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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "India"

God name "Abhasvara" India A class of 64 devas or demiGods created by Brahman. India
"Abhigit" Indian The propitiatory sacrifice made by an Indian rajah who has slain a priest without premeditation.
God name "Acala" India/ Buddhism This God is protector of of the teaching & defends temples
Ghost name "Acheri" Indian They are the Ghosts of little girls, who live on the tops of mountains but descend at night to hold their revels in more convenient places. Indian
"Adissechen" Indian The serpent with a thousand heads which sustains the universe. Indian
God name "Agni" India A God of lightning, fire, & the sun & who also mediates between the gods & humans
God name "Agni" India God of lightning, fire, and the sun and who also mediates between the Gods and humans. India
God name "Agnikumara" Jain/ India They are youthful appearing Gods associated with rain & thunder
"Airapadam" Indian The white elephant, one of the eight which, according to Indian mythology, sustain the earth.
Ghost name "Airi" Indian The Ghost of someone who killed in hunting. Those who see him face to face are burnt by the flash of his eye, or are torn to pieces by his dogs, or have their livers extracted and eaten by the fairies who accompany him. Indian
Goddess name "Al Shua" India Goddess of Ursa Major. India
Goddess name "Alopurbi" India A Goddess of hunting
God name "Aluelp" Greek An Indian nymph, who was passionately loved by Dionysus, but could not be induced to yield to his wishes, until the God changed himself into a tiger, and thus compelled her by fear to allow him to carry her across the river Sollax, which from this circumstance received the name of Tigris. Greek
Goddess name "Amba" India Goddess of the earth, one of the deities of Pre-Aryan race, which Aryans absorbed in their pantheon. India
Goddess name "Amba Dravidian" India A Goddess of the earth
"American Indians" American Indians Otkon, Messou, and Atahuata.
"Anasuya" Hindu That is, the charity, was wife of an ancient Indian rishi (sage) named Atri. In the Ramayana, she appears living with her husband in a small hermitage in the southern periphery of the forest of Chitrakuta. She was very pious, and always practiced austerities and devotion. Hindu
God name "Animisha" Indian "One who does not wink", a general epithet of all Indian Gods.
Goddess name "Anna Kuari" India/Oraon Local vegetation Goddess who can give good crops and make a man rich, but to induce her to do so it is necessary to offer human sacrifices. India/Oraon
"Annapurna" India A Hindu avatar of Durga who ruled over food production. India
Goddess name "Antai" India The Goddess of mercy, healing and whooping cough. India
Goddess name "Asa Poorna" Chohan/ India A Goddess of happiness
Goddess name "Ashi" India Goddess of wisdom India
Goddess name "Ashis" India Goddess of happiness. India
"Atma" India The divine spark, whatever that is, in humans
"Atma / Atman" India Atma aka Atman a philosophical term used within Hinduism and Vedanta to identify the soul. It is one's true self beyond identification with the phenomenal reality of worldly existence. India
"Bahu" India "the Creating Mother". India
God name "Balarama" India God of agriculture. India
"Bangma or Bangmi" India A fabulous bird in India, which can talk and give oracular advice.
Goddess name "Banka Mundi" India A Goddess of the hunt and fertility. India
Goddess name "Bardaichila" India Assamese Storm Goddess.
Deity name "Bella Penu Khond" India a local Deity(god) Orissa
Goddess name "Bentakumari" India Goddess of water. The first fish of the season was given to her. India
Goddess name "Bera Pennu" India Earth and vegetation Goddess. India
Demon name "Beyreva" Indian Indian Demon, master of souls that roam through space after being changed into airy demons. It is said to have crooked nails with which it lopped off one of Brahma's heads.
God name "Bhaga" India One of the Adityas, a God of wealth and marriage in Hinduism.
"Bhagavan" India The Supreme Being or Absolute Truth. India
God name "Bhagavan India" N Cent A tutelary God
Goddess name "Bharat Mata" Hindu Mother Goddess who is the mother of India Hindu
Goddess name "Bhavani" India A ferocious aspect of Hindu Goddess Shakti or Devi. Bhavani means "giver of life", the power of nature or the source of creative energy. In addition to her ferocious aspect, she is also known as Karunaswaroopini, "filled with mercy". India
God name "Bheem or Bhima" Indian One of the five Pandoos, or brotherhoods of Indian demi-Gods, famous for his strength. He slew the giant Kinchick, and dragged his body from the hills, thereby making the Kinchick ravine.
"Bhumi" India The ten stages a Bodhisattva advances through in the path to become a Buddha. India
Goddess name "Bhumi Devata" India A vegetation Goddess
Ghost name "Bhut" India A type of evil spirit. It is especially the evil Ghost of a man who has died due to execution, accident, or suicide. People protect themselves by lying on the ground, because the bhutas never rest on earth. In the Bhagvad Gita, Krishna the Avatar declares that the humans who worship bhutas become bhutas themselves. India
Demon name "Bir" India A very malignant village Demon. India
"Bisal Mariamna" India Shakti of Sunlight in Mysore. Symbolized by a brass pot full of water called the Kunna-Kannadi or 'eye mirror'. India
Goddess name "Bisam" India Goddess of health and diseases. India
"Blemys" Indian Along with Orontes, and Oruandes, was a chief of the Deriades who fought against Dionysus in the Indian War.
Goddess name "Bod" Indian The divinity invoked by Indian women who desire fecundity. Children born after an invocation to Bod must be redeemed, or else serve in the temple of the Goddess. Indian
"Bolay or Boley" Indian The giant which conquered heaven, earth, and the inferno. Indian
"Boon-givers" India Favourers, finders of light, and Heaven, with gracious love accept my songs, my prayer, my hymn. The Rig-Veda
Goddess name "Boora Pennu Khondi" India God of light who created the Goddess of the earth and they made the other great gods India
"Bouders or Boudons" Indian A tribe of giants and evil genii, the guard of Shiva. Indian
God name "Brihaspati" India God of incantation and ritual India
"Buddha" India He was deified after his death
Goddess name "Budhi Pallien" India A fearsome Goddess of forests and jungles, who roams northern India in the form of a tiger. India
Goddess name "Budhi Pallien" Indian Assamese Forest Goddess, appears as a tiger prowling through the jungle. Indian
God name "Cama" Indian The God of love and marriage. Indian
Goddess name "Candi" India Demon-destroying form of the Hindu Goddess Sakti. India
Goddess name "Challalamma" India Goddess of buttermilk [?] India
Goddess name "Chinnintamma" India Goddess of households. India
Ghost name "Choorail" Moslem The Ghost of a pregnant woman. India. Moslem
Goddess name "Chowa" India Goddess of health India
God name "Daityas" India A race of giants who fought against the Gods because they were jealous of their Deva half-brothers. India
Demon name "Danavas" India Danava. An ancient name for Demons. Half divine/half demonic beings. India
Demon name "Dano" Indian An Indian Demon who is similar to the Bir.
Demon name "Darbas" India "The Tearers". Rakshasas and other destructive Demons.
Ghost name "Davy Jones's Locker" Indian I.e. he is dead. Jones is a corruption of Jonah, the prophet, who was thrown into the sea. Locker, in seaman's phrase, means any receptacle for private stores; and duffy is a Ghost or spirit among the West Indian negroes. So the whole phrase is, "He is gone to the place of safe keeping, where duffy Jonah was sent to."
"Deluges" Chinese The principle ones are: the deluge of Fohi, Chinese. The Satyavrata, of the Indians; the Xisuthrus, of the Assyrians; the Mexican deluge; Noah's Flood and the Greek deluges of Deucalion and Ogyges.
Demon name "Devas" India Some gods at perpetual war with the Demons
Demon name "Devas" India Some gods at perpetual war with the Demons. India
Deities name "Devi" India These are female Deities
Goddess name "Dharni Pinnu" India Goddess of health India
God name "Dikkumara" Jain/ India A God associated with rain & thunder
Goddess name "Dil Ki Baat" India Goddess of strength and wisdom. India
Goddess name "Diwali" India/Bhil Goddess of happiness and merriment. India/Bhil
"Djinnestan" India The realm of the djinns or genii of Oriental mythology.
"Dondasch" India An Oriental giant contemporary with Seth, to whose service he was attached. He needed no weapons, as he could destroy anything by the mere force of his arms.
