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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Uganda"
God Name: Apap Teso Uganda Creator god who as a benevolent sky god brings rain Uganda
God Name: Arawa Kenya Moon goddess and the daughter of the creator god Tororut and his consort Seta. Kenya and Uganda
God Name: Atida Uganda Goddess of hunting and rain Uganda
God Name: Edeke Uganda God of calamity and disasters. Uganda
God Name: Edeke Teso Uganda A god of disasters
God Name: Enudu Gisha Uganda God of plague, specifically smallpox Uganda
God Name: Gasani Uganda A god of the sky and of the water and chief god of the Baken. Uganda
God Name: Gibini Uganda Plague god associated with of the smallpox god Uganda
God Name: Gibini Gishu Uganda A plague God associated with of the smallpox god
God Name: Jie Uganda The supreme god of the Akuj. Uganda
God Name: Jok Uganda God of the Alur tribesmen of Uganda and Zaire. He is also known as Jok Odudu the god of birth. Uganda
God Name: Kagaba Uganda Sun goddess, creator and mother of all. Uganda
God Name: Kaikara Bunyoro Uganda Harvest goddess Uganda
God Name: Kangalogba Pokot/ Suk / Uganda A primordial female spirit personified in the dragonfly
God Name: Kangalogba Pokot Uganda Primordial female spirit personified in the dragonfly Uganda
God Name: Kibuka Buganda Uganda God of war Uganda
God Name: Lubanga Buynyopro Uganda God of health. Uganda
God Name: Min Jok Uganda Goddess rain Uganda
God Name: Mugizi Bunyoro Lake Guardian deity of Lake Albert Uganda
God Name: Muhingo Bunyoro Uganda God of war Uganda
God Name: Mukasa Lake God of Lake Victoria. Buganda, Uganda
God Name: Mukasa Buganda Uganda A beneficent god for he demanded no sacrifices
God Name: Mulenyi The creator Uganda Another name for Imana. Uganda
God Name: Mulindwa Uganda Tutelary goddess of the tribal chiefs. Bunyoro, Uganda
God Name: Mulindwa Bunyoro Uganda The tutelary goddess of the tribal chiefs
God Name: Munume Uganda Can be found in Limbo in the Land of the Dead. Uganda
God Name: Munume Bunyoro Uganda The god Weather
God Name: Musisi Uganda God of earthquakes. Uganda
God Name: Nagadya Uganda Goddess who causes the rains to fall, allowing food to grow. Uganda
God Name: Nagawonyi Uganda Goddess who, along with Nagadya, causes the rains to fall, allowing food to grow. Uganda
God Name: Nambi Uganda Sky goddess who came to earth and married Kintu, the first man. Uganda
God Name: Nawandyo Uganda Deity concerned with healing and medicinal herbs. Uganda
God Name: Ndahoro Uganda The Great Spirit of the Batoro whose assistants are Wmala and Kyomya. Uganda
God Name: Ndaula Uganda The name given to the god of smallpox. Lunyoro, Uganda
God Name: Ndaula Bunyoro Uganda A plague god associated with smallpox
God Name: Omubumbi Uganda The creator deity of the Gisu. Uganda
God Name: Omuhangi Uganda The creator deity of the Ankore. Uganda
God Name: Rubanga Alur Uganda creator god
God Name: Rugaba Uganda God of the sky who guides the souls of the dead. Uganda
God Name: Ruhanga Bunyoro Uganda this creator god was the initiator of the world, regarded as distant & if ever invoked
God Name: Suk Uganda Creator goddess. Uganda
God Name: Topoh Pokot/ Suk / Uganda This astral god is the god of the evening star
God Name: Topoh Pokot Uganda Astral god associated with the evening star Uganda
God Name: Tororut Pokot/ Suk / Uganda He is the creator god
God Name: Tororut Pokot Uganda Creator god Uganda
God Name: Umubumbi Uganda The aspect of God as the creator, "the potter." The Gisu, Uganda