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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Basque"
God Name: Aatxe Basque A Basque ghost. He is a cave-dwelling divinity who adopts the form of a young red bull, but sometimes in the shape of a man. At night, more so in stormy weather, he arises from the hollow which is his lair, also known as Euskal Herria. He attacks criminals and other mean people. He also protects people by making them stay home when danger is near.
God Name: Akerbeltz Basque Avatar of the god Mari Basque
God Name: Eate Basque God of fire and storms. Basque
God Name: Eate/ Egata Basque A god of fire & storms
God Name: Egata Basque A God who warns of approaching fire and windstorms. Basque
God Name: Ekhi Basque Personification of the sun Basque
God Name: Ekhi/ Eguzk Basque The personification of the sun
God Name: Erge Basque Spirit who takes men's lives Basque
God Name: Gasueko Basque The lord of darkness as that may prove a friendly and helpful, but he may also appear as a devil
God Name: Gotzone Basque An angel messenger. Basque
God Name: Herensugue Basque Seven-headed snake shaped devil spirit. Basque
God Name: Ilazki Basque Apotheosis of the moon in a feminine form Basque
God Name: Illargui Basque Goddess of the moon Basque
God Name: Inguma Basque The god of dreams. He was regarded as a malevolent force who entered houses at night and plagued the residents with nightmares. Basque
God Name: Lahe Basque Goddess of health. Basque
God Name: Lamin Basque A spirit of human form, generally female, with the feet of an animal. Basque
God Name: Lanabes Basque A magic piano. Basque
God Name: Latsari Basque Name given to the lamias and other beings that wash clothes during the night. Basque
God Name: Legor Basque The personification of sterility. Basque
God Name: Lur Basques Lurbira. Earth mother of the Sun and of the Moon. One of the main spirits of the beliefs and mythical traditions of the Basques.
God Name: Maju Basque God who is the consort of the mother goddess and a divine spirit Basque
God Name: Tartaro Basque The Cyclops of Basque mythology.
God Name: White Merle Basques Of the old Basques. A white fairy bird, which, by its singing, restored sight to the blind.