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List of Gods   : "Sudan"

Goddess name "Abuk" Sudan The first woman and patron goddess of women and gardens. south Sudan
Goddess name "Annallja Tu Bari" Sudan Goddess of sexual desire. Sudan
God name "Apedemak" Sudan God of war. Depicted with a lion's head and a human body. The elephant and cattle were sacred to him. Sudan
God name "Apedemak" Sudanese / Meroe war god. An Egyptianized deity, his main sanctuary was contained in a vast religious complex and center of pilgrimage at Musawwarat-es-Sufra, north of the sixth Nile cataract. Sacred animals include cattle and the African elephant. Depicted with the head of a lion and a human body, holding a scepter embellished with a seated lion at the tip....
God name "Apedmak" Sudanese a war god
God name "Bele" Sudan / Africa God of fear, mischief and trickery who gave fire and water to mankind. Sudan / Africa
God name "Bele/ Tule/ Azapane/ Mba" Sudan / Africa A god of fear, mischief & trickery who gave fire & water to mankind
Goddess name "Buk" Neur / Sudan The goddess of rivers & streams
Goddess name "Buk" Nuer / Sudan River goddess. A guardian against attack by crocodiles, she is invoked by the sacrifice of a goat. Known as the “daughter of the fireflies.”...
Goddess name "Buk Neur" Sudan Goddess of rivers and streams Sudan
Goddess name "Candit" Sudan The goddess of rivers and streams and the source of life. Sudan
God name "Col" Sudan Rain and thunderstorms god Sudan
God name "Col (black one)" Nuer / Sudan Rain god. He brings Rain and thunderstorms. Souls of people killed by lightning have been described as colwic. Also Chol....
God name "Col/ Chol" Nuer / Sudan A Rain & thunderstorms god
God name "Deng" Sudan God of Rain. Dinka, Sudan
Goddess name "Deng" Nuer / Dinka / Sudan sky god. Considered to be a foreign deity in the Nuer pantheon and a bringer of disease. His daughter is the moon goddess. In Dinka religion he is a storm and fertility god bringing lightning and Rain....
God name "Deng Dinka/ Neur" Sudan A god of Rain
Goddess name "Diang" Sudan cow goddess and the wife of the first human, Omara, sent by the creator god. Her son is Okwa, who married the crocodile goddess Nyakaya. Shilluk, Sudan
Goddess name "Diang" Shilluk / Sudan cow goddess. Living along the west bank of the Nile, the Shilluk perceive Diang as the consort of the first human, Omara, sent by the creator god. Her son is Okwa, who married the crocodile goddess NYAKAYA. Thus the three main elements of Shilluk life are contained in their religious beginnings—men (sky), cows (earth) and crocodiles (water)....
Goddess name "Diang Shilluk" Sudan A cow goddess
God name "Emeli" Sudan Creator god and generic term meaning Lord, Sudan / Tuareg
God name "Emeli Hin" Tuareg / central Sudan Creator god. A generic title meaning “my lord.”...
God name "Emeli Hin Tuareg" Sudan A creator god & generic term meaning Lord
God name "Jok" African Creator god. A generic term employed by a large number of tribes. Generally the jok is represented by a totem and also has an animal name. The Acholi in Uganda perceive jok to live in caves to which they deliver food and drink offerings. For the Shilluk in Sudan, Jwok created mankind from river clay....
God name "Jumjum" Sudan The high god of the Dyong, Sudan
Spirit name "Kwoith" Nuer / Sudan Creator god. The Nuer people have been affected by the expansion of Islam, and probably by Christianity, and recognize a supreme deity, or spiritual being, responsible for all creation. One of his epithets is Tutgar, meaning “strong and without limit.”...
Spirit name "Kwoth" Sudan Is considered to be the spirit in or of the sky. Like all spirits Kwoth is invisible and omnipresent, but he manifests himself in a number of forms. Nuer, eastern Sudan
God name "Naijok" Sudan The benevolent god of fate and the supreme being of the Lotuko. Sudan
Goddess name "Nayakaya" Sudan Goddess of crocodiles. Sudan
Goddess name "Nayakaya Shilluk" Sudan the crocodile goddess that reside in the Nile, Shillukscontinue to sacrifice to her
Goddess name "Nyakaya" Shilluk / Sudan Crocodile goddess. A deity resid ing in the Nile, she is the consort of Okwa and the mother of the first Shilluk king. Shilluks continue to sacrifice to Nyakaya....
God name "Rang" Nuer / Sudan God of hunting. The rays of the Sun are his flaming spears. Also Garang....
Spirit name "Rubanga" Sudan Creator god and it was believed that the best way of praying to God was through spirits of dead relatives. At harvest time, the first harvest must be offered to the spirits to thank them for successfully interceding to God on behalf of the living. Madi, Sudan
God name "Tule" Zande / Sudan / Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa Spider god. He descended from the sky on a rope, carrying all plants and seeds. He was also responsible for giving mankind water and the tools of cultivation....
God name "Tule Zande" Sudan Spider god who brought the seeds of all the plants on earth Sudan
Supreme god name "Wantu" Sudan Supreme god. Sudan
God name "Wiu" Nuer / Sudan God of war. The word means spear....
Spirit name "Zars" Egypt White faced spiritual beings which parallels the activities of people, and sometimes interacts with people. Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia