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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Cherokee"
God Name: Aaghu Gugu Cherokee Goddess of the of the dawn. Cherokee
God Name: Ailsie Cherokee "Devoted to God". Goddess of water and pools Cherokee
God Name: Asgaya Gigagei Cherokee The Red Man or Woman evoked in spells to cure the ill. Asgaya Gigagei is either male or female, depending on the sex of the patient. Cherokee
God Name: Changing Woman Cherokee Goddess of the moon. Cherokee
God Name: Elihino Cherokee Goddess of the earth Cherokee
God Name: Gehyaguga Cherokee God of the Sun. Cherokee
God Name: Geyaguga Cherokee The moon spirit. Cherokee
God Name: Igaehinvdo Cherokee Goddess of the sun Cherokee
God Name: Kanati Cherokee Kanati "The Lucky Hunter". Sometimes called First Man. He lives with his wife Selu ("Corn") in the east where the sun rises, and their sons, the Twin Thunder Boys, live in the west. Cherokee
God Name: Nunda Igehi Cherokee Goddess of healing, headaches, and blisters Cherokee
God Name: Sehu Cherokee Goddess of grain. Cherokee
God Name: Sutalidihi Cherokee Sun spirit. Cherokee
God Name: Unelanuhi Cherokee Goddess of the sun who invented hours and minutes. Cherokee
God Name: Utlunta Cherokee Goddess of physical prowess. Her body has the density of stone and the ground shudders with her awesome weight. Cherokee