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List of Gods : "Buddhist"
Abhijnaraja Buddhist/Tibet A physician god. He is accounted among a series of medicine buddhas and typically depicted with stretched earlobes, and color is red. Buddhist/Tibet
Acala aka Achala Buddhist/India Acala, is the best known of the Five Wisdom Kings of the Womb Realm. Acala means "The Immovable One" in Sanskrit. Acala is also the name of the eighth of the ten stages of the path to buddhahood. Acala is the destroyer of delusion and the protector of Buddhism. Buddhist/India
Adhimukticarya Buddhist Minor goddess and deified Bhumis Buddhist/Vajrayana
Adibuddha Buddhist Primeval Buddha Buddhist
Adibuddha Buddhist The primeval buddha, is believed to be the primordial cosmic force from which the five dhyanibuddhas arose. This is the embodiment of the concept of emptiness.
Adidharma Buddhist "the primeval law" Buddhist/Lamaist
Ajaya Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Akasagarbha Buddhist/India Bodhisattva one of the eight great bodhisattvas. His name can be translated as "boundless space treasury" or "void store" as his wisdom is said to be boundless as space itself. He is sometimes known as the twin brother of the "earth store" bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. In Japan he is known as Kokuzo. Buddhist/India
Aksayajnana-Karmanda Buddhist 1 of the 12 Dharnis & the deification of literature
Aksobhya Buddhist 'immovable' or 'imperturbable' - is the name given to a Buddha who is said to reside in the eastern paradise of Abhirati. Buddhist
Amida Buddhist/ Japan A primordial deity
Amida-Nyorai Buddhist/Japan Presides over the Pure Land of the Western Paradise, the Japanese people turned to him at their moment of death. Buddhist/Japan
Amitabha Buddhist/India A celestial buddha described in the scriptures of the Mahayana school of Buddhism. According to these scriptures, Amitabha possesses infinite merits resulting from good deeds over countless past lives as a bodhisattva named Dharmakara. Buddhist/India
Amithba Buddhist/India The boddhisattva of 'infinite light'. Amithba represents the primordial, self-existent Buddha. This god was born from a lotus and ceaselessly stretches out aid to the weak and faltering. Amithba became a popular way of salvation for many Buddhists because he was the archetype of compassion, gentle and easygoing.
Amogahasiddhi Buddhist The fifth meditation Buddha
Amoghapasa Buddhist Brings believers hope and tranquility. Amoghapasa has four pairs of arms. One pair is held with palms together in a prayerful attitude. Some are raised, others are held slightly away from the body. The hands may be in symbolic positions called mudra or may hold symbolic articles like a lotus blossom, symbol of compassion; a monk's staff; a whisk representing the brushing away of earthly cares; and the lasso. Buddhist
Amoghasiddhi Buddhist Fifth meditation Buddha. He is one of five mystic spiritual counterparts of the human buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism; a product of Adibuddha who represents the branch of the cosmos concerned with consciousness. Buddhist
Anantamukhi Buddhist 1 of the 12 Dharnis
Aparajita Buddhist Minor god/goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Aparajita Buddhist/ Mahayana A minor god/ goddess
Arapacana Buddhist God. Buddhist
Arthapratisamvit Buddhist Goddess of logical analysis. Buddhist
Arya-Tara Buddhist "The Noble Liberator" Goddess Buddhist
Asokottamasri Buddhist Physician god Buddhist/Tibet
Avalokitesvara Buddhist The Buddhist epitome of mercy and compassion. When Avalokitesvara attained to supreme consciousness, he chose not to pass into nirvana, but vowed to stay behind as the succor of the afflicted. He was filled with compassion, karuna, for the sufferings of the living, which he sought to bring to enlightenment. He was represented as a handsome young man holding a lotus flower in his hand who wore a picture of Amithaba in his hair. His female consort was Tara, also known as Pandaravasini, 'clad in white'.
