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List of Gods : "Nazorean"
Ham Ziwa Nazorean The male counterpart to the occult Tanna. Means: "radiance glowed". Early Nazorean
Hauran-Hauraran Jordan Hauran-Hauraran - A flourishing vine of life in the Jordan by whom Yawar raised up Uthras. Early Nazorean
Hawa Kasia Nazorean The counterpart to Adam Kasia. Early Nazorean
Hawa Pagria Nazorean The wife of Adam (Eve). Early Nazorean
Hayasum Nazorean May the Name of Kusta Live and Be With You Always. Nazorean
Hayye Kadmaya Nazorean 'Primal Life', First Life Early Nazorean
Hayye Ptahil Nazorean The Fourth Life. Early Nazorean
Hayye Rabba Nazorean 'Great Life', Ultimate Male and Female Deities Early Nazorean
Hayye T'lithaye Nazorean The Third Life, Father of the Uthre. 'The Ancient'. Early Nazorean
Hayye Tinyane Nazorean Second Life generally called Yoshamin Early Nazorean
Hazazban Nazorean An Uthra connected with the myrtle wreath. The name means "This-Time. Early Nazorean
Hibil Nazorean One of the three sons of Adam Kasia and one of the seven sons of Ptahil. Early Nazorean
Hibil-Ziwa Nazorean The Primal Man of Mani. Yeshua the Nazorean is said in the Ginza to have declared himself an incarnation of Hibil-Ziwa. Early Nazorean
Hiia Nazorean Hayya - The Life, the Living Ones. Early Nazorean
Hiia Rba Nazorean Hayya Raba - 'Great Life', Ultimate Male and Female Deities (Kuntazangpo and Kuntazangmo on the Bonpos and Nyingmas, Zurvan) Early Nazorean
I conjure you Egypt O sword, by the three Holy Names, ALBROT, ABRACADABRA, JEOVA! Be thou my fortress and defence against all enemies, visible and invisible, in every magical work. By the Holy Name SADAY, which is great in power, and by these other names, CADOS, CADOS, CADOS, ADONAY, ELOY, ZENA, OTH, OCHIMANUEL, the First and the Last, Wisdom, Way, Life, Virtue, Chief, Mouth, Speech, Splendour, Light, Sun, Fountain, Glory, Mountain, Vine, Gate, Stone, Staff, Priest, Immortal, MESSIAH, Sword, do thou rule in all my affairs and prevail in those things which oppose me. Amen. Ceremonial Magic Zendou Ki. A protecter spirit who, along with Myodou Ki, protects En no Gyoja. Japan Zeoteus. A son of Tricolonus, and founder of the town of Zoetia in Arcadia. Zephon [scarcher of secrets ]. The cherub despatched by Gabriel to find Satan, after his flight from hell. Ithuriel goes with him. Milton: Paradise Lost, iv. Zephyritis. A surname of Aphrodite, derived from the promontory of Zephyrium in Egypt. Zephyrus, the personification of the west wind, is described by Hesiod as a son of Astraeus and Eos. Greek Zervan, Zurvan, Zrvan. The god of time in Persian literature. Identified in the Greek texts with Chronos and, in the Roman world, with Saturn. Zerynthia. A surname of Aphrodite, from the town of Zerinthus in Thrace, where she had a sanctuary said to have been built by Phaedra. Zetes, a son of Boreas and Oreithyia, and a brother of Calais. Zetes and Calais, called the Boreadae, are mentioned among the Argonauts ( Apollodorus i.), and are generally described as winged beings though some say that they had wings at their heads and feet and others that they had them only at their feet or at their shoulders. Greek Zethus, a son of Zeus and Antiope, at Thebes, and a brother of Amphion. According to some he was married to Aedon, and according to others to Thebe. Greek Zeus, the greatest of the Olympian gods, and the father of gods and men, was a son of Cronus and Rhea, a brother of Poseidon, Hades (Pluto), Hestia, Demeter, Hera, and at the same time married to his sister Hera. Greek Zeuxippe, a sister of Pasithea or Praxithea, was a Naiad and married to Pandion, by whom she became the mother of Procne, Philomela, Erechtheus and Butes. Greek Zha-Zha. Angels which come against those who send the evil eye against the Baptized. Early Nazorean Zhir u Zahrun, means "the Illuminated and the Illuminating." Early Nazorean
Kana Nazorean The Divine Source. Early Nazorean
Kana d-Zidqa aka Habs'aba. Habshaba Nazorean the Day of the Sun, and his bride Kana d Zidqa (the holy feast food offerings). Heavenly Helpers of earthly Nazoreans during their ascent upward. Habshaba is said to deliver souls out of purgatory on his special day. Early Nazorean
Kanat-Nit'ufta Nazorean Kanat is the title of a Ruling Goddess in the Nazorean Heavens. Nitufta again means "drop" or formed impregnated seed. Early Nazorean
Kanfi'il Nazorean Kanfiel. A heavenly being. Early Nazorean
Kanfun Nazorean Uthra whose name is in the House of Life. Early Nazorean
