Books about the Gods

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List of Gods British
Abandinus Roman/ Celtic/ British A god known only by inscription
Alaisiagae the Celtic/ British/ Roman They are minor goddess
Anextiomarus Roman/ British A god linked with Apollo
Argante British A goddess of healing
Arnemetia Roman/ British A water goddess known from inscriptions
Britannia British The genia Lor of Britain
Cerridwen British A goddess of mountains
Cocidus British A hunting goddess
Condatis British/ Roman A local god
Coventina Roman/ British A water goddess
Geofon British A goddess of the ocean
Gillian British A goddess spring
Herne British/ Anglo-Saxon An underworld god & leader phantom hunt
Ludd British/ Celtic A god of the ocean, war & light
Maponos British A about tribal god
Ocelus Roman/ British A god of healing that became syncretized with the god Mars
Tamara British A goddess of the River Tamar
Tamesis British A goddess of the River Thames
Verbeia British A goddess of the Wharfe & Avon Rivers