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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Shinto"

Monster name "Akandoji" Shinto This Monster had stolen a great deal of gold and silver from the villagers. It was said that he was so terrible that no one dared go against him, to try to recover the riches. Shinto
Goddess name "Ama No Uzume" Japan The Goddess of dawn and revelry in the Shinto. She famously relates to the tale of the missing sun deity, Amaterasu. Japan
God name "Ama-Tsu-Mara" Japan/ Shinto The God of smiths
Deities name "Ama-no-Koyane-no-mikoto" Japan/Shinto Is a kami, a male deity of the Japanese religion of Shinto. He is one of the Deities of Kasuga Shrine, Nara, Japan and is considered to be an ancestor of the Fujiwara family. Japan/Shinto
Goddess name "Amaterasu O-Mi-Kami/ Amaterasu Omikami" Japan/ Shinto The sun Goddess
Deity name "Ame-No-Kagase-Wo" Japan/ Shinto An astral Deity(god) that had to be executed
Deities name "Ame-No-Minaka-Nushi-No-Kami" Shinto (Exalted Musubi Deity), who is later related to the gods of the heaven; Kami-musubi no Kami (Sacred Musubi Deity), related to the gods of the earth; and Ame no Minaka-nushi no Kami (Heavenly Centre-Ruling Deity). Some Shinto scholars hold that all Shinto Deities are manifestations of Ame no Minaka-nushi no Kami.
Deity name "America Kokudo Kunitama-no-O-Kami" Shinto Shinto Deity(god) of America.
Deity name "Azumi-no-isora" Japan/Shinto Is a shinto Deity(god) of the seashore. He is considered to be an ancestor of the Azumi family. He is worshiped at Mekari Shrine of Kitakyushu, Shiga Shrine of Tsushima. Japan/Shinto
Goddess name "Benten-San" Japan/ Shinto The only Goddess among of the seven deities of good fortune
God name "Foto-Tama" Japan/ Shinto An ancestral God
God name "Hachiman/ Hime-Gami/ Hime-O-Kami" Japan/ Shinto A God of war & peace
Spirit name "Hakui" Shinto A god who imbued his followers with a vigorous Spirit and the will to fight enemies Shinto
God name "Hime Okami" Shinto The God fishermen pray to to ensure a large catch. Shinto
Goddess name "Hime-Gami" Shinto Goddess-consort of hikogami. Shinto
God name "Izanagi/ Izanagi No Kami" Japan/ Shinto One of the 17 creator Gods & the male primeval god
"Izanami-No-Kami" Japan "The Female Who Invites", Shinto earth mother who was given the task of creating the world. Japan
Goddess name "Izanami-No-Kami/ Izamnami" Japan/ Shinto A creator Goddess who died and giving birth to the fire god as well as the primeval female goddess
"Kagaya-hime" Shinto He wedded the Refulgent-Princess. Shinto
Deity name "Kama-no-kami" Shinto This is the Deity of the Furnace held in reverence by all people. Shinto
God name "Kami" Japan God identifier in Shintoism Japan
Deity name "Kamu-iku-musu-bi-no-kami" Shinto Daughter of the Divine-Life-Producing-Wondrous-Deity. Shinto
Deity name "Kana-yama-biko-no-kami" Shinto The Deity(god) of fire. Shinto
Deity name "Kana-yama-bime-no-kami" Shinto The Deity(god) of clay. Shinto
Deity name "Kaza-ge-tsu-wake-no-oshi-wo-no-kami" Shinto Son of Youth-of-the-Wind-Breath-the-Great-Male. A Deity(god) involved in the Ritual of the General Purification. Shinto
God name "Kuku-Ki-Waka-Murpo-Tsuna-Ne-No-Kami" Japan/ Shinto The God that guards the home & its environs
Deity name "Kuku-no-chi-no-kami" Shinto The Deity of Trees, whose name is Deity Stem-Elder. Shinto
Goddess name "Mizu-Ha-No-Me" Japan/ Shinto The senior water Goddess who came about from the urine of the primordial creator goddess
God name "Munkata-No-Kami" Japan/ Shinto The sea Gods [3] that protected seafarers
God name "Niha-Tu-Hi-No-Kami" Japan/ Shinto A fire God in that was responsible for household fires that were in the yard
God name "O-Toshi-No-Kami" Japan/ Shinto He heads the pantheon of agricultural Gods but generally is the guardian of rice fields
"O-Yama-Tsu-Mi" Japan/ Shinto he is the most senior at apotheosis of the mountains
Goddess name "Ogetsu no hime" Japan "Goddess Who Possesses Food", a Goddess of food in the Shinto religion of Japan.
Goddess name "Oki-Tsu-Hime-No-Kami" Shinto/ Japan The Goddess of kitchens
Spirit name "Okitsu-Hiko" Japanese Is a divinity in Japanese Shinto. His name literally translates to "Great Land Master", and he was originally the ruler of Izumo Province, until he was replaced by Ninigi. In compensation, he was made ruler of the unseen world of Spirits and magic. He is believed a god of nation-building, farming, business and medicine.
God name "Omoikane" Shinto The God of knowledge. Shinto
God name "Raijin" Japan/ Shinto The weather Gods, inclusive
God name "Shici-Fuku-Jin" Japan/ Shinto these are the seven principal Gods of luck, there is a one female involved however
Goddess name "Sohobo-No-Kami" Japan/ Shinto The Goddess scarecrows, the apotheosis of an actual scarecrow known as a Kakashi
God name "Sukuna-Hikona" Japan/ Shinto A God of healing that helped establish the methods of healing diseases as well as a means to control & protection against Bob beast, snakes, insects, et all
God name "Susano-Wo" Japan/ Shinto A God of agriculture, the ocean & storms
God name "Susanowo" Shinto God of agriculture, the sea and storms. Shinto
God name "Take-Mika-Dzuchi-No-Kami/ Futsu-Nushi-No-Kami" Japan/ Shinto This God is one of the Raijin, A god of thunder, rain, & storms as well as a warrior
God name "Taoki-Ho-Oi-No-Kami/ Hiko-Sashiri-No-Kami" Japan/ Shinto The God of carpenters
Goddess name "Tenshoko Daijin or Ten Sho Dai Jiu" Shinto The Shinto sun Goddess.
"Umashii-Ashi -Kabi-Hiko-Ji-No-Kami" Japan/ Shinto A creator being formed from the reeds floating on the primordial waters