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List of Gods CELTIC
Abandinus Roman/ Celtic/ British A god known only by inscription
Achtland Celtic A goddess of sex & magic
Aed Celtic/ Irish An underworld god known only from inscription
Aengus Celtic/ Irish worshipped from about 500 BC/ 400 AD
Aericura Celtic/ Roman An underworld god known only from inscription
Aeval Celtic A goddess of sexual relations & small size
Aidin Celtic A goddess of love & sexuality
Alaisiagae the Celtic/ British/ Roman They are minor goddess
Alaunus Celtic a local name from the Mannheim area for Mecurius
Amaethon Celtic A god of agriculture
Andarta Celtic/ Gallic A fertility goddess most likely
Angus Celtic A god of youth
Annis Celtic The black goddess
Arduinna Roman/ Celtic/ European A goddess of forests & hunting
Arnamentia Celtic A goddess of spring waters
Aufaniae Celtic A collective name for some of mother goddesses
Aveta Celtic A goddess of healing waters
Bidhgoe Celtic A goddess of love & of sexuality
Bodua Celtic A war goddess
Boibhniu Celtic A god Blacksmiths
Bormanus Celtic/ Breton god of hot springs
Branab Llyr Celtic He is a god of the dead & can restore him is to life
Brenos Celtic War god
Briant Celtic? A goddess of the river which holds her name
Brigantis Celtic Yet another moon goddess
Brighid Celtic A goddess of education, healing, sore eyes
Cerridwen Celtic A goddess of fertility
Cessair Irish Well known pre Celtic mother goddess
Conchenn Celtic A goddess of love
Coventina Celtic A goddess of healing & wells
Coventina Scotland One of the most potent of the Celtic river gods
Creidhne Celtic A god Metal working
Cronos Celtic Minor harvest & Sun god with Greek roots
Dagda Celtic A god of the earth
Damona Celtic A cow goddess, little known
Dana/ Donu/ Don/ Ana Welsh/ Irish The mortal Celtic race are her descendants, she is a goddess
Divonia Celtic/ Gaelic A fertility goddess associated with water
Dornoll Celtic A goddess of physical prowess
Druantia Celtic A goddess
Du'uzu Dunatis Celtic A god of fortifications
Dunatis Celtic A god of fortifications
Dwyn/ Dwynwen Celtic A god of love
Emer Celtic A goddess of wisdom
Eostre Celtic A goddess for whom the Ostara Sabbat is named for aka Easter
Epona Celtic A goddess of horses, mules, & oxen
Erce Celtic The earth mother & harvest goddess
Esus Celtic The war god that may have been a tree god
Fand Celtic A goddess of happiness & pleasure
Gobannon Celtic He is a blacksmith type god
Goibnui/ Govannon Celtic He is the god of the forge who's beer was so good, that the drinker gained immortality
Grannos Celtic A god of healing & springs
Great Father Celtic The Horned god,the Lord
Great Mother Celtic The Lady represents the female principle of creation
Gwen Celtic A goddess of happiness & smiles
Habetrot Celtic A goddess of spell casting on the wheel of the year
Holly King & Oak King Celtic Two sacrificial gods
Ialonus Celtic A fertility god
Icauna Roman/ Celtic The river goddess of the river Yonne[Brittany]
Iccovellauna Celtic A water goddess
Kerridwen Celtic ? She stands accused of being a goddess of inspiration & knowledge
Lenus Celtic A god of healing
Leucetios Celtic Thunder & storm god
Lia Fail Celtic This is the stone of destiny placed on the hill of Tara & tells on the kings
Luaths Lurgann Celtic A warrior goddess
Ludd British/ Celtic A god of the ocean, war & light
Mab Celtic she is the goddess of grains a fairy queen of Connaught
Mabon Celtic Minor sun god who also ironically represses. & of freedom, harmony & unity
Magog Celtic A mountain deity
Manannan Celtic A god of fertility & the ocean
Marcia Proba Celtic A goddess of justice
Matrona Celtic A goddess of the Marne River
Matronae Celtic These are the three mother goddesses that oversee fertility, they prefer peace, tranquillity & kids
Medb Celtic A goddess of sexuality, intoxication & war
Modron Wales Great Mother she is one of the most powerful of the Celtic mother goddesses
Morganes Celtic These are female water spirit
Morrigan Celtic/ Irish The goddesses of war of death & destruction from prehistoric origins
Nemain Celtic A goddess of war
Noctiluca Gaul A goddess of Magic from Celtic Gaul
Nodotus Roman/ Celtic A minor goddess crops
Ogma/ Ogmius/ Ogmios Celtic A god of education, genius, eloquence, language & magic
Onuava Gallic/ Celtic An earth fertility goddess known only from inscriptions
Poeninus Roman/ Celtic Europe a mountain god
Proxumae Roman/ Celtic The generic title of a group of goddesses that were personal guardian deities
Ratis Celtic A goddess of protective fortifications
Rigisamus Roman/ Celtic A god of war
Ritona Roman/ Celtic The goddess of river fords
Rosmerta Celtic/ Roman/ Gaul A goddess of healing, water, & sacred springs
Saitada Celtic A goddess of mourning
Segomo/ Cocidius Celtic A war god
Sinann Celtic A goddess of rivers
Sirona Celtic/ Roman A local goddess of healing from the Moselle basin of Germany
Smertrios Celtic A god of war & tutelary deity of the Treveri
Souconna Roman/ Celtic The river goddess that was the guardian of the river Saone
Sucellos Celtic A god of rivers, death & a hammer god
Sul Celtic A goddess of hot springs Sulla Sulis Sulevia
Suleviae Roman/ Celtic A goddess of passage, normally associated with crossroads
Sulis Roman/ Celtic An underworld goddess concerned with knowledge & of prophecy
Taranis Celtic A death goddess & mysterious sky god
Tarvos Trigaranos Roman/ Celtic A bull god
Teutates Celtic The god of the tribe
Tuetates Celtic A god of war
Vaga Celtic A goddess of the River Wye
Vasio Gallic/ Celtic A god Vocontii
Wachilt Celtic Minor sea goddess
White Lady Celtic Dryad of Death