Karkawan-Ziwa Nazorean Being who assists Hauraran and Treasure of Light. Early Nazorean
Krun Nazorean Akrun. The ruler of one fo the levels of darkness. Called the "mountain of flesh". Opponent of Hibil Ziwa. Early Nazorean
Ktazil Bhira Dakia Nazorean The Chosen Pure One (Yawar). Early Nazorean
Kusta Nazorean Kushta, means Truth, and the Monastery (Sangha) and is a name of Miryai, the spouse of Mind in Valentinian theology. Early Nazorean
Ma Rba Nazorean One of the names of the Great Sealing of the Mighty Sublime Life. Early Nazorean
Mahzian-the-Word Nazorean The "spirit who bestows light." Early Nazorean
Mana uDmuta s Mana and his Likeness, or Likeness of Spirit. Relates to the Mother of Life, coutnerpart of the Living Spirit in Mani's system. Early Nazorean
Manda dHiia s Manda-d-Hiya, the son of Nis'ibtun. Manda d Hiia means Gnosis of Life, or Temple of the Living Ones. A Savior spirit sometimes identified with Hibil. Looks out for humanity. Younger brother of Hibil-Ziwa. Sometimes Mani's Living Spirit, but often Yeshu and Miryai. Identified with Yeshu when he was baptized by John. Manda dHiia and Mahzian appear to have originally been titles for the Living Spirit, but ones attached to Yeshu later on. Early Nazorean
Miryai dMagdala aka Mary Magdalene Nazorean Miryai dMagdala aka Mary Magdalene, revered by the Order of Nazorean Essenes as the earthly spouse and chief disciple of Yeshu the Nazorean (Jesus) and as an incarnation of the Maiden of Light. Early Nazorean
Naaa Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Namrus Greek Nimrus, another name for Ruha. Possibly derived from the Greek for Law, meaning Torah goddess. Early Nazorean
Nanta Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Naoo Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Naooo Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Nbarc Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Nbat Nazorean "It burst forth". A spirit of fertility and life often envoked in spiritual texts and formulas. The First Great Radiance and Bursting Forth. Early Nazorean
Nbrc Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Ndazn Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Ndzn Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Nhdd Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Nhur-Hai Nazorean Nhur-Hai - Light of Life, one of the four sons of perfection behind the north star. Early Nazorean
Nibta Nazorean Threw quarreling into the world. Early Nazorean
Nidbai Nazorean Ned-vay (and Silmai) - Two angelic ones who make baptisms valid on a spiritual level. Heavenly Helpers of earthly Nazoreans in becoming pure. "He who established prayers." Signs with the pure sign in baptism. Early Nazorean
Nisbat Utria Nazorean Nisbat Utria "She Planted", was the mother of Uthras. Early Nazorean
Nitufta Nazorean "Drop" who abode for 444,000 myriad of years in Her own abode. Female element of the Creator. Early Nazorean
Nlirx Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Nlrx Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Npat Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Nrcoa Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Nroa Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Nsab and Anan-Ns'ab Nazorean Nsab means the implanter or impregnator, Anan Nsab means spouse of the Planter. Fertility deities. Heavenly Helpers of earthly Nazoreans in implanting righteousness, goodness and virtue within others. Early Nazorean
Oertha Nazorean An angel of the north who carries a torch of fire to warm the great coldness. Early Nazorean
Omael Nazorean An angel who multiplies species, perpetuates races and influences chemists. Early Nazorean
Omniel Nazorean A being of light concerned with the Golden Rule. Early Nazorean
Omophorus Nazorean The angel who supports the earth on his shoulders, just like atlas. Early Nazorean
Onayepheton Nazorean A spirit who will summon the dead and raise them to life again. Early Nazorean
Oranir Nazorean One of the nine angels in charge of the Summer Equinox. Early Nazorean
Ouestucati Nazorean A female angel who brings the sea wind. Early Nazorean
Oumriel Nazorean Angelic house cleaner who lives in the fourth heaven. Early Nazorean
Rael Nazorean The angel in charge of Venus and Wednesdays. Lives in the third heaven, three doors down from the chip shop. Early Nazorean
Rain Nazorean The angels in chage of moisture and rain can be appealed to by repeating their names over and over in a chant: "Mathariel, Ridia, Matriel." Early Nazorean