Supreme god name "Dyaush" India First Supreme God. India
Goddess name "Eithne" Ireland Old Goddess who lived off nothing but the milk of a sacred Indian cow and was protected by a spirit who chased away all would-be suitors. Ireland
Goddess name "Ekastaka" India Goddess of healthy children India
King name "Elfin" India The first fairy King. He ruled over India and America. Middle Age Romance
God name "Gangaditya" India The sun God of the Murshodabad District. India
God name "Garuda" India God-mount of Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi, is usually pictured as a creature with the head, talons, beak, and wings of an eagle and limbs and trunk of human shape. India
Goddess name "Gauri" India The Goddess of Spring, Wishes, Equality, Fertility, Harvest, Humour, Beauty and Protection. India
Angel name "Genii" Indian The Persian and Indian genii had a corporeal form, which they could change at pleasure. They were not guardian or attendant spirits, but fallen Angels, dwelling in Ginnistan, under the dominion of Eblis. They were naturally hostile to man, though compelled sometimes to serve them as slaves.
God name "Gomaj" India The sun and moon are both called Gomaj, which is also used as a general term of God. India
God name "Gramadevata" India Generic term for the local tutelary Gods India
God name "Grhadevi" India God of the household. India
Goddess name "Grismadevi" India Seasonal Goddess who looks after summer, time, cycles, recreation and rest. India
Goddess name "Gujeswari" India Mother Goddess. Pray to her and you'll be granted los of goodies. India
Goddess name "Hadakai" India Goddess of health and Rabies India
Spirit name "Hamendiju" India The Great Sky Spirit who watches over the people to see that no harm came to them.
"Han" India The black of darkness who was banished to the underworld then became the nighttime. Plains Indians
"Hanoona Wilapona" Mexico The Sun-father of the Zuni Indians. New Mexico
Deity name "Hari" India A name of Vishnu as a solar Deity(god). India
"Harihara" India Twin divinity composed of Visnu and Siva. India
Spirit name "Hawenniyu" Iroquois Great Spirit who gives the gifts of the earth. From a buckskin pouch he takes the sacred Indian tobacco and sprinkling it on the fire for incense makes certain motions of his hands toward the sky. Sometimes he will fan the fire with a turkey wing fan. Iroquois
God name "Heammawihio" India A sky and creator God who taught his people to make arrow points, knives, bows and arrows, how to hunt, and to make fire. Plains Indians
"Heva" Polynesia The legendary "first woman" who, together with Ad-ima, arrived at the Indian subcontinent after the Great Flood destroyed a former age of civilized greatness. Polynesia
Demon name "Hiranyakasipu" India Demon who held the earth prisoner, under flood waters. India
Spirit name "Hisagitaimisi" Creek 'The One Who Sits Above'. The Great Spirit who manifested himself in bush fires. Creek Indians
Goddess name "Holi" India Goddess of happiness and merriment India
Goddess name "Huruing Wuhti" Hopi In the Hopi Indian creation story, they were a pair of women who survived the Great Flood. The Huruing Wuhti were later venerated as mother Goddesses, because they gave birth to the Hopi people.
"India" Indian Numerous Indian tribes keep Yuletide as a religious festival.
"Isakakate" Crow The supreme being of the Crow. Plains Indians
Goddess name "Isi" India Goddess moderating the whole world, giving laws to Heaven, Earth, and Ocean, as the common parent both of gods and men, and as the productive cause both of corn and trees. India
"Jehennam" India The Gehenna or Inferno of the Arabs. It consists of seven stages, one below the other. The first is allotted to atheists; the second to Manicheans; the third to the Brahmins of India; the fourth to the Jews; the fifth to Christians; the sixth to the Magians or Ghebers of Persia; and the seventh to hypocrites. The Koran
"Jongsuli-Young-Jongbu" India "At first there was neither earth nor sky, Shuzanghu and his wife Zumiang-Nui lived alone...In due time Zumiang-Nui gave birth to a baby-girl, Subbu-Khai-Thung, who is the Earth and to a baby-boy, Jongsuli-Young-Jongbu, who is the Sky." India
God name "Jyotiska" Jain/ India The stellar Gods, there are five classes
Goddess name "Kabandha" India A monstrous evil spirit slain by Rama. A son of the Goddess Sriand "covered with hair, vast as a mountain, without head or neck, having a mouth armed with immense teeth in the middle of his belly, arms a league long, and one enormous eye in his breast." India
Hero name "Kabibonokka" North-American Son of Mudjekeewis, and the Indian Boreas, who dwelt in Wabasso (the North). He paints the autumn leaves scarlet and yellow, sends the snow, binds the rivers in ice, and drives away the seagull, cormorant, and Heron. North-American
Spirit name "Kachina" Pueblo Indians Ancestor Spirits and the souls of virtuous dead people. Pueblo Indians
God name "Kadavul" India An ancient Tamil word for God meaning, "He who is both immanent and transcendent." India
Goddess name "Kali" Hindu/ Puranic/ India A Goddess of cemeteries, destruction & death that helped dance the universe into existence
"Kali" India 'The black.' In Vedic days this name was associated with Agni (fire), who has seven flickering tongues of flame for devouring oblations of butter. Of these seven, Kali was the black or terrific tongue. India
"Kali-matutsi" N American Lived in the sky and heavens above. The word is associated with 'sky occupation.' Pomo Indians, California
"Kalpa" India A day and night of Brahma, a period of 4,320,000,000 solar-sidereal years. Some say there are an infinity of Kalpas, others limit the number to thirty. A Great Kalpa is a life of Brahma; the whole duration of time from the creation to the destruction of the world.
"Kalpa-Tarou" Indian A tree in Indian mythology from which might be gathered whatever a person desired. This tree is "the tree of the imagination."
God name "Kama/ Kama[Deva]" Hindu/ Puranic/ Indian A God of love & carnal desire
"Kannan" India Who measured the Universe in three steps. India
Goddess name "Karalkal Ammaiyar" Hindu/ S India A local mother Goddess
Goddess name "Karalkal Ammaiyar Hindu" India Local mother Goddess India
"Katavul" India Ultimate creator all who exists in the world and able to judge humanity and to reward or punish India/Tamil/Sri Lanka
Supreme god name "Katavul Tamil" S India/ Sri Lanka Such a Supreme God that he was the ultimate creator all that exists in the world & able to judge humanity & to reward or punish at well
"Kaustubha" India A celebrated jewel obtained at the churning of the ocean, and worn by Vishnu or Krishna on his bosom. India
Demon name "Kesi" India A Demon with and was defeated by Indra. In the Puranas, a Daitya who took the form of a horse and attacked Krishna, but was killed that hero's thrusting his arm into his jaws and rending him asunder. India
Spirit name "Kikumbha" India A supreme Spirit who could die only by the hands of Vishnu. He was king of Shatpura and had great magical powers, so that he could multiply himself into many forms, though he commonly assumed only three. He carried off the daughters of Brahmadatta, the friend of Krishna, and that here attacked him and killed him under different forms more than once, but he was eventually slain outright by Krishna, and the city of Shatpura was given to Brahmadatta. India
Spirit name "Kinnara" India Group of Spirit beings who it looked like birds with a human heads India
Demon name "Kirmira" India A monster, brother of Vaka. He opposed the entrance of the Pandavas into the Kamyaka forest, and threatened that he would eat Bhima. A furious combat ensued, in which Bhima and he hurled large trees at each other, but the Demon was at length strangled and had all his bones broken by Bhima. India
Goddess name "Kn Sgni" India Goddess of the Sun. India
Goddess name "Kodamata" India Goddess of health and healing. India
Goddess name "Korravai" Davidian/ Tamil/ S India/ Sri Lanka though sweet to the to for (?) A war Goddess
Goddess name "Korraval" Dravidian Goddess of war India/Dravidian/Tamil/Sri Lanka
Goddess name "Korrawi" India Goddess of battle and victory India/Tamil/Sri Lanka
Goddess name "Korrawi Tamil" India/ Sri Lanka the Goddess of battle & victory
Goddess name "Kottavei" India Goddess of war India
Deities name "Krishna" Indian The modern deity Krishna is the most celebrated hero of Indian mythology, and the most popular of all the Deities. He is said to be the eighth Avatara or incarnation of Vishnu, or rather a direct manifestation of Vishnu himself. This hero, around whom a vast mass of legend and fable has been gathered, probably lived in the Epic age, when the Hindus had not advanced far beyond their early settlements in the north-west.
Goddess name "Krittika" India Goddesses of the Pleiades India
Monster name "Krodha" India The mother "of all sharp-toothed Monsters, whether on the earth, amongst the birds, or in the waters, that were devourers of flesh." India
"Krsanu" India An ineffectual guardian of immortality's plant who failed to prevent the falcon bringing Soma. India
Goddess name "Kuan Yin" China Benign guardian Goddess, probably of India origin China/Taoist
Spirit name "Kubera" India A chief of the evil beings or Spirits living in the shades: a sort of Pluto. India
God name "Kunti" India In her maidenhood she showed such respectful devotion to the sage Durvasas, that he gave her a charm by means of which she might have a child by any God she pleased to invoke. She called upon the sun, and by him had a son named Karna, but without any detriment to her virginity; still, to keep her affair secret, the child was exposed on the banks of the Yamuna. India
Demon name "Kuvalaswa" India A prince of the Solar race, who had 21,000 sons. Attended by his sons he attacked the great Asura, Dhundhu, who lived in a sea of sand, and harassed the devotions of the pious sage Uttanka. They unearthed the Demon and slew him. India
Goddess name "Lakshimi" Indian She is the Goddess of beauty & wealth, but very fickle & claims no god can sustain her for very long
Goddess name "Lakshmi" India The Goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. India
Goddess name "Lalbai" India A Goddess of healing, & cholera
"Lalita" India Has three aspects as virgin (Bala), mother (Tripurasundari) and crone (Tripura Bhairavi) and is the waxing Moon as Kali is the waning Moon. She represents love and sexuality while Kali represents death. India
"Lalita Tripurasundai Tantric" India She is the symbol of cosmic energy & of the secret ruler of the world
Goddess name "Lohasur Devi" India Goddess of the forging of iron India
Monster name "Lu' dja lako" Indians Lu Dja Lako, a Monster bull turtle. Southeastern Indians
Goddess name "Mahalaya" India A Devi Goddess, the source of the universe. India
Goddess name "Mahalkakshmi" India The Divine Mother. Goddess of war, wisdom and passion. India
"Mahaprabhu" India Singi-Arke. The supreme being and creator is generally benevolent but is known to cause fever and convulsions. His wife is Sita Mahalakshmi. The Bondo, India
God name "Mahapurub" India The creator God of the Raja Maria. Identified with Bhagavan. India
"Mahasarasavati" India One of the 108 names of Kali. India
Goddess name "Mahaskti" India Divine mother, Goddess of war, passion, and wisdom, Supreme creator of the universe India
Goddess name "Mahaskti/ Mahesvari/ Mahakali/ Mahalkakshmi/ Mahasarasavati" India She is not only in the divine mother, Goddess of war, passion, & wisdom but she is the Supreme creator of the universe
God name "Mahasthamparata" India God of knowledge India
Spirit name "Maheo" Cheyenne The void dwelling omnipotent Great Spirit and creator who created the water, light and air. With the help of Coot he made land by placing mud on the back of Grandmother Turtle, who then became the earth. Cheyenne Indians
"Mahpiyato" Lakota After the time of creation, the world was divided into three regions; the sky, the earth and waters and the underworld. When Mahpiyato created humans, they were placed in the subterranean region.. The Lakota, Plains Indians
God name "Makowasendo" Mexico The sky God is the husband of Nangkwijo, the earth. The Tewa, Pueblo Indians, New Mexico and Arizona
Goddess name "Manasi" Indian The Goddess of Snakes. Indian
Goddess name "Manasvi" Indian The Goddess "That which controls mind". Indian
Planet name "Manda" India Regent of the Planet Saturn India
Planet name "Manda/ Sani" India he is the divine and regent of the Planet Saturn
Planet name "Mangalla" India Stellar deity who rules the Planet Mars India
Goddess name "Manisha" Indian Goddess of mind; intelligence, desires and wishes. Indian
Spirit name "Maruts" India This is a group of storm Spirits
Goddess name "Mataras" India Group of Goddesses India
Goddess name "Mataras/ Ambikas" India A Group of Goddesses
Goddess name "Mayanvel" India Goddess of children India
Goddess name "Mayavel" India Another Goddess of children
"Meru" Indian A fabulous mountain in the centre of the world, 80,000 leagues high, the abode of Vishnu, and a perfect paradise. It may be termed the Indian Olympus.