Ayurvasita Buddhist Minor goddess, one of twelve vasitas. Buddhist
Balaparmita Buddhist Philosophical deity. Buddhist
Beg-Tse Buddhist God of war Buddhist/Tibet
Bhaisajyaguru Buddhist Medicine Buddha Buddhist/Tibet
Bhima Buddhist A heroic warrior, son of Kunti by Vayu, but the acknowledged son of Pandu and the second eldest of the Pandava brothers Buddhist
Bhrkuti-Tara Buddhist/Tibet The Nepalese queen of Tibet's first great religious king, Songtsen Gambo and credited with the introduction of Buddhism to Tibet and China. In the Lamaeist Tradition, Bhrkuti-Tara is incarnate in all good women. Buddhist/Tibet
Bhumi Buddhist Collective name for a group of deities Buddhist/Vajrayana
Bhutadamara Buddhist/Mahayana "Turmoil of the Spirits" four-armed God. Buddhist/Mahayana
Bi-har Buddhist/ Tibet A Guardian deity that protects against demons
Bishamon Japan One of the seven gods of luck and the Buddhist patron of warriors. Japan
Buddhaalocana Buddhist Goddess and female Buddha Buddhist/Shingon
Buddhabodhiprabhavasita Buddhist "Born to be Englightened". Minor goddess Buddhist
Buddhakapala Buddhist/ Mahayana A god
Budha Hindu/ Vedic/ Epic/ Puranic/ Buddhist An astral god
Candesvari Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess that stands upon a corpse
Candra Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ Buddhist A planet god commonly affiliated with the moon
Carika Buddhist "the deceiver" Goddess of the repetitive chant. Buddhist
Cauri Buddhist/Tibet A fly-whisk held by attendants of a god or royal person. Buddhist/Tibet
Chattrosnia Buddhist God Buddhist
Chos-Skyon Buddhist Tutelary guardian deity Buddhist/Tibet
Chunda Buddhist Goddess of happiness Buddhist
Citrasena Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Cittavasita Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist
Cunda Buddhist/Tibet Goddess considered a deification of literature. Buddhist/Tibet
Da-Shi-Zhi Buddhist/China One of Amitabha Buddha's two great female Bodhisattva companions in the Pure Land. Buddhist/China
Dakini Buddhist A female being, generally of volatile temperament, who acts as a muse for spiritual practice. Buddhist
Danaparamita Buddhist Philosophical deity. Buddhist
Daoji Buddhist A Buddhist monk who became a minor Taoist deity
Devaputra Buddhist Designation for the lower ranked gods. Buddhist
Dhanada Buddhist/Mahayana Form of the goddess Tara. Buddhist/Mahayana
Dharmadhatuvagisvara Buddhist Physician god Buddhist
Dharmamegha Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
Dharmapala Buddhist Minor goddess concerned with law Buddhist/Vajrayana
Dhavajagrakeyura Buddhist Goddess who sits on a sun throne Buddhist/Mahayana
Dhupa Buddhist Minor goddess and a censor Buddhist/Mahayana
Dhvajosnisa Buddhist God, apparently Guardian deity Buddhist
Dhyanaparmita Buddhist Philosophical deity Buddhist
Dhyani Buddhas Five meditating Buddhas who came from the primeval Buddha Buddhist
Dhyanibuddha Buddhist Generic name for a spiritual or meditation Buddha Buddhist
Dhyanibuddhasakti Buddhist Collective name for a specific group of goddesses Buddhist
Dipa Buddhist Goddess of light Buddhist/Tibet
Dipa Tara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Dipamkara Buddhist Proceeded the Buddha in east Asia Buddhist
Dipankara Buddhas Deity who is one of the minor group of Buddhas Buddhist/Tibet
Durangama Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
Durjata Buddhist Minor goddess who waits on the god Buddhakapala Buddhist/Mahayana
Ekajata Buddhist Goddess of happiness Buddhist
Emma O Buddhist/Japan God of death and lord of hell. Buddhist/Japan
Fudo Myoo Buddhist God who protects against catastrophes. Buddhist
Gagananja Buddhist A god
Ganapatihrdaya Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Ganda Tara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Gandha Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Ghantapani Buddhist God running a round with a bell in his hand Buddhist/Mahayana
Ghasmari Buddhist Goddess fond of blodd-filled bowls. Buddhist
Gia tri luc Buddhist Magical power of determination that Buddha confers on all who seek it and upholds it.
