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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Hopi"

Spirit name "Angwusnasomtaka" Hopi A kachina, a Spirit represented by a masked doll (also called a kachina). She is a wuya, one of the chief kachinas and is considered the mother of all the hъ and all the kachinas. She led the initiation rites for new children, whipping them with yucca whips. Hopi
Goddess name "Huruing Wuhti" Hopi In the Hopi Indian creation story, they were a pair of women who survived the Great Flood. The Huruing Wuhti were later venerated as mother Goddesses, because they gave birth to the Hopi people.
Goddess name "Kokopell Mana" S America Goddess of fertility. Hopi
Goddess name "Kokopell' Mana" Hopi/ SW USA A Goddess of fertility
Goddess name "Kokyan" S America Creator Goddess; she created humans, plants, and animals Hopi
"Kore or Core" Hopi The maiden, a name by which Persephone is often called. Greek
God name "Masauwu" Hopi God of fire, war, death, and the night Hopi
"Pautiwa" Hopi Cloud sender and sun priest of souls. Hopi
Goddess name "Ragno" Hopi Creation and earth Goddess who planted the acorn of life. Hopi
Monster name "Shita" Hopi A large Monster who lived somewhere in the west, and used to come to the village of Oraibi to devour children. Often also grown people were eaten by the monster. The people became very much alarmed over the matter, and especially the village chief was very much worried over it. Finally he concluded to ask the Pookonghoyas for assistance. Hopi.
Goddess name "Takus Mana" Hopi Fertility Goddess. Hopi, USA
Spirit name "Tcolawitze" Hopi Fire Spirit Hopi
Goddess name "Trukwinu Mana" Hopi A Goddess rain