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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Baltic"

"Amberella" Baltic Became the Princess of the Seas after being drawn into a whirlpool by the Prince of the Seas. They lived in a fabulous undersea palace of amber. Baltic
"Carmilhan" Baltic The phantom ship on which the Kobold of the Baltic sits when he appears to doomed vessels.
Goddess name "Jurate" Baltic A Goddess of the ocean
Goddess name "Ma Emma" Baltic Goddess of Midsummer. Baltic
God name "Occopirmus" Lithuania Ockopirmus. Baltic God of the sky and the stars. Lithuania
God name "Patollo" Baltic Chief and war God. Baltic
God name "Perkele" Finland The Devil. Originally Perkele was not the Devil but a God of thunder and can be seen as an earlier form of Ukko. Related to Baltic Perkunas and Norse Thor.
God name "Perkuno" Baltic The thunder God
God name "Poltrimpt" Baltic Corn God. Baltic
God name "Potrimpo" Baltic God of fertility. Baltic
Goddess name "Saule" Baltic The sun Goddess
Goddess name "Saule" Baltic Goddess of the sun Baltic
God name "Yamulla" Baltic A field God who received the souls of the faithful. His wooden statues stood in many places, and received sacrifices for the God in bowls made for that purpose. Baltic Sea coast