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List of Gods Irish
Abarta Irish A god of the Tuatha De Danann
Accasbel Irish Most likely was an early god of wine or mead
Aebhel/ Aeval Irish A goddess who is a faery [interesting story]
Aed Celtic/ Irish An underworld god known only from inscription
Aengus Celtic/ Irish worshipped from about 500 BC/ 400 AD
Aesun Irish A god whose name means to be
Aibell Irish A goddess of Munster
Aibheaeg Irish A goddess of fire & of toothaches
Aibheaog Irish A fire goddess
Aife/ Aoife Irish/ Scotland A goddess & queen of the Isle of shadow
Aige Irish A goddess of water & bays
Aimend Irish/ Scotland A sun goddess
Ain/ Aine Irish A goddess of war, of fertility, love & of Midsummer Lair Derg
Aine of Knockaine Irish A moon goddess who was connected with the Summer Solstice
Airmid Irish A goddess of all healing arts & witchcraft
Almha Irish A goddess of the Tuatha De Danann
Angus Mac Og Irish One of the Tuatha De Danaan
Angus Og Irish A god of love
Anu/ Anann/ Dana/ Dana Ana/ Catana Irish A mother goddess associated with fertility & the primordial mother
Ard Greimme Irish/ Scotland Once a sun god
Arianrod Irish The goddess of the moon
Badb/ Bodva Irish A goddess of war
Badb/ Odva/ Badb Catha Irish A goddess of war
Baile of the Honeyed Speech Irish The god of Blarney
Balor Irish A god of death
Ban Chuideachaidh Moire Irish An old goddess
Ban Naomha Irish A goddess of war
Banba Irish Part of a triad with Fotia & Eriu & as well as an earth goddess
Bebhionn Irish A goddess of healing
Bechoil Irish A goddess whose legends have been lost
Becuma Irish A goddess who ruled over magical boats
Biddy Mannion Irish A goddess of midwives
Blathnat Irish/ Wales The maiden form of the triple goddess
Bo Dhu Irish A black cow goddess
Bo Find Irish A white cow goddess
Bo Ruadh Irish A goddess who helped bring fertility to barren Irish
Boann/ Boannan Boyne Irish A goddess of fertility & the river Boyne
Branwen/ Branwyn Irish/ Manx/ Wales The Venus of the Northern Seas & a goddess of love
Bres Maclatha Irish A vegetation god
Brigit Irish A fertility goddess
Bronach Irish A goddess linked to forgotten Samhain rituals
Caer Ibormeith Irish Usually thought of as a goddess of sleep & dreams
Caillech/ Cailleach/ Carlin/ Mala/ Liath Irish/ Scotland/ Manx A goddess of winter & the goddess in her destroyer aspect
Caireen Irish Protective mother goddess
Cally Berry Irish A maiden goddess
Canola Irish Believed to be one of the oldest of the Irish deities
Caolainn Irish A goddess of wisdom healing & fertility
Carman Irish A goddess of County Wexford & black magic
Carravogue Irish/ Britain A goddess of winter from County Meath Crone
Cathubodia Breton A Breton version of the Irish earth goddess Banbha
Ceacht Irish A goddess of medicine
Cebhfhionn Irish A goddess of inspiration
Cessair Irish Well known pre Celtic mother goddess
Cethlion Irish A goddess of the sea & the Formorians
Chlaus Haistic Irish Ancient goddess of unknown function
Cian Irish A god of medicine
Cliodna Irish/ Scotland A goddess
Corchen Irish/ Manx A goddess of which very little is known
Credne Irish A god of metallurgy & smithing
Crobh Dearg/ Crove Dairg Irish A war goddess
Cromm Cruaich Irish An ancient deity
Crone Irish Third aspect of the Triple goddess
Dagda/ Daghdha/ Eochaidh/ Ollathair Irish The god of death, rebirth & long life
Dana/ Donu/ Don/ Ana Welsh/ Irish The mortal Celtic race are her descendants, she is a goddess
Danu/ / Danann/ Dana Irish The major mother goddess
Dechtere/ Dechtire Irish A trinity unto herself
Dian Cecht Irish A god of crafts & healing
Dian-Cecht Irish Physician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht
Diancecht Irish Physician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht
Dil Irish A goddess
Domnu Irish A goddess of the Formorians
Don/ Donn/ Dhonn Irish/ Wales A goddess that is called a god of death
Donn Irish An underworld god responsible for the passage of the dead to the underworld
Duan Luteh Irish A moon goddess
Dubh Lacha Irish An early goddess of the sea
Eadon Irish A goddess of poetry
Easal Irish/ Manx A god of abundance & prosperity
Ebhlinne Irish A goddess of Munster & midsummer
Echtghe Irish Believed to be another form of Dana Aughty
Eibhir Irish/ Manx She is most likely a forgotten sun goddess
Eithne Irish An old goddess Ethleen Ethlinn Ethniu
Eri of the Golden Hair Irish A virgin goddess of the Tuatha De Danann
