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Goddess name "Ja neb'a" Slavic Benevolent goddess of the earth who can alter the physical structure of magma and stone, Terrakinesis. Slavic
God name "Jabru" Elamite / Iran A sky god, a rather minor one
God name "Jabru" Elamite / Iran sky god. Local deity largely eclipsed by AN....
Spirit name "Jack A-Lantern" Arabian A bog or marsh spirit who delights to mislead. These Arabian spirits were formed of "smokeless fire."
"Jack Frost" Discworld Leaves frosty tracings on icy windows. Can draw anything, but happens to really like fern patterns. Mentioned in Hogfather, when the newly created Verruca Gnome convinced him to branch out from ferns, feathers, and paisley. Discworld
Angel name "Jacob's Ladder" Genesis A ladder seen by the patriarch Jacob in a vision. It was set on the earth, and reached to heaven, and angels seemed to be ascending and descending on it. Genesis
"Jacques Bonhomme" French A sort of fairy good-luck, who is to redress all wrongs, and make all the poor wealthy. French
God name "Jacy" Brazilian moon god and the creator of plant life. Brazilian
"Jafnhar" Norse Equally high. A name of Odin. Norse
Goddess name "Jagadhamba" Hindu She Who dances the dance of life. The goddess of the cosmic energy which motivates evolution. Hindu
"Jagannath" Hindu Jagganath, Jagannatha, "Lord of the world";. Name for Vishnu in his manifestation as Krishna. Hindu
God name "Jagaubis" Lithuanian Fire god. Lithuanian
God name "Jagaubis" Pre - Christian Lithuanian Fire god. Largely eclipsed by GABIJA....
God name "Jagganath/ Juggernaut" Hindu The god whose name means Lord of the world
God name "Jahve" Israel Jawhe, Jahveh. The god of Israel.
God name "Jakomba" Bangala / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa God of morality. Also known as the god of hearts, he controls human thought. Also Nzakomba....
God name "Jakomba Bangala" Zaire A god of morality that controls human thought
"Jalang" Guinea, Mali The all-powerful supreme being of the Mdinge.
God name "Jalinprabha (light of the sun)" Buddhist God. A BODHISATTVA or buddhadesignate. Color: red. Attributes: staff, Sun disc and sword. Also Suryaprabha....
"Jalk" Norse A name of Odin. Norse
Goddess name "Jamaina" Brazil Goddess of the ocean and is often represented as a mermaid. Brazil
Deity name "Jambhala" Buddhist Embodies the Wealth deity aspect of all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of past, present and future, and grants longevity and prosperity in daily life. Buddhist
God name "Jambhala (devouring)" Buddhist / Mahayana God. An emanation of AKSOBHYA, RATNASAMBHAVA or Vajrasattva, or a collective emanation of the five DHYANIBUDDHAS, he is the equal of the Hindu god KUBERA. His SAKTI is VASUDHARA and he may stand upon a man or a conch. Color: blue or white. Attributes: arrow, bow, cup, hook, Ichneumon fly, image of Aksobhya in the hair, jewel, noose, other jewels, staff, sword and trident. Threeheaded, each head representing one of the three named Dhyanibuddhas....
"Jambuscha" Hebrew Adam's preceptor, according to the pre-Adamites. Sometimes called Boan, and sometime Zagtith. Hebrew
God name "Jamma" Phonecia / Canaan A god of of water, to be primarily a sea god
King name "Jamshid" Persia king of the Genii, famous for a golden cup full of the elixir of life. This cup, hidden by the genii, was discovered while digging the foundations of Persepolis. Persia
God name "Jana" Roman Two faced god of beginnings, arches, doors, entrances and gates. Roman
Goddess name "Janavasita" Buddhist A minor goddess affiliated with knowledge or the control of knowledge
Goddess name "Jandira" Brazil Goddess of the sea. Brazil
Goddess name "Janguli" Buddhist Goddess of healing and snakebites. Buddhist
Goddess name "Janguli (knowledge of poisons)" Buddhist / Mahayana Snake goddess. Prevents and cures snake bite. An emanation of AKSOBHYA. Also one of a group of DHARANIS (deification of Buddhist texts). Accompanied by a snake or other unidentified creature. Color: green, white or yellow. Attributes: arrow, blue lotus, bow, image of Aksobhya on crown, lute, peacock feather, snake, staff, sword and trident. Oneor three-headed....
God name "Janis" Latvia Summer Solstice deity and a fertility god. Latvia
"Jannes and Jambres" Egypt The two magicians of Pharaoh, who imitated some of the miracles of Moses. The Jannes and Jambres who withstood Moses, mentioned by St. Paul, are supposed to be the same. Egypt
God name "Janus" Roman Two faced god of beginnings, arches, doors, entrances and gates Roman
"Japetus" Greek A son of Uranus and Ge, a Titan and brother of Cronus, Oceanus, Coeus, Hyperion, Tethys, Rhea, etc. According to Apollodorus he married Asia, the daughter of his brother Oceanus, and became by her the father of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius, who was slain by Zeus in the war against the Titans, and shut up in Tartarus. Greek
God name "Jar Sub" Turkey This is the god of the universe
God name "Jar'Edo Wens" Australian A god of earthly knowledge and physical might, created by Altjira to ensure that people did not get too arrogant or self-conceited. He is associated with victory and intelligence. Australian aboriginal
Goddess name "Jara" Hindu Goddess of the household, domestic health, happiness and prosperity. The night-eater of corpses. Hindu
God name "Jarih" Canaan God of the moon Canaan
God name "Jarih/ Erah" Canaan A moon god
Deity name "Jarilo" Slavic A major Proto-Slavic deity of vegetation, fertility and spring, also associated with war and harvest.
Goddess name "Jarina" Brazil Tree goddess, well known for her capacity for drink. Bakairi, Brazil
"Jarnsaxa Iron-chopper" s One of Heimdal's nine giant mothers.
"Jarnvid Iron-wood" Norse A wood east of Midgard, peopled by giantesses called Jarnvids. This wood had iron leaves. Norse
"Jarnvids" Norse The giantesses in the Iron-wood. Norse
God name "Jarovit" W Slavic He is considered a war god
God name "Jarri" Hittite God of plague and pestilence, was also a god who helped the king in battle Hittite
God name "Jarri" Hittite / Hurrian Plague god. Also war god known as the “lord of the bow” who protected the king in battle....
Goddess name "Jaso" Greek Goddess of health and recovery Iaso Greek
Hero name "Jason" Greek I.e. the healer or atoner, a name which the hero was said to have received from Cheiron, his instructor, having before been called Diomedes. The chief exploits of this hero are related in the article Argonautae, and we therefore confine ourselves now to his personal history. Greek
God name "Jasy Jaterei" Guarani God of the siesta. Guarani
Goddess name "Jata" Borneo Goddess of the sky Borneo
God name "Javine" Lithuanian A household god who protects grain in barns. Lithuanian
God name "Jawhe" Israel Thought to be God of mountains prior to becoming the god of Israel,Mount Sinai is his suspected mountain Israel
God name "Jawhe/ Jahve/ Jehovah" Israel Thought to be a mountain god prior to becoming the god of Israel, Mount Sinai is his suspected mountain
Goddess name "Jaya-Vijaya" Hindu Twin goddess, possibly forms of Durga Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Jayakara" Buddhist God who rides in a cage drawn by Cockatoos Buddhist
God name "Jayakara (victorious)" Buddhist God. Probably of Hindu derivation, he rides in a carriage drawn by cockatoos. Color: white. Attributes: arrow, bow, garland and wine glass....
God name "Jayanta" Hindu God who is one of the 11 forms of the god Rudra Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Jayanta (victorious)" Hindu / Vedic / Puranic God. One of the sons of INDRA, and one of the eleven EKADASARUDRAS or forms of the god RUDRA. Attributes: arrow, ax, bow, club, cup, drum, hammer, hook, prayer wheel, rosary, spear, trident and waterjar....
Goddess name "Jayatara" Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Jayatara (victorious Tara)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. Jaya-Vijaya (victorious)...
