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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Iroquois"
God Name: Aataentsic Iroquois Goddess Iroquois
God Name: Adekagagwaa Iroquois Spirit of summer who rests during the winter in the south. He governs all the weather spirits, and each of the spirits of the seasons. Iroquois
God Name: Atahensic Iroquois Goddess of the sky who fell to the earth at the beginning of creation. The Earth was created from her corpse after she died giving birth to the twins Hahgwehdiyu and Hahgwehdaetgah. Iroquois
God Name: Attabeira Atahensic Iroquois The sky goddess who fell to earth
God Name: Ga Oh Iroquois Master of the winds whose house is guarded by a bear. Iroquois
God Name: Gendenwitha Iroquois Goddess of the dawn and the morning star Iroquois
God Name: Genetaska Iroquois Goddess of justice, fairness and of peace. Tradition and Unity are important to her. Iroquois
God Name: Ha Wen Neyu Iroquois The great spirit of the Iroquois.
God Name: Hahgwehdaetgan Iroquois the evil twin brother of Hahgwehdiyu. Iroquois
God Name: Hahgwehdiyu Iroquois The creator god; he planted a single maize plant in his mother's body. This single plant grew and was a gift to mankind. Iroquois
God Name: Hawenniyu Iroquois Great Spirit who gives the gifts of the earth. From a buckskin pouch he takes the sacred Indian tobacco and sprinkling it on the fire for incense makes certain motions of his hands toward the sky. Sometimes he will fan the fire with a turkey wing fan. Iroquois
God Name: Heno Iroquois God of the sky and the spirit of thunder. Iroquois
God Name: Heno/ Hinu/ Hino Iroquois The sky god & the spirit of thunder
God Name: Hino Iroquois God of the sky Iroquois
God Name: Ioskeha Iroquois Creator of the first man and woman Iroquois
God Name: Jogah Iroquois Dwarf nature spirits Iroquois
God Name: Keneun Iroquois Chief of the Thunderbirds an invisible spirit Iroquois
God Name: Master of Winds Iroquois God of the winds Iroquois
God Name: Neo Iroquois The supreme god, the Great Spirit of Life. The Iroquois, Eastern Unites States
God Name: Neoga Iroquois Goddess of the winds. Iroquois
God Name: Onatha Iroquois Spirit of wheat. Iroquois
God Name: Oniata Iroquois Spirit of springs, naughty women and lewd jokes. Iroquois
God Name: Tawiscara Iroquois Evil twin brother of Loskeha. Iroquois
God Name: Tawiscara/ Taweskare/ Tawiskaro Iroquois The evil twin brother of Loskeha