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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Zulu"

Ghost name "Amatongo" Zulu A generic name for Ghosts. Zulu
Spirit name "Ehlose" Zulu The guardian Spirit which may take many forms, and warns of approaching dangers. Zulu
Goddess name "Inkosikasi" Africa A Chicken hypnotist and a beneficent sky Goddess. The Zulu, South Africa
Monster name "Isiququmadevu" Zulu A swallowing Monster who killed Untombinde and who then went on to the chief's kraal, swallowed up all the inhabitants, with their dogs and their cattle, as well as all the people in the surrounding country. Zulu
Goddess name "Mamlambo" Zulu The mother Goddess and the goddess of rivers. Zulu
God name "Umvelinkwangi/ Umvelinqangi" Zulu/ S Africa The sky God
God name "Umvelinqangi" Zulu The Sky God who has a voice like thunder and is known to send down lightning bolts. He descended from heaven to marry Uthlanga and created the primeval reeds from which Unkulunkulu emerged. Zulu
Spirit name "Unkulunkulu" Zulu The creator god and great ancestral Spirit of the Zulu people. Unkulunkulu is believed to have grown on a reed in the mythical swamp of Uhlanga. Zulu
"Unwabu" Zulu A chameleon who was sent to humanity to grant them immortality. Unwabu was too slow, leading to the current mortality of humanity. The chameleon's color changes from green to brown because it is mourning Unwabu's sloth. Zulu
God name "Uthlanga" Africa The supreme father and creator God; the source of all beings. The Zulu, South Africa
Spirit name "Villenangi" Africa The 'First Appearer'. The supreme Spirit, and ancestor god. The Zulu, South Africa