Angel name "Jazeriel" Christians angels of the Mansions of the moon.
"Jedza" Poland Equivalent of Baba Yaga Poland
"Jehennam" India The Gehenna or Inferno of the Arabs. It consists of seven stages, one below the other. The first is allotted to atheists; the second to Manicheans; the third to the Brahmins of India; the fourth to the Jews; the fifth to Christians; the sixth to the Magians or Ghebers of Persia; and the seventh to hypocrites. The Koran
God name "Jehovah" Israel Creator god of Israel. A mix of of letters from Jhwh / Yhwh and Adonai - created so that people wouldn't utter the actual name. When Christians, unaware of the Jewish tradition, started to read the Hebrew Bible, they read it with the Masoretic vowels together with the consonants as written, and obtained Iehovah. Today this transcription is generally recognized as mistaken. Many religious groups continue to use the form Jehovah, because it is familiar and because the correct pronunciation is unknown.
God name "Jehovah" Christian Creator god. The name came into usage from circa AD 1200 and is an adulteration which has largely replaced the title YHWH in the English-speaking churches.See also YHWH....
God name "Jen An" China God of robbers China
God name "Jesus aka Iesous" Christian Joshua, Yehoshua, Yeshua. Another Son of God, the second person in the Trinity of Jehovah, and the source of Christian belief.
Spirit name "Jetaita Yamama" Tirerra del Fuego And earth spirits of the fearful type Tirerra del Fuego
Goddess name "Jia Shi" China Goddess and stellar deity China
Goddess name "Jian Lao" Buddhist Goddess of the earth and permanence Buddhist / China
Supreme god name "Jie" Uganda The supreme god of the Akuj. Uganda
Spirit name "Jievaras" Lithuanian A household spirit who protects grain. Sacrifices to Jievaras are made after the rye harvest. While cutting grain, women would leave a few grain tufts uncut, which would later be braided into plaits. They would also leave some bread and salt under the plait. Lithuanian
God name "Jih Kuan T'ai Yang." China A Sun god. China
God name "Jimi" Discworld The god of beggars. The Ankh-Morpork Beggars' Guild has a statue of him. Discworld
Deity name "Jimmu" Japan The first emperor of Japan, direct descendant of Amaterasu, the supreme deity, and generally regarded as the ancestor of the present Japanese emperor. Jimmu is a Chinese-style name given to this emperor much later; his original name was Kamu-yamato-iwarehiko. Kamu means “divine,” and Yamato is the name of the loca- tion of the ancient capital.
King name "Jinn" Arabian A sort of fairies in Arabian mythology, the offspring of fire. They propagate their species like human beings, and are governed by a race of kings named Suleyman, one of whom built the pyramids. Their chief abode is the mountain Kaf, and they appear to men under the forms of serpents, dogs, cats, monsters, or even human beings, and become invisible at pleasure. The evil jinn are hideously ugly, but the good are exquisitely beautiful. According to fable, they were created from fire two thousand years before Adam was made of earth. The singular of jinn is jinnee.
"Jizo Bosatsu" Japan Works to ease the suffering and shorten the sentence of those serving time in hell. Jizo can appear in many different forms to alleviate suffering. In modern Japan, Jizo is popularly known as the guardian of unborn, aborted, miscarried, and stillborn babies. Japan
Goddess name "Jnanadakini" Buddhist / Mayhayana A goddess associated with, or whose name means, knowledge
Goddess name "Jnanadakini (knowledge)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. An emanation of AKSOBHYA and the SAKTI of yogambara. Color: blue. Attributes: ax, bell, club, cup, staff and sword....
Deity name "Jnanaparamita" Buddhist A deity who has perfected transcendent, super-human or supernatural knowledge. Buddhist
Spirit name "Jnanaparamita (perfection of knowledge)" Buddhist Philosophical deity. spiritual offspring of RATNASAMBHAVA. Color: white. Attributes: the tree of wisdom and a jeweled banner....
Goddess name "Jnanavasita (control of knowledge)" Buddhist Minor goddess. One of a group of VASITAS personifying the disciplines of spiritual regeneration. Color: whitish blue. Attributes: sword on a blue lotus....
"Joachim" Greek The father of the Virgin Mary. Generally represented as an old man carrying in a basket two turtle-doves, in allusion to the offering made for the purification of his daughter. His wife was Anne or Anna. Fairy Tale
"Jocchu Vague Maorocon" West Indies An immortal invisible being…who lived in the heavens. West Indies
"Joda mate" Latvia Mother of the evil one Latvia
Spirit name "Jogah" Iroquois Dwarf nature spirits Iroquois
God name "Joh" Egypt Original word for God of the moon in Thebes Egypt
God name "Johanoai" Navajo Has precedence over all other gods and is the Sun-bearer and he is considered the most important deity and is the father or grandfather of all the other gods. Navajo
God name "Jok" Uganda God of the Alur tribesmen of Uganda and Zaire. He is also known as Jok Odudu the god of birth. Uganda
God name "Jok" African Creator god. A generic term employed by a large number of tribes. Generally the jok is represented by a totem and also has an animal name. The Acholi in Uganda perceive jok to live in caves to which they deliver food and drink offerings. For the Shilluk in Sudan, Jwok created mankind from river clay....
God name "Jokinam" Lake Albert / E Africa A lake god
God name "Jokinam" Lake Albert / East Africa lake god. The owner of the “lake cows” which graze at the bottom of lake Albert and which are herded by drowned fishermen....
God name "Jokinam Lake Albert" Africa lake god Africa
Goddess name "Jokwa" Asian Goddess of justice Asian
God name "Jomali" Iceland God of the sky. Very fond of gold chains. Iceland
"Jongsuli-Young-Jongbu" India At first there was neither earth nor sky, Shuzanghu and his wife Zumiang-Nui lived alone...In due time Zumiang-Nui gave birth to a baby-girl, Subbu-Khai-Thung, who is the earth and to a baby-boy, Jongsuli-Young-Jongbu, who is the sky. India
Goddess name "Jord" Icelandic / Germanic An earth goddess mentioned in the Edda by Snorri
God name "Jori-Torem" Vogul The highest god. Also a sky god and the father of the gods. Vogul
God name "Jormungand" Norse The serpent, Jormungand was the middle child of Loki and the giantess, Angrboda. He had 2 siblings, Hel, and the wolf, Fenrir. Alarmed that Loki had fathered these children, Odin sent a group of gods to kidnap them. Once captured, Odin threw Jormungand into the ocean surrounding Midgard, where he lived from then on. The serpent grew so much that he encircled the whole world and bit his own tail. Norse
Spirit name "Jormungandar or Midgardsormen" Norse earth's monster. The great serpent, brother of Hela and Fenrir and son of Loki, the spirit of evil. It used to lie at the root of the celestial ash till All-Fader cast it into the ocean; it then grew so large that in time it encompassed the whole world, and was for ever biting its own tail. Norse
"Jotun" Norse A giant. The giants were the earliest created beings and Thor frequently contends with them. Famous giants are: Ymer, Hymer, Hrungner, Orvandel, Gymer, Skrymer, Vafthrudner and Thjasse. Norse
"Jotunheim" Norse Jotunheimer. The Utgaard; the home of the giants in the outermost parts of the earth. Norse
God name "Jove" Greek He who thunders from on high, archaic latin for the father god, and is another name for Jupiter
Goddess name "Jubbu jang sangne" Brazil The goddess of the Jurema & a sacred tree
Goddess name "Jubbu-jang-sange" Brazil Goddess of the jurema (a sacred tree). The tree provides a narcotic used in inducing visions. Bakairi Brazil
"Juck Shilluck" Africa This is the creator of the world
Goddess name "Juga Or Jugalis" Greek That is, the goddess of marriage, occurs as a surname of Juno, in the same sense as the Greek Zygia.
God name "Juggernaut or Jaggernaut" Crow The Hindu god Jagganath. The word is a corruption of the Sanscrit jagannatha (lord of the world). The temple of this god is in a town of the same name in Orissa. king Ayeen Akbery sent a learned Brahman to look out a site for a temple. The Brahman wandered about for many days, and then saw a crow dive into the water, and having washed, made obeisance to the element. This was selected as the site of the temple. While the temple was a-building the rajah had a prophetic dream, telling him that the true form of Vishnu should be revealed to him in the morning. When the rajah went to see the temple he beheld a log of wood in the water, and this log he accepted as the realisation of his dream, enshrined it in the temple, and called it Jagannath.
Goddess name "Jugumishanta" New Guinea Creator goddess and Mother of earth. New Guinea
"Jukun" Nigeria The creator of the Shido and Chido people. Nigeria
Spirit name "Julana" Jumu A lecherous spirit who surprises women by burrowing beneath the sand. He was alive, and wandered the earth with his father, Njirana, during the Dreamtime. Jumu, Australian aboriginal
God name "Julunggul" Aus A creator god that was the bringer of culture & identified with of the Rainbow-snake
Goddess name "Julunggul" Australia A Rainbow snake goddess, who oversaw the maturing and initiation of boys into manhood. She was a fertility goddess, associated with rebirth and the weather. Australia
"Julus" Roman The eldest son of Ascanius, who claimed the government of Latium, but was obliged to give it up to his brother Silvius. Roman
Spirit name "Juma" Finnish / Mari / Ugart God of the sky, whose name is also associated with spirits of earth, water, wind, and the home. Finnish / Mari / Ugart
Supreme god name "Jumala" Finland A generic name for a major deity. Originally the name given by the Finns to the sky, the sky-god, and the supreme god. Later taivas and Ukko were used as the names for the sky and the sky-god. The word means god and was later used for the Christian God. The origin of the word is unknown – some possible explanations are derivation from Jomali, the supreme deity of the Permians and origination from the Estonian word jume.
Supreme god name "Jumala" Finnish A god who it is not only a sky god but it is but by air to closely supreme god as well
Supreme god name "Jumala" Finnland The supreme god of the ancient Finns and Lapps. The word is sometimes used by the Scandinavian poets for the Almighty.
Goddess name "Jumala" Russia Goddess of war Russia
Deity name "Jumis" Latvia deity of the Fields and fertility. Latvia
God name "Jumis" Pre - Christian Latvian Fertility god. Symbolized by cereal stalks joined at the heads, or bent over and buried in the ground....
Goddess name "Jumit" Egypt A local goddess of El Tod
God name "Jumjum" Sudan The high god of the Dyong, Sudan
God name "Jumo" Russia Jume. The supreme deity and sky god of the Cheremis. Russia
Goddess name "Junda" Lithuanian A goddess of war. Known merely from its name. Lithuanian
Goddess name "Junkgowa" Australia Sisters and goddesses of the Sea and Marine Life. Active during the Dreamtime. Australia
"Junner" Scandinavian A giant in Scandinavian mythology, said in the Edda to represent the "eternal principle." Its skull forms the heavens; its eyes the Sun and moon; its shoulders the mountains; its bones the rocks, etc.; hence the poets call heaven "Junner's skull;" the Sun, "Junner's right eye;" the moon, "Junner's left eye;" the rivers, "the ichor of old Junner."
Goddess name "Juno" Roman A Roman goddess of marriage and the long-suffering wife of Jupiter. Like her Greek equivalent, Hera, she was the protector of women, in particular married women. A festival took place in her honour on the calends (first) of March. Roman
Goddess name "Juno Caelestis" Carthage The tutelary goddess of Roman Carthage
Goddess name "Juno Lucina" Roman The goddess of childbirth. Roman
God name "Juno, Minerva, Tinia , Vulcan, Mars, Saturn, Hercules, Summauus, Vedius" Etruscan Nine Gods Of the Etruscans: Juno, Minerva, and Tinia (the three chief); the other six were Vulcan, Mars, and Saturn, Hercules, Summauus, and Vedius.
