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List of Gods : "Finnish"
Ajatar Finnish Goddess of evil Finnish
Egres Finnish Fertility god in charge of the the turnip crop Finnish
Erlik Samoyed Finnish God of the netherworld Finnish
Haltia Finnish Goddess of healing Finnish/Ugric
Hiisi Finnish Group of evil spirit that worked with Lempo and Paha. They were skilled sorcerers and necromancers who enjoyed banging sacred drums and chanting. Finnish
Hittavainen Finnish God of hunting and the guardian of hare hunters. Finnish
Hittavainen Karelian Finnish A hunting god & the guardian of hare hunters
Horagalles Finnish The Sami god of the sky and of thunder, normally depicted wielding a pair of war-hammers. His Finnish counterpart was Ukko, and he is generally associated with Thor. Horgalles was married to Raudna.
Idem Huva Finnish Ugric Goddess of autumn Ugric
Ilmarinen Finnish Finnish creator god, also a sky and smith god. He is also protective deity of travelers
Ilmarinen Finnish A god of good weather & the wind, he is also a protective deity of travelers & for a lark he forged the sun
Inmar Finnish/Ugric Sky goddess. Finnish/Ugric
Inmar Votyak Finnish/ Ugric A sky goddess that was taken over by the Christians and called of the Mother of God
Juma Finnish/Mari/Ugart God of the sky, whose name is also associated with spirits of earth, water, wind, and the home. Finnish/Mari/Ugart
Jumala Finnish A god who it is not only a sky god but it is but by air to closely supreme god as well
Kalma Finnish A goddess of death
Kondos Finnish A god of cereal crops that was renamed by the Christians to St. urban
Ku Uasa Finnish God of water. Finnish
Lempo Finnish God of frenzied love Finnish
Louhi Finnish Goddess of the ocean and winter Finnish
Luonnotar Finnish Goddess of the ocean Finnish
Mere Ama Finnish Goddess of the ocean, streams and brooks Finnish
Ovda Finnish An evil spirit of the forest who appears naked with backward pointing feet. After being danced to death, the victim is eaten. Finnish
Paiva Finnish Sun god. Finnish
Paivatar Finnish Goddess of summer. Finnish
Pajainen Finnish A god, the deity that killed the great bull in the legends of Finland
Pekko Finnish God responsible for the duration and harvest in the barley, used to make beer. In christianity you may find him with the name of St. Peter Finnish
Pekko/ Pellonpekko Finnish A god of barley
Pellon Pekko Finnish A god responsible for the duration & harvest in the barley, used to make beer. Under Christianity you may find him with the name of St. Peter
Rauni Finnish A goddess of air, clouds, thunder, life-giving rain and plant life. Finnish
Sampsa Finnish Vegetation god who gives life to seed who lies dormant through the winter. Finnish
Sukkamielli Finnish Goddess of fertility and jolly bonking. Finnish
Suoyatar Finnish One of the forces of evil in the Kalevala, who gives birth to the serpent of evil or death by means of her spittle. Finnish
Tapio East Forest spirit or god. Hunters prayed to him before a hunt. East Finnish
Tuoni Finnish The god of the underworld. Finnish
Ukko Finnish God of rain storms, thunder, weather and the sky. Finnish
Vainamoinen Finnish The central character in the Finnish folklore and the main character in the national epic Kalevala. He was described as an old and wise man, and he possessed a potent, magical voice.
Veden Emo Finnish Goddess of water. Finnish
Vedenemo Finnish "mother of waters", Karelian goddess of water. Finnish
Veen Finnish The Water Mother, a spirit believed to rule the waters and their bounty. Finnish
Vellamo Finnish Goddess the goddess of the sea, the wife of Ahti, the god of the sea and of fishing. Finnish
Vдinдmцinen Finland The old and wise man, who possessed a potent, magical voice. The central character in Finnish folklore and he is the main character in the Kalevala.
Wardi Mumi Finnish Ugric Goddess of war Ugric