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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Balkans"
God Name: Adsullata Balkans A river goddess, associated with the River Savus in the Balkans
God Name: Chors Balkans Pre-Christian sun god Balkans
God Name: Dabog Balkans/ S Russia Before Christians he was a sun god, alas, now he's reduced to a diabolic personality
God Name: Dabog aka Dazhbog Balkans Dazhdbog, Dajbog, Dachbog, one of major gods of Slavic mythology, most likely a solar deity and possibly a culture hero. Balkans
God Name: Pereplut Balkans Goddess of drink and changing fortune. Balkans
God Name: Perkun Tete Balkans Goddess of thunder and lightning identified with the planet Venus. Each night she receives the sun, then returns it the next morning washed and shining. Balkans