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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Bantu"

God name "Bumba" Bantu/ Africa A God of fire
God name "Bumba Bantu" Africa God of fire. Africa
God name "Iruwa" Bantu God of the Wachaga, but they insist that the sun is not the same thing as God. Bantu
God name "Kabezya-Mpungu" Bantu Kabezya-Mpungu decides to become invisible after creating the world and the first humans who did not yet have a heart. After balancing the rain, sun, moon, and darkness, he leaves. To replace the visible God, he sends the people Mutima ("heart"), the life-giving or divine part of humans. Bantu
Monster name "Karnmapa" Bantu A Monster which swallows the population of a village-or, indeed, of the whole country and is subsequently slain by a boy hero. Bantu
"Khodumodurno" Bantu Kammapa or Karnmapa, a huge, shapeless thing that swallowed every living creature that came in its way. Bantu
God name "Kombu" Bantu/ Africa This is the God of creation
God name "Kombu Bantu" Africa God of creation Africa
God name "Leza" Bantu/ Zimbabwe A creator God
God name "Leza Bantu" Zimbabwe Creator God Zimbabwe
God name "Modimo o mogolo" Bantu High God who made the sky and the earth, and when he had finished them he climbed up into the sky (conceived, of course, as a solid vault) by driving in pegs on which he set his feet, taking out each one as soon as he had stepped on the next, so that people should not be able to follow him. And in the sky he has lived ever since. Bantu
"Nzame/ Nzame Nkwa" Bantu The creator, who was really three in one
God name "Yangombi" Bantu God of creation Bantu