"Unwabu" Zulu A chameleon who was sent to humanity to grant them immortality. Unwabu was too slow, leading to the current mortality of humanity. The chameleon's color changes from green to brown because it is mourning Unwabu's sloth. Zulu
Goddess name "Unxia" Roman Minor goddess of marriage, concerned with anointing the bridgegroom's door. Roman
Goddess name "Unxia" Roman Goddess of marriage. Concerned with anointing the bridegroom's door....
Goddess name "Upakesini" Buddhist Minor goddess of cultivation accomplished through the merits of generosity. Buddhist
God name "Upakesini" Buddhist Minor god. An attendant of ARAPACANA....
Goddess name "Upapattivasita (control of fitness)" Buddhist Minor goddess. One of a group of VASITAS personifying the disciplines of spiritual regeneration. Color: mixed. Attribute: a creeper....
Spirit name "Upayaparamita (perfecting success against enemies)" Buddhist Philosophical deity. spiritual offspring of RATNASAMBHAVA. Color: green. Attributes: jeweled staff and staff on yellow lotus....
Goddess name "Upayapattivasita" Buddhist A minor goddess
God name "Upelluri" Hurrian The Hurrian "dreaming god". The gods placed the stone giant Ullikummi on Upelluri's shoulders to form the world. In his slumber, Upelluri was unaware of his burden.
"Upes Mate" Latvia Mother of rivers, presided over rivers. Latvia
King name "Upius" Greek A king of Bithynia whose son, Bormus, a youth of extraordinary beauty, was abducted by nymphs. Greek
God name "Upulero" Indonesia The god of heaven, who fertilizes Upunusa, the earth. Indonesia
God name "Upulvan" Sri Lanka 'the water-lily colored' One of a group of "four great gods", and each of these four gods was the patron of a certain part of the Island. Sri Lanka
God name "Upulvan (like the blue lotus)" Singhalese / Sri Lanka Local god. The most senior of the four great gods of the Singhalese pantheon. Identified with VIS NU, according to one tradition his specific task was to protect the culture of Sri Lanka from Buddhism. Conversely he stood by Gautama BUDDHA against the Hindu MARA....
"Upunusa Grandmother Earth" Indonesia The female principle who was fertilized by Upulero. Indonesia
"Urania" Greek One of the Muses, a daughter of Zeus by Mnemosyne. (Theogony of Hesiod 78. Fasti by Ovid) The ancient bard Linus is called her son by Apollo and Hymenaeus also is said to have been a son of Urania. Greek
Cyclop name "Uranus" Greek Also known as Ouranos, the Latin Caelus, a son of Gaea (Theogony of Hesiod 126), but is also called the husband of Gaea, and by her the father of Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Lapetus, Theia, Rheia, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Tethys, Cronos, of the Cyclopes, Brontes, Steropes, Arges, and of the Hecatoncheires Cottus, Briareus and Gyes. (Theogony 133) Greek
Goddess name "Uras" Sumeria Urash, a goddess of earth, and one of the consorts of the sky god An. She is the mother of the goddess Nininsinna. Sumeria
Goddess name "Uras" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Chthonic earth goddess. One of the named consorts of the sky god AN and the mother of NIN'INSINNA....
Goddess name "Urd" Norse A goddess of fate
"Urda" Scandinavian Verdandi, and Skulda. The three Nornir (Past, Present, and Future) who dwell in a beautiful hall below the ash-tree Yggdrasil'. Their employment is to engrave on a shield the destiny of man. Scandinavian
"Urda Urdan" Scandinavian Urda or Urdan Fount. The sacred fount of light and heat, situated over the Rainbow Bridge, Bifrost. Scandinavian
King name "Urgan" s A mortal born and christened, but stolen by the king of the fairies and brought up in elf-land. He was sent to Lord Richard, the husband of Alice Brand, to lay on him the "curse of the sleepless eye" for killing his wife's brother Ethert. When Lord Richard saw the hideous dwarf he crossed himself, but the elf said, "I fear not sign made with a bloody hand." Then forward stepped Alice and made the sign, and the dwarf said if any woman would sign his brow thrice with a cross he should recover his mortal form. Alice signed him thrice, and the elf became "the fairest knight in all Scotland, in whom she recognised her brother Ethert." Scotland
"Urgel" Slavic Satan's son who became lord of the Pleiades. Slavic
Goddess name "Urjani" Hindu Goddess of physical prowess and strength Hindu
"Ursa Major" Roman Calisto, daughter of Lycaon, was violated by Jupiter, and Juno changed her into a bear. Jupiter placed her among the stars that she might be more under his protection. Roman
Goddess name "Ursule" Haiti Goddess of love Haiti / Vodun
Book name "Uru'n Ajy Toyo'n" Egyptian Thou Beautiful Power, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern heaven, Power of heaven, Opener of the Disk, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern heaven Egyptian Book of the Dead
"Uru'n Ajy Toyo'n/ Ayi' Uru'n Toyoy'n" Yakut / Siberia A creator being that lived in the north east
Goddess name "Ururupuin" Micronesia Goddess of flirting, happiness and playfulness. Micronesia
"Uruzimu" Urartan One of the fiends who seek to cast down the Seven Gates of the Stars. Urartan
Goddess name "Usas" Hindu A beneficient goddess who produces daylight and urges men to their works. Hindu
Goddess name "Usas" Hindu / Vedic Goddess of the dawn. The daughter of Dyaus and, according to some texts, the consort of the Sun god SURYA. An auspicious deity, Usas brings the dawn, heralding Surya, and drives away darkness. She is the all-seeing eye of the gods. In the Rg Veda she is depicted as a beautiful young virginal figure who rides in a hundred chariots. She sets all things in motion and can render strength and fame to her devotees. In addition to being perceived as a sky goddess, she is also drawn as a mother goddess in the guise of a cow. Epithets include “mother of the gods” and “mother of cows.” She is invoked to give the boon of longevity, but a more malignant aspect reveals her as a huntress who wastes human life. Usas sometimes enjoys a domestic worship as a guardian hearth goddess who drives away darkness and evil spirits. She disappears, however, from the later traditions of Hinduism....
Goddess name "Ushas" Sanskrit Sanskrit for "dawn", is a Vedic deity. She is the chief goddess, sometimes imagined as several goddesses, Dawns, exalted in the Rig Veda. She is portrayed as a beautifully adorned, sexually attractive young woman riding in a chariot. She is the daughter of Dyaus "Heaven".
God name "Usins" Latavia An astral god that was affiliated with both the morning & evening star, he sidelined with beekeepers & spring until the Christians showed up and then he became St. George
God name "Usins" Pre - Christian Latvian Astral god. Associated with both the morning and evening star and also has links with bee-keepers and spring. Under Christian influence he becomes absorbed into the figure of St. George....
Spirit name "Uslo" Siberia spirit of the mountains, one of the guardians of the natural world Yakut, Siberia
Spirit name "Uslo" Yakut / central Siberia spirit of mountains. One of the guardians of the natural world answering to the mountain owner XAYA ICCITA....
Deity name "Usnisa" Buddhist The deity who can eliminate all evil karmic hindrances and eradicate the suffering of all evil paths." Buddhist
Deities name "Usnisa" Buddhist God. A dikpala or guardian of the zenith direction. Also a collective term for a group of eight deities, including Usnisa, who are perceived as extensions of the DHYANIBUDDHAS. NOTE: the word describes, additionally, a type of curled hairstyle found in the characteristic iconography of buddbas. Color: yellow. Attributes: jewel, lotus, prayer wheel and sword. Threeheaded....
Goddess name "Usnisavijaya" Buddhist A goddess of longevity in Buddhism. She wears an image of the Budda Vairocana in her headdress. She is the most popular Budda goddess in Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia.
Goddess name "Usnisavijaya (victorious)" Buddhist / Mahayana Primordial goddess. Form of VAIROCANA, widely worshiped in Tibet. Regarded as a female BODHISATTVA or buddbadesignate, and a dikpala or guardian of the zenith direction. Also a deification of literature. One of a group of DHARANIS. Color: white. Attributes: arrow, bow, image of the BUDDHA on a lotus leaf, jewel, noose, prayer wheel, staff and waterjar. Three-eyed, three-headed and with eight arms....
Goddess name "Uso Dori" Japan Goddess of singing. Japan
"Utgard" Norse [The out-yard]. The abode of the giant Utgard-Loke. Norse
"Utgard-Loke" Norse The giant of Utgard visited by Thor. He calls himself Skrymer. Norse
God name "Uthlanga" Africa The supreme father and creator god; the source of all beings. The Zulu, South Africa
King name "Utixo" Khoi A benevolent deity who lived in the sky, sending Rain for the crops, and speaking with thunder. Khoi
Goddess name "Utlunta" Cherokee Goddess of physical prowess. Her body has the density of stone and the ground shudders with her awesome weight. Cherokee
God name "Utnapishtim" Sumerian Utnapishtim is the wise king of the Sumerian city state of Shuruppak who, along with his wife, survived a great flood sent by Enlil to drown every living thing on earth. Utnapishtim was secretly warned by the water god Ea of Enlil's planned and constructed a great boat or ark to save himself, his family and representatives of each species of animal.
Goddess name "Uttara Bhadrapada" Hindu A goddess of the hunt and one of Shiva's servants. Hindu
Goddess name "Uttara Palguni" Hindu Minor goddess of healing and disease. Hindu
Goddess name "Uttarabhadrapada" Hindu / Puranic / Epic A minor goddess of fortune
Goddess name "Uttarabhadrapada" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess of fortune. A moderate NAKSATRA; daughter of DAKSA and wife of CANDRA (SOMA)....
Goddess name "Uttarapalguni" Hindu / Puranic / Epic A minor goddess
Goddess name "Uttaraphalguni" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess of fortune. A moderate NAKSATRA; daughter of DAKSA and wife of CANDRA (SOMA)....
Goddess name "Uttarasadha" Hindu Minor goddess of fortune revered by seers and poets, by gods and then by men. Hindu
Goddess name "Uttarasadha" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess of fortune. A benevolent NAKSATRA; daughter of DAKSA and wife of CANDRA (SOMA)....
Goddess name "Uttu" Sumeria The goddess of weaving and clothing. Sumeria
Goddess name "Uttu" Mesopotamian / Sumerian vegetation goddess and goddess of weaving. Not to be confused with UTU the Sun god, Uttu is a minor deity whose father is ENKI. According to legend, Enki first impregnated the mother goddess NINHURSAG A, whose nine-day gestation produced the goddess NIN-S'AR. She in turn was impregnated by Enki and, after a similar nine-day gestation, gave birth to the goddess NINKURRA. Through the same procedure with her grandfather, Ninkurra conceived the goddess Uttu. She is depicted as the goddess of weaving and of spiders....
God name "Utu" Sumeria God of the Sun and justice who rules the fate of the dead. Sumeria
God name "Uwolowu" Togo Creator god who first made a woman on the earth and bore with her the first child, the first human being. Akposso, Togo
Goddess name "Uzume" Japan The Great Persuader, and The heavenly Alarming Female. The goddess who lured out the Sun deity, Amaterasu, by dancing naked in a bath. Japan