Spirit name "Morva" India They are invisible sky Spirits Andaman Is./India Ocean
"Mowis" Indian The bridegroom of snow, who, according to American Indian tradition, wooed and won a beautiful bride; but when morning dawned, Mowis left the wigwam, and melted into the sunshine. The bride hunted for him night and day in the forests, but never saw him more.
God name "Mukta Devi" India A wife of Dharma Thakuli invoked for fertility. Fertility deity, prosperity, and healing God. India
Deity name "Munisvara" Hindu/Dravidian A regional Tamil Deity(god) who is popular amongst the least Sanskritized social groups of South India specifically Tamil Nadu. Hindu/Dravidian
Deity name "Muruga" Hindu Is the most popular Hindu Deity(god) amongst Tamils of Tamil Nadu state in India and in the Tamil diaspora.
"Nagini" India Snake beings worshiped throughout India as divinities who provide protection from dangers.
Goddess name "Nandi" India Goddess of happiness and joy India
"Naradatta" India Dwelling on Mount Himavat, remembering the wholesome words of his maternal uncle, came to the Sugata with his disciples, and the holy one admitted them all into the order of the Gina; then a woman named Sakti, and another named Kamala, pre-eminent in Brahmanical power, came to the Sugata and fell down at his feet, and then standing before him they were received by the saint, and made happy with the staff and begging-bowl. The Buddha-karita
Deity name "Natos" Indians Sun Deity(god) of the Blackfoot Indians.
God name "Om" India A Sanscrit word, somewhat similar to Amen. When the Gods are asked to rejoice in a sacrifice, the god Savitri cries out Om (Be it so). When Pravahan is asked if his father has instructed him, he answers Om (Verily). Brahmins begin and end their lessons on the Veda with the word Om, for "unless Om precedes his lecture, it will be like water on a rock, which cannot be gathered up; and unless it concludes the lecture, it will bring forth no fruit."
God name "Oshats" Mexico A sky God and the sun. The Sia, Pueblo Indians. New Mexico
Spirit name "Pah-ah" Indians The Great Spirit of the Paiute Indians.
Spirit name "Pahtumawas" Indians The Great Spirit of the Lenape Indians
God name "Pakrokitat" California Creator God who made people with a face at the front and back of their heads. After a hissy fit, he decended to the middle of the earth. The Serrano Indians, California
King name "Panic" Greek On one occasion Bacchus, in his Indian expeditions, was encompassed with an army far superior to his own; one of his chief captains, named Pan, advised him to command all his men at the dead of night to raise a simultaneous shout. The shout was rolled from mountain to mountain by innumerable echoes, and the Indians, thinKing they were surrounded on all sides, took to sudden flight. Greek
Supreme god name "Para Brahma" India Para Brahma. The Supreme God of the Siva Narayanis. Northwest India
"Paramesvar" India The supreme being of the Chamars. India
Goddess name "Parvati/ Sakti/ Ahladini-Sadini/ Sati/ Uma" Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A Goddess of the mountains
Goddess name "Poleramma" India One of the incarnations of the Goddess associated with smallpox. India
Goddess name "Poleramma Telegu" India A plague Goddess associated with smallpox
Goddess name "Prabha" India Goddess of health who hands out divine amulets. India
God name "Priapus" Greek Priapos, a son of Dionysus and Aphrodite. Aphrodite, it is said, had yielded to the embraces of Dionysus, but during his expedition to India, she became faithless to him, and lived with Adonis. On Dionysus return from India, she indeed went to meet him, but soon left him again, and went to Lampsacus on the Hellespont, to give birth to the child of the God. Greek
Hero name "Prithu" Indian The favourite Hero of the Indian Puranas. Vena having been slain for his wickedness, and leaving no offspring, the saints rubbed his right arm, and the friction brought forth Prithu. Being told that the earth had suspended for a time its fertility, Prithu went forth to punish it, and the Earth, under the form of a cow, fled at his approach; but being unable to escape, promised that in future "seed-time and harvest should never fail."
"Priyavrata" India The Bhagavata-Purana states: "Priya-vrata being dissatisfied that only half the earth was illuminated at one time by the solar rays, followed the sun seven times round the earth in his own flaming car of equal velocity, like another celestial orb, resolved to turn night into day." India
God name "Prthu" Hindu Creator God, noble king who ruled over India, mentioned in Vedic texts. This deity is head of the solar pantheon and introduced agriculture to humankind. Hindu