Eriu/ Erin/ Eire Irish One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann & a fertility goddess
Etain/ Echraidhe Irish A goddess of war
Fachea Irish A goddess of poetry & patron of bards
Fand Irish A goddess of healing & the ocean
Fea Irish A war goddess
Finncaev Irish Thought to be a goddess of love & beauty
Finvarra Irish A strong god Fionnbharr
Fionn Mac Cumhal Irish/ Manx/ Scotland An ancient giant god/ warrior
Flidais Irish Ruler of wild beasts of the forests\woodlands
Fomore Irish They are the adversaries of the Tuatha De Danann, & called it demons
Garbh Ogh Irish A giantess & goddess of the hunt
Gavida Irish A minor god of the forge
Gobnu Irish A god of skills to include Ale brewing
Goibbiu Irish He is the god of the blacksmiths craft
Grainne Irish/ Manx/ Scotland Master herbalist & sun goddess
Grian Irish Faery goddess from County Tipperary & a goddess of war
Guaire/ Boinne Guary Irish Guardian god/ spirit of Bruigh
Ibath Irish A Nemed who is believed to be a Tuatha ancestor/ father god
Inghean/ Crobh/ Dearg Bhuidhe Irish One of the isters who made up a triple goddess & goddess of summer
Iubdan of the Faylinn Irish An Ulster god
Kele De/ Ceile De Irish A very old goddess
Lassair Irish A goddess of midsummer
Latiaran Irish The youngest of the three sisters who made up a triune goddess & a goddess of autumn & fire
Levarcham Irish A goddess of physical prowess
Liban Irish A goddess of lakes
Lir Irish A god of the ocean
Llyr/ Lear Lir Irish/ Wales A god of the sea & water
Logia Irish A goddess of the Lagan River
Lot Irish A hideous Formorian war goddess & goddess of physical prowess & strength
Luaths Lurgann Irish A goddess of midwives
Luchtain/ / Luchtar Irish A Minor war & death god
Luchtar Lud Irish/ Wales Chief god
Lud Irish/ Wales Chief god
Lug Irish A god of commerce, magic & war
Lugh Irish/ Wales A hero god
Mabb Wales Warrioress believed to be a Welsh version of Irish's Queen Maeve & a goddess of midwives
MacCecht Irish The god of the plough for the Tuatha De Danann
MacCuill Irish A minor sea god of the Tuatha De Danann
MacGreine Irish A minor sun god of the Tuatha De Danann
Macha[s] Irish One of the aspects of the triple Morrigu, also a goddess of fertility, festival &, sports & war
Maeve Irish A mother goddess who is the apotheosis of the land
Magh Mor Irish A Fir Bolg princess/ goddess
Mal Irish She was the goddess who ruled the hag's headland
Manannan Mac Lir[Llyr] Irish/ Wales He was a shape shifter & chief Irish sea god
Midir/ Midher Irish A chthonic god that appears in polymorphic form
Mog Ruith Irish A god, possibly a solar god
Mor Irish A sun goddess & dam of the kings of Munster
Morrigan Celtic/ Irish The goddesses of war of death & destruction from prehistoric origins
Morrigu/ Morrigan/ Morrighan/ Morgan/ Badb/ Nemain Irish/ Wales/ Britain The Crone aspect of the goddesses who were a trinity responsible for war & ghosts
Moruadh Irish A goddess of the sea
Muireartach Irish A goddess of the ocean
Muireartach Irish/ Scotland A battle goddess
Murigen Irish/ Scotland/ Manx A lake goddess associated with the deluge legends
Naas Irish A goddess who died in county Kildere
Nair Irish A goddess best known for escorting High King Crebhan to the Otherworld
Nath Irish A goddess of wisdom
Neit Irish A Tuatha De Danann war god
Nemain Irish She is one of the triune crone goddesses of battle
Nemglan Irish A bird god who fathered Conaire Mor
Net Irish A god of war
Niamh Irish An aspect of Badb who helps heroes at death
Nuadu Irish A tribal god of healing & water
Odras Irish A goddess of pools
Oenghus Irish A god of love
Queen Maeve/ Medb/ Medhbh/ Madb Irish She was once a powerful goddess
Rhiannon Irish A chthonic goddess of birds & horses
Scathach Irish/ Scotland A goddess of the underworld
Sheela[Sheila] Na Gig Irish She was most likely a protective or blessing deity
Shoney Scotland/ Irish/ Manx Originally a single god of the North Sea
Siddhi Irish The old gods that live it in the hills
Sin Irish Patron goddess of warriors
Sionnan Irish A goddess of the River Shannon
Slaine Irish Thought to be a deity of healing & the medical arts
Somhlth Irish/ Scotland/ Manx A god who had no corporeal incarnation
Taillte/ Taultiu/ Tailitu/ Telta Irish A goddess of Lughnasadh & August
Tlachtga Irish A goddess of sacrifice
Trograin/ Lug Irish A minor god
Tuatha De Dananmn Irish The collective name for the final pantheon
Turrean Irish A goddess Tureann
Uairebhuidhe Irish A bird goddess
Uathach Irish/ Scotland A goddess who trained warriors