Gita Buddhist Mother goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Grahamatrka Buddhist A goddess whose name means demon mother
Grahamatrka Buddhist Goddess whose name means demon mother. Buddhist
Grateful Buddhist Commemoration Stanza to Sakyamuni Buddha. Buddhist
Grdhrasya Buddhist Minor goddess whose name translates to face of a vulture Buddhist
Guhyasamaja Buddhist "Treatise on the Sum Total of Mysteries". Protective deity. Buddhist
Gur-Gyi Buddhist/Tibet "Angry-one-of-the-tent." God of tents. Buddhist/Tibet
Gur-Gyi Mgon-Po Buddhist/ Tibet A god of tents
Hariti Buddhist A plague goddess associated with smallpox
Hariti Buddhist Goddess for the protection of children, easy delivery, happy child rearing and parenting, harmony between husband and wife, love, and the well-being and safety of the family. Women without children also pray to Kishimojin to help them become pregnant. Originally, Hariti was a cannibalistic demon. She had hundreds of children whom she loved and doted upon, but to feed them, she abducted and killed the children of others. Buddhist
Hatasa Buddhist Horse goddess Buddhist
Hayagriva Buddhist Patron god of horses Buddhist/Tibet
Hemantadevi Buddhist Goddess of winter Buddhist/Tibet
Heruka Buddhist God, one of the more popular in the pantheon Buddhist/Mahayana
Hevajira Buddhist God equivalent to the Hindu Siva Buddhist/Mahayana
Ida-Ten Japan Buddhist god of law and monasteries. Japan
Isa Buddhist Guardian deity Buddhist
Jambhala Buddhist Embodies the Wealth Deity aspect of all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of past, present and future, and grants longevity and prosperity in daily life. Buddhist
Janavasita Buddhist A minor goddess affiliated with knowledge or the control of knowledge
Janguli Buddhist Goddess of healing and snakebites. Buddhist
Jayakara Buddhist God who rides in a cage drawn by Cockatoos Buddhist
Jayatara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Jian Lao Buddhist Goddess of the earth and permanence Buddhist/China
Jnanadakini Buddhist/ Mayhayana A goddess associated with, or whose name means, knowledge
Jnanaparamita Buddhist A deity who has perfected transcendent, super-human or supernatural knowledge. Buddhist
Jw Buddhist Ja'u, Jawi. Possibly a part of the syncretistic Agami Jawi. Many Hindu-Buddhist gods, called dewata with Sanskrit names, are incorporated in Agami Jawi. Dewi Sri comes from Sri, the consort of Vishnu, and in Java is the goddess of fertility and rice.
Kalacakra Buddhist Tutelary god who is personally selected Buddhist/Tibet/Mahayana
Kaladuti Buddhist Goddess whose name means messenger of death Buddhist/Mahayana
Kalika Buddhist Goddess common often seen standing upon a corpse Buddhist/Mahayana
Kamini Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Karai-Shin Buddhist God of lightning Buddhist/Japan
Karini Buddhist Fear goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Karmavasita Buddhist Minor goddess who personifies the discipline of spiritual regeneration Buddhist
Kesini Buddhist Goddess Buddhist
Khasaparna Buddhist God Buddhist
Khen-Ma Buddhist Goddess who is the controller of the earth's demons Buddhist/Tibet
Khen-Pa Buddhist God who controls the demons of heaven Buddhist/Tibet
Khyung-Gai mGo-Can Buddhist Local god Buddhist/Tibet/Bon
Kishi Mojin Buddhist Goddess of motherhood Buddhist/Japan
Krodhadevatas Buddhist These are the gods of terror
Ksantiparmata Buddhist A philosophical deity
Ksitigarbha Buddhist/Mahayana 'Earth-Womb'. "Name of a Bodhisattva who saves suffering beings in the hell" he aspires to deliver sentient beings wandering astray in the five(or six) paths of mundane existence. Buddhist/Mahayana
Kuan-Yin China Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. China
Kujaku Myoo Buddhist Gives protection against drought and protects against all evil in the Shingo sect of Japan. Buddhist
Kuku-Toshi-No-Kami Japan God responsible for a harvest of full grown rice, his shrines are often served by Buddhist priests. Japan
Kulika Buddhist According to Buddhist legend, the first notable king of Shambhala, King Suchandra was the one who requested teaching from the Buddha that would allow him to practice the dharma without renouncing his worldy enjoyments and responsibilities.
Kulisevari Buddhist Goddess often shown with a corpse Buddhist/Mahayana
Kun-Rig Buddhist God associated associated with the prayer wheel Buddhist/Tibet
Kurukalla Buddhist A goddess, usually of terrifying appearance
Kurukalla Buddhist Goddess, usually of terrifying appearance Buddhist
Kwannon Japan Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. Japan
Kwanonn Japan Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. Japan
Kwanseieun Korea Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. Korea
Lasya Buddhist Graceful Mother of the world. Buddhist
Laughing Buddha China Popular Buddhist deity; god of happiness and wealth. China
Lha Buddhist Generic term for the deity Buddhist/Tibet
Lhamo Buddhist Goddess of the Bon pantheon Buddhist/Tibet
Lhamo/ Lha Mo Buddhist/ Tibet A goddess of the Bon pantheon
Locana Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Lokesvara Buddhist Generic name for a group of deities such as Siva and Visnu Buddhist
Madhukara Buddhist God whose name means honey maker. Buddhist
Mahabala Buddhist God, a rather fearsome emanation of Amitabha Buddhist/Mahayana
Mahakala Buddhist Guardian god of science and tents Buddhist
Mahakapi Buddhist God and epitaph of the Buddha in a previous incarnation when he was an ape Buddhist
Mahamantranusarni Buddhist Guardian goddess Buddhist
Mahamayuri Buddhist Snake god Hindu/Buddhist/Mahayana
Mahapararinirvanamurti Buddhist God Buddhist
Mahapratisara Buddhist Guardian goddess Buddhist
Mahapratyangira Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Maharaksa Buddhist Group of guardian goddesses Buddhist
Mahasahasprramardani Buddhist Goddess whose name means the thousandfold destroyer Buddhist
Mahasitavati Buddhist Guardian goddess Buddhist
Mahasri-Tara Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Mahavidya Buddhist Of the collective name of a group of goddesses Buddhist/Mahayana
Mahayasa Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Marriott
Mahcinatra Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Tibet/Mahayana
Mahodadhi Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Meola
Maitreya Buddhist Designate Buddhist/India
Mala Buddhist Mother goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Mamaki Buddhist Goddess Buddhist
Manidhara Buddhist Minor deity and Lokeshvara's attendant. Tibetan Buddhist
Manjughosa Buddhist Speaks from the depths of Enlightened awareness and transforms wrong views into Wisdom. A Buddhist Bodhisattva
Manjusri Buddhist The bodhisattva of keen awareness. Buddhist
Mara Buddhist Goddess of death or the evil principle Buddhist
Mari Buddhist The deification of literature
Mari Buddhist Deification of literature Buddhist
Marici Buddhist Solar goddess Buddhist/China
Maya[devi] Buddhist A mother goddess
Mayajalakrama-Kurukulla Buddhist/ Mayhayana A goddess
Mayan[devi] Buddhist Mother goddess Buddhist
Mayanjalakrama-Kurukulla Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Medha Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Mi-Lo-Fo Buddhist God Buddhist/China
Mucalinda Buddhist The snake-like being who protected the Buddha from the elements before his enlightenment. Buddhist
Muraja Buddhist Goddess of the tambourine. Buddhist
Myoken-Bohdisattiva Buddhist Astral god and the god of healing eye-disease. Buddhist
Nairamata Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Namasangiti Buddhist One of the important manifestations of Manjushree. Buddhist
Nan-Sgrub Buddhist God, a form of Yama Buddhist/Tibet
Natha Buddhist/ Sri Lanka A tutelary god
Ni O Buddhist The protector of the Buddhist faith
Niladanda Buddhist Guardian god of the southwestern quarter. Buddhist
Nio Buddhist Wrath-filled and muscular guardian of the Buddha, standing today at the entrance of many Buddhist temples in Japan and Korea under the appearance of frightening wrestler-like statues.
Nirriti Buddhist Goddess of misery, misfortune, disease and death and the embodiment of all sins. Appeared at the time of the churning of the ocean before the goddess of fortune. Buddhist
Nirvana Buddhist Annihilation, or rather the final deliverance of the soul from transmigration. Buddhism
Nispannattara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Nrtya Buddhist Mother goddess Buddhist/Tibet
O-Iwa-Dai-Myojin Buddhist God of stone workers Buddhist/Japan/Shinto
Ostaraki Buddhist Spirit of divinity and wisdom. Buddhist
Padmantaka Buddhist God who is the guardian of the Western direction Buddhist
Padmapani Buddhist God, a Buddha designate Buddhist
Padmatara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Padsmosnisa Buddhist God who is connected with the guardian deities Buddhist
Pancamukha-Patradeva Buddhist God, a beggar Buddhist
Pandara Buddhist The Shakti of Amitabha, and a feminine bodhisattva. Buddhist
Paramapadatmavat Buddhist That which is of the very essence or nature of high spirit, bordering on the unconditioned nature of the hierarch. Buddhist
Paramasva Buddhist Great horse god usually depicted trampling four major Hindu deities underfoot. Buddhist
Paramita Buddhist Descriptive name of a philosophical deity Buddhist
Pariskaravassita Buddhist Minor goddess, one of those personifying the discipline of spiritual regeneration. Buddhist