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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Ethiopia"

God name "Almaqah aka Ilmuqah" Arabic The moon God of the South Arabian kingdom of Saba and the Ethiopian kingdoms of D'mt and Aksum. The ruling dynasty of Saba regarded themselves as his children. Arabic
Goddess name "Aso" Ethiopia Goddess of justice and the queen of Ethiopia.
God name "Astar" Ethiopia Sky God who forms a triad with Beher and Medr. Ethiopia
Goddess name "Atete" Christian Goddess of fertility in Ethiopia and was assimilated into the Christian as the Virgin Mary, Atete was invoked by Pagans during ancient fertility rituals known as the Astar yo Mariam.
"Baira" Ethiopia The supreme being of the Amar Kokke. Ethiopia
"Bairo" Ethiopia The supreme being of the Banna. Ethiopia
"Bamballe aka Waq" Ethiopia The supreme being of the Konso. Ethiopia
God name "Beher" Ethiopian Sea God. Ethiopian
Goddess name "Benthesicyme" Greek An Ethiopian sea nymph, a Goddess of the waves and a daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite, the wife of king Enalos. She raised Eumolpus, son of Chione and Poseidon. (Apollodorus iii) Her husband Enalos: of the sea, may have been Triton, the god of lake Tritonis in Greek
"Fogatza aka Robboqua" Ethiopia The supreme being of the Gumuz. Ethiopia
God name "Hao" Ethiopia God who resided in the river. Ethiopia
God name "Hao Janjero" Ethiopia A God that resided in the river Gibe
God name "Ha’o" Ethiopia The supreme being and sky God whose eye is the sun. Ethiopia
"Illalei" Ethiopian Yet another supreme being and the creator humanity. Ethiopian this time
"Magano" Ethiopia The supreme being of the Tambaro and the Sidamo, identified with the sky. Ethiopia
"Mahrem Auxmite" Ethiopia Head of the pantheon responsible for war Ethiopia
Spirit name "Medr" Ethiopia Ancient earth Spirit, gender unknown Ethiopia
"Odites" Greek The name of two mythical beings, one a centaur, and the other an Ethiopian, who was slain by Clymenus at the wedding of Perseus. Greek
God name "Wak" Ethiopia The Father of the Universe, the omniscient sky God who is associated with rains and thunder. Ethiopia
"Wal" Ethiopia The omnipresent and omniscient supreme being of the Madin. Ethiopia
Spirit name "Zars" Egypt White faced Spiritual beings which parallels the activities of people, and sometimes interacts with people. Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia