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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Scotland"

Goddess name "Aife/ Aoife" Irish/ Scotland A Goddess & queen of the Isle of shadow
God name "Ard Greimme" Scotland Father of the famed warrioress sister Aife and Scathach. Once a Sun God. Ireland, Scotland
"Ard Greimme" Scotland Means "high power" or "High sun". He is the father of the warrioress sisters Aife and Scathach Ireland/Scotland
"Bahr Geist" Scotland A banshee or grey-spectre. Scotland
Angel name "Blue Men" Scotland "The fallen Angels were driven out of Paradise in three divisions, one became the Fairies of the land, one the Blue Men in the sea and one the Nimble Men . . . or Merry Dancers of the sky." Campbell. Superstitions of Scotland.
Spirit name "Bodachs" Scotland Malicious house Spirits of the Scottish Highlands in the form of a shriveled old man who lives up the chimney in the daytime and comes out at night to punish naughty children. Scotland
Ghost name "Bogeyman" Scotland Boogyman, or bogyman, is a legendary Ghost-like monster often believed in by children. The bogeyman has no specific appearance. The term bogeyman is also used metaphorically to mean a person or thing of which someone else has an irrational fear.
Spirit name "Boggart" Scotland A local hobgoblin or Spirit. Scotland
"Bogles" Scotland A form of Goblin with a very nasty temperament.
"Brown Man Of The Muirs" Scotland Brown Man Of The Muirs, the protector of wild animals. Scotland
"Brownie" Scotland A domestic fairy; the servants friend if well treated. Scotland
Spirit name "Brownies" Scotland House Spirits of Scotland doing the housework, guiding cows back to the farmyard and ushering their hens back to their roosts.
Goddess name "Caillech/ Cailleach/ Carlin/ Mala/ Liath" Irish/ Scotland/ Manx A Goddess of winter & the goddess in her destroyer aspect
"Cairn Maiden" Scotland A beautiful, golden haired girl who slices off the heads of harvesters. Scotland
Goddess name "Carlin" Scotland Goddess of winter and the spirit of the eve of Samhain (Halloween), the night the ghosts of the dead roamed the world of the living. Scotland
Goddess name "Cerridwen" Scotland Goddess of fertility Wales/Scotland
Goddess name "Cerridwen" Wales/ Scotland A moon, grain, education & healing Goddess
Goddess name "Corra" Scotland Goddess of prophecy and who regularly appeared in the form of a crane. Scotland
God name "Coventina" Scotland One of the most potent of the Celtic river Gods
"Cowalker" Scotland An apparition that is identical to the living person, which shows itself shortly before the persons death or at his or her funeral. Scotland
"Dahu" Scotland A folkloric creature well known in France and Switzerland also known as a Haggis in Northern England and Scotland.
Goddess name "Dia Griene" Scotland Goddess of war Scotland
Goddess name "Elphame aka Elphlane" Scotland Elphane, Goddess of death and disease. Scotland
Goddess name "Elphame/ Elphlane/ Elphane/ Queen of Elphame" Scotland A Goddess of death & disease
"Fideal" Scotland A sprite of water who haunts lonely pools and hides herself in the grasses by the water. Scotland
"Habundia" Scotland Queen of the White Ladies.
Goddess name "Harimella" Scotland A Goddess of protection; of Tungrain origin. Scotland
Goddess name "Harimella/ Viradechthis" Scotland A Goddess of Tungrain origin
"Hornie" Scotland Auld Hornie. The devil, so called in Scotland. The allusion is to the horns with which Satan is generally represented.
Spirit name "Kelpie" Scotland a very bad tempered water Spirit with only one eye and that likes to kill humans
"Klippe" Scotland The local name for a fairy. Forfarshire. Scotland
"Mahoun" Scotland Name of contempt for Mahomet, a Moslem, a Moor. In Scotland it used to mean devil.
Goddess name "Melusine" Britain/ Scotland A serpent Goddess
Goddess name "Momu" Scotland Goddess of wells and hillsides. Scotland
Goddess name "Muireartach" Scotland Battle Goddess Ireland/Scotland
Spirit name "Nuckelavee" Scotland A monster of unmixed malignity, never willingly resting from doing evil to mankind. He was a Spirit in flesh. His home was the sea; and whatever his means of transit were in that element, when he moved on land he rode a horse as terrible in aspect as himself. Some thought that rider and horse were really one, and that this was the shape of the monster. Nuckelavee's head was like a man's, only ten times larger, and his mouth projected like that of a pig, and was enormously wide. There was not a hair on the monster's body, for the very good reason that he had no skin. Scotland
Goddess name "Scotia" Scotland A bloodthirsty sorceress and a Goddess of battle and the slain. Scotland
God name "Shoney" Scotland Sea faeries living off the coast of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Originally a single God of the North Sea Ireland/Scotland/Manx
Goddess name "Triduana" Scotland Goddess of Edinburgh Scotland
King name "Urgan" s A mortal born and christened, but stolen by the King of the fairies and brought up in elf-land. He was sent to Lord Richard, the husband of Alice Brand, to lay on him the "curse of the sleepless eye" for killing his wife's brother Ethert. When Lord Richard saw the hideous dwarf he crossed himself, but the elf said, "I fear not sign made with a bloody hand." Then forward stepped Alice and made the sign, and the dwarf said if any woman would sign his brow thrice with a cross he should recover his mortal form. Alice signed him thrice, and the elf became "the fairest knight in all Scotland, in whom she recognised her brother Ethert." Scotland
Goddess name "Viradechthis aka Harimella" Scotland Goddess of protection. Scotland
Spirit name "White Lady" Scotland White Lady Of Avenel, a tutelary Spirit. Scotland
Ghost name "Wraith" Scotland The Ghost of a person shortly about to die or just dead, which appears to survivors, sometimes at a great distance off. Scotland