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List of Gods : "Celtic"
Abandinus Celtic An obscure Celtic deity, possibly a river-god. He is currently known only from a single inscription from Godmanchester in Cambridgeshire, England: a bronze votive feather is dedicated to him with the fragmentary text "to the god Abandinus, Vatiaucus gave this from his own resources" inscribed on a plaque.
Abnoba Celtic Goddess of the hunt, similar to the Roman Diana. Celtic
Achtland Celtic Goddess queen who no mortal man could sexually satisfy, so she took a giant from the faery realm as her mate. Celtic
Addanc aka adanc Welsh Addane, afanc, avanc, abhac, abac, a lake monster that also appears in Celtic and British folklore. It is described alternately as resembling a crocodile, beaver or dwarf, and is sometimes said to be a demon. The lake in which it dwells also varies; it is variously said to live in Llyn Llion, Llyn Barfog, near Brynberian Bridge or in Llyn yr Afanc, a lake in Betws-y-Coed that was named after the creature. Welsh
Aed Celtic/Ireland Underworld god. Son of Lir and Aobh. Celtic/Ireland
Aengus Celtic/ Irish worshipped from about 500 BC/ 400 AD
Aericura Celtic/ Roman An underworld god known only from inscription
Aericura aka Erecura Roman/Celtic Herecura, Eracura, was a goddess worshipped in ancient times, often thought to be Celtic in origin, mostly represented with the attributes of Proserpina and associated with the Roman underworld god Dis Pater. Roman/Celtic
Aerten Welsh/Cornish Goddess of fate who presided over the battles of several Celtic clans. She is often equated to the Three Fates of Greco-Roman mythology. Welsh/Cornish
Aeval Celtic A goddess of sexual relations & small size
Aeval .Aibell Aoibhell Celtic Aeval aka Aibell Aoibhell, was a goddess or fairy queen of Munster. She determined if husbands were sexually satsifying their wives. Celtic
Aidin Celtic Goddess of love and sexuality Celtic
Alaisiagae the Celtic/ British/ Roman They are minor goddess
Alaunus Celtic a local name from the Mannheim area for Mecurius
Albion Britain Son of a forgotten Sea God who may have been part of a lost creation myth. Was once said to rule the Celtic world. His name became the poetic name for Britain.
Alisanos Celtic/France A personification of "alder-tree forestation. Celtic/France
Amaethon Celtic A god of agriculture
Amaethon / Amathaon Celtic Amaethon aka Amathaon ‘great ploughman’, was a son of Don and an agricultural deity. Celtic
Ambisagrus aka Bussumarus Britain Originally from Gaul, where his Celtic identity was lost during the Roman takeover where he took all the characteristics of the Roman God Jupiter. Weather deity who controlled the rain, wind, hail and fog. Britain
Andarta Celtic/ Gallic A fertility goddess most likely
Anextiomarus Roman/British A Celtic epithet of the sun-god Apollo recorded in a Romano-British inscription from South Shields, England. The form is a variant of Anextlomarus 'Great protector', a divine style or name attested in a fragmentary Gallo-Roman dedication from Le Mans, France. Anextlomarus is also attested as a Gaulish man's father's name at Langres, and a feminine divine form, Anextlomara, appears in two other Gallo-Roman dedications from Avenches, Switzerland. Roman/British
Annis Celtic The black goddess
Annwn Celtic The British Hades, represented as a sea-girdled, revolving fortress. Celtic
Anpao Celtic The god of death. Son of Mider and Fuamnach. Celtic
Ardwinna British Celtic Goddess of the wildwood. Ardwinna demands a fine of money for every animal killed in her wood British
Arito Celtic A random winged goddess character
Artaius Celtic God of sheep and cattle herders from Celtic Gaul. Later, the Romans identified him with Mercury.
Aufaniae Celtic A collective name for a group of Celtic mother goddesses worshipped throughout Celtic Europe. They are known only from symbolical inscriptions and they appear to have been found mainly in the German Rhineland. Celtic
Aveta Celtic A goddess of female-fertility, childbirth and midwives, also associated with all fresh water. Celtic
Banbha Celtic Goddess of Sovereignty, war and fertility. Celtic
Bean Sidhe Celtic A Banshee an goddess of Death.Celtic
Belenus Celtic God charged with the welfare of sheep and cattle, he also was God of the sun and healer in some regions and associated with Beltane Pan-Celtic
Biasd na Srogaig Celtic A mythical animal that had one horn on its forehead and dwelt in lochs. Celtic. Isle of Skye
Bidhgoe Celtic Female of Illusion, Goddess of love and of sexuality Celtic
Bile Celtic God of Hell. Celtic
Bodua Celtic Goddess of war Celtic
Bogan aka Bauchan Celtic A type of Hobgoblin. Celtic
Boibhniu Celtic Blacksmith god Celtic
Bormanus Briton God of hot springs Celtic/Briton
Branab Llyr Celtic He is a god of the dead & can restore him is to life
Brenos Celtic God of war. Celtic
Brigantia Celtic Goddess of the seasons, doctors smiths, poets, and women in childbirth Pan-Celtic
Brigantis Celtic Goddess of the moon Celtic
Brighid Celtic A goddess of education, healing, sore eyes
Brighid Celtic Goddess of education, healing, sore eyes Celtic
Brigit aka Brigid Ireland Brighit, Bridget ("exalted one") was the daughter of Dagda and wife of Bres of the Fomorians. She had two sisters, also named Brighid, and is considered a classic Celtic Triple Goddess. Ireland
Bussumarus Celtic God of storm and mist and fog and lightning and thunder. Celtic
Carne Celtic A magic swan from the Lohengrin myth. Celtic
Carravogue British/Ireland Local Crone Goddess from County Meath who was transformed into a huge snake for eating forbidden berries. Her original purpose is basically lost in modern times because her stories became so absorbed by Christian legends which attempt to make her a Celtic Eve. British/Ireland
Cirein Croin Caithness A sea-serpent and the largest animal in the world. Celtic. Caithness
Cliodna Ireland/Scotland Sea and Otherworld Goddess who usually took the form of a sea bird and therefore symbolized the Celtic afterlife. Ireland/Scotland
Coinchend Celtic A semi-divine warrioress whose home was in the Otherworld. Celtic
Conchenn Celtic Goddess of love. Celtic
Coventina Celtic A goddess of healing & wells
Coventina Celtic One of the most potent of the Celtic river Goddesses. Most likely Roman in origin. She was also the Goddess of featherless flying creatures.
Coventina Scotland One of the most potent of the Celtic river gods
Creidhne Celtic A god Metal working
Cronos Celtic Minor harvest & Sun god with Greek roots
Cu Chulain Celtic God of warriors and chivalry. Celtic
Dana Ireland/Welsh Goddess, ancestor of mortal celtic people. Ireland/Welsh
Dana/ Donu/ Don/ Ana Welsh/ Irish The mortal Celtic race are her descendants, she is a goddess
Diarmaid Celtic Had a beauty spot which, any woman chanced to see it, would make her instantly fall in love with him. Celtic
Dis Pater / Dispater Celtic Dis Pater aka Dispater, was a Roman and Celtic god of the underworld.
Divonia Celtic/Gaelic Goddess of fertility associated with water. Celtic/Gaelic
Dornoll Celtic Goddess of physical prowess Celtic
Druantia Celtic A goddess
Druidiactos Celtic The Celtic religious movement returning to the traditional pre-Christian values, customs and faith of the Celtic people.
Du'uzu Dunatis Celtic A god of fortifications
Dunatis Celtic God of fortifications Celtic
Dwyn Celtic God of love. Celtic
Dwyn/ Dwynwen Celtic A god of love
Echraidhe Celtic Celtic Horse Goddess
Elathan Celtic A king of the Fomors, father of Bress. Celtic
Emer Celtic Goddess of wisdom Celtic
Eostre Celtic A Goddess of animal reproduction. Easter is derived from her name. Celtic
Epona Celtic "Divine Horse." Mother Goddess and goddess of horses. Celtic
Epos Olloatir Celtic Horse God often seen as either a male or male representation and masculine aspect of Epona. Celtic
Esus Celtic The war god that may have been a tree god
Fand Celtic A goddess of happiness & pleasure
Fata-Morgana Celtic Goddess of the sea, illusion, enchantment, fate and death and Queen of the Fortunate Isles. Celtic
Flidais (Watch-Out-Dear) Ireland A huntress and archer fond of the chase. A Celtic Artemis except, whereas Artemis was a virgin goddess, Flidais was very fond of jolly bonking. Ireland
Ganna Celtic A Celtic prophetess, who succeeded Velleda. She went to Rome, and was received by Domitian with great honours.
Gilfaethwy Celtic A son of the goddess Don and brother of Gwydion and Arianrhod in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi. His uncle Math ap Mathonwy, king of Gwynedd, must keep his feet in the lap of a young virgin at all times unless he is going to war. Celtic
Gobannon Celtic The god of metalworking and the patron of blacksmiths, mechanics, and craftsman. Celtic
Goibnui/ Govannon Celtic He is the god of the forge who's beer was so good, that the drinker gained immortality
Grannos Celtic A god of healing & springs
Grannus aka Grannos Celtic God of healing affiliated with hot springs and mineral waters. Celtic
Granozin Celtic Another angel of the 2nd hour of the night, this time serving under Farris.
Great Father Celtic The Horned God, The Lord. Lord of the winter, harvest, land of the dead, the sky, animals, mountains, lust, powers of destruction, regeneration. Represents the male principle of creation. Celtic
Great Mother Celtic Represents the female principle of creation. Goddess of fertility, the Moon, summer, flowers, love, healing, the seas, water. Celtic
Gwen Celtic Goddess of happiness who was so beautiful that no one could live if they looked at her to long. Celtic
Gwenn Teir Bronn Celtic Goddess of motherhood. Celtic
Gwyn fab Nudd Celtic A Celtic soothsayer. Brittonic Arthurian legend
Gwyrthur Celtic Minor solar who brings the summer sunshine. Celtic
Gwythelyn Gorr Celtic King of the Dwarfs whose magical bottles are required for the marriage feast of Kulhwch and Olwen. Celtic
Habetrot Celtic A goddess of spell casting on the wheel of the year
Holly King & Oak King Celtic Two sacrificial gods
Holly King and Oak King, Celtic Two sacrificial gods Celtic
Ialanus Celtic The male deification of riverside clearings. Celtic
Ialonus Celtic The personification of the land and fertility god. Celtic
Icauna Celtic The patronness of the Yonne River Yonne. France. Celtic
Iccovellauna Celtic Goddess of water. Celtic
Ifurin Celtic The Hades of the ancient Gauls. A dark region infested by serpents and savage beasts. Here the wicked are chained in loathsome caverns, plunged into the lairs of dragons, or subjected to a ceaseless distillation of poison. Celtic
Kerridwen Celtic "Kerridwen, Wise Crone Mother, Mother of bone and stone, Cutter of Ties, join me and watch over my rites this Samhain night." Celtic
Killmoulis Celtic An ugly Brownie, with an enormous nose and no mouth, who haunts mills. He is characterized by To eat he presumably stuffs the food up his nose. Although they often help the miller, they are fond of practical jokes. Celtic
Latiaran Celtic Youngest of the three sisters who made up a triune goddess and a goddess of autumn and fire.
Lenus Celtic God of healing Celtic
Leucetios Celtic Thunder and storm god. Celtic
Lia Fail Celtic The Fatale Marmor or Stone of Destiny. On, this stone the ancient Irish kings sat at their coronation, and according to tradition, wherever that stone might be the people there would be dominant. It was removed to Scone; and Edward removed it from Scone Abbey to London. It is kept in Westminster Abbey under who royal throne, on which the English sovereigns sit at their coronation. Celtic
Luaths Lurgann Celtic Warrior goddess. Celtic
Lud Celtic/British London; so called from Lud, a mythical king of Britain. Ludgate is, by a similar tradition, said to be the gate where Lud was buried. Celtic/British
Ludd Celtic/British God of the ocean, war and light. Celtic/British
Mab Celtic A miniature creature who drives her chariot across the faces of sleeping people and compels them to dream dreams of wish-fulfillment. Celtic Fairy tale
Mabon Celtic Minor sun god who also ironically represses. & of freedom, harmony & unity
Mabon ap Modron Celtic "divine son", the son of Modron "divine mother"). Synonymous with the Ancient British god, Maponos. He was a hunter god who was stolen from his mother three days after his birth. He then lived in Annwn until he was rescued by Culhwch. Because of his time in Annwn, Mabon stayed a young adult forever. Celtic
Madb Celtic A Celtic goddess of war.
