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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Buddhas"

God name "Abhijnaraja" Buddhist/Tibet A physician God. He is accounted among a series of medicine buddhas and typically depicted with stretched earlobes, and color is red. Buddhist/Tibet
"Dhyani" Buddhas Five meditating Buddhas who came from the primeval Buddha Buddhist
Deity name "Dipankara" Buddhas Deity who is one of the minor group of Buddhas Buddhist/Tibet
Deity name "Jambhala" Buddhist Embodies the Wealth Deity aspect of all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of past, present and future, and grants longevity and prosperity in daily life. Buddhist
"Pratibhanakuta" Buddhist Pinnacle of Eloquence and one the names of the 1000 Buddhas from the Blessed Age. Buddhist
"Sakyamuni" Buddhas Remembering such grace of Sakyamuni Buddha makes our tears flow!
"Samantabhadra" Buddhas The Lord of the Truth in Buddhism, who represents the practice and meditation of all Buddhas.
Goddess name "Sukla-Tara" Buddhist/ Mayhayana A Goddess an emanation of all the meditation Buddhas
"Vairocana" Buddhist A Buddha who is the embodiment of Dharmakaya and the universal aspect of the historical Gautama Buddha. In the conception of the Five Wisdom Buddhas, Vairocana is at the center. Buddhist