Rampel Nazorean An angel who looks after mountains. If you're caught in a lindslide, blame her. Early Nazorean
Rehel Nazorean An angel who battles against the enemies of religion. Early Nazorean
Remiel Nazorean The angelic awakener whose task is to bring you to Higher Power and is not very good at his job. Early Nazorean
Rhaumel Nazorean A Friday angel of the fifth heaven. Early Nazorean
Risnuch Nazorean Angel of agriculture. Early Nazorean
Rorex Nazorean The angel invoked to counteract Alath, the demon of disease. Has been awol throughout all recorded history. Early Nazorean
Tablibik Nazorean The personification of fascination and the genii of the five am. Early Nazorean
Tabris Nazorean The angel of creative alternatives. Early Nazorean
Taharial Nazorean An angel of purity and clean thoughts. Early Nazorean
Taliahad Nazorean Angel of water inscribed on the seventh pentacle of the sun. Early Nazorean
Tar Nazorean One of the ten angels that accompany the sun across the sky. Early Nazorean
Tariel Nazorean One of the three Syrian deities of summer. Early Nazorean
Tarot Nazorean The angel of time. Early Nazorean
Tarwan East One of the ten angels that ensures that the sun rises in the east. Early Nazorean
Teiaiel Nazorean A fortune telling angel that controls maritime expeditions. Early Nazorean
Thiel Nazorean An angel who is the ruling prince of Wednesday and the planet Venus. Early Nazorean
Tixmion Nazorean The angel who blesses the salt. Early Nazorean
Tobo Nazorean A being who conducts the soul of Adam from Orcus to the place of life. Codex Nazaraeus
Trgiaob Nazorean As an angel who protects wild birds from extinction, pollution and destruction of their habitat. Early Nazorean
Trsiel Nazorean An angel who has dominion over rivers. Early Nazorean
Tsaphiel Nazorean Anangel governing the moon. Early Nazorean
Tual s One of the angel's representing Taurus the bull. Early Nazorean
Tubiel Nazorean An angel invoked for the return of lost budgies. Early Nazorean
Turmiel Nazorean An angelic guard who stops the west wind escaping. Early Nazorean
Tzadiqel Nazorean The archangel who rules Jupiter on Thursday. Early Nazorean
Ya Rba Nazorean Ya Rba - One of the names of the Great Sealing of the Mighty Sublime Life. Early Nazorean
Yadatan Nazorean One of two beings who bequeath wings of glory and open heavenly doors for the ascending elect. See Adatan. Early Nazorean
Yaha-Yaha Nazorean Angels which come against those who send the evil eye against the Baptized. Early Nazorean
Yahia-Yuhana Nazorean John the Baptist. Early Nazorean
Yaluz-Yaluz Nazorean A Divine Being associated with Baptism and mentioned in the Nazorean Credo. "Joyful and Rejoicing" Early Nazorean
Yawar Nazorean "Dazzling", a solar deity. Early Nazorean
Yawar Ziwa s There is Dazzling Radiance. Husband of Simat Hiia. (Mani's Great Builder) Early Nazorean
Yosmir-Gufna Nazorean Under Yosmir-Gufna 12000 Uthras sit
Yosmir-Ziwa Nazorean Source of sesame seed oil for the Misa. Early Nazorean
Yufafin Nazorean A pair, with Yufin, of Heavenly Beings who bless humankind. Early Nazorean
Yufin Nazorean A pair, with Yufafin, of Heavenly Beings who bless humankind. Early Nazorean
Yukabar Ziwa Nazorean Yu-kha-war Zi-wa. A heavenly being. Yokabar brought peace into the world. Early Nazorean
Yukasar Nazorean Source of Radiance. The name means: "The spirit of success". Son of Ptahil who answered Kusta. Early Nazorean
Yur Nazorean Yur Rba, Yuraba. Being of brilliant light. Another name of Yawar-Ziwa, Treasurer, King of Light Worlds. Early Nazorean
Yusamin s Yu-sha-min, Yus'amin the Pure, son of Nis'ibtun. Yushamin the pure is the Peacock Uthra sent out of the original Land of Light. Archetype of the careless priest. Yusmin's Spouse is Bihrat-Anana. Together they are the Second Life. Early Nazorean
Yusmir Nazorean Yusmir the First Vine - gave the staff of water to Yawar. Early Nazorean
Yuzataq Nazorean Yu-za-tag. An epithet attached to Manda d Hiia. The Holy Spirit. Early Nazorean
Zahr'iil Nazorean The underworld bride of Hibil-Ziwa who hovers over the bed of the pregnant women. Early Nazorean
Zan-Hazazban Nazorean A spirit ruling over a purgatory. Early Nazorean
Zihrun Nazorean The great mystery of Radiance. Revealer and opener of radiance and light. Early Nazorean
Ziv-Hai nazorean Radiance of Life, one of the four sons of perfection behind the north star. Early Nazorean
Zurvan Nazorean The Father of Light, the Great Life, the Palmtree. Early Nazorean