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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Zaire"
God Name: Banga Ngbandi Zaire "The all-powerful warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, goes from conquest to conquest, leaving fire in his wake." Zaire
God Name: Bunzi Zaire Rain goddess. Zaire
God Name: Fidi Mukullu Bena Lulua Zaire A creator god
God Name: Firie Zaire A supreme sky god who controls the elements. Zaire
God Name: Ilankaka Zaire A goddess of war
God Name: Ilankaka Zaire Goddess of war Zaire
God Name: Itonde Mongo Zaire The god of death and hunters Zaire
God Name: Itonde Mongo/ Nkuando Zaire the god of death & hunters
God Name: Jakomba Bangala Zaire A god of morality that controls human thought
God Name: Jok Uganda God of the Alur tribesmen of Uganda and Zaire. He is also known as Jok Odudu the god of birth. Uganda
God Name: Kahindo Zaire Goddess of fire Zaire
God Name: Kalisia Pygmy/ Zaire/ Congo A creator god that is the guardian of hunters & the jungle forests
God Name: Ketua Ngbandi Zaire God of fortune invoked at daybreak Zaire
God Name: Lianja Nkundo Zaire God Zaire
God Name: Libanza Upotos Zaire Creator god Zaire
God Name: Libanza Upotos/ Bangala Zaire a creator god
God Name: Lomo Ngbandi Zaire Goddess of peace, invoked at sunrise every day. Zaire
God Name: Lubangala Bakongo Zaire God of the rainbow Zaire
God Name: Ma Kiela Bakongo Zaire The deified head of a band of mortal women
God Name: Mbomba Mongo Zaire Creator god Zaire
God Name: Mbomba Mongo/ Nkundo Zaire The creator god
God Name: Mbombe Nkundo Zaire Mother goddess Zaire
God Name: Mbongo Ngbandi Zaire God of rivers Zaire
God Name: Meme Zaire Goddess of healing Zaire
God Name: Nazambi/ Nyambi/ Nzambe/ Yambe/ Zambi Bakongo Zaire The creator god
God Name: Nazapa Zaire Creator god who is invoked at the sunrise. Ngbandi. Zaire
God Name: Nazapa Ngbandi Zaire The creator god that is invoked at the sunrise
God Name: Nkuando Zaire The god of death and hunters. Zaire
God Name: Nkundo Zaire A language, not a deity. Zaire
God Name: Nsongo Bangala Zaire Goddess of the moon Zaire
God Name: Rurema Zaire The supreme being of the pygmies of Lake Kivu. Zaire
God Name: Sese Ngbandi Zaire Chthonic goddess who is invoked at sunrise every day Zaire
God Name: Shenya Zaire The high god of the Angan. Zaire
God Name: Toro Zaire Creator god Ngbandi, Zaire
God Name: Toro Ngbandi Zaire He is the creator god
God Name: Tsetse Zaire Goddess of lightning. Boshongo, Zaire
God Name: Zamba Zaire A god of the Yaunde who created the earth. Cameroon and Zaire