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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Suk"
God Name: Aji Suki Taka Hi Kone Japan A god of thunder
God Name: Ilat Kenya Means "thunder." In Suk it means rain, and is the name of the rain-god, as in Elgeyo. But some Suk say that Ilat is the supreme god. Kenya
God Name: Kacha Hindu A disciple of Sukra who learnt the mystic power of restoring the dead to life. Hindu
God Name: Kangalogba Pokot/ Suk / Uganda A primordial female spirit personified in the dragonfly
God Name: Oi Suk Kenya A god more long the lines of personal illness rather than plague
God Name: Seta Pokot/ Suk / Kenya A goddess of the Pleiades as well as a fertility goddess
God Name: Suk Uganda Creator goddess. Uganda
God Name: Suka Hindu The bright one; applied to several Hindu mythological characters.
God Name: Sukarasya Buddhist Minor goddess with the face of a sow. Buddhist
God Name: Sukkamielli Finnish Goddess of fertility and jolly bonking. Finnish
God Name: Sukla-Tara Buddhist/ Mayhayana A goddess an emanation of all the meditation Buddhas
God Name: Suklang Malayon Philippines The goddess and guardian of happy homes. Philippines
God Name: Sukra Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic This astral god was the personification of the planet Venus, he tutored demons on the side
God Name: Suksma s "We also find that the suksma-sarira is always in keeping with the sthula-sarira it adapts itself to. Thus, only a cat's suksma-sarira is present in a cat's body, and not a human suksma-sarira. Otherwise, the cat will not mew at you; it will talk to you, saying `Come on, it's morning. Get up!" Puranic
God Name: Suku Africa The supreme creator. Ovimbundu, Africa
God Name: Suku Ovimbundu Cent Africa The creator god sky at, the rivers, people, & mountains
God Name: Sukuna-Hikona Japan/ Shinto A god of healing that helped establish the methods of healing diseases as well as a means to control & protection against Bob beast, snakes, insects, et all
God Name: Sukunahikona Japan Dwarf deity who assisted in building the world and formulating protections against disease and wild animals. A god of healing, brewing sake and hot springs. Japan
God Name: Topoh Pokot/ Suk / Uganda This astral god is the god of the evening star
God Name: Tororut Pokot/ Suk / Uganda He is the creator god