God name "Junrojin" Japan The god of longevity and luck. One of Japan's Seven Lucky Gods
Deities name "Junrojin" Shinto / Japan God of luck. One of seven deities in Shintoism concerned with fortune. He is depicted as a Chinese hermit and is sometimes confused with the god FUKUROKUJU. A small figure with a large head, he carries a staff to which is attached a little Book. By tradition the Book contains information about the lifespan of each mortal person. He is accompanied by a black deer, said to have been made thus by old age....
"Juok" Africa / Egypt Juok of the Shilluks. Juok molded all men of earth while he wandered the earth creating the rest of the world. White men were created from white sand which Juok found in the land of the white. Red or brown men were created out of the mud of the Nile in Egypt. Black men were created from black earth found in the land of the Shilluck. According to this creation story, man was given all necessary parts to function. Each part had a reason for being. For example, Juok gave man arms in order for man to work. Africa
"Juok and" Bunzi The creator of all men
Planet name "Jupiter" Roman Jupiter is, properly speaking, a derivation of Jove and pater (Latin for father) The name of the god was also adopted as the name of the planet Jupiter, and was the original namesake of the weekday that would come to be known in English as Thursday (the etymological root can be seen in French jeudi, from Jovis Dies). The Indo-European deity who also evolved into the Germanic Tiwaz (after whom Tuesday was named), the Greek Zeus, and Dyaus Pita of the Vedic religion. Jove is a vocative form of the name, evolved from Dyeus. Roman
God name "Jupka" N American Creator god and teacher of the people. The Yahi, California
Goddess name "Juras Mate/ Jurasmat" Latvia A goddess of the sea
Goddess name "Jurasmat" Latvia Goddess of the sea and of healing who fell in love with a mortal called Kastysis. Latvia
Goddess name "Jurate" Baltic A goddess of the ocean
Goddess name "Jurate and Kastytis" Lithuanian Heroes of a Lithuanian legend. The queen of the amber palace Jurate may be considered a manifestation of the goddess of Sea.
God name "Jurojin" Japan God of longevity and luck Japan
God name "Jurupari" Brazil A god limited to worship by men, generally limited to isolated tribes in Brazil
Goddess name "Juterna/ Juturna" Roman A goddess of healing & springs invoked during drought
God name "Juti Mara Edutzi" Bolivia The Sun god of the Araona. Bolivia
Nymph name "Juturna" Roman Juterna, the nymph of a well in Latium, famous for its excellent healing qualities. She is said to have been beloved by Jupiter, who rewarded her with immortality and the rule over the waters. Arnobius calls her the wife of Janus and mother of Fontus, but in the Aeneid she appears as the affectionate sister of Turnus. Roman
"Juventas" Roman The personification of youth. Roman.
God name "Jvaraharisvara (lord of fever)" Hindu Plague god. Associated with malaria, particularly in Bengal....
God name "Jvartaharisvara" Hindu A plague god associated with malaria
Goddess name "Jvvritas" Roman Goddess of youth. Modeled on the Greek goddess HEBE....
Goddess name "Jw" Buddhist Ja'u, Jawi. Possibly a part of the syncretistic Agami Jawi. Many Hindu-Buddhist gods, called dewata with Sanskrit names, are incorporated in Agami Jawi. Dewi Sri comes from Sri, the consort of Vishnu, and in Java is the goddess of fertility and rice.
God name "Jw/ Ja'u/ Jawi" Syria This god is so ancient it yhad to be deduced from the study of personal names, nothing is known for certain but it may be identical to the harvest god Ao
Goddess name "Jyeshtha" Hindu Goddess of bad luck, revenge and dark magic. Hindu
God name "Jyotiska" Jain / India The stellar gods, there are five classes
Goddess name "Jyrstha" Hindu / Puranic / earlier Goddess of misfortune. The elder sister of the goddess LAKSMI, Jyestha personifies poverty and is depicted with a large belly and long nose. In earlier Hinduism she was worshiped particularly in southern India. Also a NAKSATRA of evil influence; daughter of DAKSA and wife of CANDRA (SOMA). Her animal is an ass. Attributes: arrow, banner with crow, cup, blue lotus, hair-ornament and staff....