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List of Gods ARABIA
A'ra W. Arabia A local god
Abgal N. Arabia A desert & tutelary god of the Bedouins
Afreet Arabia They are unclean spirits
Al Uzza Arabian A goddess of the dawn
Almaqah S. Arabia An astral god
Amm S. Arabia A moon & weather god
Anbay S. Arabia A god of justice & an oracular source
Arsu N. Arabia An astral god
Asar N. Arabia An equestrian god
Asira N. Arabia a little god mentioned only by name
Atasamain N. Arabia an astral deity
Basamum S. Arabia A god of healing
Datin N. Arabia A god mentioned in inscriptions but what he did no one knows
Haubas S. Arabia a local god known only from inscriptions
Malakbel N. Arabia A vegetation god
Malik N. Arabia A tutelary god, this name is found among other Semitic people and used as a designator for a god
Marnas N. Arabia A local tutelary god
Nahi N. Arabia A guardian God of benevolent nature
Qasynan S. Arabia the god of the of smithies
Qos N. Arabia A local weather/ rainbow god
Quzah N. Arabia A mountain & weather god
Ruda N. Arabia A tutelary god, an androgynous being
Salm of Mahram/ Salman N. Arabia A local tutelary god
Singala N. Arabia A local god
Theandros N. Arabia A god known only from Greek & Roman inscriptions
Wadd S. Arabia A moon god
du-l Halasa SW Arabia A god that was demoted to the rank of an idle