Magog Celtic A mountain deity
Mala Celtic Not actually a specific Goddess, more of a generalized concept of a Crone goddess. Celtic
Mama Brigitte Celtic Guardian of the Cemetary and of the Dead. Celtic
Marcia Proba Celtic Goddess of justice Celtic
Matres Celtic Triads of mother goddesses Roman/Pan-Celtic
Matrona Celtic Goddess of the Marne River Celtic
Matronae Celtic These are the three mother goddesses that oversee fertility, they prefer peace, tranquillity & kids
Medb Celtic Goddess of sexuality, jolly bonking, intoxication and war. Celtic
Modron Welsh Divine Mother, one of the most powerful of the Celtic mother goddesses. She may have been the prototype of Morgan le Fay from Arthurian legend. Welsh
Mogounos Britain A Celtic god worshipped in Roman Britain and in Gaul. The main evidence is from altars dedicated to the god by Roman soldiers, but the deity is not a native Italic one.
Morganes Celtic These are female water spirit
Morrigan Celtic Morrigan, Morrighan, Goddesses of war of death and destruction from prehistoric origins Celtic/Ireland
Murigen Celtic A goddess of lakes, and associated with flooding. Celtic
Nemain Celtic A goddess of war, and possibly an aspect of the Morrigan. Her name means 'panic' or 'frenzy', and causing it among warriors was her specialty. Celtic
Noctiluca Gaul A goddess of Magic from Celtic Gaul
Oanuava Celtic An ancient earth Goddess from Celtic Gaul
Oghma Celtic The God of communication and writing who invented the Ogham Alphabet and gave it to the Druids. Celtic
Ogma/ Ogmius/ Ogmios Celtic A god of education, genius, eloquence, language & magic
Onuava Celtic Goddess of earth and fertility, known only from inscriptions Celtic/Gaelic
Queen of Elphame Celtic Goddess of death and disease often equated with Hecate. Celtic
Ratis Celtic Goddess of the Fortress and strong walls. Celtic
Rigisamus Roman/ Celtic A god of war
Rigisamus or Rigonmetis Celtic God of war assimilated with the Mars. Celtic
Ritona Celtic Goddess of river fords. Celtic
Saitada Celtic Goddess of mourning and grief. Celtic
Segomo Celtic God of war. Celtic
Segomo/ Cocidius Celtic A war god
Sinann Celtic Goddess of rivers. Celtic
Sirona Celtic/ Roman A local goddess of healing from the Moselle basin of Germany
Smertrios Celtic God of war and tutelary deity of the Treveri. Celtic
Sucellos Celtic "The God of the Mallet". God of abundance, success, strength, authority, protection, regeneration, dogs, trees and ravens. Celtic
Sul Celtic A Goddess of hot springs who came to Brittany from Celtic Gaul.
Suleviae Celtic Guardians of the Well. Also associated with crossroads. Celtic
Sun Celtic Called in Celtic mythology Sunna, lives in constant dread of being devoured by the wolf Fenris. It is this contest with the wolf to which eclipses are due. According to this mythology, the sun has a beautiful daughter who will one day reign in place of her mother, and the world will be wholly renovated.
Taranis Celtic The god of thunder worshipped in Gaul and Britain. Celtic
Teutates Celtic God of the tribe Celtic
Tridamus Celtic The male deification of bovine triplication, conceived as a manifestation of abundance. Celtic
Tuetates Celtic God of war. Celtic
Ucuetis Celtic A Celtic god who, along with his consort Bergusia, was venerated at Alesia in Burgundy. The divine couple are named on inscriptions of the Romano-Celtic period, and an image of a divine couple has been found on the same site, the male figure bearing a hammer, the female appearing as a goddess of prosperity.
Wachilt Celtic Goddess of the sea who rose from the depths and halted the ship of King Vilkinus of Norway, proclaiming that she was pregnant with his child. Celtic
White Lady Celtic Dryad of Death Celtic
Ysbaddaden Celtic The giant is the father of the beautiful Olwen. He is cursed to die when his daughter marries, so when Culhwch comes to court her, he is naturally perturbed. He tries to kill Culhwch a number of times but ends up getting more injured